The belll rings, dissmingsg the studneg forms class.

"hello crona it is me ur friend maka who may or may not be your girlfriend that is me yea that's me. "

Crona is a stupid idiot and freakinn stutters "hi maka who may or may not be my girlfriend."

Maka smoies. "let's go to our lokers togetger"

Then they went to their lockers. Crona opens her locker and a peice of papr falls out. "OwO what's this?" he/she/they/it/pronoun/gender/sexuality picks up the paapapt.

Maka looks bert inquisitive and does that frekkibg stupid anmiu thing that they do and itsits supetf cute omg "what is it" (like she didn't know what paper is)

Crona gets hekkin nullied by Ragnorak who's a menair. Crona looks at the papy. "it's from soul" (insert correct pronoun here) says.

"yea but what does at say" maka says she says maka

Crona opens the paper and blushes deeply. "o-oh... I didn't know soup felt thag wayy"

"WHAT DOES THE PAPER SAY, CRONA" says maka with an angery

Crona blushed mor... "it's just a single peice of paper thag says 'niggerfaggot' "