Well, I'm back again. And I've got another story for you all. This is just a bit of housekeeping before we really begin.

This story will be an attempt to rewrite the entire series from the beginning. That makes the story ALTERNATE UNIVERSE from the beginning. I have moved things and changed things and while I attempt to follow JKR's basic plot, things are vastly different. Call it a case of changing everything changes nothing. The big thing to take from this note is if something isn't canon as JKR gave it to you, I'm perfectly aware of that - I've re-read each of the books as I write this - and that means if it is not canon as JKR gave it to us, I changed it for a reason. Hopefully this will preemptively stop the howler type reviews that scream THIS IS NOT CANON. That said, please feel free to ask why I changed something if you like. If I can answer without giving too much away, I will.

Something that drives me bonkers is finding a good story that isn't complete and not realizing it. You get to the end and suddenly you're bereft and you realize the story hasn't been updated in years and likely won't ever be. That sucks. For that reason I try to completely finish a work before posting it. That will not be the case with this story. I have written a pre-Hogwarts volume as well as year one and two. I am currently working on year three. I promise I will do everything in my power to finish the story through year 7 but please know it may take a long time. I'm not skimping on the story and it is hard work. As an example, when you write a story that begins at 6th year, you can rely on all the background JKR already created. The hardest thing about this story had been understanding that I'm starting at the beginning. If I'm going to do that, then I cannot count on anything JKR gave us and must create it for myself and the readers. Even with JKR's guidance, that is not easy. I hope I do a good job.

Even though the story is AU, it still follows JKR's over all plot devices. Sometimes I will even borrow bit of text verbatim from what she gave us. Her wording is just so good that sometimes there is no point in recreating the wheel. That said, those instances are pretty few and far between.

Another thing to note is you may see something in this story that was in another FF story somewhere. This is the disclaimer for those instances. I will not call them out at the time they are used. I say this because I read so much that sometimes I forget if I read something somewhere or if it is my original idea. If you see something, please know there was nothing intentional on my part to borrow another author's ideas. If you are the author I've unintentionally borrowed from, I thank you now. I will also point out that we are all playing with JKR's toys and she's not complaining so none of us should either.

Something else you will see occasionally throughout the story are instances of song lyrics. I can write stories, but not songs. Believe me, I've tried. And failed. I will of course call out and give proper credit for these moments.

I think that is really about it. I'm looking forward to this and hope everyone will bear with me when I eventually get to the point of my posting being caught up to where I've completed writing.

The last thing I'll say is my reason for trying this is I wanted to see what might happen if Harry makes a different choice while sitting under the sorting hat. Yep, you guessed it, it's Slytherin Harry. And if you're wondering about possible pairings, I would just say to you to read my previous work. There is one pairing I really believe in. All the rest, they're up for grabs.

Happy reading

Sorcerer's Muse