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The Watcher

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He passed the lazy demon, killing some more of the wisp wraiths. It was much easier than he thought but he didn't deluded himself to think he knew the fade. He… felt, more than saw another demon, which looked like a mouse. Mentally prepared himself for possible battle, he walked forward to the 'mouse'.

"Another apprentice sent to the fade, to face a demon."

'He didn't realized. I see, Let's play for now.'

"You are a talking rat." He deadpanned.

"Hah, you think I am?" 'I know what you are, demon' Zeph thought but stayed silent. "Then allow me to welcome you to the fade." Mouse transformed to a human. "You can call me… well, Mouse."

'So this is the game now eh, demon? Let me humor you then.' "Huh? You can change your shape?" he asked in fake shock.

"I can, as you see. To hide and survive in this world templars threw me in. You must hurry up if you don't want to have the same fate as I did."

"So they will kill me if it takes too long?"

"Yes, they think you didn't make it, a demon killed you and possessing you."

"I see. How much time do I have?"

"I… I don't remember…" 'Of course you don't.' "I have been here for so long."

"What must I do then?"

"There is a demon around here, you must kill it. Let me come, I may be of some help."

'Or try to possess me. But right now he can, I need to flex my magic to combat him.' "Very well, you seem to know fade a lot, I can use your help." 'Not to mention I can keep my eyes on you.'

Mouse changed his form again and they resumed Zeph's harrowing. He killed some more wisp wraiths on the way and they came to a clearing with some glowing veins.

"Lyrium, they will be handy here. The demon is here, I can feel it."

Zeph stared at the veins for a moment, then fixed his eyes to forward. Where he, too, feeling the demon. It manifested after a couple of seconds, laughing smugly as if the fight already ended. It was a hunger demon but not even as powerful as sloth Zeph passed before.

"So the mortal finally comes to me. Ill devour your soul and those around you." Then it saw mouse hiding behind Zeph. "This creature is the offering mouse?"

"I'm not offering you anything, he will kill you and I won't need to bargain with you anymore."

"Ah, so the mouse changes the rules? The meals we shared isn't enough anymore?"

"'meals we shared' yes, right. More like sacrifices for my life. No, this is it, you'll ended here

'good actor at the very least' Zeph thought amusedly.

"Fine, I'll devour you both, you first mage."

Hunger tried to sap Zeph's power, weaken him with a basic entropic magic, but his shield held and absorbed the spell. Zeph in turn drained demon of its magic power with some warming spirit magic and with temporary gained magical power, he frost the demon with another warming primal magic. While the demon frozen, he channeled magic inside him to strengthen it further and casted another electrical spell. Feeling warmed enough, he clashed some of his magic with the demon, taking last of its mana and left him on the verge of death. Finally melt, the demon made a last desperate lunge to Zeph. Zeph saw the lunge and smirked, charged his hands and zapped the demon until demon vanished to wispy smokes.

"Yes, you actually-"

"Stop the act, mouse or whatever is your name."

"W-What? What are you-?"

Zeph summoned a paralyzing glyph under Mouse.

"Why did you help me? What is your gain?"

Mouse looked at Zeph for a moment then chuckled.

"It seems his legacy finally found me." The paralysis wore out, mouse took his giant, real form.


"Yes, we two are his legacies. Mortals cannot feel us if we are disguised, only predict. Also your magical power is his doing. He granted me power and knowledge."

"I see. So who is 'he'? Also if he is that powerful why does he require legacies?"

"He doesn't have a name but he can be called 'the watcher' for other than some exceptions all he can do is watch."

"Who is he then?"

"his importance you ask? He is the god that created other gods and us, mortals and spirits, then got betrayed by his creation, another god, you mortals call him 'The Maker'"


I hope you like it.