A/N: Thank you for making this far into the story! I hope you are loving reading it as much as I am loving to write it! This seventh chapter marks the end of my "Fusion Saga", which as you might have guessed, is all about how Andrew and Crono meet and become the main character of my story, also named Crono. By the end of this chapter, we will see some Z-Fighters for the FIRST time since the prologue! It's brief, but after Chapter Seven you will see a lot more of the dragon ball universe in the story.

Chapter Seven

Round Two With Vegas

"Crono!" Marle screamed loudly as she watched her friend take an energy blast to the chest and fly into the distance, his blood leaving a faint trail.

Marle rushed towards her fallen friend, only to hear her other partner Lucca yell at her. "Marle! Watch your back! He's coming our way." Marle turned around to see Vegas, the short plump sayain warrior descending her way, with murderous intent.

Marle's eyes once again turned blue as she mustered up more magical energy to direct into her crossbow. She shot three ice arrows at the villain, only to watch him swat them away like flies. As Vegas landed, he grabbed her by the neck and clenched tightly. Marle struggled to breath.

"Get your dirty hands off her you creep!" Lucca spoke as she shot several useless bullets at the Sayain Elite.

"I will finish you both off together, in one shot!" Vegas yelled, the thrill of battle overtaking him, as he threw Marle into the direction of Lucca.

The flying princess hit the inventor hard and the two flew into a large hard rock, which very uncomfortably broke their fall. Vegas smiled as he created a large ball of energy powerful enough to completely dissolve both girls.

"You two fought to the best of your ability." The soldier spoke, "But unfortunately your race is far inferior to mine. Which is why you have to go!" With these words, Vegas launched the purple energy ball towards Marle and Lucca, expecting to never see them again.

A gust of wind swept past Vegas, and about took his breath away. He was surprised to see another figure enter the battle scene. The Sayain was barely able to track his movements, they were so fast. The figure rushed and grabbed the sword that had been used in battle not to long ago, and then he jumped into the air and landed in between the energy ball and the two girls. With a swift and powerful slash, the warrior cut the energy ball in two, dissipating it.

As the energy faded away, Vegas was shocked to see the new figure enter the scene. He looked very similar to the red headed boy that the Sayain had killed earlier. Vegas was very confused, and very curious as to who this new contender was.

"Who the hell are you?" He asked, "You look just like that other kid I killed not to long ago. Except you have black hair instead of red, black eyes instead of blue...and oh yeah, you're not mortally wounded."

Crono smiled as he pointed his sword in a fighting pose in Vegas's direction, and spoke. "I don't really know how to answer that, monkey-boy. I am the same person that you thought you killed, and at the same time I am not…Let's just keep it simple, yes I am Crono...and no I am not dead."

"Not dead…yet!" Vegas interjected as the two lunged towards each other. The Sayain would make sure this time when he beat the boy down, he would stay down for good.

As the Sayain swung for a powerful punch, he was astounded that Crono was able to block the fist with his sword. Further more, the sword cut through Vegas's energy protecting his body, and was able to cut into the flesh of his fist. The soldier cried out in pain, as blood gushed out of his hand.

Vegas quickly jumped backwards, and tapped on his scouter to observe the swordsman's power level. He was at once shocked the number that he saw for a quick second, before the scouter blew into pieces.

Watching the scouter blow up, made Crono laugh hard. He spoke in between laughs. "I remember that happening in the show all the time! I am surprised you bad guys never got those things fixed. Or at least learned how to read power levels."

"I have no idea what you are talking about..." Vegas growled at his opponent, who now as making him very angry. "Nor do I know how you got so strong so quickly, but I will not stand for it!"

Crono's eyes dashed backwards to his injured friends, and he yelled out to them. "Lucca, Marle! Get out of here, I'll finish him up quickly….just liked we planned."

Both girls were so confused at what they were seeing. Who was this person? Was it Crono? He sounded like him, he looked similar to him...but Crono had never been this powerful! They looked at each other, rose to their feet, and began to move away.

Vegas cussed in anger as his prey began to leave. He would not let them stay alive any longer, he flew into the air and zoomed towards them. Crono smiled, realizing his enemy had fallen for the bait. He quickly jumped up and lunged his sword into the chest of the Sayain, and slashed outward, dealing a critical deathblow. As the girls rushed away, Vegas fell to the ground dead, and Crono returned his katana to it's rightful place, tied into his white sash.

Now that the battle was over, the youth was overwhelmed with excitement. Never had he ever been in such an exhilarating environment! As Andrew, even though he wasn't to sure what his life was like before, he was fairly certain he never was in any kind of battle like that. And as Crono, pre-fusion, he had never had such power at his disposal. Whatever had become was something amazing.

Crono's excitement was interrupted as three more figures fell from the sky. They were stunned to see the dead sayain on the ground, and Crono standing over it's body with his bloodied sword. None of them knew him, but he knew of the three very well. In amazement, Crono prepared himself to meet Krilin, Tien, and Yamcha.

Saga Ending Note: Crono will return along with the Z Fighters in my next fanfiction called Dragon Ball Galaxy: The Sayain Invasion. I hope you read it when it comes out, and thank you for reading this piece!