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1) This is an Alternate Universe: It takes place after the Majin Buu Saga and the events of Super and GT are not involved (I am not the biggest fan of Super yet. It may win me over, but so far...meh)
2) This is predominately a dragon ball z fanfiction, but I will be incorporating many other universes into this story. It's based off a story idea I had when I was a kid when I watched all my favorite anime and played my games and thought, "What if all these worlds were one?"

That's enough of my blabbering, here's the prologue and I hope you enjoy it!

Dragon Ball Galaxy


After Goku and Vegeta saved the Earth from Majin Buu, the heroes knew that something had to be done to stop all the endless threats to there beloved planet, which had been completely destroyed and wished back as a result to the galactic battle with Buu. It wasn't only Buu but in the prior battles as well. Against Cell, and the Androids, and even against the Sayains. Earth had become Ground Zero for threats, domestic and galactic. As all of Earth finest heroes of the past and present gathered on Kami's lookout, they knew something had to be done to be better at protecting their beloved home.

"I'll just say it…." Piccolo spoke first, as technically they were all meeting in his home. "We can't keep letting the Earth into this kind of peril."

"We save it every time." Krillin responded with a slight shrug. "I don't know what the big deal is!"

"Goku saves it every time..." Tien's tone was grave and serious, as usual. "The point is he won't be around forever….and we can't keep depending on him."

"Well, I had an idea…" Goku spoke, looking up into the sky. "You know, there was a time when the Sayains first attacked Earth that we referred to ourselves as Earth's Special Forces. You remember that? What if...what if we became something more organized? You know, like an actual special force designated to protect Earth. I just feel like as a Sayain who has been brought to this planet, it's kind of my responsibility to protect those who are weaker then me. What do the rest of you think? "

"I agree, Dad!" Gohan responded, knowing that his father was mostly speaking to the Sayains. "If this is our home, it's our responsibility to use our power to keep it safe...Or at least safer then it has been! I've always wanted to live a normal life...You know, study hard, get a good job, and live a normal human life….but that's just not me, is it? It's really not any of us."

"How you would want to settle for a ridiculous human existence is beyond me." Vegeta scoffed at Gohan's comments. "But….in the last several years I have learned to call this pathetic excuse for a planet home...and even started a family. If Earth is to be protected, then it makes sense that I must be the one to do it."

"And just ten years ago you were going to destroy the whole place!" Goku beamed with pride in his friend, "You've really turned into good guy, Vegeta!"

"Don't make me sick..." Vegeta crossed his arms and looked to the other direction. "Perhaps we need more organization. A hierarchy of power, an upgraded facility to guard the planet….and yes, perhaps even more soldiers to protect this planet."

"As it turns out..." A voice came from inside the Lookout palace. "You may have more help then you have anticipated."

Everyone turned around to see Mr. Popo walking towards them holding a crystal ball swirling, revealing many figures of extraordinary humans. "We constantly have reports of people from all over the Earth that use magical, mystic or supernatural power to fight the forces of evil. None are of the caliber of your group here, but we have heard of everything from a group of samurais fighting against the monsters of the Netherworlds, to young ladies who gain mystical amulets that give them the power to fight forces of evil. Perhaps these individuals would all like to join your cause and help protect the Earth as well, together."

"Let's do it then!" Goku said with a big smile on his face, "We can do better at keeping people safe, I just know it! Let's make sure that what happened with Majin Buu never happens again!"

"Who knows," Krillin said to Goku with a wry smile to his best friend since childhood, "Maybe we'll discover some person with even more power then you!"

"Don't count on it." Vegeta mumbled to himself as he jumped off the lookout to fly home, "I've seen what this planet has to offer, and I'm not impressed."

Years went by as Goku and the rest of the Earth's Special Forces worked to expand their organization to help better defend the world from domestic and galactic threats. With the help of Bulma and capsule Corp, they upgraded the Lookout to become a more fortified and useful defense for the Earth. They also created a large space station known as Paragon which would become a training facility for thousands of Earth's finest talent in battle. The time for Goku being Earth's only hero was over. In the times to come with the threats on their way, it was time for the rest of the galaxy to know that Earth was not a target easily messed with.