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"Miracles were just second chances if you really thought about it - second chances when all hope was lost." ― Kaya McLaren

Summary: When Tsuna's pride - his family - shattered, there really weren't anymore reasons for him to be the all-encompassing Sky. But when he was given another chance, to protect them once more, he didn't hesitate - even if it's in another parallel world where he is no longer Vongola Decimo but his twin brother, his Elements no longer his but his brother's... and Vongola is falling (quite literally in terms of ranks).

He felt himself drowning, but he didn't discern anything relatively similar to water. Everywhere around him was enshrouded with darkness as if he was blind. (Last time he checked, though, he wasn't.)

He couldn't move his body, only the sensation of slow descent gave any indication that he was feeling anything at all. Even so, he didn't panic. Something about this descent into the strange abyss didn't warrant a threat.

It was a safe place, he concluded, but he couldn't help but wonder where he was.

And just as the question crossed his mind, he was suddenly righted onto his feet, the tip of his shoes sending out a ripple as if he was landing on water.'s surface.

Seconds after the resonating ripple came a splash of blue. The entire space that was once an abyss colored into an endless sky under, above, and all around - along with the few slowly drifting clouds

It was a familiar place, he remembered, one where the horizon stretch to no end and where the law of physics has no effect. This place gave a calming effect, one that soothes the heart no matter what kind of experiences a person went through.

And it soothed his moribund heart just fine.

Instead of asking the typical 'where am I?' he looked around, as if expecting to see something - or someone.

Then, as if on cue, a flame of sky orange burst into life right in front of him, embracing him in a warmth that he should no longer feel.


That single address was enough to break the dam, letting recent memories to flood back into his head.

It were definitely not ones that he want to be reminded of.

Everywhere he saw, fire burning any and all things it touched to the ground, the earth upturned, and the once beautiful city turned into a bloodstain war zone.

Broken weapons - shattered beyond recognition - scattered the ground like the unwanted debris they were now, rivers of blood - redredredblood - flow almost too tranquilly from once warm bodies.

... bodies of his family. They're all cold now - No, nonono. They're - deaddeadDEAD - sleeping.

He was the only one left.

... W h y .

Why was he th e o N l y O n E l e F t ?




... w H y? !

"... I couldn't protect them."

Giotto watched his dear descendant, one that he viewed more like his own son than anything else, crumbled to the floor, clutching his head in despair.

"It's all my fault - I-I couldn't... I couldn't do anything...!"


The brunet finally looked up, but his eyes spoke of how he had already been shattered into thousands of pieces. "T-They... they all died, Primo!"

"Hayato, Takeshi, Oniisan, Lambo, Mukuro, Kyouya, Chrome... gone. They're all gone." Tsuna looked at his trembling hands. "All because I wasn't strong enough..."

"... You did your best."

"My 'best', wasn't enough!" Tsuna retorted back in angry tears. "It was never enough!"

Giotto could only closed his eyes. If he had been in his descendant's position, he would've broken down as well. The bond between a Sky and his Elements were one of the strongest there was. He had watched each and every one of his own guardians being taken down by assassins when they thought they had settled in Japan. Those were the darkest days of his entire life, but Fate gave mercy and he didn't seen how they died. (Though the wounds on the bodies were more than enough to give him a few guesses.)

However, Fate had another thing planned for Tsuna. The Vongola Decimo had seen, with his own eyes, the death of his family right in front of him and he wasn't able to save any one of them.

That was a blow too big to recover from.

... War was just messed up that way.

"Dad..." Tsuna croaked in that broken tone of his.

The fact that he had address Giotto as such instead of 'Primo' or 'Grandfather', gave way to just how down right hopeless the young man felt. Tsuna would rarely use that address - he has his dignity to keep after all, unless, of course, he wanted to seek comfort from the parent who was never there for half his life. To have someone tell him that everything was going to be okay, that things would work out. He had only ever acknowledged Reborn, and later on, Giotto, as the father-figures in his life.

"W-what... what will h-happen now...?"

Giotto, in that moment, saw the child crying within the man, begging someone - anyone - to make everything okay again.

He sighed and knelt down himself so that he could give a comforting hug to the brunet. "There, there, child. The dead cannot be brought back, I'm afraid."

"... But, " The blonde break away and place his hands on Tsuna's shoulders. "I can give you something else. A miracle if you will, but whether you will accept it or not will be entirely up to you."




His bloodline's once devastated eyes relit with a certain determination that the founder saw long ago when he was but a child. Sunset-orange eyes locked gaze with a similar amber after the agreement, before the former was whisked away from the astral terrain with but the words of resolution that echoed even after he had disappeared.

"I will protect them all this time."

Giotto sighed, heavy with emotion as he stared up at the endless blue with but a few white clouds.

"This is as much as I can do." Flames of blue, red, green, violet, indigo, and yellow started to emerge and positioned themselves in a circle around Giotto as he close his eyes. "The rest of your prayer can only be completed by you."

Giotto sensed the gratitude the flames were sending him, but he shook his head, and spoke a deep alto as gentle as the sailing breeze, yet silence in essence.

"Safe journey."




The hour that has been carved must remain,

But another chance the clam shall gain.

The vertical-time axis that exist no more,

Yet in another it shall bore.

It is a race against time,

Can the clam... restore its kind?

Horrible poetry lol.

I'm writing this as I go and I always do love these parallel-travel fanfics along with those time-travel fics where it's Parent!FirstGen/Child!TenthGen (Say what you want but in my opinion, they're perfect parent-child pairs! And I actually do have story about this but uh... I haven't gotten too far yet so it's a work in progress.)