Littlefoot lay asleep near dawn, Ali, Pato, and Emelia beside him. In his Sleep Story, he hears the voice of his grandfather, who had passed away 18 months earlier. "I miss you. I mean, you are my only grandfather that I ever knew. I never met Dad's father." Littlefoot said.

"That is because your father's parents were banished from our herd a year before you hatched. They were not like us. They were greedy. They wanted to take food from other herds for themselves. Indeed, they also wanted to take over the homes of dinosaurs that they thought had better places to live than they did and kick those dinosaurs out. They got our herd into a many scuffles because of their actions. After we lost some of our herd due to one scuffle, they were banished for life. They vowed to get even, but we never saw them again." said Grandpa Longneck.

Littlefoot awoke as he felt something prodding him. It was his wife Ali telling him to get up. He yawned and stretched. He wondered if his Sleep Story was just that, or if it was true. He had never known about his other grandparents. He decided to visit his father.

"Ali, could you watch the kids for a while? I've got to find out something." he said.

"What are you doing?" she asked.

"Going to see my father." he replied.

"What for? You just saw him recently. His herd left two risings and settings of the Bright Cricle ago." she explained his Sleep Story to her. When he was done, she said "It could well be just a Sleep Story. However, I know you, it will drive you mad till you find out. So, yes, go. But you're dealing with the kids all day when you get back."