Chapter Two - It All Begins

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Hotaru stood in front of the scarlet train known as the Hogwarts Express. It seemed so large to the small girl that stared at it. "Hotaru, now don't be worried or nervous. And write to us as often as possible!" Cried a woman with wavy aqua-marine hair.

Hotaru smiled. "Michiru-mama...I'm going to be fine. And I promise to write." She hugged her adoptive mother.

Haruka ruffled Hotaru's hair and gave her a wink. "And if anyone decides to hurt you or make fun of you in any way, beat them up. I give you permission."

Hotaru's eyes went wide and she blinked. "What?" She whispered as Michiru nearly blew her top. "HARUKA!!! Don't tell Hotaru she can beat people up! She could be expelled!!!"

Haruka's expression was full of fright and nervousness. "Michi...I knew that..."

Michiru frowned. "Nevertheless, Hotaru do not beat anyone up. It leaves marks. Curses and hexes are much more effective."

Hotaru burst into a fit of giggles. Instantly, she was enveloped into a hug by Setsuna, Haruka, and Michiru. "I'll be fine, really. Now, I have to hurry or else there won't be any more compartments left!" Hotaru hurried onto the train, waving a last time to her three adoptive parents.


Hotaru sighed as she stopped at a compartment. "Why are there so many kids here?" She asked, quite aware of her slight fear of being in a crowd. She knocked on the door and slid it open. Inside were three rather pretty girls. One girl had a twin who looked very much like her. "Hi...can I sit in here?" Hotaru asked them.

One of the girls smiled. "Of course. Are you new to Hogwarts this year?" She asked, flipping back her brown hair.

"Uh, yes...yes I am. I just transferred from Durmstrang..." Hotaru started, sitting next to the one with the twin on the other side.

The three exchanged glances, but continued to smile. "Well, I'm Lavender Brown and this is my best friend, Parvati Patil and her sister Padma Patil."

Hotaru smiled at each of them. "I'm Hotaru Tomoe."

"What year are you starting here, Hotaru?" Parvati asked her.


Immediately, the girls became excited. "Cool! We're in our sixth year too! I'm in Ravenclaw while Parvati and Lavender are in Gryffindor."

Hotaru nodded again. "I'm not sure which house I'm in. I've really only heard about Slytherin..." Upon that name, Hotaru felt sick to her stomach, recalling the previous events with the Slytherin Venom itself.

"I'm not sure which house you'll be in. But if you're in Slytherin, you'd actually be pretty lucky. Draco Malfoy is in that house. He's probably the most handsome and dashing boy in Hogwarts besides Harry Potter and Dean Thomas. Ron Weasley is also very handsome. But Draco has to be the best looking out of all of them!" Lavender cried.

Hotaru's eyebrow twitched. "He may have dashing looks, but his personality could use a lot of work." She said in an eerily calm voice.

Padma blinked. "You've met him already?"

Hotaru crossed her arms and felt a bit of heat rise to her cheeks. "My aunt hosted a party of which the Malfoy family attended. That is all I'm saying."

Parvati, Lavender, and Padma just stared at her.


The Hogwarts Express arrived at the train station perfectly on time. Hotaru was sent in a boat with Hagrid, a rather deep-voiced giant, and the first years. Padma, Parvati, and Lavender told her that if she was in any of their houses, that she should sit with them. Hotaru was extremely grateful for the invitation. She didn't like being an outsider.

When Hotaru was being led in the castle, she noticed that she seemed to be only a bit taller than the first years. She had grown to a full 5'3", but the other kids were really tall. She sighed and continued to the Great Hall.

Professor McGonagall started with Hotaru, introducing her on sight. "Hotaru Tomoe is going to be joining us for her sixth year. She has just recently transfered from Durmstrang. Please make her feel welcome."

Hotaru nodded confidently and sat on the stool, the hat upon her head. She was nervous as hell, but it didn't show.'ve got quite a wit and cleverness about you, don't you? Hmm...such worthy ability and power of any house of Hogwarts. The courage of a Gryffindor, the loyalty and kindness of a Hufflepuff, the cunning of a Slytherin, and the mind of a Ravenclaw. I see much for your future...but which house to put you in? Oh, this is very difficult. I'd have to say... Hotaru held her breath.


Hotaru's eyes lit up. That was the house Padma Patil was in! At least she didn't have to sit alone! Hotaru jumped from the seat, bowed to the teachers, and hurried to sit next to Padma, who was saving a seat for her.

Padma greeted her with a friendly hug around the shoulders. "I'm so glad you made it here!" She cried.

"Me too." Hotaru managed to get out.

When the feast began, that's when Padma began introducing Hotaru to all of her friends. "Hotaru, this is Cho. She's the Ravenclaw Seeker. This is Terry Boot." Hotaru nodded at him (I'm assuming that Terry is a guy, because "Terri" is the girl's way of spelling the name). "And this is Lisa Turpin." Hotaru nodded at her as well.


When the Ravenclaws were on their way to their dormitories, Hotaru jogged up to Cho while Padma was talking with Lisa. (NOTE: If Cho is not Japanese, sorry. I'm making her Japanese here. Her first name is Japanese - Cho meaning "Butterfly"...but I'm not sure about her surname, Chang.) "Anou, Cho-san..." Hotaru started.

Cho turned her head to see Hotaru. "Oh, konnichiwa Hotaru-san." She replied back.

Hotaru smiled. "Konnichiwa. You're the Ravenclaw"


" you think that possibly I could become a back up? I'll try out of course...but I'd really like to play the game here. I was a Seeker at my old school." Hotaru hoped that Cho wouldn't take that as a threat.

Cho just smiled a dazzling smile. "Of course. Come to try-outs after classes tomorrow. We'll try a few things and then see if you make the team."

Hotaru sighed, relieved. "Arigato...wait. Do you think the Captain will be okay with it?"

Cho nodded. "I don't see why not. She's already agreed to it."

There was a pause and suddenly Hotaru and Cho began to giggle.


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