Title: The What-If First Contact

Rated: T (just in case)

Summary: Galaxy is a huge place, right? Well, this story will explore the what-if situations in first contact scenario. How the Mass Effect races react to different race or different version of human? Each chapter is one-shot.

Warning: This is AU Mass Effect story.Some aliens races are from different franchises or similar to those in different franchises. They are own by their respective owner(s).

Disclaimer: This story is purely written for fun and not for profit. Mass Effect is owned by EA.

"Text" is speaking

"Text" is thinking or sound without ""

"Text" is screaming

Chapter 1: Spirit, they're huge!

Somewhere in space…On one of Turian patrol ships named Honorable Eye (Note: don't know names wiki not helping)

Standing in his bridge, a Turian captain could be seen staring out a window with the crew members performing their tasks. Unknown to them, a Turian captain is bored. Mentally bored as for past 20 galactic hours, nothing exciting happen other than this one Turian who tripped over a puddle of liquid and ended up with nothing but short embarrassment. But that is not important and who care about an insignificant Turian's pride. What is important is that unknown to the Turians, including the captain of Honorable Eye, something exciting will happens.

While a Turian captain named Sartus mentally picturing himself being in glorious space combat with no good, dirty, rotten Batarian pirates, one of the bridge crew suddenly announced, "Sir! I got something!"

Snapping out of it, a Turian captain quickly gathered himself and with professionalism, asked, "What is it, ensign?"

"Relay 314 is coming online!" an ensign answered professionally but with small hint of excitement. Really, who could blame him with now, there is a chance that some new space-faring race breaking the law.

"Or better yet, the Batarian pirates." Captain Sartus thought and being in charge of patrol, he ordered a communication officer to contact other four ships whose name is not important. He made an order to get to Relay 314 by taking whatever relay located the closest. It took about 32 minutes for a Turian patrol ships to reach a relay that will take them to Relay 314.

Seeing a relay, Captain Sartus briefly closed his eyes with a mental pray to catch no good, dirty, rotten batarian pirate. For the good of people, off course, and not because Captain Sartus is racist against the batarians that he wouldn't bother to capitalize the first letter of four eyes aliens.

As soon as he opened his eyes, Captain Sartus ordered, "Set the course."

Captain Sartus crossed his hands behind his back and mentally prepared himself for possible combat and earn the glory for the Turians. Within the next second, Honorable Eye and other four insignificant but armed ships gone to Relay 314.

Now at Relay 314…

To Captain Sartus's great disappointment, not a single dirty no good Batarian pirate ship could be seen. As matter of fact, no sign of any ship, probe, debris, or anything. Not even a star.

"Wait, no star?" Captain Sartus thought.

Looking through the window, Captain Sartus and the crew just stared and wondered why they're not seeing stars. After couple seconds of staring through the window, Captain Sartus finally broke the silence, "What you bunch waiting for? Get me visual now! I want to know why we're not seeing stars! Ask other ships if they have any visual sight!"

"Sir! I just receive the confirmation from other ships that they too not seeing anything. Just plain blackness!" One of crew members called.

Staring at him, Captain Sartus questioned, "Nothing?"

"Nothing, but blackness, sir!" a crew member confirmed. To the Turians, this doesn't make sense as being in space, there should be stars. Unless they fell into some sort of sinister technology that is capable of-.

"Sir! I'm receiving an unknown contact."

Unknown contact, Captain Sartus wondered and asked, "Fromwhere? What? I want it tracked now!"

"Scanning, sir!" A crew member said while staring at terminal. As soon as a terminal displayed the scanning result, a Turian made a loud gulp, catching Captain Sartus's attention.

"What is it?" Captain Sartus asked, "Anything?"

"I believe I know why we're not seeing a single star…"

"Well? Say it, then!" Captain Sartus barked, wondering why a Turian is looking nervous. Granted he is fresh out of training, but still, he is Turian. He should act like it, instead of being some silly Asari.

"We are exactly five meters away from a large ship. A. Very. Large. Ship."

"How large? It can't be bigger than-"

Couple days later, now at the Citadel with the Council…

"-bigger than what we have ever encounter. It is as big as-"

Thwp! A sound of fist slamming against a surface could be heard, interrupting Captain Sartus's story.

"Captain Sartus! I am warning you! You are to stop being preposterous or I will make sure you will spend your entire life in prison for wasting resources and time!" Sparatus, a Turian Councilor, could be heard with irritation that he didn't bother to hide. With him are Asari Councilor Tevos and Salarian Councilor Valern, both having passive expression, though if one was to look closer, both Councilors have disbelief in their eyes.

They are currently having a session with Captain Sartus and a holographic representative of Primarch Palvan , who jumped into a Turian captain's defense.

"If you don't believe him, then believe me as I have personally made contact with them." Seeing the look on all three Councilors, a Primarch added, "And yes, their ships are, indeed, gigantic. However, they are sending few of their smaller ships for diplomatic talk and thank the Spirit that we were able to communicate after."

At the mention of diplomatic talk, Tevos smiled and spoke, "That's fine. We'll have one of the avail-"

"I'm afraid that's not good enough." Primarch Palvan interrupted.

"Excuse me?" Tevos's voice could be heard with annoyance at being interrupted.

"You'll have to use the biggest hangar. Not just any available, but the BIGGEST and I am emphasizing the BIGGEST commercial hangar on Citadel. Please, I look at the measurement of their so-called corvettes. The hangar will be crowded with them bringing bodyguards. Yes, the C-Sec will have to keep the route clear of the traffic. One of them stepped on my car." A Primarch added the last part to his short explanation.

Staring at a hologram of Primarch, Tevos sighed, still not believing a Primarch, and calmly asked, "Any 'tip' you have for us?"

"Yes." A Primarch's voice has gotten serious as he stared directly at Councilor Sparatus, "Councilors, please know that this is my professional recommendation. Please do not invite them to join the Citadel. We will not be able to meet their…needs."

"What about their military capability?" Councilor Valern inquired with an interest on this seemly large newcomer race. Sparatus too listened with an interest, having served in Turian military prior his appointment as a Councilor.

Suddenly, a sound of beep could be heard with Tevos answering, "We are in middle of an importa-"

"Your honor! There are three large ships! All larger than Destiny Ascension! Heading toward us! We are taking defensive action and the Citadel has been notified!" An Asari's voice spoke quickly, causing the Councilors to take couple seconds to process what she said.


As in cue, a terminal emitted a hologram of three large ships of unknown design heading toward the Citadel with the Citadel's defense fleet, including Destiny Ascension, taking defensive position.

"It seems they're here, Councilors." Primarch Palvan cooly remarked, "I recommend you call off the alarm. Don't want to cause unnecessary panic. My apology, but I must take leave and you'll have to excuse Captain Sartus as well. Primarch Palvan's out." A hologram of Primarch Palvan dissipated with a loud beep, snapping the Councilors.

Valern took charge as he pressed a button and ordered, "Belay that. We are expecting them. They are the newcomers, coming for diplomatic talk. Tell that to the fleet."

"Diplomacy? Are you blind?" Sparatus hissed, "Did you not see the size of their ships? They're bigger than Destiny Ascension. Who send ships of that size for a mere diplomacy?"

"It's best we save the violence as a last resort." Tevos spoke after gathering composure. She pressed a button and ordered, "Lead them to the biggest hangar we have and let only one of them connect."

A female voice could be heard with a slight hesitation as if sharing Sparatus's opinion, but seemly complied, "Yes, your honor."

"You can't honestly believe him, do you?" Sparatus asked as he thought this whole "giant newcomers" business is nonsense and both Primarch and Captain failed to use appropriate judgement. Speaking of which, Captain Sartus is still standing, waiting to be addressed.

"You! Captain Sartus! You are excused. Return your post." Sparatus barked, causing Captain Sartus silently saluted and promptly left with internal relief.

After few hours of clearing the BIGGEST hangar…

"Spirit…They're huge." A Turian C-Sec lead officer Garrlik muttered as he stared at or rather, looking up at a group of giant newcomers. Behind Garrlik, couple C-Sec officers nodded their head in agreement as the newcomers are as big as three story building. Spirit and Goddess, their head is bigger than car! And the bodyguards, Garrlik eyed at their rather large rifle. Large enough to equip a frigate.

He shuddered at the thought of facing their possibly and ridiculously high firepower. Seeing that he is not being professional and not giving good impression, Garrlik cleared his throat and spoke firmly, hoping that they understand, "Greeting, newcomers! We are the Citadel Security officers and we are your escort to the Council."

One of the newcomers, wearing a sort of ceremonial-looking dull red and brown body armor with crimson drapes, stepped forward to Garrlik in two steps. Strangely, the steps didn't make noise. Being the only one with no helmet, the C-Secs could see the face of newcomer.

"Look like a mixture of Asari and Batarian…" Garrlik thought as he studied the face. A newcomer's face has four green eyes, Asari-looking nose that is bigger than missile launcher, a mouth that is wider than missile launcher, sharp looking scaly ears that are bigger than missile launcher, and gray skin that is smooth in some areas of face while others are scaly. Spirit, why he kept comparing newcomer's features to missile launcher?

Perhaps, he is feeling inadequate in term of firepower since he only has a standard pistol while the officers have rifles that might well be seed shooter, by judging the newcomer bodyguards' armor. And looking at the bodyguards, who look intimidating with their completely covered helmet having four yellow reflective lenses. Briefly, Garrlik wondered if this is how preys felt when they were being hunted by the Turians.

"Spirit, all they have to do is step on us and win. What they need rifles for?." Garrlik thought as he once again stared at the newcomers' rifle.

A newcomer in ceremonial-looking armor spoke with surprisingly flange that the Turians were known for, only deeper, "Greeting. Thank you for welcome. I am a diplomat for the Republic for the Tigianis people."

"Am I right to assume Tigianis is the name of your race?" Garrlik asked. A Tigianis diplomat answered confirmatively, "Yes."

"Well, if you would follow us, the Council is this way. We should get there…"

Later, after being stared by the Citadel citizens and nearly step on couple transports as well as causing couple Volus to faint on spot…Now with the Councilors….

"Welcome to the Citadel, newcomers. I am Tevos of Asari." Tevos smiled as she greeted the rather large newcomers. By the Goddess, how could such an ugly giant race exist, Tevos wondered.

"Valern. Salarian." Valern introduced himself very briefly to let a Turian Councilor to introduce himself.


Sparatus didn't introduce himself as he is still staring silently at the newcomers with disbelief and his mandibles slightly wide open as if to further support his disbelief. Tevos, still smiling, quickly and discreetly tapped Sparatus in rib, snapping him out of silence.

"I am Sparatus. Turian." Sparatus introduced himself finally, "And together, we're…the Councilors."

"I am Gia-Gia, the Tigianis diplomat. Before we start this diplomatic business, I am happy to inform you that you have all passed the sentience test and thus, are now protected by our laws." Gia-Gia informed the Citadel Councilors.

Blinking, Tevos asked with a hint of caution in her voice, "Passed the sentience test? Protected by your laws? From what? Could you explain those?"

Gia-Gia bluntly answered, "Off course, Tevos. As you can see, when we encounter the new races or unknown creatures, we perform the sentience test to determine if they are civilized or just animals. If not, we would do another test to determine if we can eat them-"

"WHAT?!" Sparatus, being of predator race, couldn't help but to expressed his shock. Tevos, Valern, and the Council security all went still with shocked expression at the thought of being eaten by these giants.

"Err…Perhaps, I should've consider your reaction and reword my sentence carefully. Though, I am surprise there are this many small races…"

And thus, the newcomers made a huge impression on the Citadel races. In the end, the Councilors decided not to invite the giant newcomers into the Citadel as a new member race for several reasons. One, the Tigianis are big. Two, their weapons are big. Three, their ships are big, even with their corvettes (too big for the Treaty of Farixen to apply, plus no way to enforce it against the giants). Four, the Tigianis are part of the Alliances with the other races that are as huge as them, making the Citadel races feeling as small as insect.

After watching Gia-Gia crawling to exit the room to get back to the ship, Sparatus muttered, "Spirit, they're huge."

Time skip…during the Mass Effect 3…

"For Spirit's sake! The answer is no!" Sparatus snapped as he slammed his fist against the surface of shiny furniture, causing Garrus to frown. Seeing a fellow Turian crossing arms together, Sparatus continued, "They could turn on us! Eat us! And did you not see the part of their Codex about their ships? They're huge!"

"Size isn't everything." Garrus muttered before quickly clearing throat upon being glared by Sparatus. Gathering his professionalism and appealing to a Turian's military nature, Garrus began, "Exactly as you said. They have huge ships that could help us turn the table against the Reapers."

"We're doing fine against the machines." Sparatus stubbornly said.

"We already lost million good Turians." Garrus argued to a stubborn and paranoid Turian Councilor. Sighing, Garrus continued, "Look, don't you want to save the Turians and the rest of the Citadel from going extinction? To be remembered as…"

"Shoot, what words should I use? I hate politicians." Garrus thought before going on, "The Turian who truly fought for the greater good of the Hierarchy and the Citadel in the history?"

"Yeah, there we go. That will get him." Garrus thought, feeling content and confident.

"No." Sparatus's short answer.

At this, Garrus mentally screamed, wanting to strangle a stubborn Turian with bare hands or maybe, to slap some sense in his carapace head with a pistol. But Garrus chose not to, because it would make this whole 'unifying the races against a common enemy for sake of survivability' business harder.

Seeing no way to persuade Sparatus, Garrus sighed and got off a chair, getting ready to leave. Looking at Sparatus, who is still sitting, Garrus relented and casually mentioned, "Fine. But we, along with Matriaches and Dalatrass are still going to contact them anyway."

This got a reaction from Sparatus, who was drinking. He immediately spitted out, shouting, "WHAT?! ARE THEY INSANE?"

Garrus cheerfully added, "With support from Tevos and Valern."

Sparatus glared and muttered curses under his breath before asking, "If they're supporting this insanity, why are you here?"

"To see your reaction."


"Is that a yes?"

"Get out."