If you haven't read my Young Justice and Teen Titan Fan fictions 'To Late' or 'Past Hurts' you don't need to I'm just using my OC's from there and a few added. Some things might make more sense if you do read them but certain things are changed or not included. I know it's a lot of OC's but there is a method to my madness. All Rights to DC except for my characters

Spoilers for 'To Late' and my new one 'Stolen Hearts' may be ahead

Beginning of season 2 Justice League Unlimited

End of season 1 young justice

They know the Batfam's identities


Katherine 'Kit' Hastings(16)-Change into a cat

Willow 'Will' West(15)-Skills

Daisy Jacobson(16)—Retractable wings, Magic Dusts

Levi Smith(16)-Teleportation

Samuel 'Sam' Jennings(15)-Super strength

Phoenix 'Nixie' Grayson(12)-Skills

Ava West(15)—Telekinesis, Super Genius

Ace Quinn(15)-Skills

Natasha 'Tasha' Luther(13)-Fly, Rays, Force field, healer, Teleportation

Callie 'Cal' Jones(13)-Control life force, Fly

Charlotte 'Charlie' Wayne(14)-Skills

Danica 'Dani' (Queen Bee's kid)(14)-Technopathy

Kinsley Snart(15)-Ice Powers

Juliet Savage (15)-Skills

Jane Wilson(13)-Skills

Description: Dick and Zatanna finally started dating, so did Artemis and Wally. Raquel and Kaldur'am are exploring the possibility. M'gann and Connor are closer than ever. Clark and Connor are finally having a Father-Son relationship. Artemis and Jade are starting to become close again. Jade and Roy are getting married. Willow came back from the dead and is now immortal and stuck in her 15 year old body. Ava finally got out of the mental institution. Wally's friends agreed to join the team. Ace, Natasha, Callie, Jane, Juliet, Danica, and Kinsley are finally earning trust and acceptance for who they are. But will all of it go to hell when they get transported to another universe?

Charlie was leaning back on the couch at the manor. She looked up as Ace and Dick walked in the room.

"I'm just saying you shouldn't try to tackle everything head on," Dick said.

"Oh please, she's Joker's daughter. Ace is practically bred for chaos." Charlie laughed. Ace nodded in agreement.

"We're heading for the cave. You coming?" she asked with an excited smile.

"Of course, costume or civvies?" Charlie asked.

"Civvies we're just hanging out," Dick said. She nodded and after Phoenix joined them in the bat cave they zetaed to the mountain.

The rest of the team was crowded in the living room.

"This team is too big." Tasha pouted.

"Come on sis, it isn't that bad." Connor said rolling his eyes at his half sister. Juliet was sitting on the counter not really paying attention to anything.

"We should start a club." she said suddenly.

"What kind of club?" Artemis asked.

"The Bad Parents Club," Juliet said. Ava smiled.

"Most of us do have crappy parents." Ava agreed.

"Let's see Wally, Willow, Ava, Artemis, Kit, Daisy, Ace, Levi, Sam, and Jane have abusive parents while Artemis, Ace, Jane, Danica, Connor, Tasha, Kaldur, and Kinsley have villain parents. Plus I don't have any parents." Callie said.

"Sounds good, let's do it," Artemis said.

"Every meeting is a therapy session," Danica said.

"Yeah, we can get Callie to stop being so morbid," Jane said.

"I am not morbid," Callie said.

"Have you seen Zatanna around?" Dick asked.

"No, she's probably dead." Callie said. Everyone rolled their eyes and continued to talk. Kit shushed everyone.

"What is it?" Wally asked.

"Do you guys hear that?" she asked.

"Hear what?" Ace asked.

"That whooshing noise." Connor said. Kit and Connor started walking towards where they heard the noise. The team followed closely behind. They walked in the training room and saw a portal open in the middle of it.

"That can't be good." Kinsley said. Tasha suddenly started to get pulled towards it. Connor grabbed her in an attempt to keep her from falling in. Suddenly the whole entire team was sucked into the portal. Zatanna and Roy entered the room only to get sucked in. The portal closed and it was as if nothing had ever happened.

Okay, so that would be chapter one, yay! I know very short but it will get better. I hope. Having a little trouble figuring out how to start it off but I'm figuring out the best way.

Where do you think the team should end up?

Should the team run, gain the trust of the League, be imprisoned, or be abducted by the villains?

I also need help with the mental illness portion.

Ace, Charlotte, Ava, and Willow all have some kind of mental illness please comment what you think they each should have. I was leaning towards multiple personality disorder for Ava.