Aria slowly opened her eyes as she came to consciousness, her eyes adjusting to her surrounding which came as a shock to her as she realised where she was.

"what the…" she said as she found herself in a plain room, the only thing in the room was the bed, but right at the end of it was an open laptop which she ignored at first as she tried to open the door but to no success.

After a few tries, she gave up on opening the door and sat on the bed. She looked down and saw the laptop which suddenly looked interesting to her as she took it and opened it, it was already on and a page came up.

"what the?!" she said as she looked at the page, it was all of her information, her birth details, school and health records, her private information and closest contacts.

She continued to look at them and wondered where all the information came from?

"having fun" she heard causing her to look up and see a red-haired woman with a smirk on her face. Aria frowned as she got up and walked up to her "who are you and where am I?" she asked causing the woman to laugh as her appearance suddenly changed into…herself?

"the name is not important but if you do as I say…you won't get hurt," the imposter said to her.

Aria frowned as she looked as her, it was strange to speak to herself "why do you have all of my information and how did you get them "

"I got them…from victor, tell me aria…have you ever wondered why he's so interested in you"

"he…he calls me his…mate…which I still don't understand "aria said to…herself.

Her imposter laughed as she said that "well then little girl…let me fill you in "

Ororo and the girls came back to the institute before they ran to Charles's office, Ororo stormed into the room with a panicked look.

"professor we ha…" she started before she pinned to the wall by victor, her eyes began to turn white as she looked at him, but her eyes dimmed with fear as she saw the look in his eyes. His eyes had turned completely black with crimson slits gazed into her soul.

"where…is …my…mate "he rumbled, it was a low rumble but that was what made it even scarier as she felt a chill run down her spine.

"i…I…I don't know, all we could find…was this" she said as showed him a black piece of cloth. Victor growled as he took it and dropped her to ground, allowing her to catch her breath.

Victor brought the piece of cloth to his nose as he inhaled her scent, her sweet scent both calmed and angered him, when he got his claws on whoever took her…their end would be both long and painful.

"victor" he heard caused him to slowly turn around, the combination of his eyes, his long mane which framed his face, his sharp fangs bared in a snarl and his stance which showed him off as nothing but a predator.

"victor…we'll get her back "the professor calmly said, but his reply was a growl.

"no…I'll get her back "he growled as he looked at them, he knew that he had to get moving before her scent went cold.

"and cause a mass panic with your less than subtle ways," the professor said causing Victor to growl louder, this talking was getting him nowhere. His mate was missing, and his beast was thirsty for blood.

"let us help you…we know you're worried about her, but you can't do this by yourself and plus…you two are not on the best of terms" Charles explained but his reply was victor walking over to his opened window.

"I don't care that she must hate me, she probably does…but she's my mate and I'm her alpha, she's mine to protect and I will get her back" he growled before he jumped out of the window and ran into the night on all fours, he had her scent and didn't care that they would probably follow him so long as they stayed out of his way.

Aria frowned as she looked at her imposter who was looking back at her with a smirk.

"you see aria…I don't have anything against you really and the truth is that… "she said as turned to the door and unlocked it "you are free to go"

"what the catch?" aria asked her, this was too easy…you don't just kidnap someone and then after a talk, let them go.

"no catch but…" she smirked as they looked each other eye to eye "I've gotten what I wanted"

"which is?"

"I can tell that you probably hate victor…I mean why wouldn't you, he treated you horrible from the moment you met. He treated you like a possession, wanted you to do everything he said, scared you and hurt you" she said "but now…knowing what he did…how he went behind your back and looked at such personal information" she said as she looked at aria "you must really despise him"

"I would be the judge of that" Aria said as she walked her "and for the record…you didn't have to kidnap me and don't ever try it again " aria glared as she walked out of the room, she walked down the hallway of the rundown building and at the end, she found herself outside in the forest and looked around and saw that there was a highway but it was a while away. So, with a sigh, she began to walk.

Narrowed eyes watched her from the window as she walked away into the forest, it was dark and she knew that aria had a good walk before she reached the highway…unfortunately, she wasn't going to make it as she heard a growl which caused her to smirk as she pulled out a small remote and pushed the button, once she did a trap door opened and some dark shadows ran out and chased after aria.

"sorry my dear…but you're in my way and I need him" she smirked as she walked away, her appearance changed back into her normal red-haired appearance.

Aria continued walking through the forest as she thought about her wild day, she wanted to get home, but she knew going back to the institute, would mean that she had to see him, and she didn't want to see him at all.

As she thought to herself, she heard a rustle in the woods causing her to stop as she looked around the clearing before she continued to walk towards the highway. But then she heard the growl again and it was a lot closer, causing her to stop and look around.

"h…hello?" she said as she looked around, she began to shake as she felt that she wasn't alone anymore and on instinct, she began to run and as she ran, she heard footsteps and growls behind her.

She continued to run, further and further away from the highway, the dense forest made it harder to run away from whatever was chasing her. She looked ahead and saw a tree which was easy for her climb, she just hoped that whatever was chasing wouldn't be able to follow her. Using her momentum, she managed to climb into the tree and once she was felt she was high enough, she looked down and saw the dark shadows growl and pace as their glowing eyes looked up at her.

Wolves, she thought as she looked down at them, thankfully she was high enough not to get her, but she knew how persistent they could be. She whimpered as they growled and snapped at the tree. She looked around and realised that she couldn't see the high way anymore, but that wasn't her worst fear…she then realised that the tree she was hiding in was dead and that the branch she was standing on could break at any time.

She froze in fear as she looked around, during her abduction her lost her bag which had her phone and communicator in it, so she couldn't call for help. "somebody please helps me" she cried as she looked around as she heard the wolves growl and snap at the branch. The branch could break at any time and she would have no chance against them.

She held on to the tree as a heavy breeze blew through causing her to scream as she heard the tree creak from the weight, her scream ran through the forest as she held on.

He continued to run through the forest on all fours like a wild animal, all the animals moved out of the raging feral's way. He couldn't help thinking of all the ways he was going to dismember whoever took his mate, his beast was roaring for their blood and he was going to get it. He growled as a heavy breeze blew past his face but then his eyes widened as a familiar scent came to his nose and his suspicion was only confirmed when he heard her scream. He roared as his huge arms and legs ploughed through the forest towards her, he was pissed but at the same time, he was also for the first time…a little scared.

Aria whimpered the wolves continued to growl, snarl and headbutt the tree, they wouldn't go away, and the tree could give at any time, she whimpered as she thought about her life and how this could be her end.

"somebody helps me "she cried out as she looked around, hearing the branch crack again. But then the growls from the wolves was overpowered by a loud roar, she whimpered as she closed her eyes and heard the growls, roars and whimpers beneath her.

She then heard a yelp as something heavy hit the tree and the impact was strong enough to lose her balance, knocking her out off the tree. She screamed as she fell expecting to hit the ground, but the ground never came as she landed on something hard and…warm. The whole encounter of her day came crashing down on her as she started to cry. The warm being held her close as she heard him rumble, her tears rolled down her face as she held on to him.

"I've got you kitten" he heard him rumble as he held her close and began to walk back.