The sun shone down on the institute as a young lady walked to the door, she looked over her outfit before she knocked on the door, it was but a few moments when a lady opened the door, she looked to be of African descent just like her but her white hair and blue eyes said otherwise.

"hello you must be aria, I'm Ororo," she said as they shook hands "please come with me," she said as she opened the door allowing her into the building.

"pleased to meet you miss" aria said as they walked into the building.

"the pleasure is all mine" she replied as they walked to the head office to which Ororo knocked on its doors.

"come in "she heard from within as the door opened to the office.

"ah you must be Miss Rodovlast" she heard as a handsome man in a wheelchair came closer to her to shake her hand.

"pleased to meet you, professor," she said with a smile.

"please sit," he said as offered her a chair which she gladly took "see you in person miss I am quite surprised"

"why is that," she asked him.

"well…with everything that has gone on, mutants don't have the best name I'm public so I'm quite surprised that you are willing to work here"

"I've seen what the media say about mutants but trust me, I don't care about it," she said with a smile.

"I can tell that you're a kind person miss and if it's alright with you, we would love to have you here at the school," he said to her.

"I would love to work here, thank you so much for this," she said as they shook hands again. "so, when would you like me to move in"

"whenever you're ready "the professor replied as he escorted her to the door "once again miss aria welcome to the family"

"thank you, professor," she said as she turned to leave.

Once she was gone, Ororo turned to the professor "sir I must ask, why would you hire a human to teach here"

"just like she is ready to not let our differences bother her then I don't think that the fact that she is human should be a problem, in fact, I think it's one small but significant step to human and mutant relationships.

It was a sunny afternoon at the institute, kitty and rouge walked to their last class of the day which was music and dance, it was suspended for a while due to the former teacher quitting due to stress related issues.

Hey, I heard we have a new teacher" rouge heard her fellow classmate say causing her to shake her head at their immaturity, so she just found a seat and took it hoping for the class to start soon.

"I bet she going to be really mean and ugly just like the last one," said another voice.

"I hope she doesn't stay long" she heard, but then the door opened and in came the professor and storm.

"alright boys and girls settle down," he said as he clapped his hand urging them to their seat "now I noticed that we didn't have a music teacher for a while so allow me to introduce your new teacher," he said as they all turned toward the door as she came in.

"Oh wow" some of the boys whispered as she stepped in, she was about 5'3 and was wearing a long blue shirt with black trousers and black flats, her long dark brown hair was held up in a ponytail and out of her face, she had light brown skin and lovely hazel eyes that were complimented with her glasses, she had a beautiful smile and had a beautiful thick figure which often drew unwanted attention from men, hence her love for loose clothing.

"Class, this is Miss Rodovlast I'm sure you will get along just fine," he said as he turned to her "they're all your aria," he said as they left her, she turned to the class with a smile.

"well hello guys as told by the professor my name is Miss Aria Chibessa Rodovlast and I will be your music and dance teacher from now on, now since this out first class together, I think it would be best if we use this time to get to know each other, so if you have any question please feel free to ask" she said as the class began.

First-hand to go up belonged to kitty.

"alright then, can I have your name and question," aria said with a smile.

"it's kitty and I just wanted to know where you name came from, it's quite unique," she said with a smile.

"well kitty, my first name aria is Italian and is a term used in opera, my middle name Chibessa which is also my African name means I was born into wealth and my last name Rodovlast which is also African means born at the right time," Aria replied with a smile.

"cool" kitty said as she took her seat, then rouge raised her hand up.


"the names rouge and I want to know what's your musical taste like favourites," she asked.

"hmm well my musical taste is pretty broad, I like rock and roll, classics, sometimes hip-hop but I am particularly partial to old school music and ballads, my favourite song one of them at least has to be the lion sleeps tonight by Lebo-m, it one of my favourites to both sing and dance to" she replied as more hands went up.

The question and answer session was going well, the students were curious and asked questions like "What quirky habit do you have? Talking to herself", What is the one place in the world you wish you lived in? Hawaii", "What was your favourite childhood toy? Her white teddy named Alex" and "How do you spend your free time, and where do you like to go? Reading, singing and going on walks in the woods and spending time with people close to her" all of which she answered with a smile.

But then a boy asked.

"why teach as a mutant school when you're human" to which she replied.

"human or mutant, I don't care what you are, if you are willing to let me teach you then I willing to do the teaching and besides, I'm assuming you all like music and dance or you won't be here," she asked as she got a positive reply.

"I guess what I'm trying to say is that I don't care what the news might call you guys, in my eyes you are all children and my students because being human or mutant is not a criterion to be in this class" she said as she looked at their faces, most of them looked…touched while some still seemed unsure but she didn't blame them one bit.

"now in the last few minutes, I'm going to separate the class into 3 groups so if you want to do strictly music aka instruments and singing, raise your right hand. If you want to do just dance, then raise your left, you want to do both then no hand up" she said as she began to count. By the time, she was done the class was split into 3 almost equal groups.

"alright then let's take some names, rouge since you want music can you take the name of those that want to do just music, and kitty can you take the names of rest but on a separate list please," she asked.

"sure "rouge said as she began.

"no problem teach," kitty said as she did her assignment as well. Aria watched with a smile, she could see that she was going to enjoy teaching here at the institute.

The class was finally over, aria sat at her desk and arranged her papers before she picked her bag and left the room, only to see Ororo waiting for her.

"so how was your first day aria," she asked as they walked together, after finding out that aria was African as well, their friendship began to blossom which was great as she finally had someone to talk to.

"it was great Ro, I love teaching here," she said with a smile as they entered the lift.

"well I'm glad you're enjoying yourself" Ororo replied with a smile, she was happy that aria was settling in.

"yeah, I was great meeting the other teachers but tell me, is Logan always grumpy or is that just me" aria said causing them to both giggles.

"yeah, he's anti-social but that's just him, he really is a good person," Ororo said as the doors opened and they stepped out "so got anything planned for the evening"

"yeah, I quickly need to go into town to pick some things for my room," she said as they got to her room door, "you need anything," she asked.

"no thanks aria, you get going to that you can get back in time or would you like me to come with you," Ororo asked her.

"Nah I'll be fine," she said as she stepped into her room "see ya later," she said to Ororo.

"be careful aria" Ororo called as she left.

"I will," she said as she closed her door.

Aria looked around as she walked around the mall, now dressed in a pair of high-waisted black jeans, a red top and a matching leather jacket with a pair of trainers on her feet. her makeup was minimal and her hair was down. She walked into a store and began to look around the home section for some things for her room, she enjoyed being out by herself but for some reason, she felt like she was being followed.

She looked around but when she saw no one she blamed it on nerves and continued with her shopping. Once she was done in the store, she walked into her favourite makeup store to see what new toys she could get.

She looked over the new palettes and compacts, she saw a bronzer she liked so she picked it up and looked into its mirror, but as she looked she saw a pair of eyes looking into the mirror as well, causing her to turn around only to see they were gone.

"dear lord what is going on," she said she said as she shook her head and continued to look around.

Once she was done shopping, she decided to go get a late lunch at a nearby burger joint, she walked into the restaurant and walked up to the counter as she made her order of a cheeseburger, sweet potato fries and an Oreo milkshake. She paid and went to sit in a booth not too far from the kitchen.

She looked up at the T.V as she heard another report about the mutant threat which had her roll her eyes, just like people there was good mutants and bad mutants just because they looked different didn't make them any less human she thought to herself as she turned from the T.V and looked at her phone.

Soon her order came and she began to eat but once again she felt like she was being watched and now it was getting scary, she quickly ate her food and got her shake to go as she picked up her bag and left the restaurant and made her way to the car park and hopped into her car, she still looked around before she started the car and drove out, unaware that on a roof nearby, two glowing eyes narrowed as she drove away .

After a while, she drove into the institute making sure the gate locked behind her, she then locked her car and went inside, making sure to lock the door behind her. it's a shame that she didn't have the best sight, or else she would have seen the two eyes that had been looking at her since she came out of the car. Aria locked the door only to feel a presence behind her so she quickly turned around only to see Ororo.

"oh, Ororo it's you," she said as she shook her head.

"aria is you alright," she asked as she led her into the kitchen and sat her down.

"call me paranoid but I could almost swear that…someone has been stalking me," she said as Ororo gave her a glass of water.

"and when did you notice this" they heard as they professor came into the kitchen.

"while I was at the mall sir," she said as he looked at her with concerned eyes.

"did you see them," he asked but she shook her head.

"no, I didn't…I…I just felt it" she said as she looked at him.

"it's alright aria you're safe here," Ororo said as she rubbed her back.

"Ororo is right, I'm sure it was nothing to work about," the professor said to her as they comforted her, how wrong they were.

He saw her as soon as she stepped out of the car, her long dark brown flowed in the slight breeze causing him to admire its loose curls, she had light brown skin which he wanted to touch it to see if it was as soft as it looked. When she turned towards him, he was finally able to see her face, and simply put it was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen, lovely brown eyes that she complimented with her glasses, a cute nose sat on her face which showed off plump and beautiful lips perfect for kissing and biting. Moving to her body and what she was wearing, was it simple, yes but it showed that she had a beautiful figure, which he very much liked. He watched her walked up into the mansion and enter it, and within seconds her scent had reached his nose, making his mouth water, his chest rumble and his pupils narrow.

He never thought it possible but he knew one thing.

He was hooked on her scent which caused him to rumble out one word.


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