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Chapter Sixteen "After Effects"

In an alley during midnight, there was a long narrow straight alley, with both sides blocked by concrete walls. Seven youths surrounded the one boy in the alleyway. The seven youths were holding onto things like switchblades, batons and any objects that could be used as a weapon and were easy to get legally.

Their eyes were bloodshot. Hungering to tear apart their prey. Someone who was once known as the strongest Esper, Level 5 Rank 1, Accelerator. Many had attempted to win the title of strongest from Accelerator only to be sent into the hospital with injuries or even deaths depending on how Accelerator had felt depending when he was attacked in the past. Now, after the once undefeated Accelerator had been defeated and crippled by Mikoto Misaka, Accelerator was being preyed upon for revenge for those who had been hurt or killed by him.

Wasn't I doing the right thing back then? Those hooligans I sent to the hospital or killed had been the ones attacking me. I had only been acting in self-defense. So, what I did was justified. Accelerator thought. "What do you want? If it's money you want then you can have it." Accelerator said as he threw out his wallet from his pockets.

"Oh my god, do you see this, bro."

"I see, bro. The mighty Accelerator reduced to a defenseless teenager."

The hooligans began to laugh.

Accelerator gritted his teeth. Accelerator had lost count how many times he had been tracked down, forced into the alleyway and surrounded by hooligans since being discharged from the hospital and his crippled condition becoming well known. The first few weeks since the loss of his psychic powers had resulted in him in and out of the hospital several times for injuries inflicted by hooligans, who wanted revenge on him for his past deeds.

"I've dropped my wallet. You can take the money. Can you please just let me go?" Accelerator said in a polite tone, biting back the urge to say something rude.

"Poor Accelerator. He was so hurt by Mikoto Misaka that he lost his abilities."

"I heard he doesn't even emit an AIM Field anymore."

"Are you serious? Even Level 0s who don't show any abilities emit an AIM field."

"Oh, my god. Why does he even go by the name Accelerator then. Wasn't that his nickname as an Esper? Are you telling me that his name is legitimately, Accelerator?! Ahaahaaaahaaaa!"

Accelerator had just come back from a convenience store so he was holding onto a plastic bag with a shop brand on it. The plastic bag was swaying about, and there were more than ten cans of something like coffee in that fully filled bag. Or at least, that was what it looked like.

"Is that a…?"

The hooligans attempted to plug their ears and close their eyes as quickly as possible, but it was too late. They were to slow in their reactions. The flashbang that was hidden amongst Accelerator's shopping hit the ground before going off. Producing blinding light and ear-deafening sound.

"Just because I don't have my powers anymore doesn't mean I'm defenceless!" Accelerator shouted as he began to plummet the closest hooligan, who was blinded and deafened by the flashbang.

The effects of the flashbang lasted half a minute, more than enough time for Accelerator to knock unconscious 3 out of the 7 hooligans.

"You're going to pay for that mother fucker-!" The hooligan shouted before he was he was cut off.

Another flashbang went off. That was another half a minute of time that Accelerator had to plummet the rest of the hooligans to unconsciousness while they were disorientated.

"Thank god, one of the scientist from the cancelled Level 6 Shift Project had the sympathy to help me out." Accelerator said thankfully to the new additions that had helped him deal with the recent encounters of hooligans. "I better check if they need any maintenance." He muttered to himself as he lightly tapped his eyes and began to clear his ears out. "System check."

"All systems are full functional, Accelerator-sama. Schedule maintenance does not occur for another 51 second, 31 minutes and 78 hours." A voice spoke into Accelerator's ears.

Academy City never ceased to amaze Accelerator. It was said that Academy City was two to three decades ahead in science and technology than the rest of the world. One such product of Academy City's science and technology was the ocular and audial implants. The implants offered a staggering number options that was not possible with the natural human eyes and ears, one such instantons polarization and hearing muting that allowed him to be immune to the effects of a flashbang.

"What were you called again, I forgot." Accelerator muttered.

"The Visual and Audial Enhancement Protocols or VAEP for short as many people have come to call me, Accelerator-sama."

Something that had come with the ocular and audial implants had been an incredible advanced Artificial Intelligence that was housed in the implants themselves and had the processing power to compete with even low-end supercomputers. The purpose of the AI was to assist in him, Accelerator, whenever possible with the implants.

"VAEP, please call the authorities. And also forward all the data you picked up from my implants as proof that this was a case of self-defense."

"Of course, Accelerator-sama."

"Now, what should I do?"

- O -

In another alleyway, Mikoto Misaka was in a very similar position to Accelerator.

"Man, I hate to hit a girl."

"Bro, you're being sexist. Today is the time of gender equality. Lady's first and not hitting women is something that you shouldn't care about."

"That's why you don't have a girlfriend, bro!"

"Don't bring this up now, bro!"

"Shut it you two! Now isn't the time for that. We got ourselves Level 5 Rank 1, Railgun, Mikoto Misaka trapped. If we defeat her then we have the title of Strongest in Academy City for ourselves."

"I'm starting to regret defeating Accelerator." Mikoto sighed. "None of you can defeat me. So why are you going to bother?"

"You're not Accelerator with his former reflect ability. So, this is going to work." A hooligan said as he withdrew a gun from his pocket and pointed it at Mikoto. The hooligan fired the pistol.

At Level 5, Mikoto's mental capacity far outstripped a great majority of humanity – not intelligence-wise, but in the output and input of information for the brain to process. Her brain could crunch out the likely path and how fast the bullet was moving in an instant. She just had to move her body in a way with that new information. That resulted in Mikoto predicting the bullet and how to avoid the danger.

"Are you serious?! She didn't even use her psychic powers and avoided a bullet a point-blank range."

"No, she is not the reason. You fucked up."

"How can I fuck up at this distance! I shot her from less than five meters away! Do you know how fast a bullet travels!"

"That's why I told you bro, pistols are for pussies. You got to use a proper weapon of a gangster. Like this big boy, the MAC-10."

The newly revealed weapon was unlike the puny-looking semi-automatic pistol. It was something like an older brother, who was muscled up and large compared to his younger and smaller brother. MAC-10. That was the name of the new weapon. Unlike the earlier used pistol, it fired as long as the trigger was held down and there was ammo. When the gun was fired it was like a machine gun, but unlike a machine gun that fired rifle-calibre rounds, pistols-caliber rounds were fired.

The bullets all stopped from hitting Mikoto and remained suspended in the air.

"Shit!" The hooligans screamed as Mikoto sent back the bullets at them.

Many of the hooligans had fainted. They had expected to be killed by the bullets. No intending to kill them, Mikoto slowed down the velocity of the bullets down significant at the last moment. When the hooligans were hit, they suffered bruises and bone fractures. Those few hooligans that didn't faint began to ran away. Some of them staying behind to grab their unconscious comrades, and then run away.

Mikoto pocketed out her phone and pressed the recent addition to her phone, a thin layer of transparent crystal that covered her screen.

"Hello, who is this?"

"Konori-senpai. It's me, Mikoto Misaka."

"Misaka-san, how many times have I told you. Please call me by my real name, Rin Tohsaka." Rin said over the phone.

"Sorry, force of habit. I'm still not used to that. Tohsaka-senpai."

"Anyways... Why did you call?"

"I'm calling to report another incident."

"Hooligans attacked you again?" Rin sighed. "This is the 58th incident this month. The 197th incident since you defeated Accelerator."

"Don't blame me, Senpai! I didn't fight Accelerator for this to happen. I did it to save my sisters." Mikoto protested.

"I understand. Anti-Skill is pestering me to tell you that you should directly call them instead of me."

"Is it that obvious?"

"How isn't obvious? There has been 197th incidents with just you alone. Do you know how many more incidents have been caused by your sisters?"

"Let me guess? A thousand?"

"Are you serious, Misaka-san?! It's fifty-thousand incidents in a span of two months. Involving nearly ten thousand of your sisters."

"Thank god, Anti-Skills hasn't contacted my mother about my sisters. I can only imagine how my mother will react to learn there are nearly 10,000 clones of me..."


"If you could call Anti-Skill and report it from a tip of an anonymous source, I would be grateful. Thanks, Tohsaka-senpai."

"Fine, I will. Just call me if you need anything."

"Okay, I will." Mikoto replied before ending the call.

Mikoto looked at the thin, transparent crystal that went over her phone screen like a screen protector. It was an object that represented something that she had never believed was real. Magic and Magicians existed – though for some strange reason, Shirou and Rin protested vehemently that they were correctly called it was properly called Magecraft and Mages, respectively. Something that she had dismissed as fairy tales and something that was misunderstood for what had become known as psychic powers and their users, Espers.

Magic was real and she couldn't deny it, not after seeing Shirou and Rin demonstrate time and time again abilities that were outside an Esper's speciality. Shirou had demonstrated a wide range of elemental abilities such as fire, water, air and earth-based abilities while Rin had done the same with matter manipulation that she called alchemy. The strongest and irrevocable proof that magic was real to Mikoto was how Rin had used a magic circle to conduct a magic ritual to connect her to the Misaka Network.

She shivered. It had been nearly two months since she had defeated Accelerator and joined in the Misaka Network. Mikoto was still getting used to be part of it. She had learned to tune out the constant flex of information going in and out of the Misaka Network, but it was still unnerving to learn everything that her brain did was being recorded, but thankfully it was less unnerving to know that the only people with access to those records happened to be her sisters, who she trusted more than anyone in the world, as she had gone through all their memories to learn who they truly were. And she as the administrator of the Misaka Network could restrict who had access to her memories.

Is there anyone nearby? Mikoto asked, broadcasting her thoughts over the Misaka Network.

Is there something you need, Onee-sama? One of her sister's replied.

Who is this?

This is Misaka-13451.

Mikoto had mixed feelings about how her sisters called themselves. The good thing about them using her surname followed by numbers in their names made it unnecessary to remember the names of her sisters. If they all had a unique name, it would be a nightmare to remember. Nearly ten thousand names... What saddened was her sisters' use of her surname and numbers, which constantly remembered her of the Level 6 Shift Project that had been cancelled. 10,030 of her sisters had died. She was also reminded of those who had died and the project that she wanted to forget about. She had once asked her sisters if they wanted to change their names, but they refused saying it was part of who they were and their past.

Can you cover for me? Kuroko would worry and I would get into trouble with the dorm supervisor.

Onee-sama, you ain't going out past curfew to buy Gekota merchandise, are you?

Of course, not! Mikoto protested, but something told her that her sister didn't believe her.

Well have fun, Onee-sama. Misaka-13451 responded and before she cut of the connection, Mikoto swore she heard her sister was laughing evilly like she was planning to do something that Mikoto didn't like was going to happen.

"Well the sisters, have gotten more lively." Mikoto said happily as a smirk quickly found itself on Mikoto's face. "I don't even need to go to class anymore. I can have the sisters cover for everything since they look and sound exactly the same as I. Heeheeeeeheeee…"

- O -

"Onee-sama!" Kuroko screamed happily.

"Oh hey, Kuroko." Misaka-13451 replied as she entered the room and closed the door behind.

"Onee-sama, it's so good to be able touch and smell you again." Kuroko announced as she began to sniff and hug Misaka. "Heeeheeeeheeee…" Kuroko began to crackle evilly as her hands began to roam over Misaka's body. "I missed this!"


"Yes, Onee-sama?!" Kuroko shouted happily in blissful tone like she was in nirvana as she snuggled against Misaka's body and let her hands roam freely.

"Do you love me?" Mikoto asked.

"… Why did you say, Onee-sama?!" Kuroko chirped, not believing what she had just heard.

"I just asked you if you love me?"

"Of course, I love you! Onee-sama!" Kuroko pronounced.

"In what fashion?" Misaka asked as she tilted her head.

"I-I-In W-w-wh-what way?!" Kuroko spluttered at the impossibility that she was hearing her Onee-sama said to her.

"I wanted to know what kind of love you had for me."

"…" Kuroko could only stare in silence as she carefully thought how to word her response because her Onee-sama wasn't acting how she usually did. Then she realized her Onee-sama hadn't reacted like she normally would. "Onee-sama are you okay?"

"Are you asking that question in response from lack of shocking you usually get when you grab my breasts or any other part of my body in a perverted nature? I also wanted to ask. Are you a maochoist? Are you trying to turn me into a sadist by getting me to shock you? Do you want that kind of a relationship?" Misaka inquired with a straight face.

"Onee-sama! Of course not!" Kuroko protested.

"Then why do you seem to enjoy getting shocked after doing something perverted?"


"Just kidding, don't worry, Kuroko." Misaka said as she had her amusement before reigning in her mischievous urge. "Judgement training was relatively easy. Well the physical training and where they tested my psychic powers. It was learning about all the regulations and etc that was troubling, but I somehow made it through."

"How did you make it through?" Kuroko said in shock, remembering that her Onee-sama couldn't at all for her life follow many of the regulations that Judgement followed like no property damage when possible and excessive use of violence.

"Tohsaka-senpai helped out."

"Tohsaka-senpai? Is that someone in Judgement you made friends with at the training camp?"

"Oh, I forgot. Konori-senpai, keeps telling to call her by her recently and legally changed name, Rin Tohsaka. Do you know anything about that?"

"Oh, Konori-senpai." Kuroko said as she finally understood. "Now that you mention that, I have been seeing that gentleman a lot. The guy called Shirou Emiya that Konori-senpai had 'conscripted'." She began to wag her brows in a suggestive manner. "I think he has a serious relationship by how Konori-senpai reacts so differently around him."

Misaka frowned. Her elder sister and sisters found Shirou Emiya, birth name Touma Kamijou, and Rin Tohsaka, who was just changed her name and formerly known as Mii Konori, was an incredible mystery. After the influence Mikoto's memories had upon her joining the Misaka Network, the Misaka Sisters had come to enjoy live, but when they weren't doing that they were doing all they could to find out magic and their practitioners. The real kind and not the false information that was everywhere in the internet, books and popular culture. She had her sisters had failed to find any conclusive information that could be deemed as true and as facts. There was too much information that contradicted each other and what little they had come from Mikoto's memories of the elder sister's interaction with Shirou and Rin.

"Did they show any unusual behavior and talk about anything related to the occult?" Misaka inquired.

"None that you mention that, Onee-sama… They have been talking a lot about the Occult like you said. Here is what I've overheard…"

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