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Chapter 24

Saturday March 7th, 2017

Christian POV

I'm sitting in my parents' living room, waiting for the ladies to arrive for Ray and Sandra's wedding. My parents insisted on them having the wedding at their house, and I really think it's Dad's way of apologizing for the prenup stunt he pulled last week.

The backyard is fully ready with a tent and tables, and I can see the catering workers buzzing around like bees making sure everything is ready. Ray is getting ready upstairs in one of the guest rooms, while Jose insisted to get ready with the girls back at our apartment, and Ethan said he'll be here before the ceremony starts.

I can hear Elliot moving around in the kitchen, and I have to shake my head at my joker of a brother. He's lucky mom is upstairs getting ready as well, or she would tan his behind. I decide to go see what he's doing, and I find him with his head stuck inside the fridge.

"Should I call mom on your ass?" I ask, making him flinch, and in result, bang his head against the top of the fridge.

"Damn it, Christian!" He says as he rubs his hand of the spot he just hit. "I swear to God you move like a ninja!"

"Well, someone needs to be able to prank you." I say with an evil smirk, making him narrow his eyes at me. "Mom!" I then yell, making him jump at me and cover my mouth with his hand.

"Don't you fucking dare!" Elliot hisses as he looks over behind me to make sure that mom didn't come down. "She'll kill me."

"She should. What were you doing rummaging around in the fridge?"

"I saw the caterer bring in a box of those delicious crab cakes mom always serves. I wanted a piece." He says, earning a raised eyebrow from me. "Ok, maybe more than one piece. But man, seriously! Those crab cakes are fucking delicious!"

"You can eat as much as you want during the reception."

"Well, those disappear as soon as they're placed on the tables. I don't want to risk missing out on them."

"You can ask for the recipe and have Nikki make them for you." I tease, earning an eye-roll from my stubborn assed brother.

"Fuck that bitch." He says, but I can tell from the way his face flushes that he doesn't mean that.

Nikki and Elliot met a few days ago, and the minute their eyes locked, everyone in the room could literally feel the mutual attraction the two had for each other. However, my brother then decided to open his mouth, and he received a punch on the shoulder so hard it had me wincing.


Ana, Jose, Ethan, Nikki, and I are sitting at the private booth at the Mile High Club, waiting for Elliot and Mia to arrive. We decided on a night out, as a distraction for Ana and Nikki from all the wedding planning they have been doing with Sandra.

After that incident with the paps in front of the bridal shop, Nikki proved that she was not as bad as she was that first day. She kept apologizing to Ana and Sandra whenever she could, and ended up having Ana almost yell at her, telling her to stop with it already.

"Do you think Nikki and Elliot would make a good match?" Ana asks from her spot beside me as she sips on her orange juice.

"Sweetie, you know how Elliot is, and she just got out of a long-term relationship. I don't think it'll be a wise move to try to fix them up together." I say as I rub my hand over her exposed thigh.

"But he might help her get over that asshole." Ana says with a sigh. "She's really heartbroken."

"I understand that, but he's my brother, and I wouldn't want him to be the rebound guy."

"Why would he care if all he wants is to hit it and quit it?" Ana says, earning a booming laugh from me, and making the rest of our group look at us with questioning eyes.

"What if he decides he wants more and she doesn't?" I ask, but even to my ears, that sounds weird. I can never imagine the day Elliot would want to settle down. He's just too much of a manwhore to quit his ways.

Just as Ana opens her mouth to say something, I see Elliot and Mia approach, and I stand up to greet them.

"Hey there brother!" Elliot says as he gives me a quick man hug after I have greeted Mia.

"Don't even try to do anything with Nikki. She's going to be my sister-in-law and I don't want things to get messy!" I whisper in his ear, making him chuckle at me and nod, but when his eyes bug out of his skull when he sees Nikki, I have to hold back my groan.

However, when I look at Nikki and see that she has a similar reaction, I silently wonder if Ana might be right.

"Nikki, this is my sister Mia, and over there is my brother Elliot." I introduce, and smile when I see Mia engulf Nikki in a bone-crushing hug.

"Oh my God! I've heard so much about you!" Mia squeals as she holds Nikki at arm's length and looks her over, making Nikki stand their awkwardly. "Your dress is stunning. YOU are stunning. Isn't she stunning, guys?"

"I think Elliot is the only one who can answer that, Mia." Jose jokes, making Mia turn to look at Elliot, who is still gaping like a fish.

"I guess it's safe to say that Elliot thinks the same." Ethan says from beside his fiancé, making us all chuckle and Nikki blush.

"Told you." Ana says as soon as my ass touches the couch beside her, and I watch with careful eyes as Elliot recovers from his initial shock, and then moves to sit beside Nikki.

"So, if you're going to be Ana's sister in a few days, will that make you my sister-in-law too?" Elliot asks as he puts his arm on the back of the couch behind Nikki's shoulder. "Because I don't want to commit incest when we fuck."

Before I can even scold Elliot for his stupid behavior, I hear him groan in pain as Nikki punches his shoulder, and he actually flinches before he starts rubbing at the spot she hit.

"You spoke too soon." I tell Ana, internally wincing at the painful look on his face.

Damn, that girl has a mean punch!

"Damn it." Ana mutters under her breath. "Well, at least he ruined thing on his own. We didn't have anything to do with it."

End Flashback

That night, Nikki refused all of Elliot's advances, even refused to as much as dance with him. However, it was obvious that the two of them are seriously attracted to each other, but my stubborn brother refused to try again, politely, and Nikki, well, since she recently had her heart broken, I don't think anyone can blame her for not pursuing her attraction.

"You wish you could." I say with a chuckle, making him narrow his eyes at me again.

"I wouldn't touch that pussy with a 10 ft. pole." Elliot says, making me give out a booming laugh at his obvious anger about being rejected.

I don't think he's ever been rejected, but I guess there's a first time for everything.

"What are you two doing in the kitchen?" I hear mom's voice from behind me, and I can't help but cough to hide the snicker threatening to leave my lips at Elliot's horrified look.

"Elliot was looking for the crab cakes." I say, quickly ducking away from Elliot who tries to punch me in the shoulder.

"Elliot Trevelyan Grey!" Mom scolds as she walks into the kitchen. "Get out of the kitchen right this minute. I don't want to see you anywhere the catering workers until it's time for the reception."

"But mom!" Elliot whines. This time, I'm not able to hold back my laughter, earning an angry look from mom in return.

"Stop laughing at your brother's expense, Christian." Mom scolds, making me snicker again. "Ray wants to talk to you."

I only nod, afraid that I might burst out laughing if I open my mouth, and I quickly make my way up to Ray's room. I knock gently on the door then walk in when I hear a gentle come in from the other side, and I find Ray pacing the floor with his hands in his pants pockets.

"You ok, Ray?" I ask, noticing how nervous he is.

"I guess." Ray says, making me stand there awkwardly.

What are you supposed to tell your future father-in-law in such a situation?


"I guess." He says again, making my eyebrows shoot up to my hairline. I don't think I've ever heard Ray give such small answers without it being a smartass comment of some sorts.

"Everything is ready." I say, trying to set his mind at ease. "Ana texted me a while back. She said that they're almost ready and should be on their way soon."

"That's not what I'm nervous about." He says with a sigh, then he looks up at me, and I can't really decipher the look in his eyes.

"What's wrong, Ray?"

"I need you to make me a promise, Christian." He says and takes a deep breath. "I'm not getting any younger, and I know that becoming a father at this age means that I'm most probably not going to be around for most of my child's important milestones."

"Ray…" I begin, not wanting him to have such depressing thoughts on his wedding day.

"Let me finish, son." Ray says as he moves to sit on the edge of the bed. "I'm lucky to be a healthy man, but that doesn't guarantee anything. I want you to promise me to be there for my kid, to stand by their side when I'm gone."

"You don't have to worry about anything, Ray." I say and move to sit beside him. "You said it, you're a healthy man. Other men at your age have different health issues, but you don't. For all you know, you could watch your grandkids graduating school and going off to college."

"Yes, that could happen, and the opposite could happen as well." Ray says with a sigh. "Just promise me, son. I know Sandra is going to be an amazing mother, but I need you to promise me that you will be there for her and our kid."

"I promise." I say after a second, knowing that he's not going to let it go until I do.

"Thank you." He says with a small smile before he takes a deep breath. "Shall we go down and wait for our women?"

"Ray, wait." I say as soon as he stands up. "Is everything ok? Ana told me that you had a checkup the other day."

"Yes, everything is perfectly fine." Ray says with a beaming smile. "I'm as healthy as a horse. The doctor was even shocked that I've fathered a child at this age."

This time, I really choke on my saliva as I remember the conversation I had with Ana about Ray becoming a father again.

"Let's go wait for the girls downstairs." I say, deciding it's best to change the subject altogether.

"Ray!" Elliot's voice booms around the house as soon as we reach the last step. "Man, you have to tell me what your secret is!"

"What secret?" Ray asks with a confused look.

"You're what? 50? And your lady is pregnant!" Elliot says, earning a look of horror from both my mom and me. "I want to know what you do to keep it getting up at your age."

"First of all, I'm 54." Ray says with a smirk, making Elliot's eyes go wide. "Secondly, all you need is a good woman in your life, and you'll be able to get it up even if you're 90!"

"Carrick!" Mom says, obviously mortified by Elliot's behavior and calling for his assistance in making my brother shut up, but she just receives a shrug from dad.

"Don't look at me, sweetheart." Dad says as he sips on the glass of scotch he has. "I'm nearing 60 and we still go at it like rabbits. If it weren't for that awful case of mumps I got when I was a kid, we would still be having children to this day."

"Dad!" Both Elliot and I scream, definitely not wanting that image in our heads.

Just then, my phone chimes, indicating an incoming text, and I eagerly pull my phone out, looking for anything that would stop this horrific conversation. I see that the text is from Ana, and I look up at Ray with an excited smile.

"I just got a text from Ana." I say, making Ray smile as well. "They're 10 minutes away."

"Good." Ray says with a nod.

Since they were originally planning to get married at the courthouse, Ray and Sandra didn't invite anyone to their wedding, except for my family as well as Jose and Ethan. Even when my parents insisted on throwing them a full wedding, they still refused, saying that the people here are the only ones they want present.

I almost expected Sandra to invite Nikki's dad, seeing that they're still friends, but I later discovered that Ray wasn't so fond of the man.

I guess jealousy is not just a Grey trait.

"You should all go outside." Mom says as she ushers us out to the backyard. "We don't want you seeing Sandra before it's time."

"But I want to see Ana." I whine, much like Elliot did earlier, and I receive a laugh from him.

"You'll see her when she walks down the aisle as well." Mom says, making me pout as she pushes me out with the rest of the men. We're soon joined by Ethan, who quickly starts fooling around with Elliot, making Ray, Dad, and myself laugh at their antiques.

15 minutes later, mom comes out to tell us to get in position, and being Ray's best man, I take my spot beside him by the makeshift altar, and Jose stands beside me as Ray's groomsman. I notice Ray fidgeting in his spot, but he takes a deep breath, then lets it out slowly when the music starts.

Mia, who has come into the tent a few minutes ago, pulls away at the white fabric, revealing a stunning looking Ana, and I feel my breath catch in my throat. She's wearing a beautiful baby blue dress that hangs loose around her small belly, and she's carrying a small bouquet of white and blue flowers.

I catch her eyes with mine, and her beautiful smile steals my breath away again. I find myself wondering how it'll feel when it's us getting married, and I realize that I would get married to her right here if I could.

I'm pulled away from my thoughts when the judge, who happens to be a friend of my dad's, speaks up, and within seconds, his voice becomes a background noise to my imagination of our own wedding. My eyes never leave Ana, and I picture her in her wedding dress, with her belly round in front of her. I imagine us dancing our first dance as husband and wife, cutting the cake, and I even imagine us as we leave the wedding to our honeymoon. I have to hold back on imagining the wedding night, because I know that I will be getting a raging boner at the thought alone.

"Christian, may we have the rings please?" The judge asks, pulling me away from my thoughts once again. I smile as I pull the rings out of my pocket and place them in Ray's shaking hand, making me smirk at him.

"Thanks, son." Ray says, and I just nod at him. That's when I notice Sandra for the first time, and I have to say, she looks beautiful in her dress. I also notice that she has tears in her eyes, and as Ray recites his vows to her, a couple of tears escape her eyes.

My eyes go back to Ana as Sandra recites her own vows, and I silently mouth I love you at her, making her blush and mouth it back at me.

Before I even know it, the judge announces Ray and Sandra as husband and wife, making us all clap at them, and Elliot hoot as the two share their first kiss as a married couple.

Since the wedding is a small one, we just stay in the same tent where the back of the tent is arranged with a big table and a small dance floor. Once Ray and Sandra make their way to the table, I quickly make my way to Ana, and I pull her in my arms for a long kiss.

"You look stunning baby." I say once I pull away.

"Thanks." She blushes and looks down at her flowers. "You look great as well. Too great."

"Is that supposed to be a bad thing?" I ask with a chuckle.

"When my hormones are all over the place and I want to rip this suit away? Yes, I have to say it is." She says with a giggle.

"We can always sneak away for a quickie." I whisper against her ear, making her shudder.

"No. I'll wait until we get back home." She says as she rubs her hand against my chest. "Delayed gratification, and all."

"Tease." I groan, making her giggle again.

"Are you two planning to join us anytime soon?" I hear Ethan ask, making me shake my head and look at him with a raised eyebrow since he has his arms wrapped around Jose's waist.

"I see you can barely keep your hands away from Jose, man." I say as I take Ana's hand and lead her to the table.

"Have mercy on us, single souls here." Mia says as she takes her place next to Elliot, who I notice has not taken his eyes away from Nikki for one second.

Maybe he'll get his head out of his ass today.

"Can I have your attention please?" Ray says as he clinks his knife against his champagne glass. Once he has everyone's attention, he stands up with a smile on his face. "First of all, thank you all of being here with us on our special day. It means the world to Sandra and I that we get to share our wedding with you." He starts, then he looks at my mom and dad, and I notice dad fidgeting a little in his seat. "Carrick and Grace, I cannot thank you enough for opening your home to us, and giving us this beautiful wedding. With that being said, let the party begin!"

"To Ray and Sandra!" Dad says, making us all cheer after him.

For the next hour, the 11 of us enjoy the dinner that mom had planned for the wedding before we move to the dancing portion of the celebration. However, I can't help but notice that Elliot and Nikki keep stealing glances at each other.

"You've noticed too?" I hear Ana ask from beside me while I'm looking at Elliot.

"I think we need to do something." I say, surprising both her and myself with my words. I've always been adamant about staying away from other people's relationships, but I want to see my brother happy, and if that means that I have to put in a good word for him with Nikki, then so be it.

"Yes." I say with a small sigh before I turn to look at Ana, who I find is watching Nikki.

"You talk to Nikki and I'll talk to Elliot." She says before she places her hand on my thigh and presses gently, as if silently encouraging me to go with it.

"I hope this doesn't come back to bit us in the ass." I say with a smile, making her smile in turn.

"I don't think it will."

I notice that Ray and Sandra, as well as my parents, are on the dance floor, dancing to a slow number. I nod then at Ana and stand up, making my way to where Nikki is sitting chatting with my sister.

"Mia, can I talk to Nikki for a second?" I ask, earning a silent smile from Mia before she leaves her seat, and I smile as I watch her drag Jose to the dance floor as the music changes to an upbeat song.

"Hey." Nikki says as soon as I sit beside her.

"Hey." I say with a soft smile. "You look beautiful today."

"Thank you." She says with a blush. "You look handsome, too."

"Thank you." I say before I take a deep breath. "Listen, I wanted to talk to you about Elliot." I say, earning an immediate blush from her. "Judging by that blush, I'm going to hazard a guess and say you like him."

"He's nice and funny, but his mind-to-mouth filter is practically nonexistent." She says with a roll of her eyes. "Besides, I know about his reputation."

"Are you looking for something serious?" I ask, making her look at Elliot before she looks back at me. "I mean, you live all the way in New York, and I understand that you just got out of a long-term relationship. You're going to be my sister-in-law in a few months, and I like you, but Elliot is my brother, and he comes first."

"Yes, I understand that." She says with a sigh. "But my relationship was long dead before it even ended. I just didn't have the guts to walk away when I realized that things weren't going anywhere."

"So, if you do give Elliot a chance, he won't be just a rebound." I state rather than ask, receiving a subtle nod from her.

"As for the fact that I live in New York, I've been thinking about moving back to Seattle for the past year, but again, I didn't have the guts to look for a new job here. I wanted to be close to mom, and now that she and Ray are moving to Seattle, and they're having a baby, I know that I don't want to miss out on my little brother or sister's life." She says with a shrug. "I think I was just settling, but after being here for just a few days, I realized just how much I've been missing out on by doing that. I stayed in a relationship that I wasn't happy in. Every day, I wake up to go to a job I hate with every fiber of my being. I look at you all, and I finally understand that I will never be able to find the kind of happiness you guys have by settling."

"What kind of a job are you looking for?" I ask, momentarily putting the notion of her and Elliot in the back of my mind.

"I've been a junior PR assistant for the past 3 years. The company I work for has no room for development and career improvement."

"When do you go back to New York?"

"Tomorrow evening." She says with a raised eyebrow. "Why?"

"I want you to change your flight for Monday evening, and if you'd like to, I'd like to have you come to GEH Monday morning. The head of my PR department has been complaining about her assistant for the last few months, but she hasn't provided me with a suitable replacement. I want you to meet her, have some sort of an informal interview. We'll see where things go from there." I say with a smile. "How does that sound?"

"That sounds amazing!" Nikki beams at me and moves to hug me, but holds herself back at the last minute.

Someone's been paying attention.

"Now, about Elliot." I say, making her look at him again, then blush when she sees that he's been looking at her as well. "I know what kind of reputation my brother has, but I've never seen him look at a girl the way he looks at you."

"What do you mean?"

"I don't really know how to explain it, but he's different around you." I say and turn to look at him, making him raise his eyebrows at me in silent question. I then see Ana approach him, and his eyes leave Nikki and I to pay attention to what Ana is saying.

"Even if I don't want something serious, I'm not the kind of girl who has one-night-stands, Christian." Nikki says, her face forming a small frown.

"Tell him that. Make it clear that you're not that type of girl." I say and smile at her encouragingly. "If he's really serious about you, and I honestly think he is, he'll respect that."

"Do you think he'll be ok with me wanting to be friends first? Like, getting to know each other better before we take a more serious step. He might not like me."

"You're an amazing person, Nikki. Any guy would be lucky to have you." I say and reach to hold her hand. As I say that, I realize that I'm talking to her much like I would Mia, and I find that I'm having a sense of protectiveness over her.

"I don't want things to get messy if it doesn't work out between us." She says with another sigh. "I'm sorry, I know I sound very negative now, but I don't want to do anything that would jeopardize the new family I've just gained."

"First of all, I really don't think you need to worry about that, but, and this is a huge but, if things don't work out between you and Elliot, I believe the two of you are mature enough to not make it awkward."

Nikki stays silent for a long minute, looking between me and Elliot, who now appears to be listening intently to what Ana is telling him, and then she just smiles at me.

"Thank you, Christian." She says as she squeezes my hand. "You're like the brother I never had."

"And you're like the quiet and calm sister I always wished I had." I say, earning a smack upside the head that catches me by surprise, and when I turn to look behind me, I see Mia standing there with a small pout on her face.

"Well, your bubbly and wild sister wanted to dance with you, but since you don't like me so much, I think I'll go ask Elliot to dance." She says, but judging by the twinkling in her eyes, I know she's not upset by what I said. "He's always been my favorite brother anyway."

"In that case, please give me back the credit cards you have." I say with a smirk, making her eyes grow wide at me.

"Wanna dance, my dear, loving brother?" She asks, her voice dripping sweetness, making Nikki and I burst out laughing at her.

"Of course." I say and stand up, but then I look at Nikki, and without even thinking about it twice, I reach down to give her a quick hug, earning a gasp from both her and Mia. "You're family." I simply say before I lead Mia to the dance floor.

"I'm glad she turned out to be a nice person in the end." Mia says as she wraps her arms around my neck.

"Me too." I say with a smile. "So, Barney?" I ask, making her eyes grow wide in horror, and she actually stops dancing.

"How…" She stutters, not able to form a full sentence.

"I know everything, Mia." I say with a chuckle and nudge her to continue dancing. "You should know that by now."

"Uh… umm…" She stutters again before she rests her forehead on my shoulder and groans.

She fucking groans!

"I'm not breaking up with him, Christian." She says, and this time, I'm the one who's so shocked I stop dancing.

"What?" I ask, making her look at me with tears in her eyes. "Hey, no tears. Please."

"I didn't tell you because I know how you feel about me dating anyone who works for you, but Barney is a great guy, and I'm not going to break up with him just because you don't approve of our relationship."

"Ok, first of all, calm down." I say, making her take a deep breath. "Second of all, I never said I don't approve of your relationship. If I didn't, I would've talked to you about the minute I found out weeks ago."

"You only found out weeks ago?" She asks, making me raise my eyebrow at her. "Damn, your people are getting weak. We've been seeing each other for about 4 months now."

"Oh." I say, and I'm suddenly hurt that she's been hiding this for that long.

"Is he good to you?" I ask, receiving a dreamy look from her.

"He's the best I've ever been with." She says, making me look at her in horror. "Not like that, you perv!" She says and smacks my shoulder. "Although, he is rather wild in the sheets. You would think that a nerd like him would be…"

"Mia!" I snap, making her quickly shut up. "I do NOT need to know these kinds of details about my baby sister!"

"Sorry." She says with a giggle, earning an eye roll from me. "But he's really good to me. He cares about me like no one ever has."

"You love him, don't you?" I ask, realizing the look in her eyes, and the way she talks about him, is very similar to the way I look at Ana and talk about her.

"Yes." She says with a blush. "But we haven't told each other that yet, so don't go around opening your mouth to him!" She warns, making me smile at her.

My baby sister is growing up!

"I won't, I promise." I say and pull her close to me once the song ends and blends into a different song. "I just want to see you happy, Mia, and I can see that you are. That's all that matters to me."

"Thank you." She says as she rests her head on my chest and lets out a dreamy sigh.

"May I cut in?" I hear Ana ask from beside us, making Mia and I look at her with beaming smiles.

"Of course." Mia says before she places a quick kiss on my cheek and goes to bother Jose and Ethan again.

"Hey, beautiful." I say as I pull her into my arms before we start dancing to whatever song is now playing.

"Hey there yourself, handsome." Ana says with a smile. "How did things go with Nikki?"

"Good." I say and look behind her, to see that Nikki is now talking to Elliot. "I see things went good with Elliot as well."

"I'd say so." Ana says with a happy sigh. "I honestly think these two are going to end up being married one day."

"Let's not get ahead of ourselves, shall we?" I chuckle at her, my hopelessly romantic fiancé.

And to even think she didn't believe in love a few months ago!

"It's like you're my personal cupid." She says, making me look at her with confused eyes. "Everyone has found their happily ever after when you came into my life."

"Jose and Ethan were already together when we met." I say, making her roll her eyes at me.

"Don't go all technical on me." She says with a giggle. "Besides, they got engaged after we met."

"Fine, I'll accept that." I say with a proud smile, happy that Ana believes that I'm the source of her happiness and that of everyone around her. "Next time we attend a wedding, it'll be you in a white dress."

"And you'll be the handsome man waiting for me at the altar." She says, then she suddenly freezes in her spot, and when her hand flies to her stomach, I freeze as well, and I look at her with scared eyes.

"Are you ok?" I ask, worried that something is wrong. "Ana, talk to me, baby."

"I think he just moved." She says after another second of silence. "I felt a flutter in my belly."

"Are you sure?" I ask again, still worried by the shocked look on her face.

"Yes!" She says with a now beaming smile and tears in her eyes. "Talk again. I think he's reacting to your voice."

Without even thinking about what I'm doing, I fall to my knees and rest my head against Ana's small belly.

"Hey there, baby boy." I say, earning a gasp from Ana. "This is your daddy. Are you trying to tell me that you can't wait for us to get married too?" I ask and look up at Ana, who is nodding at me while the tears are falling down her face. "Well, I can't wait to meet you, son. Your mom and I love you so much already."

"Everything ok?" I hear Ray ask, but I can't take my eyes off of Ana, who just nods at her dad.

"Did he just move?" Sandra asks, and I can tell by the tone of her voice that she knows exactly what we're feeling.

"He did." I say as I softly kiss Ana's belly before I rise to my feet. "I guess he wanted to let us know that he's celebrating your wedding as well."

"How did it feel?" Ray asks as he looks at his daughter with amazement.

"Like a small flutter." Ana says, making Sandra nod, confirming the sensation.

"You're going to keep feeling that from now on. You'll get to feel it in a few more weeks, Christian." Sandra says with a beaming smile.

"I can't wait." I say as I wrap my arm around Ana's shoulder.

And as I say that, I realize that feeling my son kick is not the only thing I can't wait to feel. I can't wait to marry his mother, I can't wait to feel him in my arms, I can't wait to give him another sibling or two, and most of all, I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with Ana.

Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I would find love, but Ana has proven me wrong. She has given me everything I wanted and more, and I can't wait to give her everything she's ever dreamed of.