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Harry is not all that he seems. Unhappy and abused at the Dursley's, will someone stand up for him?

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Harry was still quite unable to believe he was free. Only hours before, he'd been rescued by his best friend Ron and his twin brothers Fred and George out Uncle Vernon's hands. Up until that moment, his summer had simply been awful. Not receiving any letters from Ron or Hermione as they had promised, not being able to talk to anyone who didn't yell at him in return, even not being able to read his schoolbooks had been terrible. After the Dobby-incident, he had been locked up in his room and hadn't received any decent food. He wasn't even allowed to go to the bathroom when he needed to! He hated having to call that horrible place his home. How could he consider that sad house home when Hogwarts had been so awesome? Where he had been happier than he could ever remember? But Professor Dumbledore had forbidden him from staying at school during the summer, because it would be closed to give it a thorough cleaning.

'But Headmaster, can't I stay at Hogwarts? My Aunt and Uncle don't like me in their house.'

'I'm afraid, my boy, that the school is closed during the summer holidays. There wouldn't be anyone who could take proper care of you.'

'But sir, I could-'

'Alas, my boy, it is far better for you to go home to your family. Now run along, I believe there will be Shepherd's pie for dinner today.'

And he'd been sent to his hateful family. At first, they'd simply ignored his existence. Later, they'd locked him up, like a monster that needed to be hidden and eventually forgotten. Harry had been lucky to have met Ron. As the youngest Weasley hadn't received any answers from his best friend, he'd become worried enough to get his crazy twin brothers to help him check in on his friend. After the spectacular escape, they'd flown in a car to the Burrow, the Weasley Family's home. While Mrs Weasley had been furious with her three youngest sons, she'd welcomed Harry with open arms. Literally. It had felt strange, being hugged by a fully grown woman. Sure, Hermione had hugged him a few times over the year, and Ron often patted his shoulder, but being hugged by a mother figure? It hadn't happened before. Soon, she'd ushered the boys upstairs and given Harry a bed in Ron's room, where he now was lying awake, looking at the bright orange ceiling. He was quite envious of Ron for having such a loving family. He wished that someday, someone might love him the same way Mrs Weasley loved her kids. He turned on his side and soon fell asleep.

The next day, all Weasley kids, that is to say, Percy, Fred and George, Ron and Ginny, were called outside by Mr Weasley. Harry peeked from behind the door, curious what was happening.
'Come now kids, group together! Fred! Don't push Percy away, he won't be in the picture otherwise. Ron, don't put your finger in your nose. Ginny, dear, what's wrong?' Mrs Weasley asked. She followed the line of the little girl's sight and found Harry trying to disappear behind the door jamb.
'Ah, Harry dear! Come on, go stand next to Ron. Of course you should be in the picture!' She ushered him over to the other her children and petted his hair, trying to tame it, but being unsuccessful.
'We're taking a picture to send to Bill and Charlie. Ron has told you about them, hasn't he?' She enquired.
'Y-yes, Mrs Weasley. They are your eldest sons, right?' He responded quietly.
'Indeed, indeed. It's a bit of a tradition to send them a picture of the rest so they won't feel so alone, so far away. What were they thinking? Going all the way to Egypt and Romania? How can I be sure they eat enough? Really, the others and you won't be pulling that stunt, now will you?'
The inclusion of him in that sentence filled Harry with a warm feeling. Being worried over by a parent felt great, a warm feeling filled his chest. He smiled at the Weasley parents, right at the moment Mr Weasley pressed the button of the camera.

Two weeks later, the two eldest Weasley brothers each received a long letter from Molly detailing the adventures at home, along with a new picture of their younger siblings. Bill smiled at the picture, though he wondered who the scrawny little kid with the glasses was. He looked tiny, even compared to Ginny. Nonetheless, he put the new photograph in a frame and put it next to the one he'd received the year previous. Perhaps he'd show it off to his colleagues the next day.

Charles Weasley, better known as Charlie, woke up to the tapping of an owl beak on his living room window. Blearily, he opened his eyes and slipped out of his bed. As nice as it would have been to sleep in, duty called. But his Mum called first, apparently. The old Errol had been flying all the way to the Romanian dragon reserve where Charlie worked. The poor owl was utterly exhausted. He relieved the bird from the thick envelope and offered him food and water. After saving Errol, who nearly drowned in the cup of water as he fell asleep above it, he sat down at the small table in the tiny kitchen of his hut. Strange, he thought, Mum sends letters, but usually not this big. As he opened the letter, the door to his bedroom opened again. He turned around to face the woman who came through.
'Did I wake you up?' He searched the woman's eyes for answers. He'd tried to keep quiet, but his lover slept lightly. She smiled gently at him, coming over to greet him with a kiss.
'It's fine, Char. We had to get up anyway.'
'Still, sorry babe. Good morning, by the way.'
'Good morning. Want some tea?' The woman, who was called Yelena Abramova, lifted the pot to fill it with hot water. After getting a positive answer, she added the dried leaves and set it to boil quietly. Meanwhile, Charlie picked up the letter his mother had sent. The reason it had been so thick, was the picture that had been added. He grinned at the smiling faces of his siblings, he loved wizarding pictures. As he tapped photo-Percy, the children started waving again and talking to each other. Suddenly, he saw the tiny squirt of a boy, nearly completely hidden behind Ron. Not knowing who it was, he quickly read the letter for information.

Dear Charlie,

As your younger siblings are weeding the garden, I was reminded of how you liked to play with the gnomes. Ever since you've gone off to Romania, they seem to be looking all over the garden for you. They've become a true pest, dear. I'm looking for a spell that might send them off somewhere else, because they're upheaving the soil and damaging the vegetables in the orchard.

As you can see in the picture, everyone at home is happy and healthy, though your father tends to work longer and longer days. I'm afraid he might be exhausting himself, but we need the money to pay for your siblings' schoolbooks. Did you know that this year, they'll be taught by Gilderoy Lockhart? Oh my, I wished I was still in school to see him teach!

Anyhow, Percy has been working on his NEWTs, so he hardly ever leaves his room. Fred and George have taken to prank him when they believe he's been in his room for too long. Ron has his friend staying over, you surely remember Harry? Ron's been talking about him the entire year. Ginny seems a bit shy with him around, but he's such a dear! Such a polite boy, he even helps with housework without being asked to. Your father and I will be asking if he wants to come over during the Christmas Holidays, the poor boy is not very happy with his Muggle family. Which reminds me, dear, could you come over then? You can bring someone with you if you'd like. I've sent a letter to Bill as well, we'd like you both to be home for Christmas. It's not really a true family party if not everyone is there, now is it?



PS Make sure you're eating enough, sweetie!

Charlie smiled happily. He hadn't had the chance to go home ever since he'd started as a dragon tamer. His life had been very busy, what with the long day, the paperwork and since a few weeks, having Yelena living with him. They'd met at a local wizarding market and had hit it off immediately. Charlie had fallen hard for the tall blonde woman with green eyes. Yelena was a Spell Weaver, one of the few on the globe. She was born in Siberia, among a tribe called the Koshki Tantsorov. They lived very in tune with nature, and Yelena's spells often followed her way of life. Yelena, as he'd recently discovered, wasn't just a witch, she was also a Werecat. Unlike the Werewolves however, Werecats were completely in tune with their animalistic side. As there was no risk of being turned into one by being bitten, Werecats had no problems getting jobs. They'd even had Laws, which overruled most common Wizarding Laws. It had boggled his mind, the first time she'd explained things to him, but many things made sense now. Her passion, her physical strength that rivalled his own, the light sleeping, all these and other things came from her being partly a wild animal. He hadn't seen her animal form yet, but he doubted he'd have to wait very long for that.

He turned back to the picture. His siblings looked happy and healthy, though Percy seemed a bit too pale to his tastes. Charlie lifted the picture a bit when his lover leaned over his shoulder to look at the picture as well. He grinned when she remarked that out of his entire family, she liked his red hair the most.
'Who is the little kid?' Yelena pointed at the dark haired squirt. 'He is not your brother, is he?'
'No, that's Ron's (he pointed out his youngest brother) best friend. His name is Harry. Apparently, his family doesn't like him much and he's staying at the Burrow now.'
The young couple studied the photo some more, Charlie telling about Fred and George's antics, Ginny's love for cute and cuddly things, Ron's obsession with the Chudley Cannons and Percy's ambition.
Suddenly, Yelena gasped and squeezed his arm.
'That is, no!'
Charlie looked up distractedly, 'What's wrong? Are you all right? Yelena?'
'The kid, he is- Can I borrow the picture? I have to show it to the Mother. Please?' She asked him, a worried look on her face.
'Err, sure. What's wrong, though?' He offered her the picture. She took it carefully, then grabbed her cloak and put it on.
'I don't know yet. But that child is not just an orphan, I think. I have to ask the Mother though. I'm going now, I should be back by dinner time.' The Werecat went for the door.
'Okay, be careful, love.' Yelena turned and kissed her lover full on the lips. She grinned.
'I will. You better don't get burned, hear me? Bye!' With that, Charlie was left alone in his hut.

After she'd stepped out of the hut, Yelena Apparated quickly activated her Portkey, which was set to take her to her home village in the woods of Siberia. When her feet slammed into the dark soil of her village, she quickly walked to the house nearest to her. It was more of a large hut, really. The entire building was made out of wood, with small windows and a heavy wooden door. Yelena smiled appreciatively at the view, and knocked gently on the door. A raspy voice told her to enter and she quietly opened the door.
'Mother? It is Yelena, I have something you need to see.'

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