A Case Report On Harry Potter

By: Psychiatrist Pidge

Harry has a mental disease that causes him to live in an imaginary world within his mind. The doctors have recently discovered an antidote which can bring a person out of this state. Harry, however, had fallen so deep into his created world that he could not get out of it. Around March they started treating Harry with this antidote, he eventually started waking with each dose, and eventually woke completely, believing that his old world that his mind had created was what really happened to him. He was so under appreciated and lonely in this world that he was forced into this mental state. In Harry's mind, he was famous, well known, well loved, he had friends, as well as enemies, and he held an incredible amount of power. Realities that were tough (such as the death of his parents) were changed to fit his mind better. Here are a few explanations on the people in his mind.

Hedwig: The sound of Hedwig is the air-conditioner, Mr. Hedwig is the man who comes to fix the air-conditioner when it is broken.

Sirius Black: Sirius black is actually myself, where the name came from we do not know. Harry needed an authoritative figure, one who could look after him, one who knew him as a child, and knew his parents, what better than a godfather? I talked to Harry through his comma, and in a way I could be considered this figure, that is probably why he related him to me. He was a prisoner because Harry needed a good reason to explain is long absence.

Peter Pettigrew: The doctor that was administrating to Harry was Peter Pettigrew. Harry had visions of being sacrificed, this was really Peter administering tests to Harry.

The Weasleys: A family that had a few of their kids in the hospital with problem's similar to Harry. This was explained in the story, Harry embellished the family to make it more fun.

Hermione: Hermione was a movie star, that randomly seeped into Harry's mind, the last name (Gingold) must have just been distorted into Granger.

Hogwarts: Wart-Hog, Harry probably overheard a documentary of some sort, just seeped into his brain.

Dumbledore: Sadly, this wasn't covered in the story because it's too insignificant. He needed to have the good that balanced out the bad, this was a creation soley of his own, and the name came from a bumblebee.

The Professors: Random nurses and such that came in during the course of his stay. Professor Sprout was actually a plant that was left with Harry at some point down the line.

The case of Old Mortimer: Yes, Mortimer did shoot Harry. Harry was brought back to the hospital, and the doctors decided to leave him in his comatose state until he passed away. Mortimer was the doctor working on the plastic surgery testing that was preformed on Harry. Harry felt pain in his scar periodically in his dreams. These pains were the operation working through to his dream state. Mortimer got a little out of hand. He started by staying with Harry at night, we took it as an innocent gesture. However, we came in once and he had some sort of stone he was trying to choke Harry with, another time he had a book and was trying to kill Harry with it, and we had him dismissed after that. This, in Harry's dream world, was Voldemort.

Yes, Harry was on a medication known as Mug Gel, it was our lame attempt to wake him up, if anything it caused his delusions to wander further.

Quidditch: English equivalent to "quit it" kids playing in Harry's room when his roommate's kids visited. He must have picked that up, and let his mind wander with it.

I know that this is to no extent what was happening in Harry's mind, in fact we don't even know the surface of it. To find out more connections, read his tale in J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter, and let me know as soon as more developments surface. Good night.