Philip turned his face into Lukas' shirt and closed his eyes, pressing his face to the others chest so that he could feel the heart beat thrumming under the skin. It was steady and calming, shutting everything out and making him feel safe. As long as he heard it, he was safe. His eyes closed and he started drifting, his mind slipping and melting until Lukas shook him a little in his arms.

"Hey, stay awake. I can hear the ambulance now, they're coming okay? Just stay with me."

Philip reluctantly dragged his eyelids open, blurry vision warping the face above him until it was just splotches of colour. He was so tired.

He must have blanked for a moment because suddenly there was too much noise and someone was grabbing at him. Unfamiliar, rough hands were pulling at him and pressing in his hair and his chest seized in fear. They were trying to take him away from Lukas. It was the killer again.

Philip whimpered and curled to Lukas' chest, pressing his face to his chest as he tried to push away the unknown hands.

Lukas held Philip to him with one hand while he brought the other up to pull Philips hands back to his chest and brush the hair away from his eyes, smoothing his fingers through those soft curls.

"Hey, it's okay. It's all right Philip. They're helping, just let them fix you up. Just keep looking at me, come on."

Philip peeked out from his hiding spot and looked up at Lukas, still not liking the other hands on him. He pulled a clumsy arm up to grasp at Lukas' shirt.

"Lukas." He said it as an answer, like it was his favourite word.

The blonde nodded, smiling.

"Yeah, that's it. Just keep looking at me. I'm right here, baby, I'm not leaving you."

The EMT's wanted to get Philip on a stretcher but Helen was already there, explaining the situation with her Sheriff's voice, leaving no room for arguing.

"I understand you need to treat him but you're going to do it without separating them. They've been through too much and as confused as Philip is he's not going to want to leave Lukas. Do you understand? They stay together."

Lukas smiled down at Philip as he distracted him from the medics as they stopped the bleeding and placed IV lines and an oxygen cannula.

"Hey, Philip, do you wanna go on a date after all this? Once you're feeling better I mean. I could take you out on my bike and we can find a nice quiet spot. There's this hill near the lake where you can see the sunset perfectly. I'll take you there and we can watch, maybe get distracted from the view…"

He leant down and peppered gentle kisses over Philips face as the brunet laughed.

"How does that sound? A proper date."

Philip's brow creased as he fidgeted in Lukas' arms, feeling the sting of needles, and people pulling at him. Lukas rocked him in his arms, smiling.

"Or we could go back to the barn, listen to our playlist and maybe… set up a bed there… and get into trouble."

Philip smiled back, squirming, and laughing as Lukas started kissing his neck.

The EMT's started moving them, getting Lukas onto stretcher so that he could hold Philip for the ride to the hospital. Lukas' shoulder was seen to and Philip fell asleep as soon as the medics gave the okay.

Lukas, true to his word, didn't leave Philip for a moment. He held his hand for hours as they slept, as adamant not to leave Philip as Philip was not to leave him. And when they finally had to go home Lukas got him a present as a replacement for him when Philip had nightmares.

He held the plush toy out to Philip, smiling as his boyfriend scrunched his nose and poked its tummy.

"You got me a teddy bear?"

"No, it's a puppy dog, see?" Lukas wriggled the toy, making its ears flap against its head as he pouted and rested his chin against its head. Philip laughed at his stupid face, making Lukas smile.

"You can name it Lukas. For when I'm not there with you."

Philip took the toy and hugged it to his chest, blushing. It smelt like Lukas, like dirt and fuel and leaves. He loved it.

"It smells like you."

Lukas smiled, proud. "Yeah, I had it under my shirt for like twenty minutes."

Philip laughed and pushed the toy away from him, jokingly.

"Ew, gross."

"Well I figure, since I have your shirt-"

"That you stole from me!"

"-And won't be giving back. So you can have this. Althought I'm probably going to be staying here most nights anyway. Maybe you could come over to mine some nights, just to switch it up."

Philip shoved Lukas, laughing as they walked in Helen and Gabe's house.

"Got to keep it interesting, right? Thanks, I actually got you something too."

Lukas smiled and took his hand as he walked them up to Philips room.

"Ohh I get a present?"

Philip went to his bathroom and came out holding two matching toothbrushes, one pink and one blue.

"A toothbrush? Wow, you really went all out."

Lukas sat on Philips bed and smiled, pulling on Philips hips to bring him closer.

"Yeah its for when you sleep over. I got myself one too for when I'm at yours. It came in a couples pack or whatever so you can have the pink one."

Lukas laughed and pulled Philip down for a kiss.

"Aw that's so sweet of you babe."

Philip wound his arms around Lukas' neck and sat on his lap as they made out. They both forgot where they were and suddenly jumped when the bedroom door swung open.

"Boys, door stays open and dinner is ready in twenty minutes." Helen did her best to look stern but she was smiling as she propped the door open. Lukas just nodded and hugged his boyfriend to him.

He loved being able to call Philip his boyfriend. How strange and wonderful it was that? He'd never had one before and every time he got to hold Philips hand out walking or got to kiss him at party's he felt like the Grinch at the end of the movie, his heart growing a few sizes bigger.

"It's not like an open door is gonna stop anything anyway."

Lukas went back to kissing Philips neck and the brunet started laughing, trying to push Lukas off him.

"Lukas stop, Helen and Gabe can hear us."

"So?" Lukas pulled Philip down on the bed with him, nibbling at his jaw and behind his ears.

"Lukas!" Philip was shaking with laughter now, as Lukas held him on top of his chest.

"Oh, you want me to stop?" He stopped kissing him to look into his eyes, loving the way Philips whole face glowed when he smiled.

"No, never."