Chapter 9

You were falling, the air rushing through your hair, pushing your clothes up and leaving behind a stinging sensation. You were fallings, that's all you knew.

You couldn't see much, it was mostly dark, a stray beam of light, however, cutting through the darkness every few seconds, but it vanished before your eyes had time to adjust. Oh well. You thought, nothing you could do there.

Oddly enough, you weren't scared, hell you weren't even worried. You simply stared forward into the darkness and felt rhe air engulf you. There was a strange numbness, not physically numb but mentally rather. You felt nothing. You were falling, and that, in its very own right, was okay.

You found yourself shutting your eyes, and exhaling a long, steady breath. Obviously you were bound to hit the ground at some point, and when that happened,'d die. That was that. Simple enough right?

But suddenly you heard a voice, a calm, soft voice, but it was enough to cut through your thoughts, or rather, lack of thoughts. Your eyes snapped open and you found yourself staring at a clear blue sky. Odd.

Pushing yourself up on your elbows, you look around. It looked like you were in a mountainous terrain, there were lots of rocks and gravel, a few dying trees and what looks like a small cave. Slowly standing up, you walk cautiously towards the cave, an annoying buzz developing at the very back of your head, as if there was a fly going crazy in there. You knew this place, which was odd considering the fact that you didn't remember anything before...before...before what? you wondered. Well that's just great, now I don't remember anything at all, you thought, taking a slow step into the cave.

There was a small pile of leaves on the floor, a bed, you realised, looking around once again. The cave was dark, save for a small fire, that was slowly dying due to be unattended.

That's when you heard it, a sound that was a few meters away, a laugh. You whirl around and your eyes widen you see a little girl running towards the cave, her wide eyes and flushed cheeks seemed awfully familiar, but you just couldn't place it. "Come on, Grandpa!!" The girl yelled, laughing while trying to catch her breath. An elderly man followed her, clearly winded, "Slow down my little Bird!" He called after her, the pet name making something nostalgic stir in the pit of your stomach.

The girl ran into the cave and gasped, "Grandpa, the fire is almost out!" You tilt your head and frown, that's what she's worried about? not the random person standing right in front of her??

You lean forward and smile at the girl, "Hi the-" "Don't worry little bird, we can fix the fire easily" The grandfather said, cutting you off. Your frown deepens, "Uhm, he-" "Okay Grandpa, let me find more fire wood" The little girl said, skipping out the cave.

They can't see me, you realise, your eyes widening as you try reaching out to the old man, your hand going right through him.

Suddenly the girl was back, her breathing heavy and eyes wide, "Grandpa! There's shino-" her sentence suddenly turned into a scream as someone grabbed her by the hair with enough force to yank her completely off her feet. "LET HER GO" The old man screamed, watching his granddaughter kick and squeal. The man, dressed in red, only laughed, "So this is your grandkid ey? She's young, perfect really." The old man ran towards the other man, kunai in hand, the man in red laughed again, jumping back and slamming the girl into the ground, she laid there with a whimper, unable to move but still concious. "We've been searching for your bloodline for ages now, her father was useless as a vessel, we hoped you'd be better suited, but you're sooo old, and now looking at the kid, she just may make the cut" suddenly the mans hands were weaving various hand signs and before the old man could move, the cave came crumbling down on him, hard. "GRAAANDPA!!" the little girl yelled, using all her strength just to look up. The man grinned smugly before punching the girl, hard enough to break her nose and knock her out.

Suddenly you were falling again, the scenery around you fading away like it was washed out by the rain. Slowly, things started to click into place. As you fell, you thought about the girl, the familiarity finally making you realise that the little girl you saw, was you.

You thought about the old man and suddenly dozens of fuzzy memories started swimming through your mind. He had taken care of you since you were baby, taught you how to collect firewood and how to fish, and when he needed you, you were completely useless. You reached up and brushed your finger against your cheek, pulling you finger back you saw the moisture indicating that you were crying. Oh.

Taking a shaky breath, you shut your eyes again, unable to stop yourself from shaking.

When you opened your eyes this time, you were standing. You could hear the pained screams of your past self and followed it reluctantly, knowing that either way, you wouldn't be able to stop whatever torture was happening.

You saw a group of hooded figures, standing in a circle with the little girl chained down to a slab of stone, similar to an alter, kicking and screaming as loudly as her little lungs would allow her.

Someone in a crimson cloak was muttering an enchantment, while the others follow in a softer, slower chorus, making it all sound like one sick song. The crimson cloak slammed its hand down on the girls stomach and with an enormous burst of chakra, the girl started shrieking in complete pain.

As quickly as it started, everything went silent. You stood, your hand clamped over your mouth and your whole body shaking, and you watched as the biju was sealed into you.

You couldn't have been older than six.

The floor disappeared from under you, and once again, you found yourself falling, squeezing your eyes, you sent up a silent prayer, hoping it would all end. You were better off without these damn memories, you didn't want them. IT'S NOT FAIR!!! You thought, a soft sob breaking racking through your entire body.

When you opened your eyes again, you were standing an inch away from your past self, who was now about 15 or 16. She was chained up brutally, the thick chains wrapped tight enough to draw blood from her wrists, ankles, hips and even neck. The fifteen year old was looking straight through you, her eyes blank and lifeless, the colour so clouded it looked black.

A man, dressed in what you now recognised as traditional shinobi uniform, walked into the cell holding a syringe, "Lunch time, you little tramp." He told her, stabbing the needle harshly into her neck, drawing out a pathetic whimper. The man's hand cracked over her face in a slap so hard it cut her lip, again. "Say thank you." the man said, a sick grin spreading across his face. The younger you simply spat out a "Fuck you." and bared her teeth in a feeble attempt to seem dangerous. The man barked out a laugh and walked away, leaving you to drop your head and bite back a sob. You stepped closer to your past self and whispered, "Be strong..." before you felt yourself slip out of that moment.

This time the fall was much shorter and your feet hit the ground with enough force to make you stumble forward. What the, you look around, and suddenly you see yourself sprinting through the trees, you were the same age you are now and clearly found a way to escape.

You watched a dozen other shinobi sprint desperately after you, sending attacks of different natures and dozens of kunai and ninja blades, every single one missing you. You watched in amazement at the speed you were going and how vicious you seemed, like a lion caged up too long.

A thick substance started covering you, like a cloak and suddenly you turned back, your eyes completely different and a murderous look on your face. In a moment, all the shinobi were lying in a bloody pile, leaving you to run in a wild rage.

After a few minutes, all the power suddenly drained from the girl and she fell, face first, from a tree, hit her head a few branches and finally a rock, making you cringe and wonder how you even survived. And just like that, everything went completely black.

This wasn't like the last time, you weren't falling now.

The next time you opened your eyes, a pair of red ones were staring back at you, Madara, you thought, a small smile appearing on your lips. Then everything sunk in and you bolted up right, you eyes wide and your body breaking out in a cold sweat, you looked at Madara and muttered, "I remember."

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