Sara walked slowly in a old building. She inched closer every second. She kept her breath slow and quiet. She held her staff in her left hand. Leonard was ahead of her on the other side of the building. She walked into a small room and listened for any noise. Nothing, it was silent everywhere. She sighed to herself, she wanted to hit something. She grabbed a bag off the ground and stood up straight instead of her low crouch she had been walking in. She slowly walked back. Something struck her side and she fell onto her left knee. She held back a scream of pain. She put the bag down and held her side. She looked at her hand and even in the dark blood was clearly visible. She stood up and grabbed the bag. She ran to a safe place and stopped for a second to put pressure on the wound. She held her breath as she wanted to scream. She ran out of the building and got in the escape car. She sat and waited for Leonard. She ducked down in the car as a few guys ran by. Somebody landed on the roof of the car and Sara sighed. She held her breath and stayed down hoping to not get caught. The guy that landed on the roof of the car landed next to the door. He knocked on the window, she sighed and sat up. He opened the door.

"Sara?" Oliver asked.

"Im sorry Ollie." Sara said she kicked his stomach and he went flying back. Leonard got in the car and floored the gas. Sara shut her door and looked in the bag. She laughed.

"What'd we get?" Leonard asked.

"Gems, rubies, a few diamonds and a pile of money." Sara exclaimed. Leonard smirked.

"Great job crook."

"Hey your nickname is crook." Sara said.

"Whats yours then?" He asked. They swerved on the road and went onto a dirt road. They went into the woods and slowed down a bit.

"I don't know!" Sara yelled. He smirked. She leaned on his shoulder.

"Whats that?" Leonard asked, looking at her side.

"Nothing." Sara said. She covered her side. Leonard grabbed the bag and moved it.

"Sara!" He yelled. He grabbed a bag from the back seat and got out a large bandage.

"Im fine!" Sara yelled. He shook his head and wrapped the bandage around her waist.

"Don't lie to me ." He mumbled.

"Can I at least do it myself?" She asked. He sighed and handed her the rest of the bandage. She wrapped it around her waist and tied it off at the end.

"What happened?"

"I wasn't thinking straight so I got grazed with a bullet." She mumbled.

"You have to think straight in order to do this kind of stuff!" He yelled.

"Sorry! Im used to being the hero! Not the villain!" Sara yelled. He sighed and grabbed the bag.