Chapter 1

Out of Time

Ratonhnhake:ton's POV

She came from nowhere. I jumped into a tree and hid myself in the leaves. She had long black hair, falling a few inches past her hips. Her skin was almost the same as mine. She seemed to be very strong, despite how thin she looked. She wore robes similar to mine and I could see two knives on her back, along with a sword and a bow. She wore boots up to her knees and I tell there was a knife in her left boot, very well hidden. She was either an Assassin, or a Templar. I had to be sure which she was. She looked around, she seemed to sense I was watching her but she didn't show it.

"I have to find water."

She spoke differently anyone I'd heard.

She picked up her bag and I followed her. She was heading in the direction of my village. She turned and left the road, heading into the forest. Eventually, she turned towards Black Creek. I had a feeling she knew I was following her, but I could not be certain. She walked into a large cave and disappeared into the darkness. I silently walked in after her. There was no light.

"Give me a reason why I shouldn't kill you.." came a ghostly voice.

I whipped around but I couldn't see her.

"There is no reason. I have done nothing to you. You seem to be a stranger here, we're very untrusting of strangers. I can't see you."

"I can see you."

"That is not reassuring to me."

I heard her chuckle.

"It should be."

"I promise you I'm not a Templar."


She had a beautiful voice. Soothing, and melodic.

"My name is Ratonhnhake:ton."

"Ratonhnhake:ton? That's a unique name. Strong."

I smiled a bit.

"I am guessing you go by another name as well. I doubt most people would be able to pronounce that."


"Hm, also a very good name. Though I have to admit, I like Ratonhnhake:ton a lot more. But it's hard to pronounce."

I nodded slowly.

"I've told you who I am. I hope you'll tell me who you are now."

There was a long silence, but I could feel she was still there.

"I'm not a Templar."



"I still don't know your name."

"I don't think I should tell you."

She was frustrating, very cautious as well.

"That doesn't seem fair now does it?"

"In my experience…there is no such thing as being 'fair'. Anyone who believes otherwise is an idiot."

There was anger and pain in her voice.

"Are you hurt?"

"Why would you ask me that?"

"You sounded like you were in pain. Are you alright?"

"Yes, I'm alright, thanks for asking."

My eyes were adjusting to the dark, but I still couldn't find her.

"Look, I don't have time to play games. Please tell me who you are."

I heard her sigh.

"I am here."

I turned around. I could see her, but not as well as I would have liked.

"I'm Esperanza." she said.

A strange name

"Where did you come from?"

"Another time."

I frowned.


She said nothing. I was still very confused.

"Why are you here?"

"I woke up here."

I'd never heard of something like this happening.

"Come with me."


"You don't trust easily do you?"

"In my line of business you do not trust easily."

"I swear on my honor, I will not harm you. I know someone who may be able to tell us what's going on."

She slowly nodded and picked up her bag.

"Come with me, but stay next to me. I want to be able to see you."

She smiled a bit.

"Smart. To be untrusting of a stranger."

She did as I asked and walked beside me to the homestead.