Name; Jaune Philíp Arc

Age: 17

Race: Saiyan but most believe his is a faunus not an alien, because of the tail.

Looks Normal & S-Saiyan:

hair color: short black hair/ spiked blond hair (Trunks' first SSJ hair)

eye color: ash black/teal green


He wears traditional Saiyan armor (Bardock's armor) over top a tank top, along with baggy jeans and leg and arm warmer.

The armor and warmers will be infused with Gravity Dust.

Armor after infusion will weight 2500 pounds.

Leg & arm warmers after infusion will weight 1500 pounds each.

Romantic pairing is unknown. But might have it as a Threeway love triangle with Eclipse/Black Knight. (JY&JB)


KI ATK: (From lowest to highest)

(Rapid fire attacks)

Full Blast - 500 or 5000

Destructo-Disk 600 or 6000

Meteor Shower 750-7500

(Heavy Fire Atacks)

Special Beam Cannon 900-9000

Kamehameha 1000-10,000

Big Bang Attack 1200-12,000

Gatlick Cannon 1500-15,000

Armageddon Bomb 4000-40,000

(Fighting style; Ultimate tenkaichi styles)

Android 18 - sadistic dance

Goku - Keio-Ken

Piccolo - Akuma-ken


Sonic Pinball (Rock Lee vs Gaara)

Abyss Impact (DBz: Ultimate Tenkaichi)

Solar Barrage (Piccolo's attack firing multiple kind blast and having them float around his opponent before sending them all colliding into them.)


Power Level (PL) or Transformed Power Level (TPL)


Jaune: 9000 - 90,000 (Zenaki Effect: add (1/3) of the total PL after a heavy injury or double the PL after near death battle to base form)

Nora: 8000 (+500 per volt)

Pyrrha: 10,000

Ren: 8500


Ruby: 8250-9000

Wiess: 7500-8500

Blake: 8400

Yang: 9000 (+3000/Per-Hit or +9000 Per-Hit if angered, +15,000 if you fuck with her hair.)


Beowulf: 5000

Boartusk: 4500

Ursa: 7000

Creeper: 8500

King Taijitsu: 19,500

Deathstaker: 55,000

Nevermore: 70,000

Dragon: 100,000+ (can become stronger with more grimm around.)



(Puns will apply)

Jaune Arc. To many that knew him he was a kind friend, he never broke his word to any one. Sure he lied to become a Hunter in training. But he did it for the right reasons. he was very unskilled with a weapon. he had no idea what Aura or semblance that huntsmen used even was, or the fact you can use Dust as a medium for various uses.

But what no one knew about this Black haired, Ash black eyed, monkey tailed faunus was... he wasn't even from Remnant to begin with and nor was he even a Faunus. No his story began years ago... on a distant planet.

This planet was known to many in the galaxy as... Oozaru Prime. The secondary home world to a very dangerous race known as Saiyans. This world was the refuge of the saiyan race centuries after the collapse of their former home world Vegeta by the hands of the Hyojin named Frieza, who was later slayen by their new King; Kakarot. Over the thousands of years the royal line became very powerful.

The legend of Super Saiyans had once more became a myth as they Neo-Saiyans as they are technically called had long lost the ability to transform.

Which leads us to a point in time... 17 years before the present moment.

The King and Queen of Oozaru Prime, King Mastardo Arc and Queen Dejona Arc welcoming their youngest child into the world. The loud cries of the new born could be heard.

"Look my love. He has your hair and eyes." The king said looking at his wife, the love in his eyes never seemed to fade. He was a tall muscular man his red hair which looked like a roaring flame that stood on end. His orange eyes softened as he looked at his wife hold his youngest child and only son. While his daughters took on his hair and eyes color, his wife had shoulder length black hair, eyes that were light Black in color.

"But his has your face dear." Said the woman as she cradled the baby to her bosom.

"That he does." The king of Oozaru said as he could not feel any more pride at the scene before him. "What shall we name him?"

"Jaune... after your grandfather. Prince Jaune Philíp Arc of Oozaru." Dejona said as she cooed to her new born.

This peaceful moment between the king and Queen and the youngest heir was one of the many blessings the royal family shared.

With the Prince being announced, whole world cheered in his honor. The praised the saiyan royalty as they where the strongest of their race, and they knew their prince would be stronger than their king as it had been for generations.

But the young lad being the youngest of eight children was difficult, due to his people's longevity the could live well into second century. So his elder sisters where at most five to ten years older than he already is.

While his sisters where over protective of his person, babying him every chance they got. He felt relief when his father offered him the chance to train at the age of four. Much against the protests of his sisters.

At the tender age of four and a half, he had already began his training. Due to his mother and father's riches and resources, the where able to create an AGTR or Artificial Gravitational Training Room.

It amazed everyone in his family that he could withstand 5x normal gravity, and due to the Saiyan genetics this number slowly started to increase.

For years young Jaune trained both his mind and body, while his father was the brute with a kind golden heart like his Ancient Ancestor Kakarot, his mother was brilliant, Cunning and ambitious like his other ancestors that rivaled and befriended Kakarot, Vegeta and Bulma.

While he was not a genius like his mother he understood some of the advance technology she had shown him. They way it worked to how it could be made.

But it was in his 8th year... a year like any other that thing began to change for the lad. In the begining he produced plans for a TSDC or Time & Space Displacement Chamber. Even Dejona was amazed by her son's theory and plans for such a device.

On paper the TSDC was a device that stood 7x4x4 (7 height, 4 width, 4 depth), but the kicker was it was a pocket dimension inside the locker. Which was much bigger that their own training fields. Which was over a 5 miles cubed. It was perfect for training if your lived in the many great cities of Oozaru Prime. But the best part was that it skewed the time flow. Where a simple hour was equal to 30 hours. In theory a day in the real world was equal to a month inside the TSDC.

Dejona was so happy with his idea that she began to draw blue prints, but she had a genius level idea worthy of her ancestor bulma. She would draw up a new blue print one that combined the AGTR and the TSDC into once magnificent machine. She even changed the flow of time inside this new device to where a day equaled a year.

Even when these great inventions where being created the family lived peacefully.

Until once such day where it all came crashing down.


-dream flashback 9 years ago-

Prince Jaune and his family where enjoying their time together, nothing seems out of place or out of the ordinary but he had noticed the a change in their planets sun. It was no longer the basking golden it had changed into a anger red. He could see blotches of black dotting the sun.

But his family's peace was rudely interrupted when a few of their elite soldiers and scientists barged into the throne room.

"My lord I bring dreadful news; Our sun is collapsing, and I fear we do not have much time." Once of their elite Scientists said as he tapped on a notepad which soon displayed a hologram simulation of their sun imploding and followed by a violent explosion.

"Tell me. How long do we have." King Mastardo Arc said as he gave a heavy sigh.

"Months... weeks... days... or maybe just hours my lord." The man said bowing his head in shame.

"I see... how long will it take for us to evacuate the planet? With the ships we have and other necessary items?"

"With personal pods and hyper ships would could have Oozaru left empty in a day my lord." The man said.

"That begin now. Have everyone notified. We will find a new planet to live on... if we can."

When the men left Jaune looked to his father with worried eyes. Which was shared by his mother and sisters.

"Father should we not leave as well?" Jaune asked his father.

"Son... sometimes the king is the last to leave to ensure his people will live." The man said before he looked to his wife and nodded his head towards his son. "Dejona my love. We must get everything ready... I fear like the tales of old with planet Vegeta will once more happen to our people."

Dejona knew what her husband was saying. She looked to her son and knew her people will be stretched far across the galaxy now... and her son will be on his own.

"Dear I will prepare the ship." She said as she left while her heart ached she knew her son will spread the seeds of her people once again.

-hours later.-

Jaune was struggling against his father's grip yelling in anger at what they were doing.

"No! I won't leave you behind!" Jaune yelled furiously as he kicked and screamed, while his father carried him to personal stasis space pod.

"Jaune. you must leave Oozaru. I know it hurts but I know we do not have much time you will be sent to a safe world to live until we can regroup." His father said sternly.

But he knew he was lying.

"You're lying father! Why can't we all leave together!" Jaune yelled from the other side of the glass. As the pod doors shut he watched as his mother, his father, and all seven of his sisters stood there infront him. He felt his home world shake and shuttered as their sun was shifted sending shock waves outward causing Oozaru to become unstable.

"We will met again, my darling Prince." His mother's with tears streaming from her ashen eyes. "I left you a gift my child once you land safely on a new world you will become stronger. You truly are my son... you have such a brilliant mind Jaune don't waste it. I made some modifications to your TSDC, it will now have the AGTR integrated into the plans. don't worry we will find you we remember Jaune, an Arc never goes back on their word."

"Mother! Let me out!"

This was not what he wanted, he wanted to stay with his family, not leave them behind.

But just before he could protest further his pod was launched into space at incredibly watched his moment and family become nothing more that small spec on the planet before the planet became as the size of a ball. Before he watched his world become nothing but space dust.

In his rage and sorrow he was blind to the changes he when through as his black hair flashed yellow and his black eyes became teal.



-present time, Jaune age 17-

"Oooooo!" Jaune yelled out as he awoke form yet another nightmare from his past.

He once again awoken in a cold sweat, just like every other time.

"Jaune are you OK?" Asked his partner and friend, the young red head was his best friend, oh he knew she liked him more than that, but he could return those feelings.

"Y-yeah... it was just a nightmare." He said as he stood up from his bed and went to window, he looked outside and saw the moon was setting and the sun was just coming up. "I am going for a small run. I will meet you guys at breakfast."

Seeing Jaune jumping out of the window, was a norm for team JNPR. When ever he had a nightmare he would go for a "walk" or a "run". But what they didn't know was that he was flying across the world at speed are faster that then the most advanced Altas Fighter Jets could even hope to match.

Once he reached the barren wastelands of Vacuo, Jaune let loose his bottle upped anger.

"RRRRAAAAGH!" His KI aura grew and grew, black eyes became focused out anger and self hatred. "... even after all these years it haunts me."

Jaune didn't like that fact his was trapped on this world, sure he had friends but he no longer had a family. He as far as he even knew was the sole survivor of the Saiyan race.

His musings of despair were cut short when he felt the ground beneath him shift.

Looking behind him he saw one of the native grimm of Vacuous wastelands. The Thresher Maw. A long worm like creature that was just as big as a behemoth, if not bigger.

"Disgusting insect." Was all Jaune said before he glared at the creature and held his hand infront of him. A small blue orb appeared which slowly grew in size.

it was about the size of a basketball before Jaune shot it at the grimm, blowing the creatures head off after yelling. "FULL BLAST!"

Seeing the grimm fade away Jaune shot into the air flying back to the dorms.

-later that day-

Jaune had changed a bit since his trip from Oozaru Prime, he noticed his short chopped hair, he had grown a small bit into a bowl cut, and his combat armor was the simple saiyan armor he had always had. (description at Top) it bore his family's crest the double Cresent moons.

He found this planet's gravity was similar to that of Oozaru's but it didn't stop it's people form becoming amazing fighters. Instead of using their fists and internal ki as a weapon, they used mecha-shifting weapons. That used what he believes to be a solidized form of KI in Crystal form. They had many different properties. Some burned, froze, or shocked. those were some of common types the other kinds were gravity, wind, and earth types. But the one that earned his attention the most was the gravity type. He found that he could infused Gravity Dust into his leg and arm warmers which made them very heavy... like a thousands pounds heavy. He even infused it with his chest plate.

But he was in class waiting his turn to fight in Prof. Good witch's combat class. So far he had always lost when every he fought on their terms it pissed him off. He could blast a grimm to kingdom come with his bare hands but he was terrible with a weapon.

But that would change with what he had planned for today's class.

"Yang Xiao Long vs. Jaune Arc." Glynda called out as many of the students began booing the lone Saiyan as his opponent walked into the ring, as he stood by the railing. "Fighters ready?"

"Come on vomit boy! I just might go easy on you." Yang said slamming her fist together, a smirk permanently place on her face.

"... very well. But you may wish to revise that." Jaune said he left of the railing, everyone came used to seeing Jaune in his armor. "I would not be using my weapon this time."

To everyone's shock Jaune didn't fall like they would expect, but he seemed to float gently down to the ring.

"So my Beautiful comrade, let us join together in a graceful dance." Jaune said with a wink making the blond blush either it was embarrassment or anger Jaune didn't know.

"Smooth talker vomit boy." Yang countered back but her comment lack the standard bite to it with her checks being colored pink.

"Begin!" Glynda called as Yang was the first to rush forward while Jaune stood there unmoving.

Yang unleashed six bone shattering punches, each followed buy a blast from her Ember Celica. But Jaune was unphased by the damaged.

"Are you done?" Jaune asked lazily looking down at Yang you was looking up at him widen eyed.

Taking an unconcensus step back, was all Jaune need to preform his favorite attack. The Abyss Impact. As he gripped Yang by her shoulders and left into the air and spun around and threw her back down to the ground with a violent crash. Landing just beside her Jaune held his hand forward letting an orb of raw KI to form in his hand.

"HAAAAA!" He yelled blasting Yang with a KI blast.

Everyone was shocked at see Jaune as he brutally took down Yang.

Walking back to his corner Jaune waited until Yang was standing back up, he knew she would... and she would be coming back even stronger.

"Ooh. Jauney boy... you gotten better. But didn't your mother ever tell you it is considered rude to hit a lady." Yang said taunting the asked colored boy.

"My mother is dead Yang, And If I do see a lady I would be sure to remember that." Jaune said back with a cheeky smile on his face.

"Asshole." Yang snorted out as her eyes narrowed, until she found a few strands of her hair in his hand. While her eyes morphed to red her voice came a sickening singalong type which made Jaune worried. "Oh Jauney-boy... you really should not have done that."

Wondering what was the cause of Yang's behavior, Jaune went to scratched the top of his head, but when he saw the long treads of gold swinging in his view, he knew just how much trouble he was in.

"Oh... fuck." Was all he said as Yang dashed across the ring hitting him with a chain combo rocketing him around with her punches and the blasts from her weapons.

The final punch shook him up quite a bit, he saw double for a few seconds.

"OK... you had your fun. Now it's my turn." Jaune said as he sped towards the blonde teen. "Sonic Pinball!"

To everyone else's point of view they just watch Jaune disappear and Yang flying into the air only to be sent around the ring like a pinball. Jaune only appeared when he finished his combo sending her into the ground with a Haymaker.

The only person who could count the hits was shocked to see somebody else have the same speed as herself.

"200 hits." Ruby said shocking her team and those of JNPR. "In five second he preformed 200 punches and kicks.

Everyone was hearing a loud beeping sound and saw it was coming from Jaune. The thing he always wore was beeping and had a a bunch of yellow looking lines run across the screen.

(The Aztec Number System.)

"18,024,000 PL?! Are you fucken ing kidding me!?" Jaune yelled in shock and anger as Yang stood up her eyes blazed an unforgiving red color, Fire seemed to erupt around her. 'I swear if I knew she wasn't a Saiyan, I would believe she was a Super Saiyan.'

When Yang launched herself at the dark haired teen, Jaune saw her preform a mocked blue-shifting effect as everything around her turned to a whitish blue color.

"This is gonna hurt." He said as he was punched out of the Ring.

"Winner Yang Xiao Long!"

-later that day-

Everyone was enjoying themselves even the hospital escapee Jaune and his friends were having fun at dinner. Everyone was used to seeing Juane eat 50 large and overly packed plates of food.

4 huge plates of spaghetti.

2 bowls of salad

2 large Bowls of rice.

5 loaves of garlic bread.

5 boards of Assorted Sushi

3 turkeys

2 whole baskets of deep fried chicken

6 larges beef roasts

4 pots of large beef stew.

5 small pork roasts.

5 types of XL pizzas

And 5 big baskets of 20 price chicken nuggets.

It was weird having a conversation with him behind a mountain of plates and food.

It was like this at every meal he would consume the large quantities of food and not gain a single pound of fat. Muscle yes. But fat? Not a damn trace of it.

Once asked why, his answer was pretty simple.

-I have a hyperbolic metabolism, and must eat over 100,000 calories (355 double cheese burger from McDonald's) to keep myself healthy. It's a family trait. We could eat two hundred pounds of food in once sitting and we won't get sick. hell no one in my family was fat. Then a gain we ain't high protein and high calorie foods all the time so it eating vast amounts of food wouldn't be a problem.-

After saying this, seeing Jaune eat became a normal thing to see.

He even carried homemade NRG-bars which were just pure protein and calories. Which were just 10,000 calories for five bars. though he did eat them he just didn't care for the taste as he said it tasted like cardboard and grease.

But today Jaune looked excited for some reason, as he ate double his usual amount today.

"So Ladykiller what has you excited today?" Yang asked seeing one of her friends gorge himself with the sickening amount of food.

"M mimishmd ma mvemden!" Jaune spoke inaudible with the mouthful of turkey and over assorted foods.

"dude... finish eating first then talk." Yang said a little grossed out by his table manners.

"GLUP- I finished my invention!" Jaune said as he smiled brightly.

After four long years he finally created the the modified TSDC/AGTR. And with the new power source he use in place of the old one, the standard time of the battery was close to 30 years.

"That is so cool! So what did you make Jaune! A new weapon? Ooooooh! Is it also a gun?" Ruby asked in rapid sensation.

"I created a training room that distorts time, space, and gravity. It is no bigger that our lockers on the outside but on the inside is roughly 5 or 10 miles cubed, I can also manipulate gravity inside to be anywhere from 2x to 500x normal gravity, and the time distortion is one standard day equals to a year inside." Jaune explained earning looks of intrigue from his friends. "Can you imagine? In just a weekend you will have already train for two years in that time space. You can become a better righted or perhaps study a few years ago head of everyone else."

Everyone was shocked and impressed with Jaune's invention.

"Cheater!" Yang called out. Believing that was how he learned to fight so well. "Was that how you kept up in our match?"

"Nope. I haven't even tested it myself yet. I just used my scrolls stopwatch inside of it. That how I learned of the time displacement. It was in there for just an hour for me but the watch said some thing else. For 1 hour it came up with 15 days 20 hours 8 minutes and 33 seconds." Jaune said as he pulled out his scroll and showed them the timer. "So who wants to help with the testing?"

Immediately a show of hands up told Jaune that they would want a turn inside the machine.

"Alright so this weekend then?" He asked and everyone nodded.

-time skip-

Teams JNPR and RWBY both stood before a small locker.

Yang wasn't impressed by the size on the outside but was eager to see the inside.

Blake was very impressed, this would be beneficial should Jaune sell it to the hunters committee. This would help train future hunters in the fraction of the time. Years crammed into just a few short days.

Weiss was wondering if Juane would sell the plans to her company, they could easily reverse engineer the technology and mass produced it at a larger scale.

Ruby was excited to begin her training, she wondered if she could do 100 or even 500x normal gravity.

As for Jaune's team, they were amazed by his skill.

Nora and Ren were ready to begin their training inside the machine.

Pyrrha was eager but also worried since the machine might not work.

"OK, first up Ruby, Pyrrha, Nora, Weiss and Ren." Jaune said as he gestured to the door, before going to the computer panel on the side.

"I will man the programs and I have adjusted the gravity to be 3X that of what you are used to. It will only increase once you did a year." Jaune said as he typed on the screen.

"While you are inside you will meet my AI trainer. Her name is Nikê. So if you need anything from landscape to hologram enemies just ask. She will get the programs to run also know that for now the set limit is only Lvl 4, nothing higher than that for now."

"What will you be doing Jaune?" Pyrrha asked her partner.

"I am getting the automatic timer set up so right now it's on a manual override. So when the day is up, I have to be the one to let you all out." Jaune said as the locker door opened. "It's all set see you in a year I guess."

With that, Ruby, Weiss, Nora, Ren, and Pyrrha went inside while the door closed on them.

"Smooth Ladykiller, keeping the hottest for yourself, eh?" Yang asked with a teasing grin on her face, which was shared by Blake.

"Uh? Oh no. I just wanted a few who can keep up with me to train. Don't get me wrong while Ren or Pyrrha could keep up they don't have the right skills to do so. You, yourself Yang; have the ability to absorb damage and turn that back with equal power. While Blake is good at dodging it and dealing with swift and agile attacks. The others not so much." Jaune reasoned not bothered by what Yang was insinuating.

"How dense can you be? Thank God for that ass." Blake muttered to herself, while Jaune didn't hear what she said, Yang did which had her eyes narrowed at her partner.

-24 hours later-

Jaune opened the seal for his machine, when the others stepped out, he noticed that Ruby grew her hair out in the year she had been inside, while Weiss had cut her long white hair into a more diligence style. It was only shoulder length now, and it gave her a more intimidating look bout her. (#18 hair style)

he also saw that Ren and Nora were holding hands, and it wasn't in we're just friends ways either. But in the we are a couple now way.

But Jaune noticed that Pyrrha hadn't changed very much, she still had her long red hair. And her style was different.

"Hey guys, how was your year?" Jaune asked with a smile, which made the others chuckle a bit.

"It was... interesting." Weiss said with a court nod.

"Jaune! Weiss admitted to having a crush on you!" Ruby yelled out with a mischievous grin on her face. While the look on Weiss's was that of horror and betrayal.

"I told you that in confidence." Weiss said as she hissed out in a low tone of anger and embarrassment.

Jaune stood there with his jaw dropped.

"Come on vomit boy, we got training to do." Yang said as she pulled Jaune but his collar into the time chamber while he was still in shock, where as Blake stayed behind just a bit to instructed the others on how to work the machine, before following after the blond brawler and Saiyan Prince.

Though while the others will see them in a days time, Jaune, Blake, and Yang won't for a whole year.


Next Time...

Can Jaune and his friends become stronger after a year in the time chamber?

Will they be able to get along with each other?

Will Jaune resist the temptation of two young women bodies, or will he be consumed by his primal urges?

Find out next time on...

Jaune Saiyan.

(Goddammit Yang!)