As the sun started its decent, Sean sat down by the campfire, with the ponies and some of his fellow trainers waiting to hear the story about his Pokémon Journey.

He took a deep breath, and said, "Okay, I hope you all are prepared for my life's story, 'cause it is a LONG one..."

Everyone said at once, "Yes we are!"

Rarity then added, "Please do tell us about your Pokémon Journey, darling. We are prepared for a long go on..."

Sean chuckled as he began...

...With the day he got his first Pokémon...

-[New Bark Town - Pokemon HeartGold & SoulSilver]-

It all began on the morning of his tenth birthday, nearly six years ago...

Sean had already got himself ready for the day, and headed downstairs to his house's family room, where his mother waited for him.

"Ah, Sean...Glad you're awake, Professor Utsugi is looking for you son...He needs you at his laboratory in thirty minutes. I've got your phone back from the Apple repair shop, but unfortunately, the repairs and update wiped your contacts, so you'll have to re-input them..." she said to her ten-year old son while handing him back his Iphone.

"Ok mom...I'm off..." Sean said as he exited his home, in the clean air of New Bark Town (Shizuoka City). He saw a girl with a small, blue mouse-like Pokémon that was a Marill. The Marill's trainer was Sean's childhood friend, Kotone, she walked back with her Marill to her house south of Sean's house.

Sean headed over to Professor Elm's laboratory, unaware that someone was watching, a red-haired boy...

"So...this is the famous Utsugi Pokémon laboratory..."

-[Elm Laboratory - Pokémon HeartGold & SoulSilver]-

As Sean entered the lab, he headed towards the quirky man in a lab coat known as Professor Elm.

"Ah! Sean Hashimoto, my boy! Glad you are here, and might I say, you look like your grandfather from those old pictures of him..." Prof. Elm said to the young child.

"Yeah! Gimme one now! I'm SUPER EAGER to get my Partner!" a very young Sean excitedly said.

Elm chuckled as he lead Sean to a large machine, "Yes, yes, the Pokémon I have in mind are right here..."

He opened the machine and said as he grabbed three Poké Balls and sent them out one by one, "Here's the GRASS-Type, Chikorita..."

The tiny and adorable GRASS-Type Pokémon looked up at a skeptical Sean with an adorable smile. Sean looked at it for a few seconds, then kneeled down and petted it, making the small Pokémon coo with delight.

Sean smiled and said, "I like this one already, but what are the other two? Are they more awesome looking?"

Elm chuckled as he moved to the next one, "Well here's a popular one for trainers, the WATER-Type, Totodile…"

Sean and Totodile looked at each other, and then as Sean prepared to pet the caiman-like Pokémon, the Totodile bit his arm, causing Sean to bite back even harder on the back of its head. The Totodile let go and squawked like a duck in pain, as Sean said, "Definitely not this one, so who's the FIRE-Type?"

Elm pointed to a small, echidna/mouse hybrid, saying, "Here's the FIRE-Type, Cyndaquil…"

The tiny starter looked into Sean's eyes, then gave a mischievous smirk, as it let loose a Smokescreen attack. Then, tried to Tackle Sean to the floor, which it almost succeeded as Sean caught it and held the Fire Mouse Pokémon in his arms.

Sean proclaimed like the child he was, "Yep! This is the one I want to have, Dr. Utsugi…"

Elm was ecstatic as he said, "Well, it does feel incredible being a Pokémon Trainer, with your Pokémon walking beside you, right? Nowadays, most people carry their Pokémon in Poké Balls, unlike your friend, Ms. Kotone Sakiyurai…"


"Hmm? I got an email?" Professor Elm walked to his computer on his desk, mumbling to himself, "...Hm...Uh-huh...OK..."

He said to Sean, "Hey listen. I have this acquaintance that people call 'Mr. Pokémon'. I want you to use that Cyndaquil to head over to his house at Route 30. He keeps finding weird things and raves about his discoveries. That email I just got is from him saying that the thing he found is a real head-scratcher, it's why I called you here, to run an errand for me. Mr. Pokémon said it is a Pokémon egg he hasn't seen before...Will you go and bring that egg here for me...?"

Sean replied as Cyndaquil hopped onto Sean's shoulder, "Sure thing, Dr. Utsugi...I'll go ahead and do that..."

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Hold it…!" Rainbow Dash exclaimed.

Sean asked innocently, "What's the matter…?"

Rosa mused to herself aloud, "Huh…your first Pokémon was a Cyndaquil…? I did not know that, I always thought it was Turtwig considering that your Torterra is one of your strongest…"

Rarity had the same kind of question Rainbow had in mind, "We're a little confused, dearie. Like how come you, six years ago, had black hair, and you right now have brown hair?"

Sean said, "Oh that…? Well, I had no idea why, but I changed my hair color for a period of time. This right now…"

He made a motion with his fingers as he pinched a lock of his hair, "It's my natural hair color, the one I was born with. I don't remember why, but I had my hair dyed a different color back then. That's why I had black hair when I started my journey…"

"Ohhhh!" they all said at once, as Twilight commented, "That makes sense…but I wonder how you changed your hair color?"

Sean chuckled as he said, "I'll tell you afterwards, since it is irrelevant to the story, may I continue?"

The ponies and humans agreed, and Sean continued after he showed his mother his new Cyndaquil…

-[Route 29 - Pokemon HeartGold & SoulSilver]-

Sean headed out for Mr. Pokémon's house down Route 29, where he was greeted by all the wild Pokémon he befriended there, ranging from Pidgeys, to Sentrets and Ratatas, to Weedles, and even a Hoothoot and a Geodude.

Cyndaquil followed Sean merrily as Sean said to all the Pokémon, "Yeah guys, I'm a Pokémon Trainer now, when I get some Poké Balls, I'll be able to catch you guys and battle with you. I should be able to evolve you guys into your stronger forms, what do you say...?"

The Pokémon cried out in determination, eager to help their human friend Sean out.

-[Cherrygrove City - Pokémon Gold & Silver]-

Arriving at Cherrygrove City (Nagoya City), Sean, Cyndaquil, and the group of wild Pokémon were heading for the Pokémon Center to take a rest, before an old man wearing running shoes ran up to him.

He said, "Hey you, you're Sean Hashimoto, right?"

Sean answered, "Uh...yeah...?"

"Hot diggity! You're the spitting image of Masaru when he was a boy..." The old man said, "...I'm Guide Gent, an old friend of your grandfather's, I help out new trainers find their way around in whatever city in Kansai you find yourself in. Just follow me, your grandfather asked me to show you some of the ropes of being a Pokémon Trainer..."

Sean said with a somewhat confused face, "Uh...sure...why not..."

So Guide Gent showed Sean around Cherrygrove, the sea nearby that Cyndaquil and the wild Geodude didn't like the water one bit. Gent then showed Sean the PokéMart, he could buy some items there, but at the moment, they don't have any Poké Balls to sell. Then, he showed the rookie Pokémon Trainer the Pokémon Center, which Sean went inside to heal his Cyndaquil and the wild Pokémon he befriended. Gent then gave Sean directions to Route 30 and to Mr. Pokémon's house, suggesting first to make a stop to the house closest to Cherrygrove to get an Apricorn box from a man who lives there...

Eventually, Sean arrived at the house of Mr. Pokémon, as the old man said, "You must be Sean Hashimoto, Utsugi sent me an email telling me you would arrive. Here, this is the egg I want you to deliver to Dr. Utsugi to examine..."

Sean obtained a Mystery Egg...

-[Professor Oak - Pokémon Gold and Silver]-

After a good rest, an old man walked up to Sean as his Cyndaquil, saying, "And with that...I'm Dr. Okido..."

Sean exclaimed, "'re the Dr. Yukinari Okido (Professor Samuel Oak)? The creator of the Pokédex?!"

"Yes, I am..." Professor Oak replied, "...So you're Sean Hashimoto! I'm very glad I got to meet you while visiting my friend, Mr. Pokémon. When I heard you were running an errand for Dr. Utsugi, I decided to wait here to meet that old Masaru's grandson...hmm...?"

Professor Oak's attention focused on the Fire Mouse Pokémon sitting on Sean's shoulder, then exclaimed, "Oh! What's this? A Cyndaquil! I see you're helping with Dr. Utsugi's research!"

Sean shrugged, "I guess..."

The researcher chuckled, "I think I understand why Dr. Utsugi gave you that Pokémon. You treat Pokémon with love and I the many wild Pokémon following you proves..."

The many wild Pokémon said yes in their own languages, as Oak says next, "You seem very dependable. How would you like to help me out with something?"

Sean was only guessing at this point, but he asked enthusiastically, "Yes!"

Professor Oak reached into his pocket and pulled out, "See? This is the latest version of the Pokédex. It automatically records the data on any Pokémon you've seen or caught. It is a high-tech encyclopedia! I'd like you to have it and to complete it for me, go meet all 492 Pokémon for me, but expect it to get an update in, about a year's time...right now, it's set at the 'New Pokédex', you'll get the National Pokédex setting in time..."

"COOL! THANKS!" Sean exclaimed happily as he swiped the Pokédex from Oak's hands. After Oak gave Sean his phone number, he was off to Goldenrod City (Osaka City) for his annual Radio talk show...

As soon as Sean left Mr. Pokémon's house, he was called by Professor Elm as he said, #"S-Sean? It's a disaster! It's just terrible! Oh, no...PLEASE GET BACK HERE! I'M CALLING THE POLICE ON YOU!"#

"Guys...let's hurry back!" Sean exclaimed as he and all his Pokémon rushed off to New Bark Town...

-[A Rival Appears! - Pokémon Gold & Silver]-

As soon as Sean was about to leave Cherrygrove City, he saw a red-haired boy walk right up to him, and said, "...You got a Pokémon at the Laboratory. What a waste."

Sean bitterly proclaimed, "What do you mean by that!"

The boy replied with a smirk, "That Cyndaquil is a Pokémon that's too good for a wimp like you..."


The red-haired boy flinched as Sean threw a fist right at a brick wall as there were notable cracks surrounding his balled-up fist, saying, "You really think I'm a WIMP, AM I?!"

The boy slightly gulped as he said, "...Don't you get what I'm saying? Well, I too have a good Pokémon, one that can beat yours. I'll show you what I mean."

"GEODUUUDE!" the wild Geodude shouted as it prepared to unleash a Rock Throw attack, only to be put down by a Water Gun from a Totodile, one with a faded bite-mark at the back of its head.

Sean held onto the Geodude as he noticed the Totodile, putting the pieces together, he said angrily, "You stole that Totodile from Professor Utsugi, didn't you...?"

The passerby boy smirked when he said, "How about this...If I beat your Cyndaquil with Totodile, I'll take Cyndaquil for myself..."

"And if I win?" Sean asked, which caused the boy to laugh, replying, "You won't win...You don't have what it takes to be strong..."

Sean gritted his teeth as he rolled his sleeves, saying, "OH-HO-HO-HOOO! IT! IS! ON! JACK***!"

~{Pokémon Battle! Pokémon Trainer Sean Vs. Passerby Boy}~

-[Battle! (Rival) - Pokémon Gold and Silver]-

Sean and the Passerby Boy squared off, both using Cyndaquil and Totodile respectfully.

"Totodile, use Scratch!" The red-haired boy commanded

"Cyndaquil! Use Smokescreen!" Sean shouted in response as the Fire Mouse Pokémon shot out a plume of smoke, lowering Totodile's accuracy.

Scratch missed its mark just once, as Sean ordered a Quick Attack follow up, landing a critical-hit towards the Big Jaw Pokémon.

"...Humph! You're doing okay for someone who's weak." The Passerby boy stated bitterly.

"You think so, huh?" Sean replied, "Well how about this...Cyndaquil! Use Tackle!"

"Totodile! Water Gun!" The Big Jaw Pokémon unleashed a powerful stream of water from its mouth and landed a critical-hit against the FIRE-Type.

Both Pokémon are at low health, meaning the next attack will decide the winner, the passerby boy smirked as he was ready to win a new Pokémon, but Sean won't have it! Both Cyndaquil and Totodile's abilities activated, giving their WATER-Type and FIRE-Type attacks a power boost. They both gave out their final commands, not taking any chances...

"Totodile, Water Gun!"

"Cyndaquil, Ember!"

The two boosted attacks collided with one another, but one attack was the more powerful...

Cyndaquil was unfortunately, a higher skill level than Totodile, so by a small margin, Cyndaquil's attack cancelled out the Water Gun, leaving the red haired boy shocked, giving Sean the opportunity...

"Quick Attack!" Sean shouted quickly.

Cyndaquil charged forwards at a blinding speed, and tackled his opponent, knocking out the small WATER-Type Pokémon.

"...Grrr...Are you happy you won?" The Passerby Boy said, growling in frustration at the thought that he was beaten.

Sean replied, "You bet I am, ジャーク!"

Sean received ¥500 for winning!

-[A Rival Appears! (Version 2) - Pokémon Gold and Silver]-

The Passerby boy silently glared at Sean as he and Cyndaquil celebrated with the wild Pokémon that followed Sean around the moment he started his errand for Elm.

He then said, "Hey! Do you want to know who I am?"

"Unless you want to be my friend, the answer is N O, NO!" Sean replied, still holding onto the hurt Geodude.

The Passerby Boy grunted as he stated, "I'm going to be the world's greatest Pokémon Trainer, so you go running home, crying to mommy..."

He shoved Sean aside as he headed forward, he placed his hand over his shirt pocket and his eyes popped wide open as he turned around. He saw Sean pull his eyelid down and stick out his tongue from his open smile, then showed the boy's wallet in his hand, humming loudly a mocking tune, as if he were saying, 'Ah~ha~haa~!' The boy's face was as red as his hair as he angrily stomped towards Sean, as Sean looked at his Trainer Card, and his name...

"GIVE THAT BACK!" The boy said, trying to get his wallet back forcefully.

"MAKE ME!" Sean replied in a somewhat bratty tone, keeping the red-haired boy from getting he wallet back.

The boy was about to fight Sean himself, until Sean threw the boy's wallet and it hit his face hard. Sean shouted, "KEEP YOUR DAMN MONEY! I DON'T WANT IT...SILVER!"

The boy was shocked as he quietly turned away, saying to himself, "たわごと!He saw my name..."

"My goodness...such language Sean..." Fluttershy gasped.

Rainbow Dash commented, "What a jerk...can you believe that...!"

Applejack added, "I'd like to give him a good bucking for how he treated Pokémon..."

"Get in line, apple-farmer...I get first crack against that ***hole..." Kotone stated as she cracked her knuckles, eager to give Silver a good right hook.

"So..." Twilight asked, "That was the first Pokémon Battle you fought..."

Sean replied, " was...but Silver ran off before I could catch him and retrieve the Totodile he stole, so I headed back to Elm's Laboratory..."

-[Elm Laboratory - Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver]-

As soon as Sean entered the Laboratory, he was held down by police officers as the chief said, "Thieves always return to the scene of the crime, especially when there's one more Pokémon left in the Lab..."

Both Elm and Sean were about to say, "Wait a minute...! He's/I'm not..."


Kotone said as her Marill followed closely behind, "Hold on a second! Hashimoto-san had nothing to do with the robbery, I saw who did it! It was a red-haired boy looking through the building at the side! He was the one who took the Totodile!"

"CHI!" The Chikorita said, further confirming Sean's innocence.

"Yeah, I battled him in Nagoya and I got his name...! It's Silver...weird name..." Sean said to the officer, with another officer showing the security recordings, proving Sean's innocence.

"Well...thanks for helping with the investigation you two! So sorry about that, young man. We'll search for this red-haired individual." the chief apologized as he and the other officers left.

The officer left as Kotone asked worryingly, "Did they hurt you, Hashimoto-san?"

"No..." Sean replied.

"*sigh* I'm really glad they understood you were innocent. I'll see you later at Route 29, Hashimoto-san..."Kotone said while holding on to her Marill.

-[Route 30 - Pokémon HeartGold & SoulSilver]-

When Sean was able to purchase Poké Balls, he caught all the Pokémon that followed him, and through rigorous training, one of his Weedles evolved into a Kakuna, then further into a Beedrill, one of Sean's toughest fighters for a good long while.

Sean traveled northward to Violet City (Nara City), and when suggested to visit the Sprout Tower (Hōryū-ji) before fighting the Violet City Gym Leader, Falkner (Hayato). Sean did so and caught a Bellsprout, Hoppip, and his third semi-permanent member, a Mareep, and challenged Falkner for his first Gym Battle, and wound up winning the Zephyr Badge. Sean headed south after paying a visit to the Ruins of Alph (Asuka Village), where he traversed through the Union Cave, where he rescued a wild Lapras from poachers and using a newly-caught Onix, defeated the poachers and caught the Lapras he befriended.

He eventually made his way to Azalea Town (Minabe Village) and heard that the supposed Team Rocket is tormenting the town's cherished Slowpoke. In dealing with Team Rocket, he met the inventor of the modern Poké Ball, Kurt (Gantetsu), and learned that Team Rocket were cutting off Slowpoke Tails to sell for money. He took on Team Rocket and defeated the executive leading the operation, Proton (Lance). After Sean challenged Bugsy's (Tsukushi) BUG-Type Pokémon and won the Hive Badge, Sean received a unusual, glittering red Poké Ball from a mailman, and inside was the very rare, Celebi, the guardian of the Ilex Forest and a mystical time traveler. Celebi was initially nervous about Sean, but warmed up to him fairly quickly. After catching more Pokémon in the forest, he met yet another Geisha and thought she was the same one from Violet City, Cyndaquil showed her the way out of the forest as she got lost...

-[Viridian Forest - Pokémon HeartGold & SoulSilver]-

"'re a Mythical Pokémon, Celebi?" Sean asked the Time Travel Pokémon, as they walked near Ilex Forest's outer boarders.

"Cel-lei!" The small GRASS/PSYCHIC-Type responded.

"That's pretty cool..." Sean commented, "But, I don't think you've been in a lot of battles, haven't you? How else can a Paras beat you with a Leech Life attack, even though it does a ton of damage to a Pokémon of your type combination."

"Bi-bi-bi-bee!" The small, innocent creature huffed.

"Quill!" Sean's starter chirped in response.

"Alright, alright, I should expect even a Legendary Pokémon, doesn't start out very strong, like all Pokémon..." Sean responded to his Pokémon, "But don't worry Celebi! I'll help you get...WHOA! NO WAY! Is that a Heracross?!"

A huge, Heracles Beetle-like Pokémon stopped sucking on some tree sap in surprise to Sean's outburst and stared worryingly at the young boy.

"It is a Heracross! And a male from the shape of its horn! Come on Mareep, Beedrill! Let's go catch it!" Sean said enthusiastically, leaving his Starter and Celebi speechless...

"" Spike said.

"I agree, you really were a totally different person back then..." Brendan commented.

"I know..." May said, "I cannot believe he was the same boy I met all that time ago..."

Everyone stared at May with crooked eyebrows, with Applejack asking, "What'cha talkin' about?"

"My family used to live in Osaka, it was about six months after Sean first visited Osaka when I moved to live in Kyūshū, when my dad was asked to be a Gym Leader there..." May answered, "I didn't know it was Hashimoto-san until we met again, nearly six years afterwards."

Sean laughed weakly as he said, "Oh yeah, I definitely remember you Haruka-chan, you wouldn't stop pestering me to give you Celebi, Cyndaquil, or Heracross. But, let's resume with the story...So, after I caught some more Pokémon on Route 34, I ran into Kotone-chan again..."

-[Kotone - Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver]-

"Hey Grandpa! The Pokémon you raised for me has been as healthy as can be! Heh-heh, you look fit too grandpa!" Kotone said to an old man beside the building Sean saw.

She noticed someone south of the building and smiled at who it was, saying, "Hi Hashimoto-san!"

Sean replied as he walked up to her, "H-hi, Kotone-chan..."

Kotone pulled his arm as she introduced him to the old man, "Let me introduce you. Ojichan, this is Hashimoto Sean, he's the Pokémon Trainer I was telling you and grandma about. He's Old man Hashimoto's grandson, and he's a very talented trainer..."

"A pleasure to meet Masaru-san's grandson, you're the spitting image of the old coot himself..." The Day-Care man said to Sean.

Kotone then dragged Sean into the Day-Care, where he met Kotone's grandmother. She said, "おばあちゃん! Let me introduce you to my friend, Sean Hashimoto!"

The Day-Care Woman smiled as she said, "Ah ha...this is your boyfriend I see..."

Kotone blushed redder than an angry Charmeleon as she exclaimed, "W-w-w-w-what?! おばあちゃん! What are you t-talking about?! He's not my boyfriend! I'm not interested in him just because he lives nearby mom and dad's house!"

Sean boredly commented, "Like I'd take a hot-headed, girly-girl like Kotone-chan as my girlfriend, not in a million years..."



Sean's newly acquired Heracross leapt into Cyndaquil's tiny arms in fright as his trainer slammed hard against the wall. Sean's Pokémon quivered in fear as Kotone stomped towards Sean.

Sean whimpered as Kotone grabbed him and said furiously, "WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY THAT! I'M NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU? I'M NOT GIRLFRIEND MATERIAL FOR YOU? YOU...!"

"Hold it, Kotone-chan!" her grandmother said, "I was just joking around, I know he's not your boyfriend, I was just pulling your leg and I would appreciate it if you didn't kill Masaru's boy before he becomes a Pokémon Champion..."

-[Spiky-Eared Pichu Appears - Pokémon HeartGold & SoulSilver]-

"Yes, I would appreciate it if you didn't kill your childhood friend, my dear..." A new elderly voice said, as a man who looked younger than Kotone's grandparents walked in.

Sean instantly recognized him and said excitedly, "おじいちゃん マサル! You finally get to see me be a Pokémon Trainer!"

Masaru scuffled his grandson's hair as he said, "Well, if you're going to be getting a girlfriend, you really shouldn't say stuff like that, okay..."

Sean looked up to his grandfather with a perplexed face as he asked, "Why would I want a girlfriend?"


Everyone, human and Pokémon "Crashed" to the floor at Sean's understandably innocent, but idiotic question.

Kotone shouted with frustration, "大きなあなた、愚かな、ばか!なぜ地球上であなたはそのような愚かな質問をするだろう!"

"GYA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HAAA~!~!~! You are hilarious, Sean! So~o~o funny!" Discord was rolling on the ground, figuratively and literally laughing his head off, he haven't laughed this hard ever in his lifespan. The Ponyville gang all thought it was really hilarious too, and laughed hard too...

Rosa quietly huffed in annoyance as she started to drink her hot chocolate, unintentionally looking like she's taking a shot of scotch. Kotone was looking eager to punch her idiot of a childhood friend, if her fist slowly rising up and trembling isn't a good enough indicator.

Twilight asked as she tried to suppress her giggles, "H-hey Sean...? Uh...*giggle*...I was wondering...from your memories, I've heard plenty of trainers mention this 'Akane-chan' and how she was going can I say it properly..."

"Kick your butt...!" Rainbow Dash finished, as she continued to laugh and laugh some more.

"Y-yes...that's what I meant..." Twilight finished.

"Oh her...?" Sean asked, sounding either he doesn't want to talk about her or he sounded unsure, "Akane-chan (Whitney) is known for being the youngest trainer to become a Gym Leader, a record-holder in that regard. She garnered a reputation for being called the 'Queen of Crybabies' as she would soundly defeat entire teams of Pokémon with her signature Pokémon, a bulky Miltank..."

"URG! I hate fighting Miltank!" Rosa said aloud, "They are very tough to take down and they're able to heal themselves using their signature move, Milk Drink, and they spam those moves Rollout and Stomp every time!"

"Wow...she sounds very tough..." Scootaloo commented.

"She is..." Sean said, "Akane-chan had only been a Gym Leader for almost a year at this point in time, and she had a win/loss ratio like this; lost 12 times to winning 357 times by the time I arrived at Osaka."

Twilight flinched as she did the math and exclaimed, "12 losses to 357 wins?! That's a 96.7% win-rate! That is serious talent!"

Sean replied, "Yeah, lots of trainers give up after being beaten by Akane-chan, and those that don't wind up beating her, eventually, as all her losses were rematches. But, I was in fact, the first challenger she had, where I defeated her on the first try..."

"Ooo...tell us more! Tell us more!" the Cutie Mark Crusaders demanded excitedly.

"Alright, I met with Akane-chan at an electronics store because my phone was broken, they were having a special quiz distribution that the prize was one of 200 free upgrades and app that connects to various radio stations. Akane-chan talked to me after I answered the quiz questions correctly, she noticed I was here to challenge Osaka's Gym and invited me to the gym. I wasn't aware she was the Gym Leader until I heard an employee at the phone store say that she was the Gym Leader, so I headed over and then..."

-[Gym - Pokémon Gold and Silver]-

As Sean entered the Goldenrod Gym, he (as the 10 year old boy he is...) was very worried about all the girls in the gym. He saw the young girl who's the Gym Leader, still not believing a girl who was one, maybe two years older than he was, was the Gym Leader who gained a reputation for soundly beating hundreds of trainers several times over.

Sean didn't exactly notice, but as soon as Whitney saw him, her cheeks started to blush a little, with all the other girls giggling at their Gym Leader's latest victim, and the team he brought, a Cyndaquil, a Flaffy, a Beedrill, and a clearly new Heracross with little battling experience. They noticed he also had a Zubat and a Paras, but they could tell he was not going to use them for the Gym Battle.

Whitney said after patting her face to concentrate, "Hi! I'm Akane-chan! You must be the latest challenger, Sean, right? Everyone was into Pokémon, so I got into it, too! Pokémon are kawaii!"

"I want a battle, Akane-san! To win my third Gym Badge!" Sean said straight to the point.

Whitney responded, "Oh, you want to battle? Alright, but I'm warning you, I am really good, and as such, I'm the youngest Gym Leader ever! Let's GO!"

~{Gym Battle! Pokémon Trainer Sean Vs. Gym Leader Whitney}~

-[Battle! (Gym Leader-Johto Version) - Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver]-

Whitney sent out her Clefairy as Sean sent out his Beedrill, a fairly even match considering advantages.

Beedrill was first to strike as Sean ordered, "Use Twinneedle, Beedrill!"

Clefairy tried to dodge the attack, but wound up getting struck twice by the BUG/POISON-Type's vicious attack.

"Hang on Clefairy!" Whitney shouted, to which the Fairy Pokémon did hold on.

"Now use Metronome!"

Clefairy wriggled one of its fingers on each hand and then it unleashed an explosion of fire shaped like '大' that one-shot the Poison Bee Pokémon.

Whitney said in response to the attack, "Wow...that was Fire Blast, wasn't it?"

Sean recalled Beedrill as he then sent out Flaffy, and commanded, "Alright Flaffy, use Headbutt!"

The small electric sheep charged forwards at incredible speed and hit his head onto Clefairy's, making the Fairy Pokémon flinch.

"Clefairy...!" Whitney shouted as Sean then ordered, "Now use Thundershock!"

"Flaf-fy!" The Wool Pokémon bellowed as he fired a small but powerful bolt of electricity, which defeated Whitney's Clefairy.

"Way to go Flaffy!" Sean exclaimed, hopping into the air and clicking his heels together twice.

"H-hey! Just one left? But...I ain't losin' you hear?" Whitney said as she sent out her signature Pokémon, Miltank.

Sean wore a semi-serious face as Whitney called forth the Pokémon that made her famous, a large, cow-like Pokémon with a round belly and utters sticking out. Sean knew from what he's heard that Miltank are really durable, are able to heal themselves and can hit GHOST-Types if it has the ability, Scrappy. Normal Trainers who've heard of the Gym Leader's Miltank would feel intimidated when Whitney send out the Milk Cow Pokémon...

But Sean is definitely no ordinary trainer, because he's confident he can take the NORMAL-Type down...

Whitney wore a proud face as she said, "Alright Miltank! Time for another win! Use Stomp!"

"Mooo...!" The Miltank mooed and ran forwards to stomp on Flaffy.

"Use Thunder Wave!" Sean commanded as Flaffy tried to unleash a paralyzing shock to the Milk Cow Pokémon, but she was faster and one-shot Flaffy, but not before Static could kick into effect, paralyzing the surprisingly fast Pokémon.

Sean recalled Flaffy, as he then sent out his next Pokémon, "Go Cyndaquil, your foe's weak!"

The Fire Mouse Pokémon cooed as the flames on its back erupted, several trainers laughed as Whitney's Miltank took down juggernauts like Gengar, Feraligatr, and even a Charizard.

Sean knew that Cyndaquil was at a size and power disadvantage against Miltank, but he still believes he can beat the Milk Cow Pokémon.

Whitney noticed and said, "If you think you're going to win, Hashimoto...Think again! Now use Rollout!"

Whitney's Miltank rolled towards Cyndaquil at an intense rotation speed, taking a sizable chuck out of Cyndaquil's stamina, but not knocking it out.

"Cyndaquil! Use Headbutt!" The Fire Mouse Pokémon charged forwards at an amazing speed that eclipsed Miltank's, and by sheer luck, made Miltank flinch, cancelling its Rollout attack. The Milk Cow used Milk Drink and then land a Stomp attack at Cyndaquil that put its health in the red zone, before Cyndaquil landed a Flame Wheel attack.

"I believe in you, Cyndaquil...I know the odds are stacked up against us, but I know we can still win this..." Sean said as his Starter got up, then bellowed loudly in the air as his body began to glow in an otherworldly light.

Cyndaquil managed to evolve into the Volcano Pokémon, Quilava, due to him gaining enough experience and responding to his trainer's heart.

"Uh...oh..." Whitney said as she saw her opponent's Pokémon evolve, responding, "Miltank, use your Rollout attack!"

"Here she comes Quilava..." Sean said as his newly-evolved starter, arching his back ready to make a move.

When Miltank was a few feet away, Sean gave the command, "Dodge it while using Ember!"

Quilava dodged the Rollout perfectly, and spat out a bullet of fire at the Milk Cow Pokémon, dealing some serious damage due to Blaze being activated. Whitney told her star Pokémon to use Stomp and then Sean did something a little unexpected...

"Come back Quilava!" Sean said as he recalled his starter, then said, "Go Heracross!"

"Hera-CROSSU!" The Single Horn, BUG/FIGHTING-Type cried out as he was poised, ready to strike at the Milk Cow Pokémon.

Whitney noticed the trouble she was in and tried to order, "Miltank use Milk Drink, then use A-...!"

"Horn Attack, Heracross!" Sean exclaimed as Heracross charged forwards with his horn ready to deal some damage that came too late for Miltank.

The horn hit Miltank square in the chest as it landed a critical-hit and one-shot the Milk Cow Pokémon, and Whitney's final Pokémon...

-[Victory! (Gym Leader) - Pokémon Gold and Silver]-

"Ugh...n-no..." Whitney muttered as she fell to her knees, "Y-you won...on your first try...without using a FIGHTING-Type move...?"

"Hell yeah, I won!" Sean started to boast, "さあ、私のバッジをくれ!"

Sean received ¥2280 from winning...

Whitney started to tear up, as she stifled a few cries. All the previous challengers and Gym Trainers had their jaws open with shock, even though Whitney lost several battles before, they were usually during rematches. It was the first time she lost on the initial match...

Sean was just a few feet from Whitney, until she let loose with her emotions, "Waaaaaaah! WAAAAAAAAHH!"

Sean jolted in surprise as he took a few steps back in fear, unaware of all the hateful glares he was getting from all the men and boys watching the Gym Battle.

Whitney continued to cry as she sniffled and took small gasps of air, thinking, You meanie...

Sean started to get angry, as he said in response to Whitney's crying, "You know what? Forget it...I refuse to get a Gym Badge if you're going to throw a tantrum like that, Akane...Sayonara!"

Sean was about to leave, until one of the Gym Trainers (a middle-school girl), stopped him and said, "Jeez, you made Akane-chan cry...Don't go, she always cries when she loses, she'll stop soon and give you your badge if you go talk to her..."

Sean growled animalistic, sounding eerily like a dinosaur, at the trainer. Th act made her step back a little in fear.

He huffed as he stomped right back at Whitney, and said, "Hey...I'm s...sorry...about...making you cry..."

Whitney sniffed as she looked up at Sean, his reluctant apology had somehow made him look very...attractive to Whitney as he held out his hand to help her up, and he looked very shy.

Whitney was about to say 'what do you want' but then realized, "O-oh...right...Gomen'nasai, I forgot to give this to you, Hashimoto-san. Here, the Plain Badge. It's yours..."

-[Received a Gym Badge - Pokémon X and Y]-

Sean received the Plain Badge, from Whitney! Now all Pokémon up to level 30 will obey you, and now you can use the hidden move Strength outside of battle!

The rookie trainer received his third Gym Badge, and had guessed that Whitney had something else to give him as the previous Gym Leaders gave him TMs as well, and his guess was right as the very young Gym Leader said to him;

"Here, this is a little something from me, its TM-45, the move inside is called Attract. It's fitting for someone cute like me, right? Don't be fooled by the name, lots of veteran trainers are afraid of this move because if it lands on a Pokémon that is the opposite gender of the user, about half of the time they won't be able to attack."

Sean was wide-eyed at that, saying, "Arigato, I know I will use this sometime in the near future, Akane-chan-..."

When Sean looked up to look into Whitney's eyes and say thanks, he was greatly shocked when she kissed him, with her lips touching his. Whitney's fanboys went crazy with jealousy as they cursed and shouted at the young boy, getting kissed on the lips by their pretty idol Whitney, making a few girls giggle in response.

Whitney pulled her lips from Sean's, blushing and smiling, she said, "You're so nice, not just to me, but your Pokémon as well...that was for being the kind of guy I would like to hang out with and maybe go on a d-..."

She stopped as she saw Sean brush his tongue furiously with toothpaste, muttering as he spat viciously, "GAH! Not again! GROSS! PTOOIE! Why-hi-hye?!"

Kellyn tapped his foot ferociously as he complained, "Seriously cousin? Do you know what Akane-chan looks like now? She's got a nice rack for a twelve-year old back then, and now she's eighteen, and a real gorgeous hottie that I honestly would-...WHOOP!"

Kellyn face planted hard as Kotone grabbed his legs, and using her foot, the trainer stomped her foot like a jackhammer furiously and without mercy on Kellyn's crotch. He yowled in pain as he constantly begged for mercy from the teenager. Rosa was so shocked at Whitney's sudden kiss towards Sean, she crushed the cup she was holding, red-faced and shocked at what she did.

"Wait a moment..." Serena said as she asked, "Was Mademoiselle Akane your first kiss, Hashimoto?"

Sean blushed and wore a face that seemed to indicate that he really didn't want to answer Serena's question, but he answered, "No...I know for a fact that she was not the first girl who kissed me. If I can remember from the memories my younger self tried to forcefully forget, Akane-chan would actually be the third or fourth girl who kissed me like that. I don't remember who took my first kiss..."

Rosa jolted even more at that response, saying in her mind, (WHAT?! Sensei's f-f-first k-kiss was...was al-...ALREADY TAKEN?! *sobs* I sort of wanted to be his first kiss a little bit...)

Kotone had a similar reaction to Rosa (blushing an even brighter red), then winded up driving her foot to Kellyn's crotch like a piston on a steam engine going full speed.

"BWAH-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HAA!" Rainbow Dash was bawling with laughter at Sean's extreme reaction to getting kissed by a girl.

Brendan thought it was funny too, and joked, "Hey Hashimoto-san! Did Akane-chan show you her boobs? Did she take your virginity? I bet she wanted to marry-..."


"GOOO!" Brendan clutched his crotch and inhaled hazily as May was blushing furiously.

He asked her in a slight whiny tone, "Why did you do that, Haruka-chan...?"

May huffed as she refused to make eye-contact with her neighbor and said bitterly, "結城、あなたクソ愚かな変態..."

Brendan 'turned to stone' at May's very harsh words, then sulked in a corner rubbing his pointer finger against the dirt from side to side.

Sean was equally embarrassed as Rarity asked somewhat accusingly (causing many of the girls to grow suspicious with him), "You really didn't do anything that vulgar, did you!?"

The teenager replied defensively, "N-no...of course I didn't! I'd jump off a cliff and die if I did anything like that! My grandfather's a big-time pervert, and because of him, I made a vow to myself to never stoop down that low for any reason!"

Twilight blushed a little as she cleared her throat, "Ahem! Why don't we let Sean continue his story before our conversations grow down to very uncomfortable levels of awkwardness..."

They all agreed as Sean continued on after Whitney dragged him north towards the direction of the next badge she recommends he challenge next...

-[National Park - Pokémon Gold and Silver]-

Sean continued on his journey as he headed for Ecruteak City (Kyoto City), stopping by the Pokéathlon Dome and National Park (Meiji no Mori Minoo Quasi-National Park). He participated in a few of the Bug-Catching Contests being held there and obtained several BUG-Type Pokémon, like Scyther and Pinsir. He proceeded east of the National Park and had to go north through a thick forest trail to Ecruteak, he battled and captured a Sudowoodo that was blocking a fork in the path that will lead him back to Violet City east, and Ecruteak north.

The forest grew darker as night started to roll by, Sean and his Pokémon began to get lost, hearing that sometimes, mischievous spirits will sometimes lead travelers to get lost, but he had an encounter of the supernatural kind, when he was lead to the gates of Ecruteak by a golden-white fox with nine tails, Sean at first thought it was a Ninetales, but his Pokédex confirmed it for him that it was no Pokémon. He wondered if it was one of the mystical Japanese creatures called the Kitsune, but was too tired and bunked at a spare room at the Pokémon Center.

-[Burned Tower - Pokémon Gold and Silver]-

Sean awoke the next day and headed for the Ecruteak Gym, but learned that the Gym Leader, Morty (Matsuba), was at the Burned Tower (Kinkaku-Ji). He battled Silver once again and learned that three Legendary Pokémon were resting in the Burned Tower's basement, Silver and Sean met with a mysterious man named Eusine (Minaki) who wanted to catch Suicune, one of Kansai's legendary beasts. Silver tried to catch one of them, but Raikou knocked the Poké Ball back into Silver's face, then all three ran off, but not before Suicune walked right up to Sean, staring into his eyes curiously. Suicune then ran off before Eusine could try to catch Suicune, Eusine's friend was in fact Morty as he came down, then accepted Sean's challenge for a badge. He made a brief stop at the Ecruteak Dance Theater and fought a Team Rocket grunt that was harassing a geisha into dancing the hula (a clear foreigner who was very rude and stereotypical).

Morty's GHOST-Type Pokémon were very tough to beat, especially his Gengar, but Sean persevered as his Quilava evolved into a fierce and powerful Typhlosion. After winning the Fog Badge, Sean headed west to Olivine City (Kobe City) where on the way he met with the closed Kanto Safari Zone's (Minami Boso Quasi-National Park) Warden Baoba, and learned that the Gym Leader is at the Glitter Lighthouse (Cape Wada), tending to a sick Pokémon there which was revealed to be an Ampharos. He volunteered to get a special medicine for her at Cianwood City (Naruto City), where he met Suicune again and was challenged to a battle by Eusine. While waiting for the medicine to be made, he challenged Chuck's (Shijima) FIGHTING-Types and won a Storm Badge, which made his Typhlosion learn the rather difficult move, Thunder Punch, and his Flaffy evolved into an Ampharos. He returned immediately to Olivine where he gave the Gym Leader the special medicine and the Ampharos glowed with health once more...


-[Pokémon Gym - Pokémon HeartGold & SoulSilver]-

As Sean returned to the Olivine Gym, he saw Jasmine there, waiting for him. She said to the ten-year old, "Thank you for getting the SecretPotion for Amphy. She's been doing fine according to the keeper of the Glitter Lighthouse..."

Sean felt a little braggy, and said, "No problem! It was easy to get it, got to beat Shijima too!"

Jasmine giggled a little, then said, "Please let me introduce myself, I'm Mikan Hoshimi, I use the..."


She tapped the steel floor with her shoe, and continued, "...STEEL-Type!"

She noticed Sean had a somewhat confused face as she asked, "...Uh...Do you know about the STEEL-Type? Y-you know...they're hard, cold, sharp, and really strong! L-like swords or shields..."

Sean had a skeptical face as Jasmine added, "I'm not lying. They resist even DRAGON-Type attacks..."

Sean responded placing a fist into his palm, "Then let's see just how tough they are, Mikan-sama!"

~(Official Gym Battle! Pokémon Trainer Sean Vs. Gym Leader Jasmine)~

-[Battle! (Gym Leader―Johto) – Pokemon Heartgold & SoulSilver]-

Jasmine sent out her first Pokémon, a small round Pokémon with two magnets on each end and three screws around one eye, it was a Magnemite.

Sean sent out his first choice, and proclaimed, "GO! Vulpix!"

"Vullllppp!" The fiery fox shouted, eager to battle.

"Vulpix! Use Ember!" Sean commanded as Vulpix fired a small ball of fire at the Magnet Pokémon, it managed to endure for Jasmine to command...

"Magnemite, use Thunder Wave!"

The STEEL/ELECTRIC-Type fired a weak electric shock that paralyzed the Fox Pokémon.

"You'll have to do better than that if you intend to capitalize on the STEEL-Type's weakness over FIRE-Type attacks..." Jasmine said to her challenger.

Sean gritted his teeth as he replied, "Then we'll have to fight harder, Vulpix! Use Ember again!"

"Magnemite, use Thunder Shock!"

Both Pokémon launched their attacks and they landed at the same time, knocking both Pokémon out.

As the recalled their Pokémon, Sean thought to himself, STEEL-Types are weak to FIRE-Types, huh...I'm willing to bet they are also weak against FIGHTING-Types and GROUND-Types too, I'll save Typhlosion for last, so...

Sean finished allowed, "So I'll go with Heracross!"

The Single Horn Pokémon came out and pumped his fists ready for action, as Jasmine sent out another Magnemite as it cried out, "MAGNE-Mite!"

Sean ordered Heracross to use his latest move, Brick Break and landed a direct blow, but the STEEL/ELECTRIC-Type hung on long enough for Jasmine to order, Magnemite to use Metal Sound, which distracted Heracross long enough for the Magnet Pokémon to use this powerful attack.

"Magnemite, use Explosion!" Jasmine ordered as the Magnemite moved towards Heracross by mere inches and then self-destructed, severely weakening the BUG/FIGHTING-Type, but not knocking it out.

Sean recalled Heracross as it was now too exhausted to continue battling, and thought long and hard that Jasmine may have a trump card waiting to play...

Eventually, Jasmine had only one Pokémon left, and said as she threw the Poké Ball, "Properly tempered steel won't be made rusty by things like this! Go Steelix!"

Sean looked up, wide-eyed as a huge, steel snake landed on the ground with a mighty thud. This was Sean's first encounter with the evolution of Onix...

"STEEEEEEEEEELL-IIIIXXXXXXXXXXXX!" The Steelix roared, causing all, but Typhlosion to take a few steps back in fear.

Sean sweated a little, he's heard of Steelix before, and had heard they were very tough to take down, unless you have a FIRE-Type attack on your Pokémon. He's in a pickle, Vulpix can't battle anymore, Heracross can't even scratch that thing's steel scales, and Typhlosion's only FIRE-Type move was Flame Wheel, and past experience with Onix had told him that Flame Wheel won't do much, even if it is super effective.

Sean considered his options, and decided that he will use Typhlosion against Steelix, since he had not participated in the battle at all.

"A Typhlosion huh..." Jasmine said to her Steelix, "Sean had a trump card waiting too, be careful of his FIRE-Type attacks Steelix..."

"STEEEELLLL-IXXXXXX!" The massive Iron Snake Pokémon bellowed in response, as it used Rock Throw at Typhlosion, but the faster Pokémon dodged the attack easily.

"Alright Typhlosion, use Flame Wheel!" Sean ordered, as the FIRE-Type charged forwards in a swirling wheel of fire that landed a hit against Steelix.

"Quickly Steelix, use Dig!" Jasmine ordered.

The Iron Snake Pokémon dove head first into the ground and upturned the dirt behind him so quickly that Typhlosion couldn't chase after it underground.

"Stay alert buddy, that Pokémon won't stay underground forever..." Sean said to his Typhlosion, with the Volcano Pokémon giving him a thumbs up.

Typhlosion hugged the ground, feeling the massive Pokémon tunneling beneath the ground, ready to dodge and fire a counterattack. He felt the ground in front of him tremble the most and leaped back to fire a Swift attack, but it hit Steelix's tail. The head shot out from behind and landed a critical hit against the FIRE-Type.

"Typhlosion! You OK?" Sean asked as his starter gave him a thumbs up after getting back on his feet weakly.

The huge STEEL/GROUND-Type Pokémon roared loudly with pride as Typhlosion was in a pinch.

-[Victory Lies Before You! - Pokémon Black and White]-

"Steel will hang on to the very last! Steelix and I won't give up!" Jasmine proclaimed.

"Neither will I, Mikan-sama!"

Both Steelix and Typhlosion unleashed attack after attack, and dodged attack after attack, it became a sudden-death match as they tried to land one hit against each other.

"Steelix, use Dragonbreath!"

"Typhlosion, counter with Swift!"

Steelix unleashed a plume of green smoke that gave small cracks of electricity as Typhlosion fired a ray made of stars that had the two attacks collide and explode on contact, knocking both Pokémon back from the shock waves.

Sean noticed Typhlosion's flames grow in intensity as he looked in his Pokédex and found out Typhlosion had just learned a brand new move, one that will defeat a Steelix easily.

Jasmine noticed the smile on Sean's face along with Typhlosion's burning passion, and said, "Steelix, we're in trouble if we don't end this here and now! Use Iron Tail on the ground!"

Steelix slammed its shimmering tail to the ground and sent boulders flying towards Typhlosion, but the FIRE-Type dodged them and drew closer to his opponent.

"Sandstorm!" Jasmine commanded, as Steelix rotated his body like a turbine and spun faster and faster, generating dust and rock particles that created a tornado of sand and dished out some damage against Typhlosion, but it persevered and got close to Steelix's face.

"Screech! Use Screech to knock it back Steelix!" Jasmine said.

Steelix roared an ear-splitting screech that send shock waves that, while not damaging Typhlosion, sent it back a considerable distance away...

But, Sean wanted that to happen, by using a psychological trick, made Jasmine think the new move was a close-range one to put her STEEL/GROUND-Type in position for a long-ranged attack...

"Now Typhlosion!"

The flames on the Volcano Pokémon's neck erupted furiously as embers started to fly out of a swirling fire in his mouth.


"BAK-PHOOONE!" Typhlosion bellowed as a sea of flames came roaring down at Jasmine's Steelix.

The Iron Snake Pokémon tried to counter with a Sandstorm/Iron Tail combo, gritting its huge teeth as the fire came crashing down with ferocious power. The STEEL/GROUND-Type's attack gave under the pressure, and then, in an intense fiery explosion, a huge screen of smoke blanketed the battlefield. The smoke eventually cleared, revealing both the Iron Snake Pokémon and the Volcano Pokémon, standing still...

Both Steelix and Typhlosion were covered in bruises, scrapes, burns and cuts. Steelix had several, long-running scorch marks run along the length of its entire body. Though some looked pretty minor, a few looked crippling, as it wincing gave the indication it was ready to collapse.

Typhlosion was in no better shape either, as him holding onto his limp left arm wasn't a clear indicator. The two wobbled, struggling to stand up, but eventually, one of them gave out...

-[Victory (Gym Leader) - Pokémon Gold and Silver]-

Jasmine's Steelix crashed down to the ground with a thunderous thump, its massive bulk making the ground tremble as it collapsed...

Typhlosion won...narrowly...

"Heh...Well done...Sean Hashimoto..." Jasmine said, with her hand placed over her heart.

"YAHOO! We did it Typhlosion!" Sean exclaimed loudly.

Sean received ¥14,880 for winning...

-[Pokémon Gym - Gold and Silver]-

Jasmine said to Sean as she returned her Steelix into its Poké Ball, "...You are a better trainer than me, in both kindness and skill Hashimoto. In accordance with League rules, I confer to you the Mineral Badge."

"Sweet!" Sean exclaimed.

Jasmine said next, "You know, with that badge, all Pokémon you get from trading up to skill level 70 will obey you without question. They'll see how determined you take this TM too. It's my favorite move, Iron Tail, your Pokémon will use their tails to hit their targets, occasionally, it will lower the target's Defense statistic...I really don't know how to say this, Hashimoto-san, but...good luck..."

"Thanks, Mikan-sama...I am definitely teaching this move to a Pikachu or a Steelix if I ever get one of those two..." Sean responded enthusiastically.

"That Was Awesome!" Scootaloo exclaimed with her Charmeleon agreeing whole heartily.

"Epic I say!" Apple Bloom chimed with her Wartortle.

"No, it's stupendous!" Sweetie Bell told with her Ivysaur.

"Well, we all can agree that it was one battle to remember..." Twilight said to settle the fillies before a fight breaks out.

"I absolutely adore Jasmine's simple, yet elegant dress..." Rarity added.

"Well, yeah, Mikan-sama was one of those Gym Leaders that was in-between challenging and easy..." Sean replied.

He told them about how he received a Tyrogue from the Kanto Region's 'Karate King' in Mt. Mortar (Mount Hiei), and how as he was listening to the radio on his way into Mahogany Town (Koka City), he heard a weird transmission coming from a souvenir shop with an odd tree next to it, he followed the signal north to the infamous Lake of Rage (Lake Biwa) and saw the wild Gyarados going crazy, he saw one particular Gyarados that was red instead of blue and noticed it was in extreme pain. He had already obtained a Gyarados prior, but he felt he can get another, so he hopped onto his Lapras' back and wound up catching the attention of the Red Gyarados. Lapras engaged the Red Gyarados in a fierce aquatic battle which resulted in Sean catching the rampaging Gyarados. He ran into a man with a cape and a Dragonite who was investigating what was agitating the Gyarados so much, he told the man, whose name was Lance (Wataru) about a souvenir shop with a weird tree back in Mahogany Town. Sean now explains to the ponies about what happened afterwards...

-[Team Rocket HQ - Pokémon HeartGold & SoulSilver]-

As soon as Sean entered the suspicious shop, he heard Lance command, "Dragonite, Hyper Beam!"

"BRAAOHHH!" The Dragon Pokémon bellowed as it fired a powerful beam at a martial artist and his Primeape, knocking them back into the wall.

Lance noticed Sean and asked, "What took you so long, Sean?"

Sean answered, "The red Gyarados was very hard to calm down...I succeeded though..."

Lance smiled as he then said with a frown, "It's just as I thought, that strange radio signal is coming from this shop."

The shop owner walked up to Lance as he headed for this large bronze AC unit, but backed off as the Dragonite snarled.

Lance said as he moved the AC unit, "The stairs are right here."

The shop owner was shocked as he said, "No...He found the hideout, I thought it was well camouflaged..."

Sean listened as Lance said to him, "Sean, we should split up to check this place. I'll go first, come on Dragonite..."

Sean entered into the secret hideout of Team Rocket, as reckless as he was, he tripped over every trap and trigger in the hideout. He, his Pokémon and especially his newly acquired Shiny Gyarados, battled several members of Team Rocket, and also captured a few wild Pokémon that were used as booby-traps.

He eventually met up with Lance again as he asked the young boy, "You alright?"

Sean said as he carried his Ampharos and his Heracross on his back, "My Pokémon have seen better days..."

"I see..." Lance said, "Here, give them some of my medicine..."

Lance gave Sean Revives, Full Restores, Elixirs, and various other Pokémon medicines and had fully restored the trainer's Pokémon to fitting shape. He left further into the hideout, leaving Sean alone with his Pokémon. The young trainer battled a few more Team Rocket grunts and headed down the next level, and saw Lance interrogating a Rocket Grunt.

The DRAGON-Type user saw Sean, then instructed the rookie, "Hey Sean...I just found out how to shut down the radio waves..."

Sean exclaimed enthusiastically, "How?"

Lance answered, "We first have to unlock the door to the radio transmitter, and we'll need the voice and password of a certain person. His name is Lambda (Petrel), an executive of Team Rocket. I've learned he's hiding in their leader's office..."

"Then let me get that ***wipe, Wataru-sama!" Sean responded.

"Hold on...!" Lance intervened, "The room is also protected by a password unfortunately...this lackey doesn't know it, but he says another grunt ought to know it...We'll split up to find out...Alright?"

Lance saw that Sean and his Pokémon were already thrashing grunts around, deciding that he should find out as well...

3 Hours Later...

-[A Rival Appears (Version 2) - Pokémon Gold and Silver]-

Sean got the passwords to the leader's room and was about to input them, until he felt the familiar presence of...

"...So you are messing with them again."

Sean turned around to meet Silver, as he said, "Humph, you must really like Team Rocket so much if you're around them constantly."

Sean responded, "Yeah, I like messing with them, if I had my way, I'd strap them to missiles and BLOW THEM UP! He-he-he-he-heh..."

Silver was slightly worried about that statement, then demanding, "...Tell me, who was the guy in the cape who used DRAGON-Type Pokémon?"

"You mean Wataru-sama?" Sean asked.

"My Pokémon were no match for him at all." Silver sighed, "I don't care that I lost. I can beat him by getting stronger Pokémon."

"Like Raikou, Entei, and Suicune?" Sean asked mockingly, clearly 'rubbing salt in his wounds' after one of them smacked a Pokè Ball back in Silver's face.

The redhead gritted his teeth as he said, "It's what he said to me that bothers me...He told me that I don't love and trust my Pokémon enough."

Sean tried extraordinarily hard not to laugh at that, liking Lance a lot more because of it.

Silver then said bitterly, "I'm furious that I lost to a bleeding heart like him...Humph! I don't have time for the likes of a weak trainer like you!"

Sean's rival then pushed him aggressively and started to walk away, but not before Sean decided to add insult to injury, "Oh yeah wise guy?! WHO exactly beat you five times, three of them without trying!? Me! That's who, JERK!"

Sean didn't see it, but Silver was very angry at that, he shed a few tears of frustration as he walked away...Sean then proceeded to input the passwords to the door's keypad...

"Slow...poke...tail...and...Rati...cate...tail..." He said as he typed the passwords, then the iron doors slid open.

"BOO-YAH! I'm good!" Sean exclaimed as his Gyarados, Typhlosion, and Ampharos just looked at each other with dumbfounded expressions.

He entered the room and was surprised at who was in there...

-[A Trainer Appears (Bad Guy Version) - Pokémon Red and Blue]-

"Muhahaha, we've been waiting for you. So, you are Sean Hashimoto, grandson of Masaru Hashimoto...I am the majestic Sakaki himself!"

Sean saw the leader of Team Rocket, Sakaki (Giovanni) talking with him, but something was off from the videos of the man he saw on the Internet.

"You're not Sakaki..." Sean said with a flat expression.

'Giovanni' sweated as Sean said next, "You sound nothing like the dude, and what leader of an organization calls themselves 'majestic' anyways..."

Sean added as he walked closer, "And, you don't even look like him! Since when does Sakaki ever have purple hair and a beard?"

'Giovanni' whined as he then said, "How come? I've worked so hard to mimic him!"

The impostor took his disguise off as Sean answered, "He's not a whiner like you, that's one of forty reasons I can give to you without being a jack***..."

The impostor responded, "Fine...I'm the Team Rocket Executive you've been looking for, Lambda...If you think I'm going to give..."

"Shut up and battle!" Sean stated as his Typhlosion snarled viciously, eager to crack some skulls.

"Alright, the password is 'Hail Sakaki-sama!' but it won't help you, the password is voice-activated, and responds to only my voice stupid kid..." Petrel said.

Sean battled the executive and defeated him with little effort, as he yelled, "NO! Sakaki-sama, please forgive me!"

"Now come with me, jerk! You're opening that door, and I'll have my new Gyarados drag you by your stupid beard if we have to!" Sean said, with his Gyarados smiling with pleasure at the thought of doing just that.

"Team Rocket had been disbanded three years ago by Sakaki after that brat, Red defeated him. Since then he's been training and he's been missing since then. But we're certain he's been awaiting for the right time for our revival..." Petrel explained as he reached into his pocket, "...Losing to you won't change the fact that you won't open the transmitter's generator room, 'cause I'm outta here!"

He threw a smoke bomb to the floor as he pressed the evacuation key, running out as troops of grunts ran out, with Petrel disguising himself as one of them.

Sean smashed the computer with the couch as he then squatted, trying to figure out how to bust into that room. He figures that it was strong enough to repel the strongest attacks a Pokémon can dish out. He was in a rut, until...

"Hail Sakaki-sama!"

Sean thought it was Petrel again and rolled up a sleeve, only for Petrel to really be a wild Murkrow landing in front of him.

The Darkness Pokémon then parroted, "The password is...Hail Sakaki-sama!" and mimicked Petrel's voice perfectly.

Sean said, "HEY! Maybe you can...Alright, I'll follow you..."

After chasing the DARK/FLYING-Type to the door, the Murkrow screamed into the voice-recognition system, "The password is...Hail Sakaki-sama!"

The doors swung open, as Sean said, "Way to go Murkrow! You're a big want to travel with me and the rest of my Pokémon?"

The Murkrow cocked its head to the side, then perched itself onto Sean's shoulder, confirming that it does want to be Sean's Pokémon.

Sean held out a Pokè Ball and the Murkrow pecked the button, and allowed itself to be caught.

-[Trainer's Eyes Meet! (Team Rocket) - Pokémon Gold and Silver]-

Sean received a Murkrow!

"Hold it right there, you brat!" a woman's voice shouted.

Sean turned around and saw a woman with red hair and a grunt surround him, "We can't let you do as you please forever. It'll hurt Team Rocket's pride all over again...So it is time we finished you off, once and for all! However strong you may be, you have no chance at beating the two of us at once."

"Yes, Athena (Ariana), Mam!" the grunt said.

"Hee hee hee! So very sorry, baby. Now, get ready to be thrashed." Ariana said, mocking Sean's young age.

Lance and his Dragonite ran up as he shouted, "Hold it! A two-on-one battle? That's so unfair! Typical of criminals like Team Rocket to be so sneaky. Allow me to join the battle!"

Lance's Dragonite bellowed as Ariana exclaimed, "You had an accomplice? Fine, I'll show you how wrong it is to meddle with Team Rocket!"

Sean, his Gyarados, Lance, and his Dragonite battled Ariana and the Grunt and defeated them with little effort, with Ariana commenting that Sean would've made a powerful executive of Team Rocket if he was a member. The two fled with the remaining members of Team Rocket out of the hideout as Lance and Sean headed into the transmitter room. Lance talked with a female grunt, who was actually a friend of his in disguise, and informed him about the transmitter, and ran with the other members of Team Rocket.

Lance said to him, "Sorry, Sean. I saw how well you were doing, so I just hung back. Now to turn off that radio signal..."

They found themselves in front of a massive machine, as he then said, "It's this machine that's causing all the problems. Cora said that there is no switch, and that the Pokémon powering the machine are forced to continue powering it until they drop dead..."

Sean asked, "What kind of Pokémon are powering the machine anyways if it cannot be shut off?"

Lance answered, "They're Electrode, and unfortunately, we will have to defeat them to turn it off."

"Electrode!?" Sean exclaimed with eyes widening with excitement, "Those are really rare and fast Pokémon! Forget making them faint, I'm catching them!"

"You should, that is another way to turn it off and end that signal..." a voice said from behind the doorway.

It was Masaru Hashimoto, and he stated to Lance and Sean, "These poor Electrode have been through enough torment, I can tell their wild because they can power it without any restraints placed upon them in a Pokè Ball."

Lance was surprised to see the old Pokémon Master, then said in response, "If that is true, then we better start catching them, unfortunately, I only have an Ultra Ball. You'll help us Hashimoto-sama?"

"Of course I will, I've had it up to here with these poachers, you'll be able to catch them, right boy?" Masaru asked his grandson.

"HELL YEAH I WILL!" Sean responded as he went ahead and battled the first Electrode.

30 Minutes Later...

Sean caught the three Electrode (one of which was a Shiny) on his side of the transmitter's engine, while Lance and Masaru caught the remaining three on the other side. Lance did think about giving the Electrode he caught to Sean, but decided for the Ball Pokémon's sake, kept it as Masaru petted the two Electrode he caught affectionately.

Lance said to Sean as his three newly-caught Electrode spun around him, "That odd signal has finally stopped. Lake Biwa should be back to normal. You're the best Hashimoto's. Sean, when you can, challenge the Indigo Plateau, here is something from me as my way of saying thanks..."

Lance gave Sean the HM for Whirlpool, an exclusive HM from Johto, and left with Masaru, Sean then headed for the Pokémon Center to not only heal up all the Pokémon, but also get some sleep for his challenge against Pryce (Yanagi)...

Sean eventually told his friends is intense battle against Pryce and his surprisingly strong ICE-Type Pokémon. Then, on how Professor Elm contacted him that the radio broadcasts started talking about Team Rocket, and sure enough, Team Rocket hijacked the Goldenrod Radio Tower (Tsutenkaku Tower), talking presumably towards Giovanni about how Team Rocket was ready for him to lead them again.

"So…after hearing that broadcast, I decided to put an end to Team Rocket's schemes, once and for all…" Sean told the ponies.

"So you went to take on an entire criminal organization by yourself? At the tender age of ten?!" Twilight asked as she scribbled down more notes about her human friend's Pokémon journey.

"No, of course not…!" Kotone interjected, "He had me and his pervert of a grandfather there to help him take those geeks down…"

"I'm willin' to bet 30 apples that fer an op'ration like that, them Team Rocket fellers had he'vy guard in that fancy Radio Tower…" Applejack said with her hoof under her chin.

Sean said, "Yeah, you would be right about that, Applejack…so the only way me and Kotone-chan could enter the tower to derail Team Rocket's plans…"

They all leaned in closer and then reeled back at his answer…

"…is to become members of Team Rocket ourselves…"

-[Trainer's Eyes Meet (Team Rocket) - Pokémon HeartGold & SoulSilver]-

Sean re-entered Goldenrod City to confront Team Rocket one last time. He saw a few Team Rocket grunts giving the trainers of the Goldenrod gym trouble, but they have help from a Pokémon Sean instantly recognized as his grandfather's Nidoking, Horoshi.

"Oi…Ojisan…you will do anything for pretty girls…good grief, you are a pervert, how on Earth does Grandmother Kiki put up with you…" Sean said with his hand over his face, leaving his Shiny Gyarados confused.

"So, Team Rocket really has invaded Osaka City…" said a familiar female voice.

Sean turned around and saw his one of his childhood friends behind him.

"You gonna help me out with stomping Team Rocket, Koto-chan?" Sean asked the young girl.

Kotone nodded as she replied, "Of course I will, someone has got to keep you out of trouble, I guess I'll have to do it…"

Sean smirked as he said, "I've always wanted to do this, Kotone, would you like to wear a disguise with me?"

Kotone thought about it, then answered, "Sure, especially if it will keep you from doing anything reckless or stupid, or recklessly stupid…"

So Sean and Kotone thought about how they were going to sneak in the Radio Tower, then Kotone pointed out how a photo shop had Team Rocket costumes that could make them easily pass off as members of Team Rocket. A grunt was there who was clueless as he thought both Sean and Kotone were genuinely there to join Team Rocket. As he gave the two children the outfits, he unintentionally peeked at Kotone as she was putting on the outfit, and like a reflex, the young girl threw a punch right at the grunt, knocking him out cold. Both of them readied to head to the tower, but not before Kotone stomped on the unconscious grunt's groin, making him squeal in pain like a pig.

The disguises worked like a charm, as the Rocket Grunts thought they were new recruits and had ordered them to their posts in the Radio Tower. Kotone and Sean headed for the Radio Tower and met with a grunt guarding the only entrance to the upper floors, since the elevator is in need of repairs, and he was about to let the two pass, until...

-[A Rival Appears! (Version 1) - Pokémon Gold and Silver]-

"Hey, Team Rocket!"

Sean, Kotone, and the grunt were surprised by Silver running up angry and saying, "Stop going around in groups and troubling people. You spineless cowards!"

Silver noticed the two young grunts and said, "...Huh? Aren't you Sean and that girl he hangs out with?"

Kotone and Sean accidentally said aloud, "Crap! Busted..."

Silver asked his rival, "What are you doing here wearing..."

He stopped as he then said, "No way...! You think you're strong now that you look like those weaklings?"

Before Sean could respond, Silver shouted, "That's foolish! You two shouldn't be wearing those things!"

Silver ripped the disguises off of them, Sean was wearing his normal clothes under his disguise, but Kotone wasn't, so when Silver ripped her disguise off, she was in her underwear. Silver and the grunt stared shocked while Sean was wise enough to look away the moment he saw his friend's skin. Kotone's face grew redder and redder as the grunt started to get a nosebleed, and Silver's face started to flush as red as Kotone's.

Then in an instant, "KYA~A~A~! あなた病気倒錯者!"

Kotone then threw an extra powerful right hook right into the grunt's face and sent him flying through the glass doors, colliding with several more grunts and knocking them all out cold. The embarrassed girl then punched her stripper in the groin and gut, then slapped him across his face as he hunched low to the ground, whimpering in pain.

-[Radio Tower Occupied! - Pokémon Gold and Silver]-

Sean handed out his disguise behind his back, as it wasn't as torn as Kotone's, and said, "H-here...Kotone-chan...p-put this go get your regular clothes...I-I'll handle this until y-you get back!"

Kotone had her arms wrapped around her chest defensively as she looked at Sean's hand, then yanked the outfit quickly out of his grasp and put it on hastily. Sean heard Kotone's footsteps run out of the tower as fast as she can, and Sean looked again at the damage caused by his friend, with hundreds of beads of sweat trickling down to his shoes.

His Gyarados grunted at him, "GYASH-SHOO?"

Sean replied, " do not want to cross her, Gyarados...Let's head on..."

Sean looked at Silver as he said, "I get it now...You were trying to be sneaky...a typical, but clever idea for the meek...I'll let you handle this, until the pain subsides...oh...urf...for now, I have to defeat the Dragon Tamer...Wataru! After I defeat will be your turn, so be ready for it, Hashimoto Sean..."

Sean headed up the Radio Tower, battling members of Team Rocket and defeating them, climbing higher and higher and reaches the director's office and saw Executive Petrel disguised and posing as the Director. He fought and defeated the Team Rocket admin and learned the real Director was in the underground warehouses under Goldenrod City. Sean headed for the underground streets where he met with another woman wearing a kimono as she commented that he was brave to fight Team Rocket. He used a key to the basement levels and ran into Silver once again.

"Hold it, Sean!" Silver shouted.

"GRAH! What do you want now!" Sean replied, looking eager to rip someone's head off.

Silver was a little hesitant, but he eventually responded, "What I told you before was to deceive you. I thought it would let me tail you, and it would lead me to Wataru. Well, he never showed up..."

Sean raised a sarcastic eyebrow as Silver continued, "...*sigh*...No matter. I was planning to beat you after Wataru, but since you're here, Hashimoto, I'll have you repay my debts!"

Sean smirked like a predator ready to pounce on its prey as he replied, "Enough talk Silver...let my family do the talking..."

-[Battle! (Rival) - Pokémon HeartGold & SoulSilver]-

Silver sent out his Golbat as Sean sent out his Ampharos, with a quick strike, Ampharos defeated Golbat with a single Discharge attack. Silver then sent out a Sneasel and Sean countered with his Heracross, who took it down with a single Brick Break attack, but not before it unleashed a Feint Attack that got a critical hit. Silver's Magnemite and Haunter fell prey to Sean's Shiny Gyarados and Beedrill respectively, leaving the red-haired boy with only one Pokémon left...

"Go, Feraligatr! Stomp him!" Silver commanded as the large WATER-Type roared.

Typhlosion was eager to take down his rival, and Sean heard and respected his wishes as Typhlosion bellowed at his larger adversary.

Silver growled in frustration at Sean sending his Typhlosion against Feraligatr, Sean seemed to take some kind of sick joy out of sending Pokémon weak against his own and defeating them despite the type advantage Silver had. Unfortunately, Sean and his Pokémon were at the top of their game for this battle, and are leagues away from him, as Typhlosion proved too obviously.

"Typhlosion! Swift!" Sean exclaimed, as the Volcano Pokémon unleashed rays of spinning stars at the Big Jaw Pokémon. Then, Sean added insult to injury when the final attack used to defeat the WATER-Type, was the FIRE-Type move, Lava Plume.

Silver fell to his knees, utterly shocked and in disbelief as he asked, "...W-why...Why did I lose? I assembled the toughest Pokémon. I haven't eased up on the gas, so why do I lose to you, every...time...I don't understand..."

Sean replied, "You know what my answer is going to be..."

Silver responded questioningly, "I-is what that Wataru guy said true? That I don't treat Pokémon properly? Love...Trust...Are they really what I lack? Are they keeping me from winning?"

Sean gave him a look that said, "Am I the one who's going to tell you" to him, but Silver realized on his own, and said, "I...I just don't understand. But it's not going to end here. Not now! Not because of this! I won't give up on my dream of becoming the best Pokémon Trainer! I'll...give it a see if it is true..."

Sean replied, "Then why don't you help me and Kotone-chan take Team Rocket down for good, Silver! I know the upcoming battles will be even tougher than before because of our meddling."

-[A Rival Appears! (Version 2) - Pokémon HeartGold & SoulSilver]-

Silver decided to help take Team Rocket down, as he and Sean worked together to look for the Director of the Goldenrod Radio Tower. They had to deal with Team Rocket grunts and a few burglars while looking for him and sure enough, they found him and he helped them reach the levels that reached the Observation Deck, where the mastermind of Team Rocket is located, Executive Archer (Apollo).

Kotone joined up with the two boys after getting into her regular clothes. She took care of some of the weaker grunts, especially with Pokémon Sean lent her, which enabled her to take on the Proton with ease. As Sean and Silver headed further up, Executive Ariana blocked the elevator that would lead them to Archer, Silver took her on, as Sean headed up the Observation Deck, leading him face to face with Team Rocket's temporary leader, Archer himself.

-[A Trainer Appears (Bad Guy Version) - Pokémon Origins]-

Archer was waiting for Sean, as he said, "Oh? You managed to get this far...? You must be quite the Trainer."

Sean replied, "You bet, I'm here to take you and Team Rocket down for good!"

Archer chuckled to himself as he stated, "We intended to take over the Tsutenkaku Tower and officially announce Team Rocket's comeback. That should bring our boss Sakaki-sama back from his solitary training, to reclaim leadership over Team Rocket."

-[Battle! (Team Rocket) {REMIX} - Pokeremixstudio]-

"We are going to regain our former glory..." Archer said as he grabbed a Poké Ball, "I will not let you interfere with our meticulous plans any longer, Sean Hashimoto of the Hashimoto Clan!"

"Then try to stop me, Apollo!" Sean shouted confidently.

~{Rocket Gang Battle! Pokémon Trainer Sean v Team Rocket Executive Archer}~

Archer sent out Houndour as his first choice, and in response, Sean sent his Larvitar to do battle against the DARK/FIRE-type.

"Use Feint Attack..." Archer commanded the Dark Pokémon.

Archer's Houndour faded faintly and then delivered a sucker punch to the Rock Skin Pokémon.

Larvitar didn't like that at all and used his Thrash attack on the DARK/FIRE-Type and defeated it.

Archer sent out his Weezing and ordered it to use Sludge and it wound up poisoned and knocking him out.

Sean recalled Larvitar and then sent out Ampharos against the Poison Gas Pokémon, and ordered Ampharos to use Headbutt and caused Weezing to flinch.

Archer had ordered his Weezing, "Weezing, use Smokescreen..."

Weezing blew out a thick and cough-inducing smoke that lowered Ampharos' accuracy, but it didn't stop the Light Pokémon from using one of its most deadly attacks...

"Ampharos! Use Discharge!"

Ampharos used the powerful ELECTRIC-Type attack, but Weezing used Protect to not take any damage, but the Discharge did dissipate the smoke screen Weezing created.

Archer wasn't happy about that, and decided he needed to take the Ampharos down, so he ordered his Weezing to use its most powerful attack in its arsenal, "Time to end this...use Explosion!"

Weezing blew itself up with such force that it not only knocked out Ampharos, but it also KO-ed all but one of Sean's Pokémon.

Sean grew pretty upset at that, and said in response, "That's a pretty dirty move Archer...I'll make you pay for that, cheater..."

Archer's last Pokémon was his extraordinarily powerful Houndoom, and Sean sent his Typhlosion to battle the Dark Pokémon. Both FIRE-Types growled and bore their fangs at each other as Archer said to Sean, "We can't have you getting in the way before news of our resurgence reaches Giovanni, Hashimoto boy..."

"HOUND-dooooooommmmmm!" The Dark Pokémon bellowed loudly.

Archer decided to end this now, so ordered, "Houndoom, Dark Pulse!"

The DARK/FIRE-Type unleashed a powerful blast of dark energy that collided with Typhlosion, but Typhlosion hung on and retaliated with a Lava Plume attack.

But, Houndoom's ability, Flash Fire activated and powered up his FIRE-Type attacks...which Archer capitalized on immediately...

"Houndoom, end this with a Fire Blast!"

Houndoom unleashed a furious explosion of fire that damaged Typhlosion considerably despite not being weak to the FIRE-Type attack.

The pure FIRE-Type Pokémon held on as Archer wore a shocked expression at the expression both Sean and his Typhlosion wore on their faces.

"That's...Impossible...! You''re just like him! Those same eyes...that determined're just like that brat, Red!" Archer exclaimed fearfully.

"And we will take you down!" Sean exclaimed, "Typhlosion, use Thunder Punch!"

"BAK-PHOOON!" Typhlosion roared violently as its fist cackled with electricity and then the Thunder Punch made contact with Houndoom and paralyzed it, leaving Archer in a state of shock.

"N-no...we...we cannot lose! NO! Houndoom! FIRE BLAST!"

"Hound...doooahhrrr!" the Dark Pokémon cringed as it became unable to move, leaving it open for a final attack...

"NOW TYPHLOSION! USE HYPER BEAM!" Sean shouted, with his starter building up power for this extra-powerful technique.

Typhlosion's flames grew in intensity as a glowing purple and black ball grew in size in his mouth, then, at the critical point, Typhlosion unleashed the Hyper Beam attack. The NORMAL-Type attack packed in so much power, that it not only defeated Houndoom, but it also destroyed a sizable portion of the Observation Deck and destroyed an antenna Team Rocket added to broadcast their message.

Victory was Sean's as Archer was speechless at what happened...

-[Victory! (Gym Leader) - Pokémon HeartGold & SoulSilver]-

"NO! Forgive me, Sakaki-sama! I let Team Rocket get disgraced by another brat!" Archer shouted as his Houndoom fell to the floor, defeated, but still alive after the attack it took from Typhlosion.

"YAHOO! WE BEAT HIM, TYPHLOSION!" Sean shouted excitedly, leaping into the air as Silver and Kotone came running to Sean's side.

Sean got ¥6080 for winning!

Archer asked, "H-how could this be...? Our dreams have come to naught."

He looked at his hands as he added, "I...I...was not up to the task after all..."

Sean said in response, "I think I've heard the reason Sakaki disbanded Team Rocket, was because he wanted to rediscover what it truly meant to be a Pokémon Trainer, and he couldn't do it as the leader of Team Rocket..."

Archer chuckled a little as he responded, "That's exactly what I've heard from Red...So, like Sakaki-sama has done before me, I will disband Team Rocket here today, for good. Farewell...Sean Hashimoto...may you become the greatest of all trainers..."

And so, Archer gave out the call to all members of Team Rocket, and they either fled or turned themselves in to the police. The Director was so pleased at what Sean, Silver, and Kotone did to disband Team Rocket, that he gave all three special gifts, two hard-to-obtain TMs for Kotone and Silver, but for Sean, he handed him a strange, silver feather that was found as the Radio Tower was under renovation from a horrible fire. Sean continued his journey west of Mahogany Town as he caught more Pokémon, and was ready to face his final Gym battle, because he wanted a challenge, he headed for the gym in Blackthorn City (Shirakawa Town) and its Gym Leader, Clair (Ibuki).

Crossing through the quickest way to Blackthorn City, through the caves that made up the Ice Path, Sean found the HM for Waterfall and a girl wearing a sakura blossom yukata having her geta trapped in the thin, but slippery ice. She asked Sean to give her a push from behind to free her from the ice and she thanked him after he did just that. Sean then entered Blackthorn City and took a rest at the Pokémon Center there...

"So...who's Ibuki, Sean?" Twilight asked the trainer.

"Ibuki-chan is a member of a clan of Dragon Tamers. She is considered to be the strongest Gym Leader of the Johto league, so she was the perfect opponent for me to get the final gym badge, but for the wrong reasons." Sean explained.

"What are you saying partner...?" Applejack asked.

Sean answered with a sigh, "I was a cocky little ******* at that age, it really didn't help that I was on an impressive winning streak and that I took down Team Rocket. So, I was starting to get an extraordinarily big ego, and thinking I was unbeatable..."

"I'll got a bigger ego than me and Discord..." Rainbow Dash said, earning several suppressed chuckles from her pony friends.

"A...Dragon Tamer...?" Spike asked worryingly.

Rosa explained to Spike, "Dragon Tamers are a class of trainers that use DRAGON-Type Pokémon, or uses Pokémon with dragon-like characteristics, like Gyarados, Horsea, and Seadra to name a few."

"Anyways..." Sean began, "I went to the Blackthorn gym, and after navigating the gym's puzzle, I reached to Ibuki-chan and challenged her. I found she was very prideful and pretty arrogant herself when I met her..."

-[Pokémon Gym - Pokémon HeartGold & SoulSilver]-

Clair and Sean were down to the last wire, it was Typhlosion verses Kingdra, and the two Pokémon were on their last legs.

Clair responded as the next move will decide the battle, "You're kidding, right? I'm the one who supposed to win! It's already decided, boy..."

Sean smirked as he replied, "Oh yeah? Then let's see Kingdra stand up to this...!"

"Let's put your ability and your new move to use Typhlosion... Use Blast Burn!"

"Bak-phoon!" Typhlosion bellowed as the flames on his neck burst with intensity as the Volcano Pokémon unleashed a powerful explosion of flames that engulfed the Dragon Pokémon, and because of Typhlosion's ability, Blaze, he was able to defeat the WATER/DRAGON-Type.

Clair wore a shocked expression as she denied, "I lost...? I can't believe it! There must have been some mistake!"

"No mistake, Ibuki...may I have my badge now?" Sean said to the 'Dragon-master'.

"I will not concede this, Hashimoto...I might have lost, but I know you're still aren't ready for the Pokémon League. You're strong, I'll give you that, but the Elite Four and other trainers going to the Johto tournament will wipe the floor with you..."

Clair had an idea as she told her opponent, "Oh! I know! To get the Rising Badge from me, you will have to take the Dragon challenge by the Elder! He's located behind the Gym in a cave called the Dragon's Den, inside the shrine at the heart. Go there if you want your badge."

Sean was angry at Clair, but decided to go if it meant he will not only get a Gym Badge, but also get a DRAGON-type Pokémon from inside the den.

-[Dragon's Den - Pokémon HeartGold & SoulSilver]-

Sean reached the shrine as Clair had instructed and it was there he met the Elder of Blackthorn's dragon user clan.

"Hm...Good to see you here, Hashimoto Sean of the Clan Hashimoto." The old man said to the boy.

Sean was about to say something to the Dragon Master, but he rose a hand and said, "No need for you to explain why you came to Mt. Ibuki's sacred cave. My granddaughter, Ibuki sent you here, didn't she?"

"Yeah..." Sean said with a little surprise, "Uh...y-yeah. She wanted me to pass this test you give to folks..."

The old man said, "*sigh* that girl is a handful...I am deeply sorry about the trouble she's giving you. Normally, I'd turn outsiders away, but I can tell you are not like most trainers. I will test you Hashimoto, no worries, it's a little questionnaire. The scented candles help those who breathe in the scents they give off to look deep within their hearts, to give me their honest answers..."

With a gong, scented candles were lit, and Sean grew into a trance as the Master proceeded with the test;

"What are Pokémon to you?"

"Friends and Family..."

"What helps you win battles?"

"Strategy, Training, and believing in my Pokémon..."

"What kinds of Trainers do you wish to battle?"

"Anyone will do, so I can meet all kinds of Pokémon..."

"What is most important for raising Pokémon?"

"Love, Knowledge, and Trust..."

"Strong Pokémon. Weak Pokémon. Which of the two is more important?"

"Both...because a weak Pokémon will become strong, to one day help weak Pokémon get stronger..."

"Hmm... I see..." the Elder said as he scratched his chin, piecing together the answers given.

Sean woke from his trance, as the Master gave his score...

"You care very deeply for Pokémon. Maybe more so than Master Wataru himself...Very commendable." the Master said, "That kind of conviction and devotion is what is truly important! Sean Hashimoto, don't you ever lose that belief."

"Why so...?" Sean asked.

"It will not only see you through the Pokémon League, it will also see you through the many challenges you will face down the path you've chosen. I hereby declare you, a Master of the Dragon Clan, for answering correctly through your heart, you are now an honorary member of our clan." the Master said with a smile.

-[Clair - Pokémon HeartGold & SoulSilver]-

Clair came into the shrine, smiling confidently as she asked Sean, "So...? How did the test go?"

Sean was about to answer her, but she said, "No point in asking you, Hashimoto. You failed didn't you?"

Her grandfather responded, "I'm afraid not, Ibuki..."

Clair jolted as she said in disbelief, "What?! passed!? THAT CANNOT BE! Even I haven't been approved for passing the test! How did you..."

Clair's grandfather spoke sternly to her, "Ibuki! This child is impeccable, in both skill and spirit! Admit your defeat honorably and give him the Rising Badge immediately young lady! Must I inform your cousin, Wataru-sama on this, your being an immature child again? He is your mentor after all..."

Clair jolted stiff at her grandfather's words, then responded, "I...I understand Ojisan..."

She handed Sean the Rising Badge and her favored TM, TM #59 Dragon Pulse, as an apology as the Master said to his grandchild, "Ibuki...Reflect upon what it is that you lack and Hashimoto-san has. He's passed the test with such inspirational words, I have made him an honorary member of our clan, so treat him with as much respect you give me..."

-[Trainer's Eyes Meet (Kimono Girl) - Pokémon HeartGold & SoulSilver]-

Clair bowed her head with shame weighing down on her, for becoming a member, Sean was given a special Dratini from the Master. The old man told Sean about a Legendary Pokémon called Lugia, on how he said that he believes Sean is the trainer meant for Lugia to fight beside. Sean headed back home to New Bark Town, he saw that the Chikorita he met was still there in Elm's Laboratory, feeling sorry for her, Sean asked Professor Elm if he could look after the GRASS-Type, to which Elm allowed. Elm instructed Sean to head for Ecruteak City to ask the Kimono Girls there about Lugia, and Sean was asked to battle them all with just his Typhlosion. After an intense battle with Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon, Espeon, and Umbreon, Typhlosion emerged victorious and Sean was given a Tidal Bell. The five girls told him to meet them at the Whirl Islands (Awagishima Islands) as Lugia will be there...

"So...who's Lugia, Sean? I'm willing to bet it's one of these Legendary Pokémon, correct?" Twilight asked.

Sean answered, "Yeah, Lugia is known as the Silver Guardian of the Seas. He is also known for being said to be able to generate 40-day long storms with a single flap of his mighty wings."

Applejack dropped her food as she remarked, "That feller's able to do that?! Generatin' a forty-day long storm with one flap of his wings? I find that pill might' hard to swallow..."

"Lugia does have the size and raw power to back up an exaggerated claim as that, he is able to blow houses apart with the gusts of wind he generates." Rosa responded.

"If I may be so bold to ask..." Rarity asked as she held her Sableye, "What does this Lugia character look like? I imagine he's magnificent to behold to have a title as that."

"You'll find out as you continue to listen, and watch..." Sean said as he told them what happened at the Whirl Island's deepest cavern depths, a massive, underground, waterfall basin...

Sean eventually reached the Waterfall Basin of the Whirl Islands, where he asked the Kimono Girls waiting for him, "So, is this where..."

Zuki, the eldest, answered for him, "That's right. This is where we will welcome Lugia, the Guardian of the Seas."

"So..." Sean asked, "How are you going to summon Lugia?"

Zuki answered, "When the dance we practiced many days becomes one with the sound of the Tidal Bell we entrusted to you, Lugia shall come out from deep within the waterfall basin once again! That's how, Hashimoto-san..."

A tinkling sound echoed throughout the giant cavern, and for a minute, the roaring waterfall was silent as it still fell. The Tidal Bell glowed faintly, slightly becoming transparent, signaling to the Japanese dancers that Lugia was near, they got into position...then began their beautiful dance...

-[Dance of Ecruteak - Pokémon HeartGold & SoulSilver]-

The campers saw through Sean's projected memories a beautiful, traditional dance by the five girls, seeing how music just seemed to appear on its own and how the waves of the water seemed to be dancing to the music as well, the Suzu Bells and Tidal Bell ringing in rhythm to the Kimono Girl's dancing. Discord and Rainbow Dash both shed a single tear from the captivating dance.

When the five geishas finished dramatically with the final bell chime, the entire basin began to tremble...

-[Lugia Appears - Pokémon SoulSilver]-

The campers saw through Sean's memories, how he and the Kimono Girls, looked ahead to the massive waterfall, and saw a silhouette of a massive, winged creature with glowing cyan eyes, then the creature erupted from the waterfall and bellowed loudly.


The ponies got their first look at Lugia, he looked like a wyvern/bird hybrid with wings shaped like flippers or human hands, the eyes of Lugia were fierce and intimidating as it looked angry. Fluttershy squeaked as she hid behind her Dragonite, Rajin, and the CMC hid behind both their sisters and Pokémon. Lugia from the memories descended down with each, powerful flap of his wings, then bellowed loudly once again.

They heard Zuki say once more, "That is indeed Lugia...the guardian of the Naruto Islands from ancient many people have tried to beacon Lugia again and again, only to fail...Sean Hashimoto, your heart in complete harmony with the Tidal Bell has finally called Lugia forth to appear before you. He was waiting for someone like you for all these generations, what you do next..."

Sean walked to the water and got on Gyarados' back as Zuki finished, " entirely up to you..."

~{Legendary Encounter! - Vs. the Guardian of the Seas, Lugia}~

-[Battle! (Lugia) - Pokémon Heart Gold & Soul Silver]-

Sean, Gyarados, and Ampharos faced the Guardian of the Seas, Lugia, who unleashed a very powerful gust of wind with a single flap of his mighty wings.

"'re the latest human who thinks they can control me...?" Lugia said with a little spite in his voice, "I am not going to go easy on you, just because you are a child...! AS YOU WILL SOON SEE! HYDRO PUMP!"

Lugia fired a powerful torrent of water at Ampharos, leaving barely enough time for Sean to order a counterattack, "Ampharos, Thunder!"

"Palu paluuuu!" the Light Pokémon bellowed as he fired a wicked thunderbolt at the water stream, evaporating the water on contact, but not before Lugia disappeared from the air and came up from the ocean to the right of Ampharos.

"DRAGON RUSH!" Lugia charged towards Ampharos in a energy cloak in the shape of a dragon with such speed, Ampharos and Sean didn't have time to react, and with Lugia's un-suppressed strength, knocked the ELECTRIC-Type out in one shot.

Sean recalled Ampharos quickly as he then sent out his Hypno to battle the legend. Lugia scoffed as he said, "I honestly expected you to use a more powerful PSYCHIC-Type than a Hypno, like Alakazam, or the GHOST-Type, Gengar..."

"I don't know how to obtain them yet! But, Hypno here can still put up a hell of a fight against you Lugia, now use Psybeam...!" Sean shouted as Hypno fired a ray of psychic energy that Lugia skillfully dodged.

"Heh..." Lugia laughed as he boasted, " really think that will do enough..."



Hypno then swung in tandem hypnotic waves from his pendulum that lulled the huge PSYCHIC/FLYING-Type to sleep.

"Now Hypno...use Dream Eater..." Sean said as Hypno then proceeded to 'eat' Lugia's dreams and dealt a lot of damage, then he recalled Hypno and sent out Typhlosion.

"Bak-phooonee!" the Volcano Pokémon bellowed as it was unfazed by drops of water plopping onto his body.

Sean, through using Typhlosion to battle a number of WATER-Types, was not afraid of getting wet unlike most FIRE-Type Pokémon, and he was ready to square off against a Legendary Pokémon.

"Now use Thunder Punch before Lugia regains awareness!" Sean had ordered.

Lugia, not willing to back down, forced himself to fight back in a sleepy haze, but executed attacks sloppily.


Lugia unleashed a psychic wave of energy that Typhlosion dodged effortlessly, and delivered the electrified punch to Lugia, which unfortunately, resulted in the Diving Pokémon to stir fully awake.

"Grah! Grr..." Lugia growled, "You were clever, psyching me out with Hypnosis and Psybeam being a distraction...I'll be the first to admit you caught me off-guard..."

Lugia poised to deliver his most powerful attack as he finished, "...I won't make that mistake again...AREOBLAST!"

"Typhlosion, use Blast Burn!"

Lugia fired a powerful, energized ray of wind that almost ignited the air in light as the attack destroyed the most powerful FIRE-Type attack and hit Typhlosion directly with a critical-hit.

Lugia smirked as he said, "You made a poor choice in using Typhlosion...WHAT?!"

Lugia was shocked to see Typhlosion standing up, badly beaten, but still standing and ready to fight, Lugia replied, "I see, Typhlosion was holding onto an item that allowed him to endure my most powerful are starting to impress me, boy..."

Sean recalled Typhlosion as he replied, "I'm not looking to catch you just to get powerful Pokémon, Lugia, I want to catch every Pokémon out there, to not only help complete the Pokédex, but to also expand my family, because to me...My Pokémon are my family, no matter who they are..."

That seemed to have surprised Lugia considerably, as he replied, "No lies in your words...Hmm...You are puzzling boy, may I ask your name...?"

"I'm Sean Hashimoto..." Sean replied as he was ready to send his Red Gyarados to fight Lugia.

"Hashimoto?" Lugia asked somewhat surprised, "Oh, I're her descendant...that explains why your Pokémon trust you considerably, let us continue our battle..."

"I couldn't agree more...Gyarados! Use Ice Fang!" Sean replied.

The battle between Gyarados and Lugia lasted a good while, until both grew exhausted and Lugia looked to Sean as he saw Celebi hiding in his jacket.

" have chosen him to be your trainer...?" Lugia asked the Time Travel Pokémon, who instantly hid herself completely at the mention of her name, then peeked out and hesitantly replied with a blush forming on her face...


"I, he really cares for Pokémon that much...?" Lugia asked as Sean's Gyarados replied and told the legendary being what he went through and how Sean freed him from the pain he endured.

-[Lighting of Lumious City - Pokémon X and Y]-

"" Sean asked as he breathed heavily, exhausted from dodging all the reflected and missed attacks.

Lugia pondered about it, then said, "If the little one, and what your Pokémon say is true...then I would like to see it with my own eyes...So, with that said, I would be honored to be trained by you, Sean Hashimoto..."

Lugia poised himself, and despite his numerous injuries and exhaustion, pulled a Poké Ball out from Sean's backpack with his psychic powers, and let himself be captured by Sean.

Zuki and the other geishas of Ecruteak City were amazed and said that Sean was certain to meet more legends down the road if he continues to be exactly the way he is. Sean left the Whirl Islands and headed to the nearest Pokémon Center to rest up...

-[Route 26 - Pokémon HeartGold & SoulSilver]-

Sean, the rest of his Pokémon, and his newly caught member Lugia, all traveled east of New Bark Town to Route 27. Sean traversed the path Pokémon Trainers have to take through a popular tourist destination called Tohjo Falls, and crossed into the Kanto Region, learning that the Johto League is being held at the home of the Kanto League, the Indigo Plateau. It was at a town near the base of the giant mountain north of Route 26, that Sean was admitted into the Johto Regional Tournament, but before he could participate in the preliminaries, he had to go through an elimination round due to a huge number of qualified trainers, to earn a spot in the preliminary rounds.

The elimination rounds were one-on-one battles where each trainer used a single Pokémon. Sean found out that Silver was participating too, and the two were defeating trainers left and right, until Sean decided to use Lugia against one trainer. With one look at the Diving Pokémon, lots of Pokémon Trainers got intimidated at the thought of facing a Legendary Pokémon, and pulled out of the Johto competition. Aside from Silver, there were only a few brave trainers who stayed, not afraid of fighting a Legendary Pokémon.

-[Victory Road - Pokémon HeartGold & SoulSilver]-

Due to Sean sending Lugia out, there were only eight qualified trainers who stayed when the elimination round ended. So the Johto competition went to the quarter finals immediately started as all eight passed through Victory Road. Silver, not wanting to deal with competition, defeated the other six trainers while traversing through Victory Road, thus when the original tournament was about to begin, Sean and Silver were the only ones that remained. The organizers of the competition were irritated at what Silver had done, but fortunately, the crowds were beyond excited at the thought that a trainer with a Lugia and another who defeated six qualified trainers, are going to square off to challenge the Elite Four and Champion was too good to pass up. The organizers decided to make the most of this turn of events and quickly changed the tournament into a deciding match between two rivals on who will get the privilege to try and become champion.

Sean defeated Silver easily, but without using Lugia, and once again, dealt the final blow to Silver's pride by defeating his Feraligatr with Typhlosion. Silver was shocked at his defeat, and Sean was proclaimed the 'winner' of the Johto Tournament, and had earned the right to face the Elite Four and the reigning champion of the Kansai Region. Sean had four days to prepare for the challenge, and as such, got stronger than when he won the tournament. When Sean challenged the Elite Four, he really learned why they were considered to be much stronger than the Gym Leaders combined.

-[Indigo Plateau - Pokémon Gold and Silver]-

He defeated Will (Itsuki) fairly easily, finding his PSYCHIC-Types a decent challenge, especially his Xatu. He moved to the second Elite Four member, meeting the former Gym Leader from Kanto, Koga (Kyō), a master of POISON-Type Pokémon, as well as a former ninja. Koga proved very difficult using status techniques and surprises that frustrated Sean to no end, but he eventually triumphed over the ex-ninja. The next opponent was someone Sean heard a lot about, a member of the disbanded Kanto Elite Four, Bruno (Siba) a master of FIGHTING-Types. Despite defeating him fairly quickly, Sean had to deal with Bruno's Pokémon being able to deal serious damage to his own Pokémon. Then, he faced the DARK-Type user, Karen (Karin), he found her to be very tough, but easily beaten, with her most difficult Pokémon being Umbreon.

Sean eventually reached the champion's room, a gold, glistening room that had Dratini statues, where he found a very familiar face waiting there to greet him...

-[Battle! (Champion) - Pokémon Gold & Silver]-

"I've been waiting for you, Sean Hashimoto! I knew that you, with your skills, would eventually reach me here."

Sean saw that Lance was the champion of the Johto league, he grew confident, a little too confident as he replied, "Yeah, I've been itching to face you the moment I saw that Dragonite of yours. I knew then, you are the kind of trainer I'd wish to challenge and defeat if I can..."

Lance rose a hand as he said, "There's no need for words now. As you have said before, to determine who is the stronger of the two of us, we and our Pokémon will battle...but, I sense you're, overconfident, this will hamper you greatly, but nonetheless, as the most powerful trainer and as the Champion of the Indigo Plateau..."

Lance threw his cape to his side as he finished, "I, Lance the dragon master, accept your challenge, descendant of Hanako Hashimoto!"

Sean and Lance sent out Ampharos and Gyarados respectively, despite Lance's Gyarados being faster, Ampharos was able to one-hit KO the Atrocious Pokémon with a Discharge attack. It became a close match, as much to the shock of many spectators, Sean defeated two of Lance's Dragonite and crippled his Aerodactyl and Charizard with his Beedrill, one all by himself, and the other after it was weakened by and defeated Sean's Gyarados. Eventually, Sean and Lance were left with one Pokémon each, Sean with his Typhlosion and Lance with his last Dragonite.

It was a long and grueling match, but eventually, a winner was decided...


"Typhlosion is unable to battle..." the referee announced, "The winner is Dragonite and victory goes to the reigning champion, Wataru!"

The crowds roared with glee as the champion retained his title, Lance petted his Dragonite's nose affectionately, but he looked over to his challenger...

-[An Unwavering Heart - Pokémon Black and White]-

Sean looked down at his collapsed Starter Pokémon, a face of utter defeat plastered on. The FIRE-Type looked at Sean with worried eyes as his trainer sulked over him. Lance's Dragonite took some serious damage during the battle (even collapsing after being petted by his trainer), but it looks like Typhlosion was the one who suffered more damage.

Sean held Typhlosion upright as he said, "Way to go...had you hung on just a little bit more, and you would've won...but, you've done a good job nonetheless..."

Typhlosion gave his melancholy trainer a mischievous grin and a thumbs up to lift his spirits, which it did.

Lance walked up to Sean and said, "You know, the victor of a regional tournament can always take the championship challenge over and over as much as they want to, until they either give up or defeat the reigning champion. You can always train and come back to challenge me again."

"I'll keep that in mind...Wataru-sama..." Sean said as he shook Lance's hand, and headed for the Pokémon Center...

About a half hour later, Sean was ready to leave to train, but someone said angrily, "SEAN HASHIMOTO! YOU ARE IN BIG TROUBLE!"

Sean instantly recognized the voice and saw a grown man wearing a black business suit and glasses walking towards him with his mom close behind him.

The man was his father, Kazuhiro Hashimoto, is his grandfather's third son, and the one who prevented him from becoming a Pokémon Trainer when he was the right age.

He spoke bitterly at Sean, "You ran off from home and became a Pokémon Trainer! That is inexcusable, especially when I told you that you WILL NOT be a Pokémon Trainer!"


Everyone gasped at that, Sean was forbidden to be a Pokémon Trainer by his dad, and he deliberately disobeyed his parent's orders...

"You...went against your father's orders?!" Twilight asked in disbelief.

"Not just Hashimoto-san..." Kotone answered, "Me...My parents...his mom and grandparents...even Dr. Utsugi and his family...We all knew Hashimoto-san was meant to be a trainer, but his idiot of a father was too stubborn and pigheaded to realize that was what he wanted the most. So we all conspired to let Hashimoto to become a Pokémon Trainer."

"Why is that so...?" Applejack asked, unsure why that was the case.

"Because, for the longest time..." Kellyn answered, "Uncle hated Pokémon with a burning passion. He even once stated he wanted all the Pokémon to be destroyed under the ridiculous pretense that 'they are nothing more than a distraction and nuisance that the entire world would be better off if they were all destroyed' he put it, but I have no idea why he hated Pokémon, especially since Sean's mom was a Pokémon Trainer when they met..."

Fluttershy gasped at that statement, saying, "What a horrible thing to say...Even I wouldn't say that about dragons, and I am really afraid of them..."

The meek pegasus then said in a very un-Fluttershy voice, "I would like to have a stern talking to Mr. Hashimoto!"

Sean replied, "Had we met that long ago, I would be begging like a dog for you to do just that, or just kill him, because I really hated my dad."

Rarity and Applejack were shocked at that as the farmer asked, "Surely you don't really mean that partner...'Cause I mean, he's your dad, he was just looking out for you..."

"Thankfully, I don't mean that anymore, because we are now on better terms with each other." Sean replied as he then continued;

"My family knew that my dad would have me abandon being a Pokémon Trainer right there, so they devised a plan for me to continue my journey..."

-[Team Magma Appears! - Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire]-

"You are to cease this foolish game, and get rid of all the Pokémon you have captured this instant! You are grounded when we get home, and you're going to a private school! Especially if it means you will give up being this ludicrous thing you call a Pokémon Trainer!"

"I don't want to dad! They're more than simply pets or battling partners to me! They're family! And you raised me to value family over anything else, despite you being a ****ing hypocrite about it with Gramps..." Sean replied in the same volume as his father was giving him, while Typhlosion was snarling at the man, attempting to protect his trainer.

"あなたの汚い口の中、若い男を見て!" Kazuhiro shouted in Japanese, as his wife held him back, saying, "Hold on Kazu-zu...he has a point about what he said, we did raise him to not lie..."

"Don't defend him for his reckless behavior, Helen!" Kazuhiro said to his wife, "That would encourage him to do whatever he wants and before we know it, he'll be a gambling, punk, sex-offender!"

"Did I come between a lover's spat between you and your wife kiddo?" an elderly voice said.

Sean saw his grandfather walk up alongside Lance and his Dragonite, and the Dragon Tamer said, "You must be Hashimoto's father, I'm pleased to meet you sir. I'm Amai Wataru, the reigning champion of the Indigo Plateau, your son was extraordinary when he challenged me, and I'm looking forward to our rematch..."

Lance held out a hand as a friendly gesture, but Kazuhiro smacked it away and said, "I am not talking to the likes of you! You cause so many children to be supped into a meaningless career with creatures that are better off dead!"

Lance's Dragonite growled defensively at Sean's father as Lance was shocked at what happened, Masumoto then said, "Hey! That was a very rude thing to do, son! Apologize to him now!"

"You're no longer the boss of me, Dad!" Kazuhiro replied as he then said to Lance, "My son will not challenge you again, because he will not be a Pokémon Trainer at all!"

"But sir...he's remarkable, a one in a thousand kind of talent! The bond he shares with his Pokémon is next to none...He was enlisted by Oakido into the Pokédex project..." Lance said, trying to persuade the man otherwise.

"WHAT?!" Kazuhiro exclaimed, "Sean! You're past grounded now!"

"Wait a moment, Mr. Hashimoto..." the ever familiar voice of Professor Oak said to Kazuhiro, "Sean is truly remarkable help for my research, as it has impressed even the president of Japan. He's willing to pay for not only my research, but also pay your son to continue giving information about Pokémon and understanding them."

"He can have God and the Devil command him to be a Pokémon Trainer, and the answer is still NO!" Kazuhiro jabbed, beginning losing his temper. (He wasn't quite aware that there was some truth to his jab)

Sean was quiet as his Pokémon looked at him with worried expressions.

"Bibibibibi...?" Celebi asked Sean, to which he responded, "I don't want to give you guys up, but dad won't let that happen..."

"Mag-mar!" Sean's Magmar said in response.

"But, Dad'll just track me down and force me to give up on being a trainer."

"Bak-phoone!" Typhlosion responded with his fists clenched together.

"We can't do that, even if we could, we'll be branded as murderers if we do that, and that's the last thing I want to be..."

~"If that's so..."~ Lugia said telepathically from in its Poké Ball, ~"...Then you are certain to receive help from outside forces, like now..."~

"What?" was all that Sean could say before Kotone and Masumoto talked to him, with his grandfather saying, "Here, take this...I figured you would lose the championship match, so I took the liberty to investigate what would be the best location for you to train. The answer was Hokkaido (Sinnoh), I have a friend there who can look after you during your stay, he'll be waiting for you on the docks of Noboribetsu a few days from now, you'll be riding by ferry and Deathwing will fly you to the dock you would have to leave from."

Masumoto's Charzard bellowed proudly as Sean started to question, "But...what about..."

Kotone interrupted him, "Hashimoto-kun...don't worry, we'll handle your *** of a dad long enough for you to go to the point of no return as a Pokémon Trainer..."

Sean obeyed and Deathwing flew him far north of Kanto and Johto up Mainland Japan to where he needed to go to Sinnoh, where the next leg of his journey begins...

-[Twinleaf Town (Day) - Pokémon Diamond and Pearl]-

A couple days later, Sean and Typhlosion had docked at Twinleaf Town (Noboribetsu City), itching to get stronger to beat Lance again. There, they met with his grandpa's friend, a young man named Lucas (Kōki) Berlitz, his wife, Johanna (Ayako), and their five year old daughter, Dawn (Hikari).

Lucas walked up to the young boy, beaming as he said, "So you must be Hashimoto-senpai's grandson, nice to meet you Hashimoto Sean…I'm Berlitz Kōki, your grandfather and I go way back when he was a young adult and I was a rookie trainer…He called and asked if I can let you stay as you train here on Hokkaido, during your stay, my home is your home…"

Little Dawn walked up to Sean and his Typhlosion, wide-eyed as she said in a supremely adorable voice, "WOW! A Typhlosion! So COOL! Can I pet him Mr. Hashimoto?"

Sean didn't like being called Mr. Hashimoto, but said, "Sure...He doesn't mind at all..."

Lucas picked his daughter up to Typhlosion's face and petted the Volcano Pokémon's head, which he liked a lot. Typhlosion wound up returning the affection by playfully nipping at Dawn's head as he pulled her in for a hug, which made Dawn giggle and laugh in an adorable and cute manner...

Which prompted...

"KYAHHHHHHH! KAWAII~I~I~I~/CUTE~E~E~!" Rosa, May, Kotone, Rarity, Serena, and Pinkie squealed, as some of the ponies, the human boys, Spike, and Discord covered their ears painfully.

Kotone squealed in Japanese, "彼女は〜とてもかわいいです!"

"OKAY!" Discord shouted, "We get it! That girl is downright adorable! Please refrain from going 'SQUEEE!' every time something cute happens!"

"Yes...Please do what Discord says..." Brendan added afterwards.

"Well, they're girls...they will automatically scream if they see something adorable..." Sean said.

"Yeah...that's what we girls do..." Serena added.

"Well...ahem...let's continue the story along..." Twilight said as Sean continued, taking note of the position of the sun in the sky...

-[Lucas - Pokémon Diamond and Pearl]-

Eventually, Sean encountered a blonde boy his age who went by the name, Barry (Jun). Sean had heard of his father, Palmer Thompson (Kurotsugu), an American-born trainer of exceptional talent. Barry became a fierce rival even if he didn't have a Pokémon himself, Dawn found Barry annoying as heck from his constant bragging of him going to be the toughest Pokémon Trainer in the world.

About a week after Sean arrived at Hokkaido, Barry told Sean and Dawn to head to Sandgem Town (Tomakomai City), to Professor Rowan's (Dr. Nanakamando) laboratory to get Pokémon from him.

Barry was about to cross into a large patch of tall grass, until Professor Rowan stopped them from entering. Sean had earlier left his Pokémon at Dawn's house, so Rowan had assumed that he has no Pokémon, so in an act of kindness, he gave Sean and Barry the option to choose one of three Pokémon he had in his suitcase (a Chimchar, a Turtwig, & a Piplup). Barry chose a Chimchar, while Sean chose a Turtwig, there was something a little off about his Turtwig, but the thought of getting a Hokkaido Starter was too much for him to concentrate on it for more than a second. Barry eventually challenged Sean to a Pokémon battle with the two they received from Professor Rowan, not letting Sean leave until they battle.

While at an initial disadvantage, Sean triumphed over Barry. Barry then got the wise idea to thank Professor Rowan by catching a Legendary Pokémon that is said to live in the nearby Lake Verity (Lake Tōya).

" certainly had an eventful day didn't you...?" Twilight asked Sean.

"Eh..." Sean started to say, "Maybe not..."

"Why's that so, partner?" Applejack asked.

Sean answered while lighting the fire pit with flint stones, "Well...I first met Akagi at Lake Tōya..."

-[Lake - Pokémon Diamond and Pearl]-

As Sean, Barry, and Dawn arrived at Lake Verity, Barry asked, "What's going on…?"

They saw a tall, blue-haired man in what looked like a spacesuit of some sort, staring out at the lake, where they overheard him say,

"…The flowing time…the expanding space…I will make it all mine one day…Akagi is my name. Remember it…Until then, sleep while you can beneath the lakebed, Mesprit…"

Cyrus then headed to the three kids as he said to them, "Allow me to pass. Step aside."

They did as told as he left Lake Verity, when Barry said, "What was that all about? Weird guy…"

Sean and Dawn both agreed, "Definitely…what a weirdo…"

Barry shook his head as he then said to Sean, "OK Sean! Let's catch the legendary Pokémon!"

"Yeah!" Sean exclaimed proudly, until…


The echoey cry of a mysterious Pokémon sounded, surprising all three children.

Barry shot forward and searched the area as Dawn clung to Sean's jacket tightly, then returned saying, "Did you guys hear that?! That was the legendary Pokémon crying!"

Dawn said, "That had to be it!"

Sean exclaimed, "OK! This is out chance Barry! Let's catch it!"

Turtwig nudged Sean at his backpack, which Barry remembered, "…Wait! What…?! We don't have anything on us! That what you're saying Turtwig?"

The grass turtle nodded in confirmation as Dawn added, "You know, Poké Balls…P-O-K-accent-E Balls, neither of you have any!"

Sean smacked his hand over his face in embarrassment, as Barry said, "Right, if we don't have those, we can't catch Pokémon or take them around with us!"

Dawn asked in an adorable voice, "…Do you think…maybe…Dr. Nanakamado-sama would give us some if we asked him? You know, remember what he said, don't you two?"

Sean quoted, "Of course, he said to visit him in his lab at Tomakomai City if we need anything. But…"

-[Route 201 (Day) - Pokémon HeartGold & SoulSilver]-

Barry interrupted, "OK, Sean! I'll race you there! First one to Tomakomai rules!"

The blonde trainer dashed out as Sean stammered, "But…What…? Wait…? Hey! I'm not letting you be first, you hyperactive nutcase!"

Sean chased after Barry, trying to get ahead as Dawn was being left behind, causing Sean to pick the little girl up and run after his new rival, shouting loud and angry enough to frighten all the Starly and Bidoof to death as they scurried away in absolute fright. The trainer from Johto (Kansai) ran past the Pokémon he brought with him as they jumped out of the way, utterly surprised as they saw their trainer's dust cloud disappear at a distance, causing all six to chase after him. Comically, because of the competitive nature of both Barry and Sean, all but Lugia (barely) were panting and wheezing wildly as they tried to keep up…

-[Sandgem Town - Pokémon Diamond and Pearl]-

Sean and Barry crashed right through Tomakomai City (Sandgem Town), freaking out many of the local townsfolk as they dove for cover. Dawn screamed as the two boys drew closer to Rowan's laboratory, "WHY ARE THEY SO COMPETITIVE!"

One of Rowan's assistants was having a chat with Lucas, when he heard boys shouting and the ground seemed to steadily tremble with stronger force, as the shouting grew louder.



"I'm first!" two young male voices shouted in unison.

"What?! You're lying! I'm First! Stop Copying ME!"

Barry and Sean raced in front of Professor Rowan's laboratory and Dawn slid off of Sean's back like if she turned into jelly, utterly dizzy and nauseated as she said in a wobbly voice, "You two are CRAZY! Crazy, I say...will the sky stop spinning please..."

Barry and Sean came in so fast, that they sent Lucas and Rowan's assistant flying into the building, knocked for a loop, and a few Pokémon in the lab were scared out of their minds as Rowan said to himself with beads of sweat forming, "Just what are those two...?"

Sean's Turtwig and Barry's Chimchar looked at each other and pretty much thought the same thing as Rowan...

20 Minutes Later...

-[Pokémon Lab - Pokémon Diamond and Pearl]-

"Gomen'nasai! Dr. Nanakamando-sama!" Barry and Sean both said in unison while bowing to show how sorry they were.

The door was destroyed, the lab was a mess, Lucas and one of Rowan's assistants were bandaged up with ice packs on their heads, and Dawn was hugging her father tightly as Rowan looked at the two boys and their Pokémon.

"Hmm...It seems that those Pokémon I gave you have really grown accustomed to you would you like to give them a nickname?" Rowan said at last.

"No...Their names are already awesome..." both boys said at the same time.

Dawn thought in her mind,'s really freaky when those two talk at the same time...

"I see..." Rowan said as he placed his fingers to his chin, "I do have a favor to ask you two boys...and it involves Oakido's invention of the Pokédex."

"Aw man!" Sean said as he pouted, "I left my Pokédex at Koki-sama's house!"

"That's alright Sean can just use this Pokédex for now, since if memory serves, your Pokédex from Oakido is still region-locked to the Kansai Dex, correct?" Rowan asked.

"Yeah! It is! He's seen 251 and caught 201. I saw it while he was staying with daddy and me!" Dawn said.

"Hmm, impressive I'll admit..." Rowan replied somewhat pleased at that, "I'm certain that when I give you this Pokédex, it will sync with your Trainer Card and register Pokémon that you've seen and caught in that Pokédex and translate them to this regional Pokédex I'm lending you. And here's one for you Barry, all I ask of you two is to register all the Pokémon in Hokkaido's Regional Pokédex, you don't have to capture them all, but you will have to at least seen them all. If memory serves considering some Pokémon in Hokkaido are very hard to find, all I want is for you to see at least 210 of the 217 Pokémon in the Hokkaido Dex...Will you two do this for me...?"

"Hell yeah, I will!"

"You bet, I'm already trying to complete the Pokédex for Dr. Oakido..."

Rowan smiled as Barry ran out of the building while Sean was just as eager to leave, but waited per Rowan giving him the TM for the move Return, and Lucas laughed as he thought the two behaved just like he and Palmer did when they were young.

"Hey Daddy...?" Dawn asked her father.

"Yes, my little cutie?"

Dawn asked innocently, "Could I go with Hashimoto-san on his journey? I want to meet all kinds of Pokémon and I believe that traveling with Hashimoto-san is the best way for me to meet them all, especially when I am going to go on a journey of my own one day...Please..."

Lucas could've been bit by the love-of-cuteness bug when he saw his daughter give him that pleading face. It became too much for him to handle as he said in a child-like voice, "Dawh~! You're just like your mother with that CUTE WITTLE FACE!"

Sean readied to leave until Lucas noticed and asked, "Hold on, Hashimoto-san...I have a favor to ask you..."

Sean quickly made a 'come on' face as he asked with a regular face, "Yes...Koki-sama...what is it...?"

"Will you please take my daughter with you on your journey through Hokkaido...?" Lucas asked, and Dawn looked pleadingly into his eyes.

Sean, like the ten-year old he is, responded, "Huh? Why...? I've done pretty well on my own before coming here..."

"I understand, I just figured my little Hikari could learn from you since both her mother and I want her to be a Pokémon Trainer..." Lucas said suspiciously, he knew that would happen, so he went with a bribe, "...but, if you do just that, I'll make it worthwhile..."

Sean bought the bait as he asked, his interest peaked, "How...would you make it worthwhile for me...?"

Lucas had a very mischievous grin as he answered, "You're helping Dr. Oakido-sama fill the Pokédex completely, right? Well, you know that there are some Pokémon species that can only be obtained through trades, like Gengar or Alakazam, or an Onix into a Steelix if holding a certain item?"

Sean had a flat, somewhat embarrassed face as he answered honestly, "No...I...did not know...that..."

Lucas cut to the chase as he gave his offer, "If you take Hikari-chan with you on your journey through Hokkaido, I'll help you obtain some of these trade-exclusive Pokémon. We have a deal? If so, Ayako and I entrust our beloved daughter's well-being in your care."

Sean thought about it for less than 30 seconds, then replied, "Absolutely! Come on Hikari-chan, we're off to the first Gym!"

"Yay!" Dawn cheered as she hugged her father affectionately, "Thank you daddy! I'll be good, I promise!"

-[How About a Song "Jubilife City" - Pokémon X and Y]-

Sean and the young Dawn headed north of Sandgem Town to Jubilife City (Sapporo City), while on the way, Sean caught two Shinx brothers, one who was a Shiny and battled more trainers and caught more Pokémon. When they arrived in Jubilife City they met a strange man who is a part of the International Police codenamed Looker (Handsome), and while helping Dawn get a neat watch called the Pokétch, and headed west to Oreburgh City (Yubari City) through the Oreburgh Gate. Before he could, Barry challenged Sean to a battle using his Chimchar and new Starly against Sean's Turtwig and his non-shiny Shinx, and both of them won easily.

Afterwards, Sean caught several more Pokémon, like a cute little female Budew, and trekked through the Oreburgh Gate and arrived in Oreburgh City. After visiting the Mining Museum and reviving some Pokémon fossils he found, Sean learned that the Gym Leader, Roark (Hyouta) was at the Oreburgh Mine (Yubari Mine) helping out the workers mine coal out of the mine, while also finding fossils from Pokémon and a few Japanese dinosaurs there as well, and he and Dawn headed there. Roark saw Sean's potential and accepted his challenge for a Gym Badge. Roark's ROCK-Type Pokémon were fairly easy for Sean's Pokémon to take down, with Roark's Cranidos being the only decent challenge, and Sean won his first Sinnoh League badge, the Mine Badge. Per Roark's suggestion, Sean and the very young Dawn traveled to Floraroma Town (Hokuryu City), north of Jubilife City. When the two arrived at Jubilife, they had to deal with two crooks from an evil organization named Team Galactic harassing Professor Rowan into giving them his research on Pokémon Evolution. Sean defeated the two grunts and proceeded north, where after a long trek, the two finally reached the town on the hill covered in beautiful fields of flowers.

-[Floraroma Town (Day) - Pokémon Diamond and Pearl]-

While there, Dawn heard from a little girl that her father was kidnapped by these 'funny guys in spacesuits' that could only be Team Galactic, so she told Sean about it and learned even further that the girl's father was being forced to work at the power plant in the Valley Windworks (Tomamae Town). So Sean came storming through with his Grotle, Staravia, Shinx, Buizel, Shellos, and a rather strong Magikarp he caught along the way, and confronted two of Team Galactic's four commanders, Mars and Charon (Pluto).

After Sean defeated Mars and her strong Purugly, Team Galactic fled and the worker reunited with his daughter, and Sean caught a Drifloon when it saw what Sean did to get rid of Team Galactic after Looker came a little too late to handle the villainous organization. Sean and Dawn then headed north to the Eterna Forest and caught a bunch of new Pokémon, like a Pokémon Sean wanted to get but had been unable to obtain until now, a Gastly. During this catching run, Sean and Dawn teamed up with a lovely, but quiet young woman named Cheryl (Momi) and her Chansey to get through the forest because she was afraid of Team Galactic still lurking about in the forest. They made it through as Sean, before reaching Eterna City, participated in a small, local tournament run by several trainers and participated...

"Amazing..." Twilight said as she continued to write down the notes on her notepad.

"So...who was it you challenged for your second Gym Badge?" Apple Bloom asked as she hugged her Wartortle.

"Her name was Natane-san, at the time I challenged her, and she was a teenager, a rather adventurous young woman that did catch the eyes of a lot of perverted guys..." Sean said, slightly changing his tone at the end.

He paused as he gave a menacing glare to his cousin, "Especially my perverted idiot of a cousin..."

"Hey!" Kellyn whined as the campers giggled and laughed at that.

"I'm willing to bet she saw your skill as a Pokémon Trainer and immediately challenged you to a battle, right?" Rainbow Dash asked.

"Well, she did accept my challenge immediately, but only because Barry told her about me, and the fact she took an immediate liking to me because I had two GRASS-Type Pokémon with me, and they were Budew and Grotle."

"Oooo..." Several of the campers (Rarity, Rainbow, Pinkie, Brendan, May, Spike, the Cutie Mark Crusaders, & Serena) said in unison.

"Not like that, you guys!" Sean said immediately, trying to hide an embarrassed blush forming on his face.

"Hey!" Twilight shouted, "Can you stop teasing Sean about his personal issues with girls, please...can't you see how uncomfortable you're making him..."

"So sorry about that, dearie..." Rarity apologized on everyone's behalf, as Twilight said, "Thank you, now Sean, obviously from what I've gathered, you're the kind to immediately seek out a city's Gym as soon as you enter, right?"

Sean thought about it and responded, "Well, yeah...this is pretty much how it went down..."

-[Eterna City (Night) - Pokémon Diamond and Pearl]-

Sean and Dawn had arrived in the city where 'time stands still', Eterna City (Asahikawa City), this is where the second Sinnoh League badge was located. It was a bit on the rustic side with some modernization here and there, but Sean had a target he was seeking out...

"Hey Hashimoto-san..." Dawn asked Sean, "Can we go see the Pokémon statue at the town square, please?"

"I'm going for the Gym, Hikari-chan...I don't have time to see no stinking statue..." Sean replied with his Staravia smacked his forehead with his wing.

Dawn had a wide grin as she taunted in a sing-song tone, "Not even if it's a statue of a Legendary Pokémon~?"

Sean paused in place as he turned to his travelling companion and then said, "Well...alright, a quick visit to the Gym then we see the statue."

"Don't bother kiddo..." a man said from behind, "The Gym Leader's out at the moment, until she gets back, its closed."

"AWW, COME ON!" Sean exclaimed angrily at nothing, making Dawn giggle a little.

"Alright..." Sean said with a growling tone, "To the Pokémon statue...!"




-[Rival's Theme - Pokémon Diamond and Pearl]-

"Hey! Watch where you're going!" a familiar voice said angrily.

"YOU WATCH WHERE YOU'RE GOING!" Dawn retaliated with more anger and venom in her voice.

"Huh?! Hey! Hashimoto! Hikari!" said the owner of the voice, who was Barry, "You guys here to see the statue too?"

"Yeah..." both travelers replied with a hint of annoyance at the obvious answer.

"Here, I'll show you where it is! Follow me..." Barry said as he lead Berlitz and Hashimoto to the statue, where they saw that same spaceman from before in front of the statue.

"So this is the Legendary Pokémon...?" Cyrus said as he looked at the statue that seemed to be two Pokémon fused into one.

He walked down the direction the three children came from as he said, "Allow me to pass...step aside..."

He left as Dawn questioned aloud, "What's that guy's problem?"

Barry then said, an idea popping in his head, "Hey Sean! I just got this idea of a wicked strategy when we were standing next to each other..."

"I'm guessing it is a sure-win strategy?" Sean asked sarcastically, somewhat annoyed.

"Yeah it is! This is it...make sure your attacks always hit, and dodge all your opponent's attacks! Do that and you're invincible!" Barry said proudly.

Dude, you're an idiot if you think that's a legit strategy... Sean thought at the nonsense he just babbled.

"Well, I'm off to train my Pokémon! Catch you later!" Barry said as he ran off, leaving the two just dumbfounded.

"O...K..." Dawn said, unsure what was going on.

"Oh...! That device...Is that a Pokédex I see in your hands?" a mature, feminine voice asked.

The two looked behind to see a young woman wearing black clothing, and had very long blonde hair. By human standards, she was very beautiful, as the many male, and some female onlookers didn't make it obvious enough. Dawn took one look and placed her hands over her five-year old chest and pouted slightly with jealousy, when Sean saw her however...

-[Eterna City (Day) - Diamond and Pearl]-

He felt a tremendous weight on his shoulders pulling him down, with a hint of fear in his face. He didn't know why or how yet, but he had a very large sense of dread over this woman, like she was someone who can defeat him in a Pokémon battle easily. He didn't have to see the kind of Pokémon she had (if she had any) to tell him she made the Dragon Master Lance, the trainer who defeated him, look like an amateur...

Wh-who the hell is this girl...I can just tell...she's someone I don't want to mess with if she has Pokémon... he thought as sweat dropped from his head, much his surprise later.

"My name is Shinora Koizumi (Cynthia)...I'm a Pokémon Trainer much like you boy..." Cynthia said to Sean, and then she asked, "May I ask your names?"

"Uh..." Sean started to get nervous because of his uneasy feeling of dread coming from her, but that nervousness, simply came out as if he just met the girl of his dreams.

Damn...why am I so nervous about this...this...aura she's giving off...Got to...say...something... Sean struggled as he finally said, "S-S-Sean H-Hashimoto, m-mam..."

Cynthia giggled at the nervousness Sean gave, as Dawn said, "I'm Hikari Berlitz, Shinora-san!"

"Wait...Hashimoto? Berlitz? two are the child and grandchild of the previous Hokkaido champion, Koki Berlitz, and of one of the greatest Pokémon Masters in the world, Masumoto Hashimoto...right...?" she asked the two, to which Dawn responded confidently...

"Yeah...we are...I'm with Hashimoto-san to learn how to be a Pokémon Trainer when I grow up, and he's here to not only to challenge the Hokkaido regionals, but to also help Dr. Oakido make a comprehensive and complete guide to the Pokédex...! Whatever 'comprehensive' means..."

"It means having a deep understanding, a large mental range or grasp, of any particular subject or subjects and basically means to be quite knowledgeable in any one thing or in many things at once..." another, notably younger female voice said.

They looked behind to see a short-haired teenager wearing a sporty, adventurous outfit that revealed her midriff.

"Who are you?" Dawn asked innocently, which made the teen giggle as she answered...

"My name is Natane Fumi (Gardenia)...I'm the Asahikawa City Gym Leader, GRASS-type specialist...!" Gardenia said proudly, until she laid eyes on Sean's Pokémon...

"KYAHH~! A GROTLE AND A BUDEW~! KAWAII~I~I~!~!~!" she squealed as she wrapped her arms around Grotle's neck, much to the Grove Pokémon's discomfort...

"Uh..." Sean was at a loss of words at what happened, but managed to squeeze out, "You're the Gym...Leader...? Then, I challenge you to a battle for a badge, please..."

"Hmm...?" Gardenia looked at Sean after she was done coddling his strongest Pokémon on his current team, then said, "Wait...a young man with black hair, has a Grotle...You're Sean Hashimoto, right?"

"How'd you know my name?" Sean asked, to which Gardenia responded, "A boy about your age with blonde hair and a Chimchar came to the Gym earlier, he told me an even tougher challenger will come to my gym soon, so I'd better prepare...He told me the challenger's name was Sean Hashimoto and I'd spot him easier if I see him with black hair, a Grotle, and has a little girl traveling with him. I take it that's you?"

"Yeah...that's me..." Sean said as he rubbed his head, unsure what to do.

"Well, you're even cuter than I imagined, but I got to get the gym prepped for our battle, come over in...Hmm...Maybe fifteen minutes? Yeah! I'll see you in a quarter-hour!" Gardenia waved bye as she rushed to the gym.

"Oh...You're here for the gym...and not really to see the statue...?" Cynthia finally said after staying quiet for a moment.

Sean gave her a look that said, 'Are you kidding me?' on it as she replied, "Well, I wish you luck for your gym battle, I am looking forward to seeing you in the future..."

She waved goodbye as Sean, with a silent encouragement from his traveling buddy, bolted to the Eterna City Gym with Dawn trying to catch up on his Grotle's back.

-[Pokémon Gym - Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire]-

Sean stepped onto the battlefield as Gardenia said to him, "You've kept me waiting, Hashimoto-kun…"

Sean raised an eyebrow with a flat expression as Gardenia winked at him in a flirty way, and she continued, "I'm Asahikawa City's Gym Leader, Natane, the GRASS-Type master! When I first saw you, with that Grotle of yours, I was convinced that you would be a tough opponent for me. My hunch was right on the money, you have a winning aura about you…"

The young woman stopped at the sound of Sean impatiently tapping his foot, she blushed embarrassingly as she wrapped up, "So-o-o, anyways, let's have our battle…This is going to be fun, Hashimoto-kun…"

Sean smirked as he said, "I couldn't agree more…Hikari, watch me closely, this is how a challenging Gym Battle goes!"

Dawn exclaimed in an adorable voice (that made the human and pony girls squeal), "Go get her, Hashimoto-san!"

~{Official Gym Battle! - Vs. Gym Leader Gardenia}~

-[Battle! (Gym Leader―Sinnoh Version) - Pokémon Black 2 & White 2]-

Gardenia sent out her first choice as Sean started off with his Staravia, and it was a little surprising to him at least...

"Tur-ur-ur-ur-Twig!" the familiar, Grass Turtle Pokémon cried out.

"Huh...I will admit, I wasn't expecting you to have a Turtwig..." Sean said.

"Oh boo..." Gardenia pouted, "You're using a FLYING-Type like Staravia and not that beautiful Grotle of yours, just like that previous challenger did..."

Gardenia's Turtwig was surprisingly faster than the Starling Pokémon and unleashed a crippling Tackle against Staravia.

Sean responded to Gardenia's complaint, after calling out a Wing Attack, "Oh, I play to win by using what works and what's fair...I am going to use Grotle against you, don't worry about that Natane-san. Plus, I have a feeling Staravia won't be enough against you, so I'm saving Grotle for last..."

"Really? Then let us put that to the test! Turtwig, use Reflect, then follow up with Leech Seed!" Gardenia ordered.

Her Turtwig set up a defensive shield of sorts that halved the damage taken by physical attacks, as it enduring a critical-hit Wing Attack didn't already prove that. Staravia went for another Wing Attack, but Gardenia's Turtwig managed to launch the energy-draining Leech Seed attack and got taken out by the attack.

"Oh no! My Little Turtwig!" Gardenia cried out as she ran to the Grass Turtle Pokémon.

Staravia grimaced in pain with all the damage he was dealt with, and Sean said to the Gym Leader, "Staravia has had enough, so I'm forfeiting him for the rest of the battle...Is that alright...?"

Gardenia looked at him a little skeptically, then said as she recalled her Turtwig, "Oh I see...! You were serious and right when you said your Staravia wouldn't be enough. I get it now, so on to the next round! Go Cherrim!"

"Cherr-Im!" the GRASS-Type Pokémon cried out as Sean sent out Shinx to combat it.

Sean ordered the first move, "Shinx, use Charge to beef up your defense and electric power!"

"Cherrim, use Sunny Day, then follow up with Magical Leaf!"

The GRASS-Type sent loose a flurry of leaves that hit Shinx directly, but Charge did its trick as Shinx was able to endure, long enough to deliver a Spark attack that paralyzed Gardenia's Cherrim, who used Sunny day to change form. A surprise had hit when Shinx began to glow and change shape, meaning he was evolving into the more powerful ELECTRIC-Type Pokémon, Luxio. Luxio's newfound strength and speed were warm welcomes to Sean as with a single Bite attack, Cherrim was knocked out through a critical-hit.

"Nice going Luxio! We're down to her last Pokémon!" Sean said enthusiastically.

Gardenia looked at the young challenger, and couldn't help but smile. This boy's bond with his Pokémon was clearly cut above most trainers, including herself, and it was somehow, inspiring.

The fires of her passion roared awake to levels she never thought possible as she said, "Alright Hashimoto-kun! You're eager for a real Gym Battle? Then I'll give it to you! Go Roserade!"

"Rrrrose-rrrade!" the small, humanoid Pokémon cried out as it extended her arm out with her rose aimed at Luxio, and an eager, confident smirk on her face.


Luxio was somehow irritated at Gardenia's Roserade smiling confidently at him, it caused the ELECTRIC-Type to charge forward on his own, without his Trainer's instructions.

"Wait! Luxio!" Sean shouted as Gardenia smirked and Roserade readied her counterattack.

Without warning, before Luxio can use his Return attack, he was swatted to the side with tremendous force, hard enough to break a sturdy tree in half by the trunk. Sean and Luxio quickly turned their attention to Gardenia's Roserade as they saw coming from her roses, long, thorny vines that came back to Roserade like slithering snakes.

"Good going, girl!" Gardenia applauded, "Now finish him off with Magical Leaf!"

Roserade aimed her right arm at Luxio and fired a barrage of glowing leaves surrounded by a blue aura at him. The ELECTRIC-Type yowled loudly as the leaves dug into his skin and fur, sending damaging waves of energy coursing through his body and having his stamina plummet to dangerously low levels.

As the Bouquet Pokémon walked closer to Luxio and readied to fire an Energy Ball attack at point blank, she was caught off-guard as Sean ordered quickly, "Luxio! Use Thunder Wave now!"

Roserade had little time to react as Luxio bit hard on her thigh and sent a strong but non-lethal surge of electricity through the GRASS/POISON-Type's body, rendering her paralyzed.

"No!" Gardenia shouted, before Sean gave an unexpected order, "Luxio, come back! You've done enough and I couldn't be prouder of you…"

Gardenia looked at him with confusion as Sean explained, "I knew the moment you sent out that Roserade, Natane-san, that none of my Pokémon could beat her alone. So, I had Luxio paralyze it so she can be taken down easier by my trump card, who is my Grotle. Now go take her down!"

Grotle came out and snorted in anticipation of the battle coming, while Roserade gritted her teeth as she struggled to stand up from the paralysis.

"It's not the end yet, you cutie~!" Gardenia playfully flirted with her challenger, making the young Sean slightly irritated…

…Dawn even more so, as she thought, She's a grown-up, and she is flirting with Hashimoto-san? Ms. Natane could be less old than she looks, but it still doesn't feel right to me

"I do have countermeasures in place should Roserade ever fight against another GRASS-Type, so I hope you're ready for this. Roserade, use Weather Ball!"

Roserade hissed as she readied the powerful attack, taking full advantage of Cherrim's Sunny Day and turned the NORMAL-Type attack, into a devastating FIRE-Type attack. Roserade charged forward and fired it at point blank range, that took a sizable chunk out of Grotle's stamina, but he held on enough to still be in peak, fighting shape.

"I somehow knew that she knew Weather Ball…but if that's how it's going to be…" Sean said then commanded, "Then we'll fight back harder! Now use Bite on her right arm!"

Grotle charged before Roserade could react and he bit down hard on her right arm, hard enough to momentarily disable it for the battle.

Gardenia was denying it as she said, "Are you saying something?! You think you have me cornered, Hashimoto-kun?!"

"That's exactly what's going on, now use Tackle and aim for her chest!" Sean shouted and Grotle executed it perfectly.

The Grove Pokémon and the Bouquet Pokémon then went into a slugfest as they dealt blow for blow, and endured blow to blow. Sean then shouted to the top of his lungs, energized by the intense battle, "Now Grotle! Use Razor Leaf!"

Gardenia responded with the same exact energy, "Roserade! Use your ultimate attack! Leaf Storm!"

Both attacks collided with such power that it triggered an explosion that covered the entire battlefield. When the dust settled, Roserade and Grotle stood in a stalemate, both gritting their teeth in pain. But from an expert's point of view, one of them is clearly losing the battle.

Grotle's injuries were bad, but he could continue fighting more Pokémon if he felt so, but Roserade was in much worse shape. With several bad bruises, gashes, and a burn or two, and then top it off with Luxio using Thunder Wave, she clearly couldn't continue anymore.

The feelings of pain eventually took their toll as with a defiant smile, Roserade collapsed and passed out from the injuries she received.

Grotle stood tall and proud as he and Sean won, and Roserade lost.

-[Victory! (Gym Leader) - Pokémon Diamond and Pearl]-

The Gym Leader sighed as she said in a low tone, "Amazing! You're very good, aren't you?"

"What a fight Grotle! You are definitely one of my go-to Pokémon from now on..." Sean exclaimed as he gave his GRASS-Type a noggie-like rub on his head.

-[Pokémon Gym - Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire]-

"*sigh*I might have said it before, so I'll say it again, you're really tough! Wasn't it hard for you to raise your Pokémon, Hashimoto Sean?" Gardenia asked as she took a drink of water.

Sean responded, "Hmm…no, not really? Natane-san…"

Gardenia giggled, as she said, "Heh…I guess that was the measure of how much you love your Pokémon. In recognition of that, I proudly grant you this, and here's a gift from me."

-[Received a League Badge - Pokémon Diamond and Pearl]-

Sean received the Forest Badge and Sinnoh TM #86 from Gardenia

Sean was beginning to leave with Dawn, but Gardenia stopped him, saying, "Hold it, Hashimoto-kun…"

Sean asked, "What is it! I've got somewhere to be! Obihiro City (Hearthome City), it's where the…"

"…Where the next gym is located, I know. I know a way that would cut your time in half, and…I still have something to give you, but I need you right here to give it to you…" Gardenia interrupted, pointing her finger about five inches in front of her feet.

Sean grumbled as he walked to Gardenia, asking her, "Alright, what is it you want to…*muffled shout*...!"

Sean was wide-eyed with shock as to his, Dawn's, and his Pokémon's surprise, Gardenia kissed Sean on the lips…

She said after her lips left Sean's, "That was a little something from me, Hashimoto-kun, you and the little cutie can stay at my house for the night. My mom's an excellent cook and my dad won't mind if I was beaten by a fantastic trainer like you…"

Gardenia left the gym, giggling as she waited outside to lead her guests to her house, leaving a flabbergasted Sean standing still with a shocked expression. He then reacted like all other boys his age do when kissed by a cute girl...

"YAH! PTOOIE! *spits repeatedly*! GAH, GROSS! YUCK!" Sean shouted and spat as he tried in vain to get rid of the affectionate kiss given to him by Gardenia.

I never want to be kissed by a girl ever again... Sean thought, but unfortunately for him, Whitney and Gardenia are far from the last girls to kiss him...


Kellyn lied on his side in a fetal position as he groaned in pain, with Kotone rubbing her right fist.

Blushing with embarrassment, she said, "Good grief! You're supposed to be an adult, yet you're more immature than Sean when he was freaking five years old! You are an embarrassment both as an adult, and a Pokémon Ranger, baka Hashimoto Hajime!"

"I can't feel my groin…" Kellyn squeaked in a high-pitched voice.

Rosa hid it well, for she seemed to have been getting really jealous that Gardenia was the third girl who kissed Sean. Brendan, May, Rainbow Dash, the CMC, Pinkie Pie, and Discord were laughing their heads off at Sean's reaction to being kissed again (one literally laughing his head off). Serena cutely giggled as she stared star-eyed at Ash as he and his Pikachu shared s'mores, a blush starting to form on her face. Kotone was secretly jealous as well, but kept denying herself that she was jealous.

Rarity slyly commented, "Goodness Sean, you certainly were popular with the ladies from what we've seen so far."

Sean chuckled nervously as he said, red faced, "Heh-heh…well, a ten year old thinking and believing he can take on the world, would be popular with girls, especially if he is the grandson of a famous Pokémon Trainer, who is also from a well-known, historical, and financially wealthy family."

Twilight commented, "Well after you tell us your story, you and Hajime should tell us all about your family's history...because from the bits and pieces I gathered from you two, it must be quite a history..."

Sean replied while rubbing the back of his head, "Heh-heh...You are right on the money about, anyways...while I was ready to turn it in for the night, I've heard from a few trainers about this really rare and unusual Pokémon that was last seen at an abandoned manor in the Eterna Forest. So I changed my team up a little, by catching a few more Pokémon and headed out to the forest…"

-[Eterna Forest - Pokémon Diamond and Pearl]-

Sean and Dawn both returned to Eterna Forest to find this, Old Chateau (Forest Manor), where a rare Pokémon was supposedly located. Grotle was out, giving Staravia, Dawn, and Budew a ride on his back. Bronzor floated, and Luxio walked beside their trainer as they followed Gastly to where he believes their destination was located.

Dawn asked her guide, "So Hashimoto-san…you think you saw this abandoned house when we were walking to the exit with Ms. Momi…?"

Sean answered, "Yeah, so we're backtracking our steps to find this manor inside the forest…"

-[Lyra – Pokémon HeartGold & SoulSilver]-


Sean and Dawn turned around to see Gardenia running towards them with Cheryl by her side, Gardenia looked furious as she stomped angrily towards the two.

She demanded, "Where are you two going?"

"Looking for the Forest Manor, there's supposed to be a really rare Pokémon in that place..." Sean replied.

Gardenia could've turned to stone at the mention of the Old Chateau's name, she had long been meaning to investigate the building in disrepair, but is terrified of ghosts and GHOST-Type Pokémon. Sean picked up on that when Gardenia screamed and hopped into Cheryl's arms when his Gastly was giving her a friendly hello...

"AIYE! GASTLY! GET IT AWAY!" Gardenia exclaimed in fear as Sean said, "C'mon Gastly, let's get to the Forest Manor…"

The Gas Pokémon nodded and led the way as Cheryl asked, "Why do you want to go to the Forest Manor, Hashimoto-kun?"

Sean responded as Staravia perched himself on his head, "I've heard that there's a really rare Pokémon there, I know what I should look for, so I'm not that worried about any yurei out here in the forest."

"Ooo! Sounds fun!" Cheryl said, "I'll tag along with you, I'd like to see this Pokémon as well."

They all headed deeper into the forest, with Gardenia shouting, "N-no! Wait! You can't…!"

She huffed with annoyance and worry as she, begrudgingly, followed them, all while mumbling to herself, "Why do I feel like I'm going to be like Shaggy in a Scooby Doo cartoon…"

"Afraid I need to take a little break guys..." Sean said, stretching his arms in the air.

"Aww! Come on!" The ponies, Rosa, Brendan, and May whined.

Discord said, "I agree, continue your story Sean, it was getting really good..."

"I'll continue it very soon, I promise, I just need to get a snack and drink of will take a few minutes tops..." Sean chuckled nervously.

Rosa glared and said in an 'annoyed girlfriend' tone, "I'm holding you to that promise Sensei!"

To be continued...

Author's Note (copied-&-pasted from FIMFiction):

Here is the first part of Sean's story that the ponies are being told, and a big thanks to moonview for proofreading, though I apologize if the battle scenes seem kind of, rushed and bland, as well as it taking so long for this chapter to be published...I would like to hear your thoughts and opinions on this first half of Sean Hashimoto's first steps as a Pokémon Trainer (an editor for battles would be greatly appreciated). A future note is that why it was called "Johto and Sinnoh" is because they work in tandem with each other as his first Pokémon League victory was in Sinnoh and Johto was a rematch victory...

I am in need of help with writing the story, as I'm having serious trouble writing out certain things, particularly anyone willing to help will be appreciated, especially since with this small problem, this is about as far as the story will go...


I tried to sprinkle lots of tidbits, comedy bits, and Easter eggs in here, but there are so many that I forgot where most of them are, so please remind me where any of them are...

Here are a few little notes I do remember...

Lucas aka Koji Berlitz is the male protagonist from Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, but to better picture him, just imagine Lucas in his 20s or 30s. As for why his relationship with Dawn is that of father and daughter, well, its unexpected and unique since most people would view them as siblings, relatives, a couple, etc. so I wanted this male/female avatar relationship to really stand out...(Heads up, expect another unique male/female avatar relationship to be pretty unique)...

Just so you know, I really did beat two of Lance's Dragonites with a Beedrill when I first played SoulSilver, I remember it fondly, and I'm pretty sure Beedrill wasn't even level 55 when I did it, though I can be wrong, but I do know for a fact that my Beedrill wasn't level 60 at most when I did that accomplishment...

Geta are the actual names for the sandals the Japanese wear, but just so you know, geishas would wear these when in full costume.

Roserade using those thorny whips are referenced numerous times in its Pokédex entries, and was utilized in the Pokémon Adventures arc, so I decided to use it, despite how I didn't quite use it extensively…

Apologies to any of you if you were expecting to see the GS Ball, unfortunately, it doesn't exist in this story as I'm using Gold and Silver's remakes instead of the originals...

If you're wondering why when the characters are speaking about certain places or people, when they are referred in English, like Whitney being called Akane, or Lake Biwa for the Lake of Rage...There is a reason, it is because I'm using some of the character's original, Japanese names to refer the fact Sean and some of the others are from Japan, and the places are their real-world equivalents in relation of the Pokémon World. Here's a link to prove my point about the real world equals: Pokemon world in relation to the real world...

This is the team Sean used as his first challenge against the Johto League, so you may, if you feel the urge, try to use the same team in a random play-through in the future:

Indigo Plateau League First Challenge;


Gender:Male Level: 53

Met at New Bark Town

Moves: Solarbeam, Dig, Flamethrower, Blast Burn, Swift, Aerial Ace


Gender:Male Level: 49

Met at Whirl Islands

Moves: Aeroblast, Hydro Pump, Extrasensory, AncientPower, Earthquake, Ice Beam


Gender:Male Level: 52

Met at Route 30

Moves: Twineedle, Brick Break, Aerial Ace, Poison Jab, Assurance, Return


Gender:Male Level: 51

Met at Route 32

Moves: Discharge, Signal Beam, Power Gem, Focus Blast, Thunderbolt, Dragon Pulse

-Gyarados (shiny):

Gender:Male Level: 51

Met at Lake of Rage

Moves: Ice Fang, Waterfall, Dragon Dance, Earthquake, Outrage, Crunch


Gender:Male Level: 50

Met at Azalea Town

Moves: Close Combat, Megahorn, Aerial Ace, Earthquake, Rock Blast, Brick Break