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But I didn't want Valentines Day to be missing any Advance shipping moments so I decided to make a one-shot for it. Yay! So here's my attempt at making an Advanceshipping Valentines Day one-shot. Hope you enjoy.

"You think she'll like it, Pikachu?" asked Ash Ketchum, a boy from Pallet Town striving to become a Pokémon master. At the moment he was making a gift for a special someone he had developed feelings for over their time traveling. A special someone who had captured his heart the moment he laid eyes on her. At first he didn't know about these feelings, but overtime, and some teasing from his mom, he finally figured out that he liked his best friend May Maple.

May Maple was a beautiful young girl at the age of 14. Ash, 15, had never looked at a girl the way he did for May. He was always focused on his training and never paid attention to girls, always wanting to get to the next town over to complete the gym and get his next gym badge. Although, after figuring out his feelings for the brunette, he's been spending less time training and more time hanging out with her.

His friends found it odd that their companion had suddenly taken less and less time training for his next big battle and more time focusing on their female friend.

Max Maple, brother of May Maple, found it suspicious that his idol had been slowly walking behind them as they made their way through a forest. As he eyed Hus friend he couldn't help, but notice Ash holding something. He slowed down to converse with him as to what he was doing.

"Hey, Ash," Ash quickly hid the item behind his back as soon as he heard Max's voice afraid that he might've seen what he had been holding. Unfortunately for him, Max did see what he had and was confused as to why his friend was holding a red card with a pink heart in the middle. "What do you got there, Ash? Looked like some kind of get well card. Someone you know sick or something?"

Ash nervously looked away from Max as he tried to come up with an excuse as to what he was holding. "Umm, y-yeah Max. My mom's feeling a little so I decided to make her a get well card as support." He still didn't face Max, fearing that if he did he would be able to see his nervous face and question it.

Max smiled and asked, "Really? That's nice. Can I see what you wrote?" Ash finally turned to him before shaking his head.

"Sorry Max, but it's very personal and I don't want other people to read it." He didn't want to lie to his crush's brother, but he had to keep his gift for her a secret and telling Max about it would definitely be a bad idea. "I hope you understand."

Max smiled at him before responding. "No problem, Ash! You don't have to tell me if you don't want too. Although I do really want to what you wrote. Hehe."

Ash smiled and laughed a little. "Sorry Max, but I won't tell you." He gave Max an apologetic look before continuing ahead letting out a sigh of relief. "That was a close one," he looked back at Max only to see him playing with his pokenav. "I gotta be more careful from now on. Don't want anyone seeing this right now." He looked at his hands a examined the card he made himself. Red with a pink heart in the middle being hugged a chibi Pikachu saying, 'Will chu be my valentine?'. It was cute and he hoped May would like it.

Lunch came by and while Brock began getting everything ready Ash nervously looked towards May as she was busy grooming her Glacion. He held the card and a box of chocolates in his hands anxiously wanting to walk over to her and hand them over while asking her if she would be his valentine. But doing do was hard. He'd never done something like this before and didn't want it to go terribly wrong.

He decided to wait until they began moving again so he could give her her gift and ask her privately. As he didn't want anyone to overhear his conversation with the girl.

Several minutes later they sat down on the grass with their lunches and began munching down. Ash ate slower than usual and took quick glances at May while she wasn't looking. At some point she caught him staring at her, and at first did find it wierd, smiled and continued to finish her meal.

Ash groaned silently and looked down at his legs fighting with himself over how he was going to approach her. "Just tell her! She wouldn't mind." he thought to himself. I'm sure she'll love the gift and be your valentine. Just man up and tell her! He sighed and stood up, telling his friends that he wasn't very hungry and that he would wait for them to finish up.

The group looked at each other confused as to why Ash suddenly didn't feel hungry as he and May were the ones usually wanting fourths.

Pikachu simply cooed its name softly worried about its trainer's quickly finished his meal and ran after his distressed friend.

10 minutes later…

While the group continued on their way to the next town, Ash finally got the courage to tell May his feelings and ask her to be his valentine. He still felt a little nervous, but his confidence overcame that feeling rather quickly.

He tapped May on her shoulder while holding her gift behind his back. May turned around surprised as to why Ash suddenly tapped on her shoulder instead of just talking to her. She smiled and asked, "What is it, Ash?"

Ash looked down at his feet for a second before looking into her eyes. Dark chocolate meeting ocean blue. "Umm, I-I just wanted to a-ask you something. Something important." He nervously fumbled with the items behind his back as this was it, now or never.

May looked confused at first before smiling at him. "Sure, Ash! What do you need?"

Ash, now more nervous than ever, revealed the items behind his back to her before handing them to her. May was surprised when he gave her a box of chocolates and a card. Upon reading the card her eyes widened and she looked towards Ash with a shocked face.

Ash smiled slightly. "Well… will chu be my valentine?" He cringed after he repeated what was written on the card he had given her. At first she seemed like she didn't know how to respond, but after a few seconds she giggled and suddenly hugged the boy catching him off guard.

She kissed his cheeks before whispering into his ear, "Yes. I will be your valentine, Ash." Before hugging him even tighter.

Ash simply smiled his goofy grin and hugged her back. He had not expected this outcome and yet here he was hugging his crush. He practically confessed his feelings to her and she knew that. Lucky for him she felt the exact same way.

Meanwhile, a couple of feet away from them Max, Brock, and Pikachu stood watching them from afar.

"Ew. How can Ash like my sister? She's so weird!" He turned away and continued walking ahead leaving a crying Brock behind questioning why his friend got a girlfriend before him, while Pikachu tried its best to comfort him.

After releasing from their embrace, Ash and May looked at each other with smiles on their faces. Hands interlocked, they both began walking toward their companions awaiting for more future adventure together.

This seemed like the best Valentines Day for Ash after all.

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