Sara brushed through her white hair. She had on a red shirt and a black later jacket. Her dark jeans had ripps in the knees. She smiled at her reflection in the mirror. She had been living in a apartment in Opal city for three months. After Laurels death her life seemed to take a complete 360. She walked outside into the darkness and the cool of the night. The moonlight lit her path. She ewewalked along a sidewalk until a guy bumped into her, she felt her wallet leave her pocket.

"Watch it!" Sara yelled.

"Sorry." The guy said in a cold but calm voice. Sara grabbed his arm.

"That's not true because if you were sorry you would give my wallet back." Sara said in a threatening tone.

"I don't need the money anyway." He said. He handed the wallet back to her.

"What's your name anyway crook?" Sara asked.

"Leonard Snart but crook works." He responded.


"No last name?"

"My last name doesn't matter."

"Does to me."


"Because I think I found my partner in crime." He said.

"Why would I become a crook like you?"

"Because, I can see that your broken. Your strong but your strength has slowly faded as you slowly fade into dust. Your going to a bar because you know that your broken and your trying to forget. Your white hair says that your trying to house your identity from anyone that might recognize youy because a natural blonde would never change their hair color to white unless it was neccissary. Your lack of makeup says that you tend to cry or that you have no interest in gaining anyone's attention. The leather is a reminder of the pain that weighs you down evey day and the reason you asked my name is because you felt the urge to talk to somebody after being silent for so long."

"How could you possibly know all of that just by looking at me?"

"Because I'm the same exact way." He said. She tilted her head and found herself following him as they began to walk.

"What broke you?" She asked.

"When my sister died, all was lost for me. The only thing I had was my best friend Mick. He recently ran off with some guy named Rip."

"You roam the streets looking for a partner?" Sara asked.

"Nope, just happened to walk by and decided I was hungrey and wanted to see how much money you had in the wallet."

"When was the last time you ate?"

"yesterday morning."

"Let's get a bite then." Sara said. They walked down the sidewalk.