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"He wants to be free, doesn't he?"

"Wouldn't you?"

"I would. *sigh* alright, Circle is such a boring place anyway."

"Excellent, he showed me how to weaken the seal to flow a little of his will. He also will need a body in real world but he can't possess your kind like mine, so you'll need to create one for him."


"You'll need to create parts with primal, then connect them with creation. You don't need to do something complex, something good enough to blend in, he will shape it accordingly when he settles in it."

"I will have to experiment. Creating something like that may take months at best. Also need some place to hide it, I don't suppose templars would let me do something like that."

"We waited for hundreds of years, that kind of time won't be an issue."

Zeph wanted to say something but his body started to glow.

"I will visit you in your dreams." That was the last thing he heard before losing consciousness.


"Oi Mr. mage, wake up!" Someone shouted to him.

Zeph slowly opened his eyes and looked at whoever shouted at him. She was his best and only real friend, Elwyn. She was an elf who was near his age, and had a crush on him when they were younger, but he gently refused her. That turned her crush to a friendship.

"Oh help, it's a cocky demon!" he smirked at her, and then saw a templar reaching to his sword in the edge of his vision. He deadpanned to the man who let the sword go and sheepishly looked around.

Elwyn smacked his arm "I'll show you cocky after F.E Wencelus is done with you."

"What does he want?" he got up from bed and stretched

"Who knows? Maybe spank your ass?" She started lightly and ended with a cocky grin. Zeph shook his head and lightly shocked her, she yelped and smacked his arm again.

"Anyway, you go talk with the old man. I'll try to stall your fans and go to Creation 101 while at it."

"Oh how could I live without you?"

"It's easy, you wouldn't." she replied and went for her class. Zeph shook again and made his way to the First Enchanter's office.


"Hello First Enchanter, you wished to see me?" Wencelus was sitting on his chair and studying a book. He then looked at Zeph and smiled.

"Yes, welcome child. Close the door if you like."

"Um… alright…" 'ELYWN WAS RIGHT!' he shrieked in his head while closing the door, then sat down another chair.

"Congratulations child, you are officially a mage now." He reached under the table, brought a staff, and a folded robe. "Here are your new robes and staff. Also…" he brought something from his pocket "A ring bears circle's insignia. Wear them proudly."

"Thank you First Enchanter… and I have question about the Fade." He mentally prepared himself. "Can a mage feel demons in the fade?"



"I did not hear it anywhere, did you felt them?"

'Mouse was right then' "No, I just wondered if it is possible"

"Very well, of course I doesn't mean it is not possible. Anything else?"

"No, thank you First Enchanter" Zeph sat up, took his new belongings and walked out of the door. Wencelus looked behind Zeph for a moment then continued his study.


'Where to hide, where to hide… somewhere no other people goes… or where it won't be seen weird… also where I can access to add parts…ah!' "Repository"

"What repository?"

Zeph yelped and looked at Elywn angrily. "Are you stalking me or something?"

"What? Don't flatter yourself." Elywn replied indignantly

"Why are you here then?"

"I just ditched class, looking for somewhere to hide and possibly have fun."

Zeph shook his head.

"What? Enchanter Russell is such a bore, I'm only surprised that I resisted this long."

"*Sigh* alright, what are we going to do?"

"I dunno" She paused "What was the repository thing?"

'Shall I tell her? Hmm… why not but for now not watcher'

'Good choice'


'yes, now that we met I can focus on your mind to talk to you.'

'useful… so let's not tell her about the watcher for now, right?'

'Do you trust her?'

'well… she is my best and only real friend so yes, I trust her.'

'Then tell her but not here. We can go for her in fade but you must let her know for that to happen.'


"Let's go to the repository I'll tell you there"

End of Chapter

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