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(Grima had his clutches on a fallen Ylisstol. He opened his mouth to reveal a colorful orb that split into different color lights. A map of Ylisse appeared in the background and the lights all landed on different places. Camera zooms in to the blue light)

It used to feel like a fairy tale
Now it seems we were just pretending
(Lucina is seen walking in the woods with her mask on
A strong wind blew and removed the mask from her face.
Lucina turned and saw her friends behind her, whom all disappeared as Roxy appeared in their place)
We'd fix our world
Then on our way to a happy ending
(Lucina and Roxy continued to walk in the woods, unaware of Coral watching over them as she took her leave.)

Then it turned out life
Was far less like a bedtime story
(Scene changed to Ylisstol in the castle, where Chrom and Robin danced in the throne room)
Than a tragedy
With no big reveal of the hero's glory
(Camera zoomed in on Chrom's mark. Color changed and camera zoomed out, changing the scene to Lucina facing Grima)

And it seems we weren't prepared
(Scene changed back to Coral in her burning village, her family standing before her.)
For a game that wasn't fair
(Camera zoomed around them and replacing Coral's family was a cloaked man, with six shadowed Pokemon by his side)

Do we just go home?
Can we follow through?
(Scene changed in Plegia, as camera moved from Aversa, to Validar, to a cloaked Plegian in Robin's clothes to Grima behind them.)
When all hope is gone,
There is one thing we can do
(The Fell Dragon let out a loud roar, summoning many Risen by their side, all who charged in to fight)

Let's just live!
Day by day and not be conquered by our sorrows
The past can't hold us down
We must break free
(Chrome and Gladiknight fought against a pair of Risen Chief, with Robin and Sparky providing backup
The Shepherds all fought against Risen of the same class as them in pairs, with their Pokemon fighting alongside them)

Let's just live
Just one day let's forget about our problems
Let's fall in love with life
And just be free
(Scene changed again to Lucina's friends from the future, all fighting off against their own Risen)
The sun will never fade
(Lucina and a boy wearing the same cloak as Robin's killed a chief together)
The night won't steal our day
(The scene changed to the future kids in the peaceful woods, looking at the camera)
Let's laugh and dance and love and let's just live
(Scene changed again to Chrom, Robin, and Coral looking at the sky from their castle balcony, with the title appearing)

It had been two years since the way against Plegia ended. In that time, Chrom and Robin got married, and many of the Shepherds also found themselves with a loved one, and majority of the group had their Pokemon evolve to their next and final form. The only exceptions were Coral, Kai, and Anna. The red-head merchant went off doing her usual, family business after the war was over, but she still kept in touch every once in a while.

Over the two years, Coral had found out clues about the person responsible for what happened to her village, and gained a new Pokemon ally. However, each clues were making her more furious than the last, for whenever she was close to figuring out the identity from people who worked for or with that person instantly died before they could say the name, either through suicide or some spell that killed them off if they were to even think of saying the name.

Speaking of Pokemon allies, Cordelia and Gregor both finally found a partner of their own before Chrom and Robin's wedding. Well, Gregor found his first, while it took a while for Cordelia to find her fated partner. And not only that, the Pokemon had a history of sort with Coral's grandfather. Yet despite the fact that it knew of Coral's grandfather and her relationship to him, that very Pokemon decided to follow Cordelia instead, much to the red-head's joy, and thus made her the first Pokemon Rider in Ylisse. What happened to her pegasus? ... Let's just say... Let it be at peace.

Now, speaking of Pokemon, one of Coral's Pokemon had undergone quite an unexpected change. Long story short, due to an incident, Jack the Weavile turned into Jack the human. Yes, this was quite a surprise for everyone, but apparently Jack and a few others went on their own little quest. Some surprise and discoveries were made, and by the end of the quest, Jack became human and is unable to change back. It took some time to adjust to this change, especially for Jack, but everyone managed to accept it. After all, he was still the Jack they knew.

And that's not all...

"EXALT! A MESSENGER FROM REGNA FEROX HAS ARRIVED!" Kai shouted, barging into the throne room.

He was suddenly hit hard on the head and was knocked on the floor. "Two years, and you still haven't done anything about that loud voice of yours. You never cease to amaze me with that loud mouth of yours," Coral neutrally stated. "But, as he said, there's a messenger from Ferox at the gates. Should we send them in, Exalt Chrom?"

"Yes. See them in at once," Chrom answered her.

Yep, you heard right. During these two years, Chrom became Ylisse's exalt. Ever since the war ended, more Pokemon have been appearing in Ylisstol. And with no Pokemon to call her own to show the people that Pokemon can be trusted and befriended, despite the fact that they helped end the war, Emmeryn decided to step down from her position, thus passing it onto her brother. So to say, it was unexpected, but also quite reasonable. After all, what better way of showing the good in Pokemon than looking at it from their leader's view?

A bit of time later, both ninjas came back in... with Raimi and a Bastiodon behind them.

"Prince Chrom, I come on behalf of Khan Regnant Flavia," she spoke.

"Flavia? Well, this is a surprise. Is something amiss?" Chrom asked.

"I fear so, milord. The khan requests your presence at a summit as soon as you're able."

Hearing that worried him. "What's happened?"

"Our western neighbors of Valm are no longer acting so neighborly. The emperor, who they name the Conqueror, has launched warships against us."

"An invasion? Are you certain of this?"

"Yes, milord. The khan hopes to meet with you in Ferox, if it please you."

"What do you make of this, sire?" Frederick, who was in the room with Chrom along with Bismark, who evolved into a Stoutland during the past two years, asked.

"No matter how you look at it, it sounds like trouble," Coral said.

"That indeed," Chrom said. "Raimi, we will meet with Flavia at once..."

Just as he said that, Gladiknight, Sparky, and Robin walked into the room. The tactician/queen was holding a small bundle of blanket in her arms.

"Chrom..." she spoke out.

"I know what you're thinking, Robin, but we owe Regna Ferox a great debt," Chrom said. "I must apprise myself of the facts there before deciding on a course of action."

Robin smiled softly at his words. "Nope, not what I was thinking," she corrected him. "I was actually going to suggest we discuss strategy as we travel."

Hearing that suggestion shocked Chrom, as he looked down at the bundle in her arms. "B-but Lucina is newly born! She needs her mother now," he said.

"You told me House Ylisse has a tradition of wet-nursing. And you and Lissa turned out rather well from where I stand. Lucina is a strong child; she takes after her father. The Brand in her left eye proves it." True to Robin's words, as their baby in her arms opened her eyes, a familiar brand in her eye was there for everyone to see, especially if they look hard enough.

"Then, at least Gladiknight and Sparky should stay with her." At Chrom's suggestion, both Pokemon had unamused looks on their faces, pouting heavily. Seeing this, and being with them for two years, especially his own Pokemon, Chrom understood what those looks meant. "Look, I'm not just worried about her... I worry about you guys as well."

"Gal la la."

"Pika pika."

"All the more reason to keep me close at hand, no? Together we can be more than we can alone, remember?" Robin reminded him.

"Aw, let her come, Chrom!" came Lissa's voice, as the girl, Lei, and the former exalt, Emmeryn, entered the room. "You could use her strategic thinking anyway. And you know that our Pokemon aren't going to let you go off on an adventure without them."

"Lissa's right, Chrom," Emmeryn told him. "Besides, Lucina won't be alone; I'll be there for her."

"Exalt or not, you're outvoted in whether or not Robin should stay with your kid," Coral said.

Chrom sighed in defeat, knowing how right she was. "All right, Robin. Just promise to stay safe," he told his wife. "Lissa and I had Emm of course, but we lost our parents when we were young. I want Lucina to grow up with her whole family around her."

"As do I. You have my word," she promised. To Emmeryn, she then said, "Promise me you'll keep her safe?"

"Of course," she nodded, gently taking the bundle from her.

Coral and Kai all informed the rest of the Shepherds of the journey they were to take to Regna Ferox. During that time, the group all packed whatever essentials they needed for the trip... All in pairs.

Ah yes, one other thing that happened during the past two years. A large majority of the Shepherds became couples. So to say, many things happened, and love have bloomed in many ways. None had wed yet, besides Kazato and Yuuki. And not only that, but like Chrom and Robin, they also have a baby, thus making Kazuki the older sibling to their child.

Speaking of Kazuki, the child had improved a lot these past couple of years. No longer was she a naive, innocent, little girl, as she was now a 100%, full-fledged, young ninja. Yasu hadn't evolved these past few years, but that didn't mean he hadn't gotten stronger or matured much. The young Eevee had learned some strong moves and became quite a force to be reckoned with.

"You sure you can take care of him as well?" Yuuki asked Emmeryn, her son in her arms.

The two women, Phila, Kazuto, and Kazuki were standing in Lucina's baby room

"Of course. You don't have to worry about me. Besides, Phila will be helping me," the former exalt assured.

The bodyguard in question raised a brow at the claim. "I will?"

"Well, I don't need much protecting, now that I'm not the exalt. But I may need some assistance in taking care of the babies. You wouldn't believe how crazy it was when I took care of Chrom and Lissa alone when they were infants."

Phila nodded in understanding. "I see. I understand, milady."

Yuuki smiled softly. "Well, okay." Looking down to her son, she softly said to him, "Mommy and Daddy'll be back soon, Yuuto. Wait for us, okay?"

"Hey! Don't forget I'm coming along with you!" Kazuki reminded her mother.

"And I still think you should stay here, where it's safe."

"Don't say that, Yuuki. Kazuki's gotten stronger during these past two years," Kazuto vouched for their adopted daughter.


"Besides, Panne, Nowi, Gregor and Donnel and their Pokemon will help protect her, remember?"

When the male ninja put it that way, he had a point. If either of them were too busy taking down some enemies to protect Kazuki, they had some friends who are willing to help out, friends that Kazuki is especially close to.

A soft smile appeared on Yuuki's face. "I suppose you're right."


"Okay!" Kazuki called back.

"Well, guess this is where we'll be taking our leave," Kazuto said. "See you guys later."

"Wish us luck," Yuuki waved.

"Bye-bye!" Kazuki followed.

Some time later, the sun was starting to set. The Shepherds all decided to camp for the night, especially considering how cold it would get during the second half of the trip there.

As the group rested for the night, Coral, who was taking the first watch, thought about what had happened the past two years. Rather, it was what she found out these past two years that she was thinking about. Found out... about the cause of her village.

'Every time I feel like I am one step closer to that person, he becomes five steps further ahead,' she thought. 'I can never catch him, or Aversa.'

"Mistress. Is something the matter?" came a voice.

Coral turned and saw a familiar face with red eyes and purple hair with a red bandana on his head approaching her. The guy's black jacket had red pockets and collar, black pants, and black shoes with metal claws on the front. A long, red handkerchief hung from the side of his pants. This man... is none other than Jack, her former Weavile who turned human during the past couple of years.

"Oh. Hey, Jack," she waved.

"What's with that sort of greeting?" Jack questioned with a slight sweat drop. "So, anyway, what's with that look of yours, Mistress? You look like you have a lot on your mind."

"You should know what it's about, shouldn't you?"

Jack went silent at the question. "Mistress, you do know that thinking about it won't really help you at this moment, correct?"

"I know... I know but... It just irritates me. Just who was it that went and destroyed my village? And not only that, but that person... he brought and gave our enemies ninja equipments, and told them a lot about Pokemon. And every time I come close to finding out exactly who it is, who this traitor is, every lead to them is gone without a trace. I just... I want to know why they did it. And why Arceus wouldn't tell me, why he wouldn't warn any of our people, why... Why didn't he at least make an attempt to change something..."

Jack stayed silent at those questions. If he could, he'd answer those questions himself. Unfortunately, he can't.

"You should get some sleep," he instead suggested. "We've got a long day tomorrow, and by the looks of it, you won't get much good sleep if you spend the night worrying about this guy."

Coral sighed. She didn't want to, but Jack had a point. Besides, it was his turn to take the shift anyway. "All right. Have some good sleep then, Jack."

"You as well, mistress."

As soon as Coral retired to her tent, Jack sat on a log, watching the flame of the campfire burn. As he did so, he thought over of his conversation with his former trainer.

'... Conversations like that makes me wish I was a Pokemon again,' he thought.

The next day, as soon as the sun rose high in the sky, the Shepherds continued onwards to Regna Ferox. As expected, the majority of the remains of their trip was cold and snowy, but when they got to the castle, it was worth it.

At the moment, the group was in the throne room of the Ferox Castle. Everything was pretty much the same, save for some new Pokemon here and there. Speaking of Pokemon, Flavia stood in the middle of the room, with a Hakamo-o by her side.

"I apologize I could not come sooner, Flavia," Chrom apologized.

"What matters is you are here, Chrom," the East Khan said.

"Haka," the Hakamo-o nodded.

"It's good to see you, too, Kamo," Seth greeted. "I see Flavia took great care of you."

"Well of course I have," Flavia said. "He's my partner after all. And it was you ninjas who taught us that we can coexist with these guys. Plus, he's been real helpful around here."

"Haka!" Hakamo-o puffed his chest out in pride.

"We can catch up and talk about the Pokemon progress here later," Coral said.

"She's right. Is it true Valmese warships have set sail? What can you tell us?" Chrom asked.

"Not much more than that, I'm afraid," Flavia answered. "The details remain hazy. Just a moment... Oaf! Where are you, you big, bald-! Chrom is here!" she called out.

Seconds later, Basilio entered the room with a Turtanator by his side. "Ah! Well met, boy. I knew you'd come," he greeted. "We have someone you should hear from. I believe you've met? He claims to have insight into Valm's intentions."

Just then, also entering the room were Virion, Blossom, and a pink-haired female with a Salamence.

Oh yeah, over the two years, after the war against Plegia was over, Virion and Blossom just up and disappeared on the Shepherds. Well, it was actually after Chrom and Robin's marriage that he just up and left, but regardless, no one knew where he went after that.

"Good day, lords and ladies. How fair you all?" Virion greeted. "Allow me the great pleasure, and indeed honor, of introducing myself-"

"We all know who you are, Virion," Coral interrupted. "Just where have you been this whole time? You just up and left us."

"Yes, indeed. Although I don't believe we've met your companion?" Chrom said.

The archer smirked and scoffed at their questions. "Hmph! You know nothing! Prepare for my great unmasking! Long have I posed as archest of archers! Yet that was but a ruse! Yea, an artifice, to disguise myself as a mere above-average man. In truth, I am-"

His female companion cleared her throat and butted in his introduction. "May I present Duke Virion and his companion Blossom the Bellossom. I am his humble servant, Cherche. And this is my partner, Erza."

The Salamence let out a grunt in greeting.

"Greetings, sire. You honor us with your presence."

Virion anime fell at her interruption. "Cherche! You stole my moment!"

"Not like we can tell that you are of royalty when you act more of a cowardly flirt," Yuuki said.

"I'll say. I still remember how he tried to flirt with you while we were dealing with the war against Plegia," Kazato nodded in agreement.

"A pleasure, Cherche. Perhaps you could speak on your master's behalf?" Chrom requested.

"That may speed things along, yes..." she nodded.

"Then please. Time is of the essence."

"Very well, then. First, concerning our origins... We hail from Rosanne, a fertile territory on the continent of Valm," Cherche began. "Milord is the head of House Virion, and the rightful ruler of Rosanne. A fact he often reminds us of. And loudly."

"Ha! Is she not a true wit? She gets it all from me, you know," Virion boasted, causing everyone else to look at him with judging looks. Not like he noticed any of it.

'Sure she did,' they thought.

"So what brings a noble and his charge all the way across the long sea?" Chrom asked.

It was then Virion had a serious expression on his face. "The Valmese. Theirs was an unremarkable nation once. Tiny, almost pitifully so. Had our continent not shared its name, you might almost have forgotten it existed. And so Valm might have remained, if not for Walhart the Conqueror. One by one, he has taken the surrounding realms into his growing empire. I had no choice but to ru- Er, that is, to RECRUIT new allies to aid my people. That's why I've come."

"Wasn't he about to say 'run' just now?" Kazuki asked.

"That he did, Kazuki," Panne confirmed.

"I beg your pardon!" Virion strongly denied.

"More or less, yes. That is what happened," Cherche said, much to her lord's shock. "While milord hastily gathered his valuables and guided his people to safety... I alone remained to keep an eye on the Valmese crisis. However, as time passed and more Pokemon appeared, the Valmese saw their worth and recruited Pokemon to their side. Well... 'Recruit' is too strong a word to say, as they more or less actually forced them to join."

Hearing that surprised the Shepherds.

"They have Pokemon on their side?!" Kazuto asked.

"That's right," Cherche nodded. "Not only that, they treated those poor creatures as nothing but tools, weapons, even slaves." They were speechless when they heard this. Some of their Pokemon all growled, thinking how despicable Walhart and his men were towards their kind. "I was there as Rosanne was swallowed up by Emperor Walhart's overwhelming forces. In the end, I, too, fled here to Regna Ferox seeking asylum. I was almost caught by them, when Erza came and saved me and my companion."

The Salamence let out another grunt.

"To my great relief, I might add! Eligible women are one of Rosanne's most precious natural resources! It would be a shame to waste any, even one who cuts off her lord and ma-"

Erza went and chomped her maw down on Virion's head, silencing the archer as he let out a muffled scream in her mouth and tried to get her to release him.

"Thank you, Erza," Cherche thanked, not at all fazed by this as everyone else was.

'She's okay with this?' they wondered.

"As I was saying... So, begging your pardons, but perhaps it is time to cut this long story short: Walhart has conquered our continent and now seeks to conquer yours."

"She claims the Valmese fleet will be at our shores in a matter of days" Basilio informed. "We'll know soon enough if her story proves true.

"I speak only what I know for true, good people," Cherche said. "As does my lord. ... At least, with respect to this matter."

She gave Erza a few pats on the neck, prompting her to release the archer at last. "There's that wit of yours again! Aha! That wonderful...needling, chafing wit," Virion panted and gasped.

"I believe you both," Chrom said. "Basilio, we must secure your ports as soon as possible.

"You should know that Valm has the strongest cavalry in the world. You will want to station troops with experience fighting mounted troops."

"Why, Virion, are you volunteering?" Coral asked. "And even after running away like a coward?"

"I did not run! And I am not a coward!" Virion exclaimed in denial.

"Then by all means, join us." At those words, and knowing that the guy will chicken out without majority of the group knowing, Cherche and Blossom both dragged the poor archer with them to where the battle was to take place.

The group had finally arrived at Port Ferox, where the battle was to take place. From there, they can see everything that goes on in the Valmese ship before them.

"You dare board our ship, worm?" the leader of the troops on the ship demanded a villager. "I'll not discuss terms with a peasant; I will issue demands to all! Citizens! Soldiers! Hear my words! The Conqueror himself, Emperor Walhart, claims dominion over these lands! You will grant your new emperor your ships! You will grant him all your provender! You will grant him your loyalty and your every possession! And you will surrender this land's greatest treasure, the Fire Emblem! Do this, and your lives will be spared. Resist, and your lives are forfeit! Now, kneel! And swear fealty to the mighty Valmese Empire!"

"B-but if you take all that we have, how are we to make our living?" the frightened villager asked. "Without food and ships, people will starve! Would you have us all die?"

Rather than thinking about it and giving a reasonable answer, the leader said, "...You'll do for now."

He took out a spear from his person and jabbed it through the villager, killing him off.

"These savages will never listen to reason," Coral said to Chrom. "What do you suggest we do, milord?"

Chrom could also see how futile it would be to attempt to speak to the Valmese soldiers and ordered, "Everyone: prepare to engage!"

"Milord, are you certain?" Frederick asked. "Another war..."

"I've had time to ponder Ylisse's place in the world, Frederick... And my own. We must stand against evil, in all its forms, or there can be no peace! My sister may not like this, but as the current exalt, and as the man who had gone through war against the evil that threatened to kill the previous exalt, this is the only way."

Just then, Cherche flew by on the back of a wyvern, with Erza not far behind her. "Might I join, sire? This may not be my country, but it is my cause. My dear Minerva and Erza here hungers for a bite of the action as well!"

"We'll need all the help we can get," Seth said.

Chrom nodded in agreement. "Do help us out," he asked.

"With pleasure."

With that, the group began their battle against the Valmese. As there were already some on land, they had to split into different groups to take out the opposing soldiers. As Cherche had said earlier, the Valmese also had Pokemon at their command. Unlike the Shepherds, however, they treated the Pokemon like slaves or weapons.

"Hey! Take those guys down!" a Valmese knight ordered some Golem. The group of Rock-types had an odd band on their arms. "Crush them right now!" The second he slammed his lance down on the ground, the Golem all curled up into balls and started rolling towards Gregor, Panne, Kazuki, Ricken, Maribelle and their Pokemon partners.

"For you Valmese to force Pokemon in a fight... Have you no shame!" the duke's daughter questioned, knowing well what those bands were. "Flora! Use Razor Leaf!"

"Yasu! Helping Hand!" Kazuki commanded her partner.

Both Pokemon did as told. While the Eevee gave Flora some support, the Floette unleashed some razor sharp leaves at the pair of Golem. Not only was the latter's attack super effective against the Rock-types, it also caused them to tumble down to their sides, thus cancelling their Rollouts.

"Quick, Sonic! Use Air Slash!" Ricken told his partner.

The newly-evolved Yanmega knew of his partner's intentions, as this wasn't the first time they had to fight against Pokemon like this, and unleashed some air blades from his superfast-flapping wings. As the attack went and struck the two Golem... or to be more specific, the bands on their arms.

"Hah! You think that scares us?! Crush them flat now!" the commanding Valmese of their group ordered.

Rather than listening, the two Golem looked around, with looks of confusion on their faces.

The knight was not amused with the action. "Hey! I gave you a direct order! And you are to follow them!"

The Megaton Pokemon looked their way and had unamused faces themselves. Rather than listening to all of the command given to them, the two Golem curled up into balls, and made their way to the group that forced them in a battle they wanted no part of. To see their 'weapons' suddenly turn against them surprised the Valmese soldiers, as they were unprepared for a good take down like pins with a bowling ball.

Even their leader in the small group was shocked at what had occurred.

"You didn't really think you're the first and only group who tried to use Pokemon for their own gain, did you?" came Panne's voice.

The Valmese knight flinched and looked behind him to see the taguel and her husband standing there with their Pokemon partners.

"Does Panne want to beat foe?" the mercenary asked his partner.

"With pleasure," Panne answered, cracking some knuckles. "Care to join, Jayne?" The Lopunny shook her head no. Without another word, the taguel went into her beast form and beat the poor knight up.

In another group, consisting of Sully, Stahl, Lissa, and Vaike, faced off against a group of cavaliers, led by a paladin.

"Use Flamethrower!"

"And you use Rollout!"

Sully and Stahl gave their command to Nala and Munch, both now fully evolved Pyroar and Snorlax. While the Fire-type breathed out powerful flames at a group of Breloom, the Normal-type curled up and rolled his way towards some Magmar and knocked them all down and out.

The Valmese paladin gritted his teeth at how easily the Pokemon were being taken out. "Worthless pieces of-!"

A scream interrupted his cursing, and the paladin turned to see Lei knocking down some cavaliers with a good Petal Blizzard. As she took them down, Prime went past the blizzard and got to the paladin's face. Without giving him any time to prepare, the Primeape went and thrashed about at him, beating him up to a pulp.

"I don't know if I should feel relieved or left out, seeing our Pokemon already taking out almost all the enemies on this side," Lissa said, as she and the other Shepherd trainers simply watched as their Pokemon were creaming the enemy.

"There is still the second part of the job to do," Sully told her.

"Yeah. And that's-..." Stahl trailed off as they saw the Pokemon on the opposing side's getting back up on their feet, eyes glowing red as they were being controlled by the collars on their necks. "-getting rid of those collars on them."

Just as they were about to go and free the Pokemon, some of them suddenly had their collars come loose and removed from their necks. This raised some eyebrows from both sides.

"Hey! Who undid those creatures' collars?!" the paladin demanded from his group.

"Would you believe me if I said I did it?" came Miriel's voice. Everyone turned and saw the female mage standing there, tome in hand and prepared to fire a spell.

"Get her!" At the Valmese paladin's order, the remaining cavaliers all charged at her.

"Miriel! Look out!" Stahl called.

His worries were not that necessary, however, for something suddenly blocked them all and knocked them all off their steeds.

"What?!" the paladin gasped out, while the Shepherds all had relieved looks on their faces.

As it turned out, Kellam stood in front of Miriel, protecting her from the cavaliers' charge.

"Nice timing Kellam!" Vaike cheered.

"As always!" Lissa agreed.

Kellam and Miriel sweat dropped at the two blondes' cheers... for the guy was there for quite a long while. Then again, this is normal for them.

Not wanting to waste another second, Miriel fired some Thunder magic at some of the Valmese Pokemon. With great accuracy and precision, she managed to strike the collars, deactivating them and having them removed from the Pokemon's necks.

"What the-?!" the paladin gasped in shock. His shock changed to anger. "Damn you!" As he had his steed run towards the Shepherds, something suddenly got in the way. He looked up and saw a gigantic, blue robot-like Pokemon. The sheer size of it was enough to make the soldier and his mount pale and sweat.

"Keep him occupied, will you, Stone?" Miriel requested her evolved Golurk. "I need to concentrate."

On the port near the Valmese ship, the rest of the Shepherds all faced off against the remaining Valmese knights, all that were trying to hold the Ylisseans off from boarding.

"These guys really aren't making it easy to pass," Kazuto said.

"We have to go over them," Robin suggested. "Sumia! Cordelia! Cherche!"

"Right!" Sumia instantly answered, knowing exactly what the tactician wanted.

"We're on it!" Cordelia followed, also catching on to the plan.

Cherche didn't know what Robin had planned and watched the two fliers at work. Sumia had Chrom ride with her; Brav was being ridden by Gladiknight and Sparky; and Robin rode with Cordelia and her Skarmory. Once they had their passengers, the trio fliers made their way towards the Valmese ship.

"We'll come along too!" Coral shouted, calling out Neo and riding it towards the ship.

"And us!" Lon'qu followed, riding on Salamander the Charizard's back to the ship.

It was then Cherche caught on to the plan. "I see." She let out a whistle to Erza, catching her attention. "Grab a buddy, Erza! We're going over these guys! Fly, Minerva!" Without waiting for a response, Cherche had her wyvern take flight and grabbed a Shepherd... of their mount.

"What the-?! You! Unhand me! Or unclaw me! Let me down!" Frederick demanded.

Bismark, Frederick's fully evolved Stoutland, was shocked at what had just happened and was unprepared to be grabbed himself by Erza.

"Bow knights! Shoot them down!" a cavalier ordered. The called knights prepared their bows and arrows and took aim.

"Not on our watch!" Nowi shouted, going into her dragon form and breathing out flames at some of the knights. Levia, the fully evolved Dragonite, followed it up with a Dragon Dance-boosted Dragon Rush.

"No one is hurting Robin on my watch," Tharja said, conjuring up some dark magic. "Muma, Trick!"

"Misdreavus!" The Misdreavus's eyes glowed blue and all the enemies' weapons disappeared from their possession, only to reappear by her side.

"What the-?!"

"Our weapons!"

"Good girl," Tharja complimented. "Now... Nosferatu!" She casted dark magic at the unarmed Valmese soldiers.

"Damn it. After them!" a cavalier shouted, as he and a few others and a few knights tried to return to the ship. Hint: tried.

"Use Fairy Lock!" came Gaius's voice, as Lock called upon some golden chains with locks on them, forming some kind of wall between the port and the ship and preventing the cavaliers from getting on board. "Sorry. But your opponent is with us."

The Valmese soldiers turned and saw the thief and Jack standing there, with Lock floating by their side.

"Hope you can handle the cold," Jack said. "Blizzard!" He breathed out chilling wind from his mouth, freezing the cavaliers and their mounts.

"Why you!" The knights all charged towards Jack, lances ready to run through him. However, they were not at all prepared for streams of flames to suddenly appear and were hit hard. Some had their armors a bit too hot to be kept on without consequences and tried to remove them as quickly as possible.

"Oh dear... I think we overdid that one," Olivia said to Cory in a worried tone. The Oricorio seemed just as worried and a bit guilty as she nodded in agreement.

"As much as I share your pain and worries towards them..." Libra spoke, taking down a Valmese knight with a hammer with Slothrilla taking down another knight with a good Smack Down, "Let's not forget they are our enemies. And by the looks of it, ones that do not seem to care about the innocent lives here."

Olivia nodded in agreement and continued to fight alongside her allies and friends.

As for the rest of the ninjas, they were keeping the Pokemon the Valmese had under their control at bay, holding them off and freeing them from their collars.



"Use Screech/BOOMBURST!" Kazuto and Kai ordered. Their Gliscor and Exploud used their soundwaves attacks and kept the controlled Pokemon distracted.

"Alpha! Night Slash!" Yuuki followed it up with having her Bisharp speed past the Pokemon, striking their collars and freeing them from control.

"We still have some more Pokemon to go!" Kazuto exclaimed.

"You can say that again. And there's also some on the ship," Yuuki added.


"They better!" Basilio said, taking out a knight. "Because I'll be damned if any of them or the Pokemon died from this!"

"You can say that again!" Flavia agreed, taking out a bow knight.

As he said, Chrom, Robin, and the others on the ship were doing quite well themselves on the Valmese ship. In fact, they were already done with all the Valmese soldiers and freed the remaining Pokemon, leaving only the leader of the group.

"You're all that's left," Coral spoke. "Would you like to give up or meet the same fate as your comrades?"

Though frightened, the Valmese Paladin, Dalton, stood his ground and shouted, "S-S-Shut up! You are nothing! A speck of sand on the boot of the great empire!"

Coral simply sighed at the big talk. "Then it seems we are left with no other choice..." With a snap of her fingers, something flew out behind her and struck Dalton hard. No, it did more than just a simply strike; it went through his gut.

"What... H-how... Ahh..." he breathed his last.

Appearing above him, somewhat covered in his blood, was a floating, living origami. The origami spun itself at high speed, getting the blood off it. This Pokemon... is a Kartana; a sort of a... special kind of Pokemon. Almost just as special as a Legendary Pokemon. This is also Coral's partner that took Jack's place when he became human.

"Excellent work, Katana," Coral commented.

"Karta!" it nodded.

"Well, I guess that's all of them," Robin sighed.

"Yes, but victory's come with a price..." Chrom said, looking out at the town.

"The town is in shambles, as is my army," Basilio said, as he and Flavia met up with him on the ship.

"This is most troubling news," Frederick spoke. "Feroxi soldiers are the finest east of the long sea. If they are having trouble, we are ALL in trouble."

"That's not the half of it. This was just the vanguard, but a taste of the meal yet to come," Flavia added.

"And once it arrives, their host will wash over the whole continent in a matter of weeks," Basilio added on. "There's no way we could repel them and defend our people. It would be a slaughter."

"Ylisse is no better equipped to handle an attack from the sea... Robin, what do you suggest?" Chrom asked.

"Hmm... Their greatest strength is their cavalry, which puts us at a disadvantage... on land. But if we were to catch them at SEA..." his wife strategized.

"But how?! Ylisse has no warships, nor does Ferox."

"So we'd need aid from a kingdom that does..." Coral pointed out.

"You have someplace in mind?" Flavia asked.

"Think about it. What kingdom have we made peace with but not allied ourselves with? What kingdom has the sort of assistance we need to stop the Valmese from advancing."

It didn't take Robin long to know where the kunoichi was going. "Plegia!"

Yes, after the war against Gangrel, Plegia was now a better place to be in many ways. The people were happier and getting along well with Pokemon, as well as Ylisse and Ferox does. Not only that, but last time Emmeryn went there when she was still the exalt, no one had any ill will towards her nor any of the Shepherds that were with her at the time. If anything, they welcomed her with open arms. However...

"No. Absolutely not. Out of the question," Chrom declined.

Don't get him wrong; it was a good idea. It's just... he wasn't sure about the current king at the moment. When the war ended, Mustafa was chosen by the people to be the new king. However, his time at the throne didn't last long, as he had sacrificed himself to protect Emmeryn from the remaining Plegians whom still held grudges against her, her father, and the people of Ylisse. Mustafa, he had trusted more than any other Plegians. But since someone else is taking the throne, someone he didn't know as well as the late and honorable king, he was iffy about even coming into contact with them.

"They have gold, boy! Countless ships! And more importantly, we have a fart's chance in the wind without them," Basilio reasoned with him.

"The oaf is right. ... Crude, but right," Flavia agreed. "There's only one path forward."

"Chrom, will you reconsider?" Robin pleaded.

It wasn't easy for Chrom. Especially not after what they had went through with Plegia. They may be at peace with them now, but who is to say that the people there are willing to support them in this battle? Alas, he knew they were right; right now, they needed Plegians' assistance.

"...Very well. Send a messenger and request a summit immediately. Let us pray this new king is as reasonable as their last," Chrom ordered.

"Indeed," Robin agreed. "Mustafa was a good man. It was a real shame that his reign didn't last long. "

Wanting to get the sad mood of the good man's death away, Flavia stated, "You know, Robin... For your first time against Valmese forces, that was an impressive victory. You and Chrom have both grown quite adept. You should be proud."

"You think so?"

"I know so."