Sara sat up and looked out the window. Sunshine shown in and filled the room with light and warmth. She grabbed her phone and looked at the time 7:30. She stood up and made her bed quietly. She got dressed is a grey tank top and black sweat pants. She looked at her calendar and smiled. She had Kara on her workout list today. Sara walked out of the room and closed the door softly to not wake Laurel. She walked down the hall and knocked on Kara's bedroom door. Alex answered. Kara and Alex shared a room like Laurel and Sara due to being sisters.

"Is it the 15th already?" Alex asked. She looked at her phone and nodded.

"Is Kara still asleep?" Sara asked.

"No, she's in the shower, I can tell her to meet you downstairs if you want." Alex offered. Sara nodded.

"Thanks Alex." Sara said. She went downstairs and sat at the counter in the kitchen. She grabbed a banana and pulled out her phone.

Morning! Sara texted.

Morning, why are you already up? Leonard texted back.

I always wake up at 7:30! Have you not noticed?

Your dad asks me how much I know about you so I cant learn anything new, he's already going to ask why I now know when you wake up.


That's not funny Lance.

Whatever Snart, want breakfast?

Sure. Be right down.

Sara smiled and turned off her phone. She sat for a few minutes before Leonard came downstairs. He sat next to her.

"Does my dad actually ask you every day at school?" Sara asked. He nodded.

"Your dad is really protective of you." Leonard said.

"Seriously? I can handle myself now!" Sara yelled. Her other roommates were used to the often yelling and nobody really noticed anymore.

"I know but he's still your dad, and he'll always keep you away from boys." Leonard mumbled. He grabbed a orange juice and took a sip from it.

"Well I live with boys and unless he locks my bedroom door and window, he cant keep me away from them." Sara stood up and threw away her banana peel. She grabbed a bottled water and leaned on the counter.

"You should listen to him Lance." Leonard said. Sara turned to look at him at eye level.

"Why do you call me Lance?"

"Why do you call me Snart?"

"I usually only call you Snart when you call me Lance." Sara said and smirked. Then she repeated. "Why do you call me Lance?"

"Theres Kara." Leonard said. Sara turned to Kara standing behind her with a apple and a water bottle. Sara smiled.

"Ready?" Kara asked.

"One sec." Sara said she turned around but Leonard had disappeared. She looked around, Leonard was on the couch next to Lisa and Nyssa. He smirked at her. She rolled her eyes purposely and turned back to Kara. They walked upstairs and walked into the training room. They were about to start when both of their phones buzzed. Sara grabbed her phone and looked at the screen.

Get to School Immediately, you have till 9:30 to get here. A text from school. Sara sighed and put her phone in her pocket. She put the staff back.

"This sucks, its Sunday and we have to go to school!" Kara yelled. Sara nodded and walked back to her room. Laurel was awake and doing her hair. Sara changed her sweat pants into flexible jeans and decided that the tank top was good enough for school. All of the roommates walked into the gym at school.

"Why are we here!?" Lyla yelled.

"We wont have you here long, just to reveal your new names." Ra's said.

"New names?" Tommy asked.

"We will give you your hidden identity names." Martin said.

"Line up in a random order." Ra's said. Everyone formed into a line.

"Caitlin Snow is Killer Frost." Noah said.

"Why?" Laurel asked.

"Show them." Ra's said. Caitlin looked at Damian and he nodded. Caitlin turned away from everyone else and launched a large chunk of ice across the gym floor.

"Woah!" Roy yelled.

"Roy Harper is Arsenal." Malcom said.

"Ray Palmer is the Atom." Martin said.

"Why?" Sara asked. Martin tossed Ray a small box. After a few minutes Ray shrunk into a small suit.

"Cool!" Laurel said.

"Amaya is the Vixen." Damian said and nodded. Amaya held her hand to her necklace and a gorilla hologram looking thing appeared above and behind her. She smashed a small table.

"Nyssa will be the Midnight Assassin." Ra's said.

"Iris West is the Quick shot." Quinton said.

"Tommy is the Black Tornado." Eobard said.

"Why?" Oliver asked.

"Tommy." Eobard said. Tommy nodded and spun in a circle at incredible speed. He circled around the others a few times. The wind in the room slowly sped up until Tommy stopped. Damian and Eobard smirked.

"Kara is super girl." Damian said. Kara smiled and floated a few feet in the air. She lifted the table that Amaya didn't break and looked up at it. Her eyes turned red and sliced the table in half. Quinton shot at Kara.

"Dad!" Sara yelled. The bullet bounced off of Kara. Quinton looked at Sara and nodded slightly.

"Laurel is the Black Canary, and Sara is the White Canary." Quinton said. Both sisters smiled and nodded.

"Mick is Heatwave." Ra's said. Mick smirked.

"Lyla is Head Shot." Quinton said.

"Lisa is Golden Glare." Noah said.

"Thea is-" Malcom started.

"Speedy." Oliver said. Malcom shrugged and looked at Ra's, who nodded.

"Nate is Steel." Damian said. Nate turned into solid steel.

"Felicity is Over watch." Noah said.

"Leonard is Captain cold." Quinton said.

"Why Captain?" Leonard asked.

"You'll see." Rip said. Sara hadn't noticed Rip, they hadn't seen him since the first day.

"Barry is the Flash." Eobard said. Barry ran around the edges of the room four times before Sara could blink.

"Cisco is the Vibe." Damian said.

"Cool." Cisco mumbled.

"Alex is Red Shot." Ra's said.

"Jon is Spartan." Quinton said.

"And Oliver is the green Arrow." Ra's finished.

"Now!" Rip started. He walked in front of the other teachers. "We will split you into three groups." He said.

"Thea, Nate, Ray, Caitlin, Leonard, Sara, Mick, and Barry are going to Opal city. You will still live in the suite but you will have a device on the roof that brings to you Opal city." Martin said.

"Roy, Cisco, Amaya, Tommy, Nyssa, and Lisa are going to Central City." Ra's said.

"Oliver, Felicity, Kara, Alex, Jon, Lyla, Iris, and Laurel are going to Star City." Quinton said.

"Dad! Why would you separate me and Sara!?" Laurel yelled.

"And I don't want to be away from my Brother!" Thea yelled.

"Like I said, you will still live together." Martin said. Thea rolled her eyes.

"Go home, all of you." Ra's said. Sara grabbed her stuff, her dad walked up to her. Laurel walked over.

"You two want to go to Lunch?" He asked.

"Fine, only because we need to talk about this." Sara said. Laurel nodded.

"Where are we going?" Laurel asked.

"Anywhere is fine with me." their dad said.

"I'll meet you there." Sara said after they chose the place. He made to walk away. "Dad?" Sara asked.

"Yeah?" He asked.

"Are you keeping Leonard away from me?" Sara asked. He didn't answer, he just looked at the ground. "Dad! This is my life! I just want to be friends with him! If that ever turns into more than i'll tell you, but this is my choice, not yours." Sara stated. He opened his mouth but Sara turned and walked to her car. She drove to the fast food place and they ate.

"Sara." Her dad started.

"No dad." Sara said flatly. She put a few dollars on the table and walked home. She sat in her bedroom.