The child's hands shook as they stared at the button in their mind, the words "TRUE RESET" glowing in the darkness around them...The little flower had begged them not to do it. But it was for that little flower that they were about to.

Frisk sighed to themself, hands sweaty and shaking. They hated this. They hated that they were about to rip everything away from everyone again. From Toriel. From Asgore. From Sans...

But they had to do this. They had to save the one who deserved it most. Even the voice in their mind, known only as Chara, had begged them.

"I can't leave Azzy like that, Frisk." They had cried. Chara had wept in their mind harder than Frisk did when Asriel begged them to leave him behind. For all their adventure, Frisk had never heard that sassy and snarky voice hold such sadness.

And that was all it took. Frisk ground their teeth and pushed the button.

In a flash, everything was white and then black.

And then they were surrounded by flowers.

"Howdy! Hehehe..."

But something was wrong-

"You shouldn't have done that..."

The young boy gave a short 'hiya' as he spurred his horse on; the small mare, barely a yearling, seemed to be growing tired as she carried her young master up the mountain trail. It had been merely a month since the young boy, known only as Link, had left the land of Termina in search of a dear friend.

And yet still he had made it nowhere in the end. Of course, he saved a whole land, and even before that he had saved his homeland from evil in an adventure that even now he wasn't sure was real.

But his true goal was to find his friend, and that's what lead him up this mountain. Rumor had it that magic existed in high concentrations there...Faeries liked to gather in places like this. As Link and his steed approached the peak, the horse snorted as if to tell him something. Link patted her on the neck.

"We're almost there, Epona." he murmured. "Sorry we haven't stopped yet, but maybe we'll find a fairy fountain up here...And you know what that could mean." Epona swiveled her ears back in acknowledgment before continuing her trot up the trail. Link pat her again, smiling a litte to himself, but sighing as he raised back up. As smooth as this trek was going, he still felt a bit of uneasiness as he ascended the mountain. Like something was crawling on his back...

It was when they reached the threshold where grass became snow that Link began to feel it; The magic came in pulses, hard and heavy and almost painful to the young Hylian. As the feeling intensified, he gently tapped his heels to Epona's sides, urging her to go faster. The magic was strong...But it didn't feel malicious. It almost felt familiar, stern even...if magic could feel stern.

Suddenly, Epona reared up, neighing loudly and kicking at something unseen in front of her. Link yelled, holding on tight to her reigns.

"Epona!" Link yelled, almost getting ripped off of her as she suddenly broke into a sprint. He tried to get a handle on the obviously spooked horse, not noticing the intensifying magic feeling around him as she ran as fast as she could through the snow. Link was getting lightheaded, whether from altitude or the intense pulses coming from the peak, he wasn't sure. Perhaps those pulses are what had his steed so freaked out...

And then, he was falling. He had lost the grip on his frightened horse as she skid to a stop. He braced himself for impact with the snow and rock, but it never came...instead he was falling faster and farther, just now realizing he was falling down a ravine of some sort, or a hole in the peak.

'This was much too far...' he thought, feeling the magic pulses grow stronger and fade, as if he was falling through a cloud cover or a barrier.

His last thoughts as his vision faded were 'At least Epona didn't fall...'