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Another day, another mission. Seasoned guardian Skylar gazed around the Vestian Outpost of the Reef after stepping off of her ship, taking in the sight of the busy area filled with different vendors. Variks was conducting himself in his usually creepy way, leaning heavily on the staff he held and seducing another guardian into the Prison of Elders. For a moment, Skylar considered joining – the guardian looked like fresh meat, and she had been there before, hoping someone more experienced would offer assistance in the challenging event. But for some reason she stopped herself, and turned to the left to seek out Petra.

"Ah, Skylar Rose," Petra greeted, her visible eyebrow rising in interest. "What brings you to the Reef?" Ever since they had begun working together to take down the remnants of the House of Wolves, Petra had shown a special attraction to Skylar, and while it didn't make her uncomfortable, she knew they were both still grieving for the ones they had lost. Petra desperately needed solace after losing her Queen to Oryx. Skylar knew she wasn't in the best emotional state to offer that solace.

"Boredom, mostly," Skylar answered with a sigh, as she inspected the bounties on the screen next to Petra. "That and my fireteam should be here soon. I expect they'll give you much to be happy about." Petra eagerly awaited news of fulfilled bounties involving slain Taken; it was almost as if she fed off the kills, her thirst for revenge was so great. No one wanted the Taken to gain a foothold, but Petra's passion for destroying them exceeded any other's since Oryx's defeat of the Queen.

"Let us hope so," Petra replied. "So could you," she added silkily, just faint enough that Skylar could choose to ignore it.

Choosing to focus on something innocent, Skylar selected a bounty that demanded 100 Taken killed and scoffed, "Petra, you can't possibly expect that." Her eyes narrowed as she looked up at the colorful Awoken woman. "Even the Vanguard isn't this ambitious."

"Maybe that's their problem," Petra retorted, leaning back against the railing behind her and flipping her dagger nonchalantly.

The conversation halted as dark shadows fell over the Vestian Outpost, and all looked up in amazement as Crow ships soared above in the sky. People began to murmur in awe and excitement, concluding their business hurriedly to follow the ships toward the landing platforms by the Queen's palace. Skylar turned toward Petra, but she was gone, and Skylar could make out her burgundy hair in the crowd as everyone swarmed toward the Vestian Web.

Slowly, heart pounding, Skylar followed the crowd, and watched as the ships landed. Her breath stuck in her throat and she gaped in stunned silence as Uldren Sov, Master of Crows and brother to the Awoken Queen, stepped warily onto the platform, his brooding gaze searching the crowd before him.

Somehow, his eyes met hers. Out of all the people surrounding both of them, his gaze found hers. The intensity of it made her stomach whirl.

Skylar slowly looked sideways at her ghost and whispered, "Send a message to the Tower. The Prince of the Reef is alive."