On and On
By: Alicia Oliver aka Taitofan
Rated PG-13 for yaoi and yuri content, and a tiny bit of straight romance.
Disclaimer- I don't own Bust A Move/Groove (2). That's obvious. I'd make it into an anime if I did... I didn't write this in English class! ^.^ Yes, it's short, of course. So don't flame me. I guess it could be OOC, but I can only go by the game, so you can be the judge. I urge everyone to go to Losing Rhythm (http://i.am/losingrhythm) because this is kinda based on the fics there. So go read that after this! ^^;;; Finished 11-25-00

(Heat's POV)

I'm such a hypocrite. Once I told Strike that Shorty was to young for him. Just look at me now... Here I am, lying in bed with him.

Yes him! I Heat, have fallen for a younger boy. Nine years younger to be exact.

It's funny actually, five years ago at the "Bust A Move 2000" competition, he annoyed me to no end. He was so arrogant, of course I was too, but that's beside the point... But now, wow. He's gorgeous.

The moment I saw him again while visiting Japan for Hiro-kun and Kitty-N's wedding, I instantly fell head-over-heels. He's really grown up. His hair has grown out, and he wears goggles much like I did. His face looks the same except older. And don't even get me started on his body... I might go on forever.

I was ashamed of how I felt at first. I mean, I wasn't only nine years older than him, but I was a guy to boot! Luckily seeing Kelly and Comet together helped me tell him. Who thought they'd end up together?

You know what the funniest thing about that day was? No, it wasn't that Hiro-kun almost lost the ring, or that Kitty-N almost tripped on her dress, though both instances were extremely funny...

It was that once I told him how I liked him, he said he felt the same way. In fact, he said he'd had a little crush on me since we first met. Then you know what happened? He kissed me. Cool, huh? I guess he gave up on that teacher...

This was all at the reception, so not much of the attention was on us. Kelly and Comet gave us thumbs up though. We didn't stick around, but I'm sure they told everyone. Of course I doubt they mind. It's nice to have friends, and even better to have a boyfriend.

See? Told you I could rant on and on about him...

Anyway, it's only been a few weeks since then, but I decided to stay in Japan and rent an apartment. The best part is that he's staying with me! I'm living with a sixteen-year-old... I'm surprised his parents didn't mind him moving in with a 25-year-old...

Right now he's sleeping, and he looks so peaceful... I kiss his forehead.

I love you, Tsutomu. And I'll love you forever.