This story is centered in any real continuity or time frame but the main points are New 52, ANAD Marvel, bit of the Ultimate Marvel verse with a smidge of the Arrow verse thrown in

The main pairing will be Spider-man x Wonder Woman x Power Girl x Black Canary x Grail x Warbird x Lois Lane

A few other exes of Peter's will show up from time to time that he may end up sleeping with or joining in a threesome with Peter and one of the six women mentioned.

Also, warning this story will have much more sexual content in it then most of my others ones.

Disclaimer: I don't own any Marvel or DC characters seen, mentioned or used in this story

It was late in the evening when Diana Prince, more commonly known to the world at large as Wonder Woman made her way into the empty mess hall of the Justice League's main base of operations, the Watchtower. She was dressed in a breath taking white dress that covered her right shoulder, reached down to the floor with a slit that exposed her right leg, a nearly scandalous plunging neckline that drew great attention her perfectly sculpted breasts and several thin lace like straps that made a crisscrossed pattern on her back

Her raven locks were flowing freely from her head like a silky water fall that seemed to shiny and reflect the lights of the cafeteria off it. She had a very light amount of makeup, mainly around her eyes that caused her lightning blue eyes to stand out even more.

Sadly, the image of her beauty was ruined by the rather dark scowl on her face as she nearly stomped to a table that had a great view of the Earth and sat down with a huff. The reason for her behavior and current attire was because tonight she and her teammate Bruce Wayne who was in secret the Dark Knight of Gotham, Batman, were supposed to have dinner and the man never showed.

She waited over three hours until she finally realized that the brooding detective wasn't going to appear. It also made her look like a complete fool, she wasn't blind to the pitying looks that she received from the high-class restaurants staff of other customers that evening. That she could handle, she could handle being pitied, well to an extent. She can also handle the fact that Bruce stood up her up after they've been planning this date for almost two weeks and finally found time in their busy schedule to make it work…

But what she couldn't handle was that when she called to ask why he didn't show and if anything was wrong, it wasn't him who answered his phone

It was Talia al Ghul!

"Why couldn't have been the damn jewel thief" Diana growled out in anger at discovering that her 'boyfriend' was not only with another woman but with the most twisted and heartless woman that Diana has ever had the misfortune of meeting and she's met the daughter of Dardseid

She just couldn't understand, what did Talia have that Diana didn't to capture the Dark Knight's attention?

A dark side? Being the child of Zeus automatically entitled her to one

A beautiful figure? Her's has often been compared to that of a goddess and even Aphrodite herself has claimed that Diana was one of the few to actually rival her in beauty

…Well maybe she wasn't as smart as Talia in terms of others would call 'Book smarts' and granted she may be a bit naïve when it comes to certain subjects or themes but she likes to think that her wisdom and experiences more than made up for it

'Then again, he did have a child with her' Diana thought with a sigh as the image of the most recent Robin flew through her mind

To be honest Diana didn't particularly care for the child, there was something about him that left Diana feeling uneasy, like whenever she finds herself in the presence of the boy's mother or grandfather. Dick, she could handle, Jason wasn't so much a problem in that he just needed a little genuine affection every once in a while, and Tim was a sweet boy but Damian…there was something deeply off about the assassin raised child

Diana was so deep in her mental processing of how it is that Bruce would rather choose some sadistic criminal over her that she didn't notice a figure approaching her and calling out her name. It wasn't until they place an armored hand on her exposed shoulder that she finally looked to see who it was…

Spider-man or at least she thinks that's who it is. The man wasn't wearing the typical red and blue suit she's often seen him in. The one he was now wearing was black and yellow and seemed to be made out of a combination of Kevlar and metal plating. His yellow lenses gazing into her eyes

"What?" Diana asked as she stared at the man in slight surprise

"I asked if you were alright? You've uh been glaring at the planet over there like it said you were ugly or something" Spider-man said as he let go of Wonder Woman's shoulder and shifted his weight from leg to leg "Not that you are ugly in fact your uh really pretty…"

Diana smiled softly at that "Thank you Spider-man…"

"Got a hot date tonight?" Spider-man asked as he gestured to her dress

It was then that Diana's smile fell and she sighed "No…my 'date' never showed"

"Wait what?" Spider-man's lenses widened in a way that made Diana question how it was possible "Who is brave or dumb enough to stand you up?!"

"A man who prefers the presence of another rather than mine" Diana said with a scowl before a sudden thought came to her and she glanced back at Spider-man and seemed to gaze right into his soul for several moments before speaking "Tell me, are you with anyone at the moment?"

Spider-man's lenses widened at that "Uh what?"

"Do you have a girlfriend or wife?" Diana asked as she stood up and found herself being taller than Spider-man on the account of her heels, but even without them she's usually an inch or two taller than the wall crawler

"Uh no, last time I checked" Spider-man said with confusion "Why? Did your date say that's who he's with? If so, than that's a lie"

Diana's response was to grab the man by the hand and start pulling him from the room while ignoring his surprised cry of 'Hey what are you doing?'. Thankfully the man didn't bother putting up much of a fight as she led him to her room

'Let's see how Bruce likes it when the person your dating is sleeping with someone they dislike' Diana thought a little bitterly

Before Spider-man joined the League thanks to Superman and to some extent the Flash, Diana thought that the Man of Steel was Batman's total opposite in both actions and personality, but the web slinger she currently had in her grip had proved otherwise. Where's Bruce was dark, grim and cynical, Spider-man was bright, cheerful and optimistic. Spider-man was loud and always had a quip or poor joke on hand no matter the situation where Bruce was silent and always serious

Despite his rather joking nature Diana has at times seen that there was more to the wall crawler than meets the eye. Case in point he possess a vastly higher intelligence than most would assume he has that easily rivals the likes of Batman's and Mister Terrific with the latter saying that the man may be smarter than him

He's also demonstrated traits of nobility when he once took a kryptonite bullet for Clark hat was fired by Deathstroke during a rather brutal fight last week and still didn't let it stop him from saving the hostages the infamous mercenary had kidnapped

It was then that she and Spider-man finally came to her room and she felt the man's struggles briefly stop

"Uh Wonder Woman what are you doing?" Spider-man said a little nervously as he was dragged into the Amazon's room before the door closed and locked behind him

It was then that Diana turned to him "You and I are going to have sex"

A grain of sand could be heard hitting the floor with how quite the room had gotten. Finally, after several moments of silence Spider-man spoke

"E-Excuse me?"

"You heard me" Diana said as she took a step closer to Spider-man and ran a hand across his larger yellow spider symbol "I find myself frustrated both emotionally and sexually and lonely…I was hoping you can help change that"

"But what about you-" Spider-man tried to bring up her boyfriend that she mentioned before he remembered that the man, whoever it was that was dumb enough to piss off Wonder Woman of all people, had been with someone else tonight when he was supposed to have been with her…the hell is wrong with that person?

"He'll have no room to judge" Diana said with a grin as she knew what he was about to say

She than pressed her body into his and wrapped a leg around his waist "Don't tell me you haven't thought of sleeping with me Spider-man, many have…"

"Uh well…um…" Spider-man tried to think up a witty response to this situation but was finding none which was kind of hard to do when Wonder Woman is seducing you

It's almost like his brain was trying to keep him from saying some stupid and running his shot at getting with Wonder Woman even if it was only for apparent revenge sex…

Diana smirked at the man's loss for words before she turned and pressed her rear into his crotch and began to grind against him and placed both he man's slightly shaking hands on both her waist and breasts and moaned as he began to squeeze both

She than leaned back and looked over her shoulder at Spider-man with a saucy smirk "Don't worry Spider-man…you can keep the mask on if you want"

'…Fuck it' Peter thought with a mental shrugashe pulled his mask up to his nose and brought the delighted Amazon into a heated kiss while he continued to grope her chest and now ass that was pushing into his groin

Peter than quickly turned Diana around and moved the fabric covering her breasts, which revealed her to be braless and didn't waste any time in taking one of her nipples in his mouth while he groped the other tit. Diana let out a content moan as she toed off one of her heels followed by the other before taking Spider-man by the face and bringing him into a searing kiss that nearly took his breath away

Diana pulled out of the kiss and giggled when she saw that Peter had tried to follow her and let out a sound of sadness when she stopped him. She then gave him a wink as she slowly lowered herself to her knees and began to have her hands snake their way up his legs

Peter seeing where this was going quickly unbuckled the belt and straps that kept his suit's pants up and let Diana pull them down while he let the utility belt drop to the floor with a thud. Diana grinned at the sight of Peter's boxers struggling to contain his sex

'And here I thought Clark was the only one to rival Bruce in size' Diana thought with a grin as she pulled Spider-man's cock free and almost immediately wrapped her mouth around the crown and gave it a hard suck that cause the man to gasp before she used her tongue to trail down his shaft

"Holy shit!" Peter said as he cradled Diana's head as she began to bob her head up and down his cock while looking at him with her alluring blue eyes

Diana smirked at this and released his member before sucking idly on his sack which caused the man to shiver in delight. Diana spent the next several moments alternating between sucking both parts of his male anatomy before she stood up and grabbed his hand brought him towards the bed and pushed him down on to the mattress

Peter used that moment to remove the upper portion of his suit while Diana removed her dress and tossed it away before she kneeled and resumed sucking, licking and kissing his cock while Peter laid back and enjoyed the feeling of one of the most powerful and beautiful women on earth pleasuring him in ways that he rarely gets to enjoy

After several more minutes Peter felt himself about to come and looked down to warn his lover "I'm going to cum…"

Diana grinned at that and increased her sucking and licking with renewed vigor that caused Peter to groan in delight. Just as he thought that Wonder Woman would let him finish inside her mouth she released him and let used her superhuman speed to quickly race into the bathroom and return with a towel for him to cum in all before he could even blink

She shot the man a sheepish smile "Sorry but I don't feel like cleaning up and bodily fluids afterwards or have my…boyfriend come in here and notice any suspicious spots in here"

"It's okay" Peter said with a shrug "Just please don't take my blood while you're at it or use that semen to clone me"

Diana eyed him with surprise which caused Peter to wince "Long story…"

Diana chuckled at that before she dropped the towel on the side and quickly removed her panties and guided Peter's to still erect cock into her, causing both to moan in pleasure before she looked down at Peter with a grin

"Ready for a wonderful time?"

"Yeah…I'm sure it'll be amazing" Peter grinned as he began to thrust into Wonder Woman




Peter quietly groaned as heard his mask's com link going off and slowly rose from the bed that was also occupied by a still sleeping and very naked Wonder Woman. Her dress along with his suit, sans the mask were on the floor. Peter cracked his neck and pulled down his mask over his face and answered the call, the I.D appeared on his HUD and showed it was Superman calling

"Need something Supes?" Peter asked with a yawn

"Oh, sorry were you sleeping?" Clark said over the line

Peter glanced down to see Wonder Woman's eyes slowly opening up to meet his yellow lenses "Uh kind of…but I don't think I'll be getting anymore rest, so what's up?"

"I need your help with something" Clark said unaware of Peter's current whereabouts or company

"Oh, and what's that?" Peter asked as he watched Wonder Woman wink at him as her hand slowly made its way across his waist and to his semi erect member and grip it. Peter had to hold in a moan as he felt the Amazon lumping him while still maintaining eye contact with him the whole time

"One of your rouges is running around in Metropolis and I need your help to find him" Clark said quietly, Peter could hear the faint sounds of the Daily Planet in the background, Peter concluded that news of his rouge had just surfaced while he was at work

"Which one is it? Rhino, Electro-" Peter began to sound off some names that he knew were still running around when Superman interrupted him in a grim tone


Peter's body tensed at that, which caused Diana to frown as she felt him soften a bit in her grip

Peter let out a sigh of dread while he pinched the ridge of his nose "Fantastic…Brock's back"

Eddie Brock Jr, aka Venom. Where's most superheroes tend to have one 'arch nemesis' like Joker to Batman, Lex Luthor to Superman and so on, Peter has the misfortune of having three that regularly change places in being the worse of his rouges gallery that were already on par with the likes of Batman's in sheer brutality and even power like some of Superman's

Venom was pretty much if Spider-man gave into his darker nature and anger. His strength surpassed his, he was faster, and thanks to the symbiote that used to be bonded to Peter before he and it went through a rather nasty break up, Brock knew everything about Peter including how to remain undetected by his spider-sense. The guy was next to impossible to see, hear or sense coming in any shape or form and Venom used that to his fullest advantage

And that's what made Venom so much more terrifying to Peter than the likes of Otto or Osborn. Peter can sense them coming thanks to his spider-sense and thankfully both were unware of who he was under the mask, well Norman used to know but thankfully suffered some much needed memory loss while Otto could care less who Spider-man was underneath the mask for the time being

"Peter, you okay?" Clark asked concerned, knowing how dangerous Venom was to the spider themed hero and even him if he isn't careful enough. The memory of Venom possessing the superheroine Warbird flashed through the man's mind

"Yeah…just give me a few hours to build up some courage and buy lots of medical supplies and I'll swing by and we can start looking for my homicidal dark twin" Peter said and waited for a response "…I'm going to assume you nodded in agreement at what I just said"

"Yeah, sorry" Clark said sheepishly "Let me know when you're here"

"Can do, and say hi to Lana for me" Peter said as he laid back down in the bed

"Can do, oh and Lois says hi by the way. I didn't even know you guys knew each other" Superman said with a chuckle before ending the call

Peter let out a sigh as he looked to see Wonder Woman watching him with a concerned look "Uh yeah?"

"Are you alright?" Diana asked her lover as she resumed pumping him and was happy to feel him hardening again

"Yeah, I'll be fine. Just am not looking forward to meeting Venom again" Peter groaned out as Wonder Woman leaned in and kissed him on the lips

Diana than straddled Peter and smirked while reaching down for his full mast cock and guided towards her entrance "I'm sure you and Superman will do fine against him"

"Hopefully better than last time" Peter said as he placed his hands on her waist and let out a growl as he entered Diana who moaned in delight before she began to bounce up and down while placing her hands on his chest

Peter began to thrust up into her which caused her to yelp in delight as she leaned in and pulled Peter's mask up and slammed her mouth against his. Her tongue easily made its way inside of Peter's and quickly wrestled his into submission as she dominated him. Seeing that he was going to lose this, Peter quickly flipped them over so that Peter was on top and began to thrust into her core with every bit of superhuman strength he had

Diana's eyes rolled into the back of her head as Peter's cock made its way deeper into her love canal and hit her sweet spot repeatedly. The action caused her to mew and moan in pleasure before she pulled Peter into another kiss while she began to meet his thrust with her own which brought a wave of pleasure to both super humans

The two continued this for the better part of half an hour with Diana coming at least twice and Peter well on his way to his own release when they both heard Diana's com link going off. Peter halted in his thrusting, drenched in sweat and Diana's saliva from her licking and kissing him so much and watched as Diana huff and wipe the sweat from her brow and reach for the device that was resting on the stand next to her bed and answered it


"Diana" a man's gruff voice spoke through the speaker that caused Peter to pale as he recognized it as the voice of Batman

He then looked towards Diana and silently mouthed 'Batman is your freakin boyfriend!'

Diana rolled her eyes before she took Peter's head and placed it between her breasts and continued her conversation with the dark knight "What do you want Batman?"

"I want to talk about last night" Batman said

Diana sighed both in annoyance and pleasure as she felt Peter grope her breasts "Fine…when and where?"

"The cave, tonight" Batman responded

"Least I can expect you to actually show up this time" Diana growled out before she shut her com off and laid back in her bed with a huff

Peter pulled his head from between her breasts and gave her a worried look "Should I stop or-"

"If you want" Diana said as she rubbed her forehead "You can finish and leave afterwards, I don't mind"

"Oh…uh…" Peter didn't really know how to respond to that before Diana rolled them both over until she was on top and began to ride him for all he was worth

Peter's hands found her waist again and helped force her down on his tool for the next several minutes while he would occasionally squeeze Diana's bouncing mounds and kiss the woman's neck and face who responded with clenching her vaginal muscles around his cock and rotating her hips before he finally felt his release coming

"Uh Diana, I'm going to-"

Diana immediately hopped off and completely enveloped his cock in her mouth just in time to have his seed shoot out and down her throat. Peter watched her with wide eyes as she sucked him dry and let out a few lewd sounds before she released him with a satisfying pop sound and shot him an amused look

"You don't taste half bad…" Diana said as she got up from her bed and began to make her way to the shower she had

Peter watched her go "So um…is this gonna be a thing or was it just a heat of the moment kind of deal?"

Diana paused halfway to her shower and thought it over before looking over her shoulder at the slowly redressing Spider-man "I'll let you know later…thank you for the wonderful night"

Peter gave her a sort of sheepish smile "Uh your welcome…thanks for the amazing time"

Diana chuckled as she made her way into the bathroom to clean herself of both her and Peter's sweat and cum while the New York based vigilante slipped his suit back on and carefully made his way out of her room and towards the teleporters that will take him back to New York so he can clean himself up and head on over to Metropolis

And done.