With the wind blowing through his silver hair while riding his prize horse. He gave a big smile to all the children who were watching.

"Wow! Look at that silver fox go." Gabriel excited shout to all the orphan children. All the children were so amazed at the sight of him galloping all over the farm.

"Uncle Gabriel. Can we learn how to ride like that?" Sofi ask.

"Maybe someday you will, but you first have to learn how to ride a horse," Gabriel said as he took Sofi off of his shoulders.

"Wasn't Esmeralda suppose to be here today?" Sofi looked up at him.

Gabriel gave a slow nod. "Maybe she running late. She'll be here."

"Lunch is almost ready children. Come and help set the table." Miss called them

All the children ran to the picnic table to help set the table. Gabriel waved Frollo down to tell him that they were about to eat. He gave the nod to indicate he will be there soon.

"Well old friend, great show. The kids can't wait to ride you." He pets his horse on the main. While he was slowly riding back to the house, he spots a figure in the distance.

He quickly made it out who it was and gave the orders to his horse to spirit to the distance. He ran past the house and made his way to the figure.

Everybody watch him fly by and saw what he was doing. "Look everyone. Esmeralda came!" Sofi waved to her.

She gave a smile and a wave back just had Frollo came to greet her.

"You were pretty amazing out there." She said while Frollo hops off his horse.

"Well, when you been riding for over 20 years it attends to happen."

"I was talking to the horse." She softly pets its mane with a sly smirk on her face.

Be gave a soft smile to the remark. "His name is Snowball. Had him since I was still in my youth. Had him more than 15 years, He was a gift from an old family friend on a snowy day. "

"You two make a good pair. I have never had the chance to learn how to ride a horse. It sure looks like a lot of fun." She started intensely in his eyes that made Frollo's throat go dry.

"I'll be more than happy to teach you. Here, let me help you get on and were walk back to the house together." Frollo bent down to help her up.

Esmeralda graceful jump on the house with a smirk. "I said I never rode a horse before, but I have been on one before." She playful wink at him has Frollo slowly rose back up. He then hops on his house as well.

"You might want to hold on to me; its gonna get wild." With one whip of his reins, Snowball took off like a rapid wind in a storm.

Esmeralda let out a small yelp as she tightly hugs on to Frollo's chest from behind. Frollo tried his best to keep a straight face, but the redness in his face took over as they approach the house.

When they arrived at the house, all the children were clapping and cheering at Frollo performance. Frollo looks over and saw Esmarled with the most beautiful smile he has ever seen in his life. His entire face turned red.

"That was incredible. I beg you to teach me how to ride like you." Esmeralda hugs his arm with excitement. Frollo then had a flashback when she did the exact same thing to him when they dance at the ball a while back. He was so in love with this women that it aches in his bones.

"Maybe in a little bit, come on everyone let eat!"

After an outstanding meal and some horseback riding teachings, all the children went back home following Gabriel. It was just Esmeralda and Frollo finishing up cleaning up dinner.

"I appreciate you having me here and also teaching me the basics of horseback riding."

"I'm happy you enjoyed yourself." Frollo gave a smile back. "The kids really have a liking to you."

"I truly love kids. I want so many when the time is right." They both caught their eyes and held it for a few seconds until Esmeralda look way.

"I heard from Gabriel today that you are rebuilding the roof for orphanage since you still have some money left over."

"Well, I thought it's about time I get back into some manual labor. The wood delivery should be here next week. If you want your more, then welcome to help."

"Actually I won't be here next week." She turned around to face away from him. "I will be going out of town with some of my fellow gypsy friends."

Frollo quickly turned around. "For how long?"

"A couple of weeks. It's just to meet up with some of our old friends we haven't seen in a while. It will also clear my head to think about things."

She continues to wipe down the table, so she doesn't have to make eye contact.

"I see. Well, the kids will miss you, and I surely will miss you."

She quickly turns around in shock. "You will miss me?"

"Of course I will. You are a beloved friend Esmraled, you have made me into a better man then I thought, and I'm grateful for that. You truly are someone special to me." He smiled as he went inside to start some dishes.

Esmarled froze where she stands. She has never heard anybody say that to her and didn't know how to respond. A single tear slid down from her warm, green eyes, followed by another one, and another one, until soon, a steady stream of salty tears flowed it's way down her pale cheek, releasing the sadness and trouble that has been held inside of her for all this time. She fell to her knees as she continues to cry.

Frollo came back out and saw Esmarled in her state. He rushed over to her. "Whats wrong? Are you in pain?"

She shook her head. "I'm I'm just..." Esmarled is trying to get the words out. "Im just never heard anybody say that to me in my entire life. That I'm someone special to them. Even Phobes hasn't told me that before. You make me so happy Claude." She wipes the tears off her face.

Frollo was speechless. He had no idea what to respond with has he help her up on her feet. "I'm sorry that I made you cry. I didn't mean to." He sat down with her at the table they ate lunch on.

"Don't be sorry. They were happy tears. You are someone special to Claude. You make so many people happy even if you don't know it." She smiled as she did early that took his breath away. They were just inches away from each other face, just a few more inches and they would be...

"Wow! Look at the sunset!" Esmarled quickly got up to get a close look at the sunset. "It's so much more beautiful out here then it is in the city."

Frollo smiled at the sight of her beast more than the sunset. What he would give to see that smile every day. He knows that he has to fight for her, there no way he will let Phobos when this angel before him. Frollo got up to stand next to Esmarled who just admired the sunset.

"May I ask how you and Phobos are doing?" Frollo regrettably got out of his mouth.

Esmarled looked down at the floor. "I don't know. To be honest, the main reason im going on this trip is to get my head straight and think about me marrying Phobos. He is almost always never home which make me wonder if he is really doing what he his telling me that he is doing. You know?" She looked at Frollo with such sadness. Frollo was aware of what she means.

"All I can tell you is to follow your heart is telling you, and you will get your happy forever after." He faced her and smiled.

Esmarled nodded. "You're completely right. I need to follow my heart to do whats right." She then walked over and hugged Frollo.

"Thanks for listening to me Claude. I feel so much better when im with you." She continued to hug him.

Claude hug her back. He wishes he the two of them can just say like this forever. Frollo then look up to see in the distance Gabriel giving him a thumbs up with that sneaky smirk he always has on his face. Frollo his tong out at him has Gabriel decided to turn around and walk back towards the city to give them privacy.

When they both let go, they just stood there in silence while looking into each other's eyes. "Well," Esmarled breaking the silence. "It's getting late."

"Indeed it is. Do you want me to walk you home?"

"No ill be fine. I have a little bit of sunlight plus I don't Phobes want to see you." She giggled a little bit. "I'll see you when I get back." She gave one more smile before turning to walk back to the city.

"I'm looking forward to it." Frollo cried out as he watches Esmarled disappear in the distance.

"Its come to my attention that Frollo is the good guy now in the city. So my plan to frame him for the stealing won't work since he has the towns peoples trust now from helping out that dull orphanage and those stupid kids."

"What do you want us to do about it, boss? Do you want us to kill the old bastard?"

"No! Not yet. I have other plans for him. For right now, stick to the plan on stealing anything valuable you can find and leave the rest to me. Now get out of here before Esmarled gets home. She will be here soon."

"I thought you said she was out of town for awhile?"

"She leaving tomorrow which will give me plenty of time to think of a plan before she returns."

"What about that wired guy with the bird? Won't he be an issue?"

"Don't worry about the circumstances! Just focus on whats important and leave the details to me. Now both of you get out of here!" The two men then jump out the window and started to climb on the rooftops as if they were spiders of some sort.

"I'm gonna enjoy watching that old man burn at the stack as I bathe in the riches of this town." He then pulled out his sword to look at his reflection on the blade. "I'm gonna be the king of all of France! Praise king Phobes!" He smiled at himself in his reflection.

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