It was a beautiful day outside and Lily and Jonathan had just pulled up to the zoo.

"Let me see her, let me see my beautiful niece," Kendall said as soon as they got out of the car.

"Only if you let me hold my nephew," Lily said as she handed her daughter over to Kendall.

Ryan placed Ian in Lily's arms and smiled at his brother. There was a time when Ryan thought that he would never see his brother happy again. There had been so much pain and heartache in their past, but Lily had been a miracle for his brother. She had brought him happiness when nothing else could.

"Hey Ryan, I'm glad that you and Kendall found your way back to one another," Jonathan commented.

"It was bound to happen eventually. She's my soulmate just like Lily is yours."

"I want to see the animals daddy," Spike said as he looked at his dad.

"Okay, buddy let's go see the animals," he said as he lifted his son up on his shoulders and they walked into the zoo for some quality family time.