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Her heavy breathing is what wakes him up in the middle of the night, well, early morning. He is facing away from her at the time, he rolls himself over, leaning on his side as he watches her. She's having another nightmare, that much is obvious. They go through this almost every night. He hates watching her have these nightmares. He sighs, running a hand through his hair. He gently places his hand on his girlfriend's cheek, gently stroking it with his thumb. She doesn't wake from this action, which isn't a surprise. It always takes a lot more than just rubbing her cheek to wake her up from a nightmare.

"Rey," He says, near her ear, but far away another to not scare her. "Rey, wake up. Come on, wake up."

She doesn't wake up. God, this must be a really bad nightmare. Normally she would wake up, but she isn't which only means that she is having a bad nightmare. He removes his hand from her cheek, putting it on her shoulder where he starts shaking her.

"Rey," He says. "Wake up."

He shakes her for five minutes before she finally wakes up. The bedroom is dark so she can't see much, but she can see him and he can see her, he can see the tears in her eyes. He hates when she has nightmares that make her cry. He always hates her seeing her cry. It doesn't take long before Rey wraps her arms around his body, he can feel the tears against his chest. He wraps his arms around her, lying down, pulling her with so she is laying on top of him.

"Do you want to tell me what happened?" He asks, gently rubbing her head. "Or do you want to wait?"

"Just hold me, Ben," Rey breathes.

Ben does what Rey says and holds her. He can still feel the tears running down her face onto his chest. God, he hates this. He hates seeing her like this. They have tried to find things to help with her nightmares, but nothing has worked. She has continued to have nightmares. And there hasn't been a thing that he could do about it. Ben listens as Rey's sobs die down and her breathing evens out, she has fallen back asleep. Ben knows that she won't be having any more nightmares, at least for tonight, she never has nightmares when he is holding her.

That's all he can do, is hold her and then she won't have any nightmares. He will hold her forever if it means she won't have any nightmares because he loves her. He wants to help her.