Chapter One - Their First Meeting

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Draco Malfoy stood in front of a full-length mirror. He straightened his tie and examined himself. He wore a black pair of slacks, a black silk tie, a black silk vest, a white dress shirt, and a long black silk cloak. His platinumn blonde hair was slicked back in its normal style. "Well, this will do I guess." He muttered as he exited the room. His father met him by a black carriage pulled by black horses.

"I don't see why I have to attend this meaningless party. We don't even know these people!" Draco complained as he settled into the horse-drawn carriage.

Lucius rolled his eyes as the door was shut. "Now use complaining about it now. You're going whether you wish to or not. You should've been introduced to this family a while ago. But that's my mistake. And it doesn't matter if you know them now. I know them and they are a family friend of ours. This family has been friends with the Malfoys for generations upon generations. So stop your fussing."


"Listen to your father, Draco." Narcissa scolded calmly.

Draco crossed his arms. Great. This is just great. I hate going to these stupid parties!


While Draco Malfoy was on his way, a young girl stood in front of a full-length mirror. "Hotaru! Are you ready yet?" Cried Hotaru's aunt, Setsuna. Hotaru tilted her head slightly. "Ready as I'll ever be..." She sighed. "What!" Setsuna asked. "Um! Yes, in a moment!" Hotaru said louder. She looked herself over. She wore a very long pale violet dress. It flowed brilliantly on her, closing in perfectly on her important curves. The neckline of the dress wasn't too low, but it wasn't very high either. It was outlined by black silk, three inches thick. It didn't cover her shoulders, but it did have long sleeves that fanned out at the wrists. The length was down to her ankles. The arms were nearly skin-tight. The waist was tied by a black silk bow. The bow was in the back and was as long as the dress itself. Around her neck, she wore a black silk bow as well. The bow was also very long. The bow was on the left side of her neck. Her hair was down. But there was a lavender bow that went lengthwise around her head, the bow on the side. Her lips were pale pink.

Hotaru sighed. "I hate these parties. Why did Setsuna have one? It's meaningless!" She huffed as she walked from the room.

Draco, Lucius, and Narcissa entered the house. Already, there were a few families there. But when they arrived, Hotaru was walking down the stairs. She looked majestic.

"Hotaru should be down soon-oh wait, she's here now." Setsuna replied, taking the family's cloaks.

Draco stared at the young woman gracefully walking down the long staircase. Maybe coming here wasn't as bad as I had previously thought... Draco thought to himself as Hotaru joined the group.

Hotaru smiled and bowed to Lucius and Narcissa. "How good of you to come, Mr. and Mrs. Malfoy." She lied through her teeth. Why couldn't you have stayed in your home? This really is annoying. Hotaru turned to Draco, whom she hadn't even seen yet. She felt a blush rise to her cheeks. Nevertheless, she held out her hand for a handshake. "And you're Draco Malfoy? It's a pleasure."

What Hotaru got instead, made her stomach do summersaults. Draco, instead of shaking her hand, kissed her hand. He wasn't timid at all. In fact, he acted as if this wasn't something his parents wanted him to do - which they hadn't even discussed it. Hotaru found herself blushing from head to toe. "Ms. Tomoe, the pleasure is all mine." Draco looked back up at her, though his mouth remained near her hand. "Believe me, it is."

Hotaru jerked her hand away. She hadn't meant to, but she did it anyway. Wow...he had to be this drop-dead-gorgeous didn't he? Damn it!

"Well, the party is this way. Let me show you to it." Setsuna replied with a fake smile.

Hotaru shot her a confused look on their way towards the ballroom. Setsuna doesn't like them anymore than I do. So...why are they invited to this party?

About ten minutes after the Malfoy family entered the ballroom, Draco walked up to Hotaru. "Ms. Hotaru, would you like to dance?" He asked. His charismatic tone matched perfectly with his charming smile. Hotaru couldn't help but accept as she handed her hand to him and he led her to the dance floor. He placed his hand on the small of her back and held her close to him, but not so close as she would feel trapped. He knew exactly how to deal with this kind of situation. Lord knows he's had plenty of practise. Hotaru put her hand on his shoulder and their hands grasped the other's.

"You know, Ms. Hotaru, when I first was coming here, I didn't think that I'd have any fun." Draco twisted his face into a seductive expression. "But now I see that my thoughts were premature. I'm having very much fun."

Hotaru blinked. Does he think...oh no, mister! I'm not going to be your eye candy! And don't even think that you can sleep with me! She cried within herself. But the words didn't seem to want to come out. Instead, she remained silent.

Draco smirked. "You're the quiet type. I like that." He stopped dancing. "Come, show me around your gardens."

Hotaru shot a look at Setsuna once again. Setsuna merely nodded, practically saying "Go". Hotaru bit her lip and flashed a small smile at Draco. "Shall we then?" She asked, walking from the ballroom and into the gardens.

When they got outside, Hotaru stiffened. No witnesses...and I don't like this guy's attitude...this isn't going to be pretty. She thought to herself.

"Are you going to Hogwarts this year, Hotaru?" Draco asked, informally calling her Hotaru.

Hotaru nodded. "Yes. I'll be going to Hogwarts this year. I've been in Durmstrang for five years. I'll be going to Hogwarts as a sixth year."

"What house do you think you'll be in?"

Hotaru smiled. Maybe this wasn't so bad. "Well, I'm not sure. It's all up to the Sorting Hat I guess."

Draco played with Hotaru's hair. "You should be in Slytherin, just like me."

Hotaru jumped as she looked at Draco, who was a near head taller than her. She swallowed thickly. On second though, this was bad. This was very bad. Hotaru didn't have time to think before Draco kissed her on her lips. Hotaru closed her eyes and furrowed her eyebrows. She wanted him to stop now, but the hormonal part of her wanted more of his kiss. He grabbed her around the waist and she held his arms as she pressed into the kiss. Draco smiled, satisfied. This was much too easy. I must be getting really good at this flirting thing.

Damn, he's a really good kisser. But I want him to, I don't. Wait, yes I do! Finally, Hotaru was able to focus on stopping. She pulled away from him. She stared at him, tears beginning in her eyes. Why was she acting like this? This wasn't like her at all! "No..." She started. "No, I can't have this..." With that, she ran quickly through the gardens and to a staircase leading to her room.

Draco just stared in shock. He had never been rejected before. He clenched his fist. "I'll get you. I had you for a moment there. I'll get you again. You're coming to my territory now. There will be nowhere to hide. Nobody rejects a Malfoy and gets away with it." With that, Draco straightened his tie and walked back into the ballroom as if nothing happened.

Setsuna panicked when she saw that Draco had entered with Hotaru. But suddenly, a real smile lit her face. Very well done, Hotaru. Draco Malfoy looks pissed. You looked past his charming exterior and saw him for the person he really was. You'll have no trouble in Hogwarts. She thought to herself. She just hoped Hotaru knew her plan already.


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