I had this idea on the morning of 12-4-16. I couldn't get that Bon Jovi Xfinity Voice commercial out of my head. The one where Jon Bon Jovi gives the balding guy back his hair from the '80s. Anyway, this takes place in the MOL bunker. Sam just got back from Costco, and Dean just missed the latest episode of his favorite show. Thanks to WargishBoromirFan for helping me with the 'no real people' rule. I'll be substituting another character in Jon Bon Jovi's place. You'll get a hint on who I'll choose in the disclaimer. Please enjoy!

I don't own SPN, Xfinity Voice, Thundercats or Costco; they all belong to their creators and/or current owners.

"SON OF A BITCH!" Dean shouted before he stood up from the chair that he was sitting in and tossed the remote on the sofa.

"What is it now, Dean?" Sam asked in an exasperated voice.

"You made me miss the newest episode!" Dean shot back.

"Hey, it was your idea for me to go to Costco because you said it would be cheaper to buy in bulk. And when I got back, you offered to help bring stuff in because you know I'm still hurting from that last hunt," Sam pointed out.

Dean raised an eyebrow and mumbled, "Oh yeah."

"It'll be on again, Dean," said the younger Winchester.

"You don't understand, Sam-," Dean was cut of when someone else in the room spoke up.

"Now boys," said the man with orange hair that had tiger's stripes in it and whit tufts on the sides. Then, he started strumming on the guitar he had around his neck.

Both Winchesters looked at him in disbelief. "Tigra?" they said at the same time. They sat down on the sofa.

The man winked and nodded in time with the music. Then, he started to sing.

"Hey Dean, there is no reason to get pissed."

Dean leaned over and muttered, "Never thought he'd say that." Sam unconsciously nodded.

"We'll just rewind the show that you just missed."

He magically rewound Dean's show without using the remote. Instead, he pointed the neck of his guitar at the TV.

"And while we're at it, stop Sam from pulling you back in,"

He pointed his guitar at Sam, who disappeared in a small puff of smoke. "SAAAM!" Dean yelled to no avail. Then, he looked at Jon with an extremely pissed off look.

"so you can have a life with Lisa and Ben!"

Lisa appeared in the spot where Sam was sitting with Ben on her lap. This only annoyed Dean further. He had Cas erase him from their minds years ago for their own protection.

"See, that's the power to turn back time."

Dean did the only thing he could think of. "CAAAS! GET YOUR FEATHERY ASS IN HERE!"

Sam awoke in a cold sweat. Note to self: no more taquitos with diablo chili sauce and "Thundercats" before bed.

There you go, guys. In case you were wondering, Sam's nightmare is being taken away from his brother (AWWW...Sammy!). I'd love to know what you think, so please leave a review! Sailor Dragonball says! ;-D