Title: The What-If First Contact

Rated: T (Just in case)

Summary: Galaxy is a huge place, right? Well, this story will explore the what-if situations in first contact scenario. How the Mass Effect races react to different race or different version of human? Each chapter is one-shot.

Warning: This is AU Mass Effect with alien races being from different franchises or similar to those in different franchises. They are owned by their respective owner(s).

Disclaimer: This story is purely written for fun and not for profit. Mass Effect is owned by EA.

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Ch. 9: And so when another race of slavers…

In room with the Councilors…

This Batarian, Tevos decided, is a whiner and inconvenience as he has interrupted her and her fellow Councilors' leisure time. One would ask, what was Tevos doing in her leisure time? Well, if Tevos were asked that question, she would say 'None of your business' in her usual polite, but condescending manner. Sparatus and Valern would give similar answer in their own way.

Speaking of them, Tevos could see that like her, Sparatus and Valern are getting annoyed with a whining Batarian ambassador whose name escape her. Honesty, Tevos couldn't be bothered to learn a name of whining Batarian as his race is known for practicing slavery with the Asari slaves being popular. Cultural rights, Tevos mentally scoffed but maintain her passive expression as she listened.

If she has her way and she is sure that her colleagues would be willing to back her up, Tevos would have this Batarian whiner kick off the Citadel with sticky guarinittora (one of Elcor cuisine) in his mouth. But they are the Councilors and must uphold their image, since there are guards and aids in the room.

"While this is, indeed, dangerous…" Valern spoke slowly as if he is speaking to a dimwit, snapping Tevos out of her musing, "I failed to see how this concern us."

A whining Batarian sported a livid expression and voiced loudly, "What? What do you mean-This is outrageous! I just told you that they hijacked four of the frigates and with some weird ships, they took over FIVE entire colonies of MY people- "At this, he stomped his foot against polished floor, "and ENSLAVED them! Isn't slavery illegal in the Citadel?"

"Exactly as you said," Valern calmly said while Sparatus and Tevos still being quiet, "Slavery is illegal in the Citadel."

Inwardly, Sparatus is enjoying the sight a fuming Batarian. Spirit, his whining voice has been grating on his nerve for ten minutes non-stop. That ten minutes Sparatus will not be able to get back. The same can said for Tevos and she would shake her head at the stupidity of a whiner, because he did not realize what he just said.

"Then why are you not taking action? You need to lend aid to the Hegemony and together, we can drive those barbaric slavers out of our territory!" A Batarian ambassador ranted as he shook his finger at the three Councilors, who all glanced at each other with incredulous look in their eyes. This coming from a Batarian? BATARIAN! Whose race that practice slavery and support the BATARIAN slavers raiding and taking Asari, Turian, Salarian, and others as slaves, where the BATARIANS and some no-good dirty scum would buy them as if they're shopping for grocery.

The same race who hid behind the so-called cultural rights and get offended when being accused of being slavers, pirates, and corrupted. Their so-called cultural practice of slavery is what caused the Batarian Hegemony to get kicked off the Citadel as a member race. Apparently, this whining Batarian forgot that little fact and Sparatus reminded him.

"The Batarian Hegemony is not part of the Citadel. Since we have yet to encounter the…barbaric slavers, you will have to deal with them yourself." Seeing a Batarian was going to argue, a Turian Councilor continued, "The Hegemony knew the danger of expanding and colonizing in-."

"But they're slavers!" A Batarian whined with ugly look on his face.

"Oh, for Spirit's sake." Sparatus sighed privately in his mind. Why he and other Councilors still holding audience with this whiner, a Turian Councilor wondered.

"They might enslave your people!" A Batarian added as if that will help the case. Once again, all three Councilors look at each other. While looking, all three Councilors quickly gave signals with their eyes as if debating. Before they could reach a decision on what to do with this annoying imbecile ambassador, the terminal in front of them beeped with red color that indicated urgent and must be answered.

Ignoring a fuming Batarian, Sparatus engaged a terminal that lit up to display a face of Turian, wearing high-ranking military uniform.

"General-" Sparatus greeted, but got interrupted by a Turian General cut to the chase.

"No time! One of our colonies being invaded by the unknown aliens!"

Before anyone could comprehend, a display of Turian General got minimize with a display of Asari wearing ceremonial looking dressing, who started with urgency in her tone, "Thanks the Goddess! We need help! We're being invaded by the unknown aliens! They took out our ships and have already landed their troops! Please! We need help! They're-"

As with previous one, a display of Asari got minimized and a display of Salarian who wasted no time, informing the Councilors at fast pace, "Theunknownaliensattackedus!Brokeourdefense!Requireassisst-" A sound of explosion occurred and a display no longer show a Salarian. When the Councilors tried to bring up the previous two, the displays show nothing. The room went quiet as everybody processing before Sparatus look around and exclaimed, "SPIRIT! We need to send the reinforcement! I must contact the Hierarchy! This meeting is over!"

A Turian Councilor took off and exited the room, leaving his two colleagues dumbfounded before they snapped out and followed his example.

"Goddess, no time! I must call the Republic!" Tevos exclaimed.

"MustcontacttheUnionandseewhatactionhasbeentaken!" Valern spoke quickly.

Asari and Salarian Councilors wasted no time and left the room, ignoring a Batarian ambassador calling out, "Hey! What about my people? We need your help!-"

"You heard them. The meeting is over." Said a Turian guard as he and fellow Turian escorted a Batarian who proceed to complained about the unfairness and inconsideration that the Councilors displayed. The Turian guards paid no attention to this as they carried out their job. After all, the Councilors' action basically mean the Batarian Hegemony is on its own. Against the aggressive alien slavers.

Two months later…Somewhere in Batarian Hegemony space…On Groth'Arn, a planet…

It was a massacre, General Vatar thought angrily and scared as he kicked an Asari slave whose name he does not know. A Batarian general and the Batarian officers have just watched a scene of a line of Batarians being pulled and kicked by a surprisingly diverse race of reptiles as indicated of the appearance of their head and body. General Vatar didn't care about how diverse the barbaric slavers are as they have committed one of the gravest crimes and rather heresy in the eyes of Batarian Hegemony: all the captured Batarians recognized as high caste are being treated like worthless slaves with shock collar being visible! But the reptile slavers have committed much worse: the heresy against the eyes.

While the Batarians strongly believe in social caste system that is deeply embedded in their culture, they are also religious. At least, the after-life part where the Batarians' soul leave a body by exiting the eyes. So, imagine the outrage among the Batarian viewers when they saw the next scene, showing the dead Batarian soldiers (as in military, not some pirates or mercenaries) the eyes missing.

It was a holo-vid broadcasted from Ramibat (one of 5 colonies fell to reptile slavers) throughout the Batarian Hegemony, angering the Batarians including the pirates and mercenaries as they too are still Batarians. The holo-vid ended with an ugly gray scale three horn-head reptile brute taunting in disgusting language of their. No translation required, the Batarian viewers knew an uncultured heretic has been taunting and insulting. The Batarians will not forgive them for the cultural crimes committed and the violation of their pride as the Batarians.

When General Vatar heard his Asari slave remarked something about how the Batarians deserved the cruel treatment, he has snapped and proceed to beat her with a metal baton in his right hand along with kicking.

"How dare she…disrespected us!" General Vatar mentally snarled viciously as he continued to beat an Asari who cried and begged him to stop and for forgiveness. He ignored her plea as he broke more of Asari slave's bones.

"General! General!" A Batarian called out as he ran into a room, catching General Vatar's attention.

"You better have good reason for interrupting me." A Batarian general growled, showing his foul mood.

"We received a call from the…Association." This caught a general's attention as the Association is a term used by the Batarian military to describe their brethren pirates and raiders, specifically an alliance of several pirates and raiders that sometime work as mercenaries. In return for providing the captured slaves, weapons, and materials, the Association is free to roam around without being harassed by Hegemony. As long as the Association does not harm the Batarian Hegemony and 'donate' a percentage of profit.

"Which one." General Vatar said with all four eyes on a Batarian whose skin is olive colored and dressed in dark brown armor suit.

"The Lut Bondage."

"The Lut Bondage? Are you sure?" General Vatar's voice has a surprised tone. The Lut Bondage is one of the nastiest raider groups ever graced the scum of galaxy and known for its unsated lust with many slaves being broken prior to being purchased by wealthy Batarians. It also have a reputation of attacking the Citadel military patrols, particularly the Turians to take them as slaves. It is currently one of three most influencial groups in the Association with the Slavers' Wrath and Spirit-Breakers.

"Yes, sir. The call has been verified by Low General Hubrir. Associate Fifth Lut is waiting in the conference room, sir." Olive-skin Batarian reported.

"Good…" General Vatar murmured, "Good…" Glaring with contempt at a downed Asari, a general stepped on knee, ignoring a scream as he exited the room with a dismal gesture. Upon gesture, two Batarian soldiers grabbed an Asari's legs and proceed to drag her. Just another toy for the barracks.

In conference room…

"It's about time. Took your sweet time, general." A Batarian with bloodied latex wrapping on head commented on communication projector. That bloody head wrapping has been passed down from the first leader of Lut Bondage to next leader. A symbol of supremacy over inferior beings in the Bondagers' eyes. Along with a wrapping, a Batarian could be seen wearing red formal business robe.

"Watch your mouth, Fifth Lut." General Vatar snarled at an Associate's disrespectful tone, "You may be the leader of your little raider party, but I am still military general and of high caste."

"Off course, general." Fifth Lut said in silky voice that creeped a general out a little. Fifth Lut has a rather notorious reputation among the Turians that the Hierarchy has issue Wanted Dead order, due to Fifth Lut's total capture of 17 Turian frigates and 6 cruisers within three weeks. A feat that most pirates and raiders would be hard-pressed to achieve. Many Turians from the captured ships have met gruesome fate at Fifth Lut's hand.

The method used to capture the ships remain unknown, only Fifth Lut and his band know. Nevertheless, General Vatar has battle against barbaric slavers to worry about Fifth Lut and jumped to the point, "Why you call us, Associate?"

"Straight to the point, general. I suppose you are not in the mood-"

"I have strategies to plan to beat the savage scum, Associate. Do not waste my time. What's the purpose of this call?" General Vatar interrupted harshly.

"Ah, yes. The war. Well, we want in, general." Well, this is surprising, a general thought. hile the Lut Bondage isn't well-versed in war, it is still experienced in raiding and capturing. Plus its ways of 'taming' the slaves.

At the thought of a reptile brute roaring in agony, General Vatar grinned viciously and nodded, "That's good to hear, Associate. Lut Bondage will be helpful."

"Along with every other Associates." Fifth Lut made no effort to hide his mirth at the sight of shocked look on a Batarian general's face.

"As in…an entire Association?"

"I believe that is what I said, general." Fifth Lut smoothly confirmed as if he and general were discussing a date for picnic. After enjoying a general's shock, Fifth Lut's voice went from silky to serious, "Those reptiles have made a mockery of us, general. The Association's reputation has been tarnished and our profit damaged. We will not stand those trash's existence."

"Existence? Meaning you will not attempt to enslave them?" General Vatar inquired, after getting over his shock.

"The entire Association…" General Vatar wondered. It means a decent thousands of pirates and raiders joining along with the ships. Lut Bondage, Slavers' Wrath, Spirit-Breakers, Eyes' Sum, Blue Nightmare, just to name some.

"Tsk, no. WE'RE going to slaughter them. They will have no future in slavery. Only genocide."

"Wait a minute. Have you fought them?"

"…Yes…They destroyed and pillaged our cache..Before the fall of Ramibat." Fifth Lut answered.

"Well, in that case…How soon can I expect the help to arrive?"

"We have already sent a cavalry, general. With certain illegal weapon by the Citadel's law."

With interest, General Vatar asked, "How illegal?"

With malicious smile, Fifth Lut answered, "Illegally destructive, general. You will find it very helpful. Along with other information."

Later…Somewhere in unmarked space...On board STG's stealth frigate, UFO-333…

"It is confirmed. Several pirate ships have been identified among the Batarian battlegroup." A STG agent stated as he stared at a screen, "The profile of their ship match. Lut Bondage, Blue Nightmare, and Engraver." Which is surprisingly, especially Blue Nightmare group as name implied, it usually purse the Asari.

"Blue Nightmare? Why would its ships be among them? Unusual of them as they generally prefer to lurk in the Asari space." Other STG agent voiced a question. Another Salarian in similar STG uniform walked behind two STG agents and spoke, "That is precisely why we're here. Though, finding a stronghold established by the reptile slavers in this sector is a bonus." The crew murmured their agreement with the officer.

While the Citadel Councilors officially stated that they will not get involved in out-all war between the Batarian Hegemony and the reptile slavers, the Councilors have secretly agreed to keep an eye on two opposing sides, particularly the reptile ones as they utilized rather bizarre ships with unbelievably thick armor and strange weapons that are melee. MELEE! As opposite of range weapons on the Citadel military ships!

The joint military operation between the Asari Republic, Turian Hierarchy, and Salarian Union have combated large number of 'melee ships' prior to successfully driven the hostiles out of the Citadel's territories. Not a single hostile ship with RANGED weapon has been sighted. Thankfully, the barbarians have shifted their focus on the Batarian Hegemony, seeing it as a weak prey and perhaps, a competitor to be wipe out. The Citadel joint military group has greatly suffered embarrassing lost of ships, because those darn melee ships would constantly move as they slice or drill through the ships as if cutting through paper.

Sure, the kinetic barrier help. Briefly before the hostile alien ships' weapons cut through. And the armor? It took 8 Turian Predator-class standard fighters to down a single hostile fighter, armed with two blade-wings. For Asari? 8-9 Asari Consairi-class standard fighters. A rather unfortunate issue, though the reptile slavers seem to heavily favor the fighters more than the carriers. Since the reptile slavers decided to focus on the Batarians, the Citadel has taken the time to replace the lost ships and manufacture more ships, particularly the frigates as the top ranking military officers work on strategy on dealing with the melee ships and fighters.

"Look like the Batarians have just launched the first wave. All frigates." STG agent one observed.

"To test the defense, no doubt. They know the frigates have better chance to live longer against the melee ships." STG officer commented.

"Look at the cruisers! They just split into two groups! They're moving away from each other and the planet!"

"Ah, that make sense. They're using the frigates as bait to draw the defender ships away from the planet. Should the defenders go far enough, the Batarian cruisers will attack. No doubt with long range." STG officer muttered as he crossed his arms, staring at the screen.

"Shouldn't one of cruiser groups head toward the planet and attack the reptile bases? The scanner detected at least three bases."

"Considering the firepower of their ships, they'll need every single firepower to destroy the reptile ships. Even if the Batarians have the advantage in number. Remember, the reptile fighters can cut through frigates and cruisers once the kinetic barrier goes down." STG officer explained.

The screen showed the Batarian military and pirate frigates utilizing their speed to stay out of the reptile fighters' reach and firing at the same time.

"Seem the Batarians have brain." STG agent two remarked as he watched a Batarian military frigate concentrating all of its weapons on a single melee fighter, chipping its armor before destroying it. A said frigate changed its target on next melee fighter while keeping itself out of melee range.

"They fought them little longer than we have." STG agent one reminded agent two.

"I know. But I am more surprised that the Batarian pirate and raider brethren using same tactic as military. I was expecting them to be aggressive, due to their criminal nature." STG agent two clarified.

"Their ships are geared for hitting the target fast and disappear before the law enforcement arrive." STG officer spoke before shaking his head, "Listen up! We have an opportunity that the Batarians unknowingly provided us! If I'm right about their cruisers, then we'll have a window to get close to the planet for scanning! Ensign, designated the planet as Reptile Nest."

"Done, sir." A Salarian ensign said after obliging an order.

"Good. For now, keep at the distance and move toward the planet's south hemisphere. Once the Batarians attacked with the cruisers, we're going in." STG officer ordered.

"Hope they don't have sensor that can detect us." A Salarian crewmember muttered.

"Quiet." Another crewmember hissed as he does his duty on terminal.

The screen displayed the Batarian frigates' location getting closer to the cruisers. The Salarians waited for almost 7 minutes before the screen finally show the Batarian cruisers attacking with their projectiles slamming into the melee fighters.

"Sir! The scanner detected more fighters coming from Reptile Nest!" A Salarian crewmember reported.

With determined expression, STG officer ordered, "That's our way in! Head toward the nest! The Batarians have them distracted!"

STG stealth frigate traveled through space toward Reptile Nest as the reptiles seem to focus on the Batarian ships. Now, the Salarians can peacefully perform a recon on a planet and if any surviving Citadel force captives detected, the STG will simply mark the planet 'to be taken as soon as possible' that will get the Citadel to gather sufficient fleet to take over the Reptile Nest. If not, then the STG will just simply mark it as 'for future invasion', should the reptiles once again attack the Citadel after taking the Batarian Hegemony.

Five months later…

The war between the slaver races has gotten intense more then ever when the galaxy heard the shocking news. The Batarian Hegemony and the Terminus System, a system that is independent of the Citadel and known as a haven for illegal activities, have completely fallen to the reptile slavers, who turned out to be a mega corporation whose business is slavery. The reptile slavers have bought the actual military whose ships, while strangely still melee, have superior technology: the energy shield and energy blade.

On the first day for invading several Asari and Turian colonies, the reptile military has widely broadcasted a video of a demonic looking reptile whose long mouth containing three rows of razor sharp teeth, speaking in foreign guttural with translated caption that sent an eerie shiver down the Councilors' spine. A demonic reptile called himself, Admiral Thanatic of the Denosaur Dominion before telling the Citadel to enjoy their remaining days of freedom or extinction.

The Krogans were the first to challenge the Denosaur military and slavers. The Krogans fell within a month with the Denosaur openly displaying a video containing graphical content of a mountain of corpses and later, Krogan homeworld exploding after a large Denosaur ship fired some sort of hyper-accelerating drill missile that went through the planet, hitting its core. The surviving Krogans ran to the Citadel with majority of them being lifeless and broken. To non-Krogans, they might well be dead.

Uneasy and uncertain if it even has a chance to survive (never mind winning) the war against the Denosaurs, the Citadel nevertheless build up its forces and has issued a galaxy-wide draft. The majority of the Asari has protested until the Asari Republic laid its fist down. Diplomacy will not work against the barbaric reptile race that already made the Batarians an extinct race.

To the surprise of some, the Citadel has placed the Treaty of Farixen out of effect, allowing the Council and member races to construct as many dreadnoughts as they want.

The Citadel has even sent an invite to the Quarians to return to the Citadel to further boost the number of ships, which the Councilors have promised to rescind the no-planet order against the nomadic race and the number of planets as reward. Unfortunately, the Quarians have refused and told the Councilors that they have begun their journey to beyond the galaxy. When the Councilors protested that with the mass effect technology, it is impossible to travel outside the galaxy, the Quarians merely cut off a communication and were never seen or heard again.

Almost two weeks later, the Citadel has launched the counter-attack on two of the Denosaur's established outpost planets with the Asari and Turian military spear-heading. It was one of the most bloodiest battle ever in the history of the Citadel, since the Rachni War. Many survivors from that battle have witnessed the death of their comrades being torn apart and eaten by the Denosaur barbarians and their variety of melee weapons, ranging from crude spiked club to advanced energy blade. Some survivors weren't fortunate enough to avoid slavery.

The Citadel, not wanting to suffer the same fate as the Batarians and Krogans, fought harder and begun utilizing more brutal tactics against the advancing Denosaurs. Orbital bombing? Done. Researching the thermonuclear bombs and missiles to make them more powerful? Done. Leaving no Denosaur alive? Done. Conducting numerous experiment to create super soldier out of the Asari and Turians? Done and still in progress. Sacrificing own civilians just to kill as many as possible Denosaurs? Done and it was first started by an Asari military leader.

As brutal and inhumane, the races of the Citadel will not suffer the slavery and extinction! As the war between the Citadel and Denosaur Dominion grew bloodier, the Citadel politicians have campaign to convert the Citadel into a different form of government: the empire.

The Councilors and their supporters opposed the idea of empire and dictatorship, claiming that they will not give up on democracy. The opposing politicians rebated that the democracy within the Citadel is dying from the moment when the Citadel refused to help the Quarians 300 years ago against the Geth and lately, the Krogans, a formerly Citadel member race and now even on very thin edge of extinction.

Two years later, the war has gotten worse when the Reapers appeared and with the subjugated Geth, they openly attacked the Citadel and Denosaurs. Billions and billions living beings died in great conflict. Some races will be extinct by the time the war ended. Because of large number of ships the Citadel has managed to build up along with advanced technology of Denosaurs, the three-way war lasted almost thirty years before the galaxy finally became quiet with the Asari, Turians, and surprisingly, Vorcha all on the verge of extinction. The same can be said for the Denosaurs as the Reapers have launched its invasion against the home and associated systems. Ever since the war, not a single Denosaur could be seen within the Citadel boundary.

The other races are gone with the only proof of their existence being their ruined planets, tattered ships, shattered buildings, and the remains of their bones. The Citadel has temporarily disbanded to recover from devastating loss of population and the economical damages. While the surviving races still have the ships, the space-traveling became uncommon with the only purpose being transporting people from the remain of the colonies to the stronger planet, not necessarily the home planet. Especially for the Turians.

Thus, the depression lasted for almost 100 years before the Yahg has progressed into the Industrial Age with the railroad and construction of the urban cities. At the same time, other race such as bird-like Raloi begun colonizing the nearby planets before re-establishing a communication with the Asari and Turians. Amazingly, the Raoli government still remember them and even aided them to recover. It was from there, both Asari and Turian reformed government decided to re-establish the Citadel with the Raoli. The restarted Citadel has attempted to contact the Vorcha, however it was naught. The Vorcha, during 110 years, has succumbed to extinction.

Author: There you go. Now, before you ask, the answer is yes. The Denosaurs is a race of space-faring dinosaurs.