"Follow me and Moon to the altar so we can call the legendary Pokemon." Lillie said. Moon, the girl who had a completely blank expression. She was a little creepy, but cute in a way.

"Alright." Maia said getting out her ride pager. She swiped it from one of the aether foundation members when she attended the assembly. Maia wasn't as innocent as one might think. As they made their way to the altar, a heavy silence filled the air. The moon was high in the sky shining on the Charizard's scales, Maia sighed thought about Guzma and if he was ok. He looked awful when she saw him last. The things she thought about doing to Lusamine for hurting him, if she was correct karma would do a fine job on her, though she could never be sure. As they flew through the sky Maia saw all kinds of bird Pokemon travel alongside them. Pelipper, Wingull, Braviary, Mandibuzz. The sky was rich with Pokemon that evening. As Maia brought her gaze away from the birds, Lillie dove on her Charizard signalling they arrived. Maia's Charizard set her down gently and took off again in search of it's next client. Maia walked with Moon and Lillie to the altar. She watched them try to summon the Legendary Pokemon. In the end she wasn't really surprised that Cosmog was in fact the Legendary Pokemon. As cool as it was, Guzma needed saving. Once Lillie and Moon opened the portal Maia stepped in defensively holding Politoed's Pokeball. Lillie and Moon went off together probably to look for Lusamine, Maia told them she'd catch up later. She started waking around taking in the odd surrealist vibes this place was giving off. She released Politoed to walk with her and after a while of exploring she saw Guzma being absorbed into a angelic looking jelly fish.

"GUZMA!" Maia called out running over to him. The beast like thing that was absorbing him glowed with an eerie light as it did its nasty work.

"M-Maia." Guzma feebly called out. Maia's instincts kicked in and grabbed Guzma's arm pulling him as hard as she could. The beast turned its attention to her and tried to latch on. Politoed protected her by blasting its tentacles away with Hydro Pump. Guzma was almost nearly enveloped by the creature when Maia managed to pull him out. When she did he was barely conscious.

"Guzma! Stay with me!" She called out. She released her Pokemon to fend off the other beasts that slowly surrounded them. Wailord was probably the most help in being an impenetrable barrier. After a while he returned to some of his senses. He seemed very shaken and it pained Maia to see him like that. Her fearless and strong boss of an evil organization was in such a vulnerable state, and all because of one abusive woman. In the middle of her fuming Guzma fully opened his eyes. Maia had placed his head in her lap and laid his body gently on the ground.

"I'm still here."


"It's nice to see that not everyone on this earth is shit faced scum." he said reaching up to touch Maia's face. A single tear made its way down Maia's face.

"That woman is as good as dead Guzma."

"Don't do anything stupid, I'm the one who commits the felonies, not you."

"Do you know what she did to you?"

"Yeah, but she's not right in the head. It's a little easier to understand why she's been so damn awful."

"Disability does not excuse abuse! Guzma I want her in jail to rot."

"It's alright babe. I learned something while that jelly shit was absorbing me." Guzma propped himself up on his elbows still looking up at Maia.

"And what was that?"

"I'm my own self and I shouldn't rely on ass holes like Lusamine. She's not worth your anger."


"I finally also learned that I love you."

"Guzma. I…"
"Shut up…" he whispered to her as he leaned up to kiss her, his breath smelling of Tapu Cocoa. Maia brought him closer to her and they stayed locked in an embrace until a huge sound was heard. Maia pulled away fast and Guzma looked slightly disappointed.

"Guzma, this can wait. What if Lillie and Moon are in trouble?"

"I doubt it, that Moon kid is seriously strong."

"Come on Guzma we need to check on them, they're our only way out anyways. Can you get up?" Guzma sighed.

"Yeah, I think so." He said shakily standing. Maia helps him as she has Gardevoir support his other side.

As they staggered towards the sound the air becomes more tense. The atmosphere seems darker and more threatening.

"I love you too." Maia whispered just loud enough for him to hear. Guzma smiled softly at this and leaned over to kiss her.

"You're too good for me."

"You deserve the world Guzma."

"You're my world then." Guzma said grinning tiredly. Maia smiled back as warmly as she could. This place had a weird draining aura to it as well. When they finally reached Lusamine she was transformed into this awful looking beast, seemingly merged with one of the jellyfish-like Pokemon. Maia saw Moon desperately battling Lusamine's Pokemon. She needed some help!

"Guzma. I'm going to help Moon! Can your Golisopod help you out?" Maia asked calling Politoed to her.

"Yeah. Good luck with that crazy ho." Guzma said releasing his infamous partner.

"Alright, let's do this. Moon! I'm hear to help!"

The girl just nodded giving her Pokemon a full restore. She might have been strong, but her strength came no-where close to Maia's. Lusamine saw Maia join the fight and screeched in an awful voice. That not so pocket monster must have really destroyed her mind.

"YoU aWFuL CHiLdrEN, YOu'RE wRecKinG My pLAnS"

Maia and Moon quickly took her Pokemon out working as a team. One by one her Pokemon fell and the look on Lusamine's face transformed from rage to fear.

"N-No! Stop! Nihilego stop them!" She called out to the Pokemon. The Pokemon was forced a part from her leaving her nearly unconscious, even they didn't want to be with her. She felt awful for Lillie who was raised by a monster like her. That thought only brought up Guzma's awful parents. There was a theme with terrible parents in this region, Maia found this quite odd. Lillie ran up to her mother cradling her in her arms. She was still breathing, and looked almost peaceful. Maia heard her tell Lillie that she was beautiful before passing out. She supposed she understood that it wasn't everyday that someone was possessed by an evil Jelly Fish Pokemon. Eventually everyone returned to the normal world with the power of Nebby. Guzma and Maia walked hand in hand with each other to the Pokemon center to stay the night. After they took showers they sat on the bed holding each other.

"It's probably not the best time to tell you this, but I disbanded team Skull."

"I'm so happy that you did Guzma, but what about everyone your team cared for?"

"They'll be ok. I'm thinking about re-opening the city somehow. It'd be my probation sentence from good 'ol Nanu."

"As long as you're happy." Maia said kissing him sweetly.

"I'll be happy as long as I can see you everyday."

"Well I'm not disappearing anytime soon." Maia said embracing the former boss. The pair stayed like that until their legs grew weak from standing. It started to get cool in the Alola evening and Guzma asked if Maia wanted to stay with him for the night at his small motel. She agreed of course and the pair fell asleep holding each other.