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Until We Meet Again

Chapter 1: Whenever you need me....

Ranma's POV

6 months after the failed wedding, I was ready to go. In such time,both Akane and I turned 17, along with Shampoo, Ryoga, and Ukyo. In fact, everyone aged an age up. Oh well. Everyone ages. And everyone gets bolder with time. I guess that's what drove me to do my final bidding to Akane.

We were at the dock, my boat about to leave. I had scrounged up enough money to pay for a trip to China. Amazing, now that I think of it...Anyways, we were alone, so blissfully alone. Unfourtunately, we were also at a loss for words. At least it was understood that the feelings of love between us were mutual. But what do you say to someone whom you love that you don't know if you'll ever see them again?

"Boat to Mainland China leaves in 15 minutes, and we want you on in 7!" The boat conductor announced.

"Well, bye Ranma, I guess,"Akane nervously said to me after a moment.

Thinking I might never see or hear from her again, I boldly kissed her on the cheek. Before I left, I whispered:

"Whenever, wherever you need me, Akane, whenever you need me most, I'll be there."

Her eyes went wide and she placed a hand on the cheek I had kissed. Total shock washed over her.

"Well, bye kid!!!" I waved.

With that, I entered my boat and never looked back. My biggest regret was that I never said, "I love you." But that was years ago.

***********Akane's POV*******************

It was 6 months after the failed marrige, a month after I turned 17, that Ranma went back to China. I was surprised that he had gone out and gotten the money to go. Too bad he was going all alone.

I think my family and his parents were the only people he told about his departure, because about a week later, I was bombarded with questions about his whereabouts. It made me glad, for some strange, cynical reason.

At the dock, we were utterly speechless. I know I loved him, but I just couldn't bring myself to say it.

When the conductor announced the boat was leaving soon, I felt sad inside. I thought I knew how much I'd miss Ranma. As I tried to decide what to say, Ranma did the most shocking thing. He kissed me! He kissed me, and what he told me--it was so overwhelming.

Shock washed over me, and it must have shone on my face. Then Ranma ran up to the boat and was on it in a flash. He waved, saying something to me. He turned around and never looked back.

I waved weakly and didn't stop until the ship was long out of sight. Cold tears spilled from my eyes and rolled down my cheeks.

I stood there long, and when the rain clouds came, I still stood there and let rainpour all around. People scurried away, hidden under newspapers, to homes and buisnesses. Still I remained, starring into the wavy ocean.

I could almost hear Onna-Ranma's voice yelling,"OH CRAP!!!!"


I think what I regret most was never telling Ranma how much I loved him. But that was years ago....