Cursed Blood

Chapter 1

Light. That's the first memory you had. A bright flash of sorts, sweeping across your field of vision. You open your eyes and instantly feel a splintering pain coursing through your skull. You sit up slowly, your joints ache and you suddenly feel nauseous, "Wh-What's going on..?" you mutter to yourself, finding it hard to even speak. Your tongue feels swollen and there's a bitter, metallic taste in your mouth.

You look around, your eyes desperately searching for the source of light you can barely recall. Why the hell is everything so dark? You wonder, starting to panic. And the better question would be, what made that light?

Shaking your head, you stand up. Your legs instantly cave in, sending you crashing to the ground with a loud thud. UMPH! You grit your teeth and slowly crawl to your knees, biting back a yelp of pain when a sharp rock stabs into your knee. With shaky legs, you slowly stand up again, carefully managing your balance. I know how to do this! You thought, looking at your bare feet and taking a deep breath. Ever so slowly you start to move one foot in front of the other, success! You were moving. You could get from one place to another, brilliant!

With slow, shaky and uncertain steps, you walk forward. As you walk, the terrible throbbing in your head fades until it's just a tiny buzz. That's when the questions start hammering the inside of your skull. Firstly, where am I? Secondly, what am I doing? And thirdly, where am I going?

You walk aimless for a while, your feet painfully piercing into the rough and damp ground. Suddenly your foot hits something and once again you're face first on the ground, only this time something is different. The ground is cold and sticky, you recognize this sensation. Its…wet.

You lift your head, ignoring the painful protest your neck gives you at the movement. You can see something, a few feet away from you. You slowly pull yourself to your feet and walk to the object you saw.

It's a lowered piece of ground, filled with a substance that has no colour. You take a careful step forward and kneel in front of it, the word for this at the tip of your tongue. You look at the clear substance and notice a glimmer of something inside it. Your eyes widen and you instantly recognize what it is, a person!

You instantly reach your hand out towards the person, but instead your hand breaks through the surface of the clear substance. The instant your hand gets wet is when the word clicks into place, water.

You use both your hands to dig through the water, trying desperately to grab the girl you see inside it. Time after time your hands slip though her, seeming to slice her in half and cause ripples across her skin. You stare helpless at the terrified girl, who stared right back.

With her hair in a messy tangles, falling all over her face and her eyes red as if from suffering, you couldn't help but feel bad for the girl. Her face had smudges of red and what looked like the dirt from the ground. All of this held extreme contrast against her generally smooth skin.

You spend a while, staring at the girl who stares right back, everything else seems to have dulled away as you stare at her. The buzzing in your head suddenly reverts back into the painful throbbing, clouding your vision and making your head feel as if it didn't belong to you. You look at the girl who looks as if she's moving towards you, you smile for a second before realizing that you were moving towards her.

The instant you break through the surface of the water is when you realize that the helpless girl you had the audacity to pity, was you. It's called a "reflection" you told yourself as you fully submerged into the water.