Now, before I start this new story, for those of you who followed me and are aware of a certain poll I had up, I KNOW! I KNOW I SAID I WOULD DO A STORY ABOUT HER! I KNOW WHAT I SAID! I had the idea so prepared and so ready! I have most of the first chapter for it done! But for some reason, I lost the spark I once had for it! Do not judge me; I'm sure it happened to you once!

Anyway, on to the story.

It was late at night. Deep in the middle of a forest was a small village, one that was secluded from the outside world. Many had passed the forest, but they've never seen the village at all, almost as though it was invisible to their eyes, or that it never existed at all.

Somewhere in the forest, rustles were heard as a group of shadows popped out of the bush or trees. The group either jumped from one branch to another or just simply flew around, bypassing the trees, all while blending in with the shadows. The group came upon and empty clearing and ceased to a stop. Clouds slowly uncovered the moonlight, revealing their identities.

"Okay. That should do for today's training," said one of the seven. She was a girl wearing dark blue ninja clothes, a ninja mask on her face and a scarf around her neck. Everyone else nodded in agreement to her words. "Now, just to make sure we didn't lose anyone, roll call. Seth."

"Yes," a masked ninja with red, voluminous hair with black tips in a low ponytail wearing brown and grey ninja clothes and a black scarf around his neck responded.


"Nin," a ninja-looking cicada-like creature responded.


"Zone," a saucer-like creature with a few magnets responded.


"Noir," a black cyclops-like creature responded.


"Wea," a black weasel-like creature with a red crown and collar responded.


"Ty," a big yellow and blue badger-like creature responded.

"Okay. That's everyone. Now let's return home and retire for the night," she then said. The ninja girl and her team swiftly ran to the direction of their home.

Once the village was within their sight, they sensed something off about it. Although the village was usually quiet at night, it was too quiet tonight.

"Something's not right," the girl muttered. "Seth, Nic, Jack, go on ahead. Neo, Bella, Alex, with me."

The six Pokemon nodded and did as told. Seth, Nic and Jack hastily went on ahead to the village while Neo, Bella and Alex followed their leader around the village.

'It couldn't be that someone found this village, could it?' she thought in worry.

Up ahead of her was a big, charred house, her house. Or at least, what was her house. Seeing it in that condition worried her even more, as it did to her companions.

They were out of the woods and were met with an unpleasant sight of bodies lying around, charred, cut, or just dead, all lying or covered in blood.

"What... happened here...?" the ninja girl managed to speak. She turned to Seth. "Seth, Bella! Tell me this is just a joke that everyone agreed to do!"

"We may be pranksters, but even we would never go this far!" the male ninja said. The cyclops-like creature nodded her head in agreement.

The girl knew Seth spoke the truth, for she herself knew him long enough to not go this far for a joke, ever.

'And what about my parents and grandfather?!' she realized, as she quickly ran inside her home, leaving her friends behind in shock. 'Mother. Father. Grandfather. Please, please tell me you guys are okay!'

Her prayers were unheard, for when she arrived in her parents' bedroom, she found them dead, with their own creatures by their side just as dead.

"Mother! Father!" she knelt down by her mother's side, shaking her shoulder. "Mother! It's me! Please, wake up!"

"Co-... -ral... Is that... you?" came a strained voice. The ninja, now known as Coral, turned to see her father barely awake.

"Father! Father, I'm here! What happened here?! Who did this?!" she demanded.

"Coral... Calm youself... and listen to this man's dying request..."

"No, don't say that! You'll be fine!"

"Go to... Arceus Shrine. Now..."

"What's the point of going there when I can just be here and help you?!"

"Listen to me!" Coral's father managed to shout. "Your mother and I... We will always watch over you... Never forget; ninjas don't fight for revenge. Make us proud..." With those last words, his eyes closed and he died.

Coral tried to hold back the tears forming in her eyes. 'Father... I won't fight for revenge. But I won't forgive the ones who did this to you.' With that, she got up and walked out of her home, where her Pokemon waited for her.

"To Arceus Shrine."

When they got to the shrine, which was hidden underneath the village, there wasn't much of it left, for it had been reduced to rubbles.

"This can't be..." Coral muttered, falling to her knees. "If this is what's left, then grandfather..."

"Coral..." The kunoichi and her team turned to see an elderly ninja pinned to a wall by arrows and swords, barely alive and covered in blood. By his side was a brown creature, its face covered by its long, shaggy white mane and leaves as its hands.

"Grandfather!" They ran to him and carefully pulled the weapons out of him and his partner and lied them down. "Grandfather, what happened?! This village-!"

"No time... Hurry... in the shrine..." he interrupted.

"With all due respect, sir, there isn't much of it left," Seth pointed out.

"Hur...ry..." With that last word, he, too, had fallen. Out of respect for the deceased, the six Pokemon and one trainer walked to the pile of rubble. Underneath the pile, to their shock, was the statue of Arceus, the great god of Pokemon, still in one piece, one of its eyes glowing. They looked at each other and nodded, as Coral reached out to touch it. Once she made contact with it, the glow got really bright, enough to have them cover their eyes and avert their gaze.

As the glow died down, a voice was heard. "Greetings, Coral of the East Ninja Village," they heard. The group uncovered their eyes and looked up, meeting face-to-face with the real-life version of Arceus.

"A-... Arceus?!" Coral gasped, as her allies were all slack-jawed in shock and amazement just by looking at the Alpha Pokemon.

"That I am," he simply answered. Instantly, they all got on a knee and bowed before the powerful, god-like Pokemon, or just simply bowed before him. "No need for that. Rise." They did as told and stood, meeting Arceus' eyes with theirs'. "At last, we meet, Coral."

The kunoichi widened her eyes slightly in shock. "How do you know my name?"

"I've heard many things of you, from your grandfather."

"You know my grandfather?!"

"We were great friends. I do apologize for your loss." As soon as he mentioned that, Coral lowered her head, trying to fight back tears threatening to form. "You are everything he described you. And as he said, you've made an interesting ninja team."

"You're being too kind, great one," Seth spoke.

"And you have nothing to fear. Remove your disguise."

At his request, Seth instantly glowed a bit and transformed into a grey-brown Pokemon with crimson and black accents, a black ruff on his upper body. "Zoro..." he bowed in an apologetic tone.

"No need for apologies. After all, you only did it to protect yourself. Now, as I was saying, as interesting as your team is, you can't beat your enemies as you are now." Everyone looked at Arceus in shock.

"You mean... you know who killed my family?!" Coral asked.

"Yes. But that matters not, for they are not of this world." Their shock turned into confusion. "You see, the ones who killed your family are from a different world. One where Pokemon doesn't exist, until recently."


"Lately there have been Pokemon from our planet disappearing. One after another. Palkia tried to bring them back here and Dialga tried to turn back time to try prevent this from happening, however, some strange force is preventing them from using their powers to do so. Same goes when they tried to use their powers on those murderers. It was only until after they destroyed the shrine and found nothing that they've sought to find that they have left."

"Do you know why they even bother to come here?" Coral questioned.

"Sadly, I do. And now, I will feel nothing but guilt over what happened here." It didn't take any of them long to know what he meant.

"You? They came here for you? But how?! You said Pokemon never existed in their world until recently! There's no way they could know about you!"

"That's what I'd like to know myself. You may hate me all you want for the rest of your life; I will allow and accept your hatred towards me."

It was silent. Coral's Pokemon all wondered and thought that she really does hate Arceus and would never forgive him for the death of her home, even though he technically was an innocent himself.

"Take me there," she spoke, making them confused of her words. "Take me to their world. I'll kill them, with my own hands!"

"'Kill them'? Your parents and grandfather would never-"

"Don't you dare say a word about them!" The Pokemon around them widened their eyes at her tone. "I don't care what they think. They would have to be fools if they think I can just let a bunch of killers get away with this! Whether or not they are of this world! And if you, our god, doesn't have the backbone to stop them or die trying, then I'll do it myself!"

Arceus also widened his eyes in shock and surprise. He was prepared for the anger and hatred towards him, true, but he didn't expect Coral to suddenly have her whole personality change because of the incident. He was aware that the death of so many close to him would sadden her, maybe even anger her, but not to this extent. Finding himself to be in a place of a villain, he softened his eyes. "Very well. Before I have Palkia send you there, I suggest you pack some things for this journey."

"That's the only advise I'll take," Coral said as she walked away.

As soon as she left, Arceus turned to her Pokemon. "I may have no right to say this, but do keep her safe. I wouldn't forgive myself even more so, should she die from this journey."

They all nodded with great determination.

Meanwhile, Coral went to her room and took out a shoulder duffle bag, filled with ninja gears, potions, berries, and a first aid kit.

'I always wanted to leave the village to go on an adventure. But not like this,' she thought. From the inner side pocket, she took out a small necklace that had what seemed like Arceus' ring dangling from it. Looking at it made her remember how and why she was already prepared for this.


It was back when she was younger. The only Pokemon with her at that time were Alex and Neo as a Cyndaquil and a Magnemite respectively.

"Do you really have to go?" she asked a teenage male ninja.

His face was concealed in a shadow, but he wore black ninja clothes. "I have to. Can't turn my back on a mission after all. The world's calling for me."

Coral pouted at the reason and muttered something.

"What was that?"

"I said you're lucky. You get to be out of the village," she repeated a little louder. "I'm just staying here. And I almost never see you."

The ninja simply walked over to her and placed a hand on her head. "Hey now. Don't use that look." He removed his hand and reached to his collar, where a necklace similar to the one in the present rested. He removed the object and handed it to her. "Here. Take this."

Coral looked at it in shock. "But-! This is-!"

"I can't always come back home. So, how about a promise? When you're old enough to leave the village, to go on a mission or an adventure, come find me. That necklace marks our promise."

A huge smile formed on her face at the promise that was being made. "Okay! And when I do, the first thing I'll do is battle you and defeat you!"

The older ninja laughed at her words. "You're a long way from defeating me. After all, compared to your Pokemon, mine are really strong."

"I'll beat you! We'll beat you! Everyday, we'll train like crazy and gain more friends! Then once we meet, when we battle, I'll definitely defeat you! Right, Alex? Right, Neo?"

The two Pokemon went by her side and made sounds of agreement, looking at the ninja with great determination.

Silence fell between them as he saw the fire in their eyes... and back in Alex's case. He smiled and placed a hand on her head. "I look forward to that day then. You better get training."



'Looks like... we'll never have that battle,' the present Coral thought. 'Not in a long while.' Putting on the accessory, Coral got up and flung the bag over her shoulder. 'One more stop.'

She left her room and walked down to the training room in her home. Hung up on a wall was a sword and its sheath. Looking at it made her think back to what her father told her about it.


It was several years ago. She and her Pokemon had just finished training with her father and his Pokemon, her grandfather watching.

"By the way, can I ask something?" Coral asked.

"What about?" her father asked back.

"That sword. Why do we have it? Doesn't everything revolve around Pokemon?"

"Yes, in modern world," her grandfather answered in her father's place. "However, in the ninja world, not everything revolves around them. That's why we, unlike those outside ninja villages, have weapons and improve our body. We cannot just rely on our Pokemon to protect us. The road to a ninja is a harsh road. That katana, our sacred weapon, the Sword of Kusanagi, is a reminder of our path. Listen to me well, Coral. Should there ever be a dangerous time, too dangerous to rely on your skills and Pokemon alone, that is the time the sword must be used."


'And this is that time, grandfather,' Coral thought as she took the blade, sheathed it in its scabbard and put it on her back. 'Time to go.'

She arrived back to the shrine and found her team, Arceus and a white and pink dragon with a pearl on each shoulder waiting for her.

"Palkia," she called, getting their attention.

"I heard everything from Master Arceus and your friends," Palkia said. "Are you ready to leave?"

"I'm ready." Coral turned to her Pokemon. "You all should stay here. After all, this is my battle to fight."

Seth, in his human form, stepped up. "Think again, Coral. We're with you all the way. It doesn't matter if death awaits us, we will follow you no matter where you go."

"Are you all certain about that claim?" All of Coral's Pokemon nodded in response. "Then I suppose I can't stop you."

"One more thing before you leave," Arceus spoke. "Like you, I won't forgive what those humans did to your family. My best friend and his family. And so, I will lend you some of my power to-"

"I will never accept anything from you," the ninja interrupted.

Silence returned to the group, as the other Pokemon looked at her in mostly shock.

Arceus lowered his head. "I understand you still blame me and won't accept any help I offer you. At the very least, accept this." Appearing before him was a white bracelet with six crystals imbedded within it.

"I thought I said-"

"You won't accept anything of mine. But this belonged to your grandfather, back when he was your age," the Alpha Pokemon interrupted. Coral's eyes widened at the info. "He kept this with me, hoping to pass it down to you."

"Why me? Why not father?"

"Your father insisted that he obtains his own rather than having what will be passed down on."

Coral stared at the bracelet for a while, wondering if she should take it. She glanced at the lying corpse of her grandfather and made her decision. She reached out to the accessory and grabbed hold of it. As she touched it, the crystals all lit up, blinding her as she put it on her wrist. The glow died down and Coral lowered her arm.

"Now I'm ready," she muttered. Coral then turned to her team. "I'd rather we don't split up on our trip there. Everyone return to your Pokeball." The ninja took out six Pokeballs and pointed them all at her friends, returning them in. All except one. "I thought I told you to return."

"That may be. But someone has to watch your back. And you'll need a translator, should we meet a Pokemon," Seth pointed out.

Finding his words to be true, Coral sighed and placed the balls in their place on her belt. "Stay close to me."

"Yes, ma'am."

"All right. I'm opening the portal. I wish you best of luck," Palkia told them.

"Same it," the trainer said, as a portal opened up before them. With little to no hesitation, Coral and Seth walked through it, entering the world on the other side.


It was also night time in the other world, more specifically the kingdom of Ylisse. A group of four were asleep in a forest clearing. One of the five, a young man with blue hair in dark blue clothing, a white cape, a large left shoulder armor and a tear drop mark on his bear right shoulder, woke up. He also had a white belt that held a sheathed sword.

Hearing him wake made another member of his group wake. This one was a girl a few years younger than him with blonde pigtails, a yellow dress, and a bell-shaped staff.

"What's wrong, big brother?" she asked with a yawn.

"Sorry. I didn't mean to wake you, but... Something is amiss," he answered.

Feeling a bit frightened, the girl asked, "Define 'something'."

"Not sure. I think I'll have a look around."

"Not alone you won't! I'm coming too!"

Smiling, the man thanked his sister.

The two walked around the forest, investigating the strange feeling the man was having as they let their remaining companions sleep through the night.

"It sure is dark... And quiet. Where did the birds go?" the girl asked.

"Something's wrong here," her brother simply said.

Usually he wouldn't be this cautious, especially not so near his home. But ever since the sightings and rumors of strange creatures appearing all over their land, he had to be extra cautious. At first, many assumed it to be a lie, assuming it to be just a normal animal that a couple claimed to look different from the rest, or that they wondered around in the woods for so long, they imagined the trees or rocks to be moving. However, rumors of these sightings have increased and many were starting to worry if it was some sort of dark magic.

A tremor shook beneath them, cutting the man out of his thoughts.

"Aaah! Chrom!" the girl cried out.

"Gods, what-?! What is this madness?! Lissa, stay close!" the man, now known as Chrom, advised, holding her close to him. He looked up and saw something taking down trees, making way towards him and Lissa. "Lissa, run." Lissa looked up at him in confusion. "I mean it! Go!" With a push, Lissa started to run, her brother following her.

They ran as fast as they could, all while the earth beneath them shifted, lava burst from the ground, and chunks of molten rocks flew to the trees, starting a forest fire.


Of all the things they expected to see once they arrived to a new world, being in the middle of a forest fire isn't one of them.

"Jack, use Blizzard to cool the flames! Alex, start a new fire with Flamethrower! Backfire some the old flames!" Coral ordered. The two Pokemon went to work as soon as they got their orders.

'This has to be Arceus! He must've told Palkia to send us to our death!' she assumed, watching as two of her Pokemon put out some of the flames.

"Coral! Over there!" Seth called.

The kunoichi of a trainer looked at where he was pointing and saw two individuals running for their lives, away from other flames and molten rocks. "Guess I assumed wrong," she muttered. "Change of plans! We have to get those two out of here!" At the change of command, she and her friends rushed to where the two people were. "You two! This way!"

Chrom and Lissa looked up as they heard someone call for them. Unexpectedly, they saw two masked teens in odd clothing with a pair of the rumored strange creatures.

"So the rumors really were true..." Chrom muttered.

"Chrom!" Lissa's voice broke his thoughts as he turned and saw her look up behind them in fear. He too looked up behind them and saw a molten rock falling towards them.

"Flame Wheel!" The badger-like creature suddenly got in front of them and somersaulted. It jumped and destroyed the molten rock.

Chrom and Lissa stared at it then back to the person who gave it the command.

"Unless you want to die, come with us!" she shouted, taking off in one direction. Her fellow ninja, weasel-like creature and the overgrown badger followed her. Chrom and Lissa didn't think twice as they started to follow her as well.

They eventually made it to a safer area in the woods, away from the flames.

"We should be safe here," Coral said.

"Thanks. And who are you?" Chrom asked.

Before she could answer, Lissa shouted, "Chrom, what is that?!"

They all looked up and saw some kind of portal open up in the sky. Several humanoid figures came out of it and fell to the ground. They then got up, seemingly unharmed from the fall.

"Lissa. You better stand back," Chrom advised. He was about to advise Coral the same thing, when he saw her run towards the zombie-like creatures. "Wait!"

Had he paid close attention earlier, he would've noticed a sword on Coral's back, as she unsheathed it and easily cut one of the zombies in half, causing it to disintegrate. Following her was Seth, who approached another zombie. Said undead warrior raised his axe and attempted to cut him down. The shinobi-disguised Zoroark grabbed its wrist and tossed it over his shoulder. The moment the zombie crashed to the ground, it released its grip on its weapon, which Seth used to behead and kill it. Alex and Jack followed after the two, either cutting another zombie or burning it to ash.

Chrom and Lissa were amazed at the sight before them. They snapped out of their daze when they heard a zombie with an axe running over to them. Chrom managed to get out of its path and cut it down. Unlike how it happened with Coral, however, it didn't disintegrate. Instead, it turned its head in almost 180 degrees, staring at Chrom. It swung its axe once more, only for it to be blocked by its opponent. Chrom pushed it down and stabbed it with his sword, causing it to disintegrate.

A scream of terror was heard. "Lissa!" He looked to see his sister backed up against a boulder as a zombie was approaching her. Lissa held up her staff as a means of protection.

Coral widened her eyes at the situation Lissa was in and tried to rush over to protect her, when more zombies showed up and blocked her way. "Out of the way!" She hastily cut them down as fast as she could. Coral's Pokemon heard her cry cry and also made way to Lissa's side. Just as they were about to rush over to her, a figure in blue beat them to it.

The figure had short blue hair with a gold headband on top, wore blue regal clothes with a sword strapped to his side, and a butterfly mask. Just as the zombie swung his axe down, the figure blocked the strike with his sword. Straining, he turned to Chrom and shouted, "Help!"

Snapped out of his stupor, Chrom nodded and charged at the zombie. As soon as the masked man saw the zombie distracted by Chrom's battlecry, he pushed the axe off his sword and, simultaneously with Chrom, cut it down, turning it to smoke.

After the masked figure sheathed his blade, Chrom said, "Quite an entrance. What's your name?"

Almost as soon as he asked that question, the two companions he and Lissa left behind, one male and one female, ran up to him.

"Milord! Milady! Are you hurt?!" asked the one on his armored horse. He had on an armor that matches the one on his steed.

"Frederick! Robin!" Lissa called, happy to see them.

"Are such horrific creatures commonplace in these lands?" asked the one wearing a long, black and purple robe with her white hair in pigtails.

"They're not from Ylisse, I promise you that," Chrom answered. "And they don't look like those rumored magical creatures either."

"No one is injured then? Thank the gods," Frederick sighed in relief.

"Thanks the masked man who saved me! If it wasn't for him, I'd be..." Lissa looked around, and saw the stranger suddenly missing. "Hey. Where did he go?"

"We can worry about him later. After we put these... things... to the blade. Eyes open now. We know nothing about this enemy."

The moment he finished talking, one of the said enemies jumped, with its sword ready to kill him. Chrom, Robin and Lissa looked like they were about to warn him, when something flew by and struck it in the head, forcing it away from Frederick. Said knight was still oblivious to what had happened.

"What?" he asked. Looking behind him, he saw what would've been his murderer disintegrate, leaving what looks like a knife.

"If you fools have time to stand around and chat, you should use that time to kill these things as you discussed," Coral told them. The group turned and saw her running towards the other group of zombies, with Seth, Alex and Jack by her side.

"Who... was that?" Frederick asked, still a bit shaken from realizing how close he was to death.

"We don't know yet. But she's so cool!" Lissa said.

"She did save our lives," Chrom pointed out. "As she says, we have a fight to win."

With that, the group of four also head in to battle against the zombies. As they fought, reinforcements arrived, consisting of a red-head female cavalier and a blue-head male archer.

As Seth took down some of his opponents with their own strengths and weapons, he noticed not far from them was the masked swordsman, fighting off against multiple zombies at once. He noticed one was about to attack from behind and rushed to it via Agility.

The masked man turned just in time to see the zombie about stab him with his lance when Seth came in and blocked it with a glowing light-purple blade. He managed to push it back and cleaved it in half.

"You have my gratitude," he said.

"You're welcome," Seth replied. The two began to team up and fight against the rest of their portion of the enemies.

With Coral, she was cutting down one zombie after another, relieving herself of her anger for what happened before she arrived in this world. Despite that, more zombies came.

"Alex! Smokescreen!" she ordered. Her Typhlosion knew what she was planning and sent out a huge amount of smoke, concealing the visions of their enemies and their comrades.

"What the-?! Where did this smoke come from?!" the cavalier asked.

Almost instantly, they were hearing the screams by the undead soldiers, followed by bodies falling with a thud. The soldiers went to groups of two, backs against each other as they prepared themselves for whatever threat comes to them. As the smoke cleared, however, to their shock and amazement, all the remaining zombies were taken out. They then looked around and saw Coral and Jack take out the last of the zombie, sword and claw stabbed deep through its head and chest. With that last strike, the kunoichi removed her blade from the head and sheathed it while the weasel-like Pokemon took out its metallic claws and turned away from the disintegrating thing.

"Well... It seems all the creatures were vanquished," Frederick spoke, breaking the silence. "This young man took care of the rest." The masked swordsman and Seth walked up to the group.

"Um, I never got to thank you... for before," Lissa said to the unknown stranger. "So... thank you. You were very brave."

"You saved my sister's life," Chrom said next. "My name is Chrom. Might I ask yours?"

"You may call me Marth," he answered.

"Marth? After the heroic king of the old? You certainly fight like a hero. Where did you learn your way with the sword?"

"I'm not here to talk about me. This world teeters at the brink of a horrible calamity. What you saw tonight was but a prelude. You have been warned." On that ominous note, he walked away.

"Huh? What's teetering where now?! Hey wait!" Lissa called. But Marth just kept walking.

"Not much for a conversation, is he?" Robin asked.

"It appears his skills lies elsewhere. I wager we'll hear his name again," Frederick said. "But for now, I'm more concerned about the capital. We should make haste. Before that however..." He looked to the side, where Coral and her ninja team were having their own silent conversation.

"One step into this world and already something's not right with it," said kunoichi whispered.

"This has to be the doings of the ones who killed the clan," Seth assumed. "Back where we were checking up to see if there were or weren't survivors, there were smells of cinders. Lord Arceus said that this world never had Pokemon until recently, and I doubt that they were instantly recruited into their group."

"Guess now we have another reason to stop those murderers. We'll head to the closest town, get a map and figure out the rest from there." With that decision, Coral returned Alex and Jack to their Pokeballs, just when it seemed like they were about to warn their trainer and Seth something, which they noticed.

Both turned to see who or what was behind them and were met with a really hard hit to the head, knocking them out.


(The scene begins with the assassination of East Ninja Village. Coral, watching the scene from above, lets out a loud scream. Scene then changes to the title)

I'm falling
Down into my shadow
Holding in my every breath
As I await the deadly night
(Coral fell in dark water. She looked up at the surface and saw her family looking down at her as she tried to reach them. A whirlpool was picked up, dragging her away from them)

So scary
But you can't give into this
Fear of pumpkin carriages
Cause all the witches see it in your eyes
(Chrom and Robin were walking down the halls of the former's castle with troubled looks. Camera zooms out to reveal that it was seen in the eye of a crazy ruler and a dark mage. Screenshots of a Dark Flier and a general covered the screen)

See you in your dreams
Yeah, baby
(Screenshots of each of the Shepherds and Emmeryn going on with their normal lives came and gone in order of appearance)

Your nightmares, too
That's where I'll find you
(Scene changed to somewhere in space where Arceus was seen watching over Coral)

Fairy Blue
It is only for you
That I would crush the stars
And put them on display
(Coral, her Pokemon and the Shepherds were battling against the Risen and Plegians)
Black Paper Moon
(Coral's team were watching their leader sadly watching the sunset)

If you really put your faith in me
(Camera zooms over to many Pokemon that will be joining the Shepherds)

When you're lost here, I am
Forever with your soul
(Marth was fighting off many Risen on her own while heading to a portal)

Waiting here above you patiently
Just like the shining moon
(Scene changed and Coral took Marth's place as she ran to her clan's killer with a killing intent. They clashed and fought. Coral skidded back as she glared up at the murderer)