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Chapter 1: Things Change

Beast boy woke up abruptly, sweat dripping down his skin as he breathed heavily. He sat up on his bed and rubbed his eyes roughly as he tried to erase the heavy feeling in his throat. He sighed and leaned back to check the time on his clock that ticked lightly.

3:21 a.m.

He knew exactly why he was awake.

It was the same reason he had woken up every other night before.


It's not because he dreamed of her (even though he did dream of her) that wasn't the reason he woke up. He woke up because he could feel her wake up. He assumed it was that his powers had strengthened and were sensitive to physical movement and body rhythms especially in his calm state of night. However he couldn't understand why he only woke up when she did and not with any of the other titans.

Well whatever the reason, he got up somewhat drowsily and slipped a t-shirt over his head before stumbling through the dark to his bedroom door. He hadn't approached raven about this before. He'd just laid in bed and shut his eyes and tried to go back to sleep. But he couldn't. Not until she fell back asleep. Tonight he decided he might as well torture her with his presence in the kitchen seeing as it was her fault he couldn't get his beauty sleep.

He made his way to the kitchen that was bathed with light and he squinted over sensitive eyes as he walked into the table. He cursed under his breath and heard that familiar water boiling in a pot sound.

"Isn't it past your bedtime?" Raven said in her bored voice as she poured the boiling water in her favorite mug.

Beast boy smirked, "I'm nocturnal." Before morphing into a bat and morphing back. "Get it? Because I was a bat?!"

She rolled her eyes and sat down on one of the stool chairs and that's when beast boy looked at her in his full senses. She had on a comfy sweater but was dressed in very short and tight black shorts and her legs were crossed as she sat sipping her hot tea. Man did she have great legs...

Beast boy licked his lips and sat on the stool next to hers, his breath hitching slightly as his leg brushed against hers. He tried to focus on her face as he cleared the dirty thoughts coming to his mind.

"So why are you up so early?" He asked yawning and reaching for a cookie from the counter.

"I'm always up early," she shrugged.

He snorted, "Obviously but I asked why Rae. Are you up reading romance novels again?" He made kissy faces at her and she glared violet eyes at him.

"Shut up and no...I've just had a lot on my mind lately," she said honestly.

"Oh...I see you can't stop thinking about me can you?" He grinned from ear to ear and she smirked amused, "In your dreams beast boy." She had no idea...

It was obvious he was attracted to her. Not that she knew anyways. He had always been though from day one. Because of his attraction to her he paid close attention to her. That's why he noticed the changes.

He didn't know exactly when the changes started, but they were gradual. They were small changes to, things almost unnoticeable. Like for instance she started to wear common everyday clothes more often and the way she smiled just a little bit when she thought no one was looking. Or how he found her cooking sometimes when she hated cooking.

Those were some small things. The bigger things were noticed by everyone. Like the fact in her practice drills she always used the things around her to block her obstacles and evade them but in her last ones she fought defensively more like robin or beast boy's style. "I'm just changing up my strategy," she had told them. And then there was her hair.

Raven's hair is pretty short but her latest hairstyle has been a bun which is strange considering her hair is too short to make a bun. Beast boy theorized it had grown but he hadn't seen it down to prove it and Raven wouldn't let Starfire touch it. "I have it up to keep it out of my face during battle don't touch it!" She had growled.

He studied her now with her purple hair tied in a bun and his gaze shifted to her full lips and he inhaled sharply.

"And why are you up?" She asked blandly snapping him out of the spell. He opened his mouth to reply when the tower's alarms went off making them both jump slightly. Robin was the first to appear before the other titans did and he raised an eyebrow slightly acknowledging the fact they were up so early and together. He didn't comment about it.

"There's trouble downtown. We need to go now," Robin commanded when the others joined them in sleepy states. "It's Dr. Light. I don't know how he got out but I can't seem to find his coordinates. We will have to split up. Starfire and I will take the west and north end. Beast boy and Raven take the East and cyborg will take the south."

They all flew out of the tower, still wearing their pajamas.

Raven and Beast boy walked gingerly across the dark empty road of east downtown. The sky was still black and it was strangely dark as not one light was turned on in sight. This was strange considering downtown was always filled with people and noise and bright lights but now it looked abandoned. It seemed it was about to rain as thunder pounded in the distance and leaves rustled beneath them. Raven tried to ignore the fact he was at least two inches taller than her now as they walked. When had he grown?

"Okay so you remember that time we saw that really creepy movie and I couldn't sleep for a week?! Well this looks just like the movie and it's freaking me out!" Beast boy shook and leaned in closer to Raven for protection. She rolled her eyes and pushed him away. "Focus you dork there is nothing to be afraid of." Something passed in front of them and they both screamed and held on to each other. Beast boy blushed slightly at her hands around him.

It was just a rat that passed them.

Beast boy smirked, "Thought you weren't scared?" Raven kicked him away and continued forward. She honestly did not want to deal with his childishness right now. She squinted to the distance as she saw a building with a dark blue glow to it. "There we need to go there," she grabbed beast boy's wrist and pulled him to a run.

When they neared the building they were met with a huge burst of light. Beast boy pulled Raven behind him as Dr. Light emerged from the light. He was smiling with a literal hundred watt smile. "Did you miss me?" He asked as he shot out a light to them. Beast boy morphed into a hawk and flew them away. He morphed back when they were on top of a building.

"You can't escape so easily not this time," Dr. light boomed as he headed for Raven. She smirked and levitated as he came after her. Her eyes and hands filled with power as she chanted, "Azarathme-" She was cut off as Dr. Light shot out a burst of something similar to lightning at her and it hit her full force, shocking and tearing at her. Beast boy never heard her scream so loud. When the shock stopped the black mist left her body and she began to fall off the building.

"Raven!" Beast boy didn't think and just reacted as he ran to her and morphed into a tiger of all things. He wrapped himself around her and they fell for a few seconds until he morphed back inches before hitting the solid ground. He groaned, his back hurting so damn much. He tried not to move though as Raven was on top of him and he didn't know what kind of injuries she had. She was covered in a thin layer of sweat and was way too warm, her sweater and shorts were torn harshly revealing the smooth flesh of her stomach. Her hair had come undone and was in a mass of dark tangles all down her back. She was breathing.

"Raven," he whispered unmoving trying to get a reaction from her. She shifted slightly and groaned lightly which made his ears stand up and he winced as she shifted again over him accidentally brushing between his legs. He bit his lip and cursed in his head as she kept squirming and brushing against him. He dug his nose in her hair trying to focus on anything but the way she was moving against him. "Raven," he choked but she was still too weak to respond. He could feel himself get hard under his sweatpants.

He grabbed her and threw her gently over his shoulder and began to run frantically thankful that rain had began to fall. He had to clear his mind and control his body, now wasn't the time to get horny. He called Robin on his communicator and told him that Dr. Light was on the east end.

"Is Raven okay?" Robin asked in a more than worried tone. "She's still unconscious but she's moving around. I'm going to take her somewhere nearby so she can finish healing herself don't worry. I'll take care of her." "You better," Robin ordered and cut off. Robin honestly got on Beast boy's nerves sometimes.

He found a small cafe on the outskirts of the city and dashed in there as rain began to pour outside. The shop was fairly empty save a few people scattered about talking and drinking coffee. He went all the way to the back empty side and slid into one of the booths resting Raven against the seat. She was slightly more awake now, looking around disheveled and clutching her head.

"Hey, you're good. We are safe," Beast boy reassured her. She shook her head and rested her head on the table for a few moments. A waitress came by and she eyed them in shock and terror at their post fight state. "Can you bring us two lemon herb teas?" Beast boy asked taking off his jacket. When she left Raven's head popped up,and she eyed Beast boy as he put his jacket around her.

"Lemon herb tea?" She asked curiously with her wide sapphire eyes gazing at him.

"Yeah that's your favorite drink. Did you get amnesia or something?" He frowned.

Raven frowned back, "No. I just mean...I didn't know you paid attention to details like that."

Beast boy raised a brow, "Well I do pay attention."

She blinked at him really looking at him. His hair was messy and tousled and his eyes gleamed like emeralds. He certainly was the same beast boy but even Raven couldn't deny he looked older now his features less round and his jaw more sharp. He was even slightly more mature now. But he still had that mischievous look. Still Beast boy.

The waitress brought two steaming tea cups and Raven sipped hers quietly as she eyed Beast boy blowing at his tea. "Since when do you drink tea?" She asked curiously again. He sipped some and licked his lips, "There are things you don't know about me." He focused his gaze on her,"And things I don't know about you."

He turned to her and motioned to her battered and dirt covered body, "Like seriously what is going on with you Rae?" She frowned, "What do you mean?"

"Well you've been acting extra weird lately. Even weird for you. You barely meditate anymore. Your fighting is all off. I mean You usually never let yourself get hit with blows like that," he let his voice rise, "And don't get me started on the cooking. Rae you know you can't cook!"

Raven was fully focused now, her body and senses more healed. Beast boy of all people was the one noticing these things? She didn't realize how observant he had gotten. For a split second she knew he knew something was going on with her. But she couldn't tell him. She just couldn't. "Oh my gosh we are not having this conversation right now," she stated in her monotonous voice.

"Tell me what's going on. I know it's serious. You let Dr. Light electrocute you for crying out loud Raven. You couldn't control your powers admit it. And it's because something is wrong. Something is seriously wrong."

She just winced and sipped her tea.

Beast boy shook his head, "You're not telling me because I'm me right? Because I'm Beast boy...you would tell me if I was Robin." It was true wasn't it? She trusted Robin more than him. They had a bond he'd never had with her, a bond he couldn't understand.

She looked at him sharply and sighed, "Look, even if this was Robin, I wouldn't tell him." She said honestly. "I don't even fully understand what's going on with me yet. I'm trying to figure it out on my own right now. Telling you guys something's wrong without really knowing will do nothing to help. So I'm asking you for the moment..that this stays between me and you."

Beast Boy stared at Raven in awe. That was probably the most she ever trusted in telling him ever. His heart quickened at the thought that they now shared a secret. That not even Robin knew. "Well then explain one thing to me," he flicked a strand of her now long dark hair, "Explain your hair."

She glared at him, "Don't touch my hair!" She liked her personal space and being touched by guys, even Beast boy made her uneasy. "There's nothing to explain about my hair it just grew and I forgot to cut it."

Beast boy laughed, "Please! You hate long hair! And now suddenly you have it down to your butt?" It was long. Even longer than starfire's hair. It was a little past her chest at the front but cascaded all the way down to her hips in the back in a mass of black purple waves.

Raven cringed, "Don't say butt ever again." She sighed, "Look if I promise to explain the hair do you promise not to tell the others I'm having issues."

"Deal," Beast boy flashed her a toothy grin.

"I promise I'll tell you another day but right now BB can we just go home?"

As they walked towards the Titan tower by the rocks, rain poured against them harshly. Raven was in front of Beast boy when she slipped suddenly and fell against the rocks. Beast boy grabbed her by the arm and helped her up brining them to the wall of the tower. "Are you okay?" He asked looking for injuries. He didn't have to. He smelled the blood.

And it smelled sweet. He inhaled sharply and tried not to breathe as he tensed up.

"Ugh yeah I just got a scratch on my thigh," she mumbled.

Without thinking Beast boy reached over and touched the bleeding scratch, his fingers dangerously close in between her legs. Her purple eyes widened in surprise at the touch. "What are you doing?" She hissed as he heart beat quickly and her breathing hitched.

He pushed her against the wall a little roughly, his mind hazy as he let his fingers rub in her thigh and they were separated by an inch and built up tension. Their body heat burning up. He wanted to rip off what was left of her clothes and claw her skin and take her right...he shook his head and pulled away quickly. "I was just...making sure you were okay...sorry."

She hid her pink face from his, to other girls touches like that were normal but not to her. "Whatever stop playing around and start coming up with what we are going to tell the team." She marched forward and hugged his jacket to herself. This has been a long day.

Beast boy walked after her, his heart pounding wildly as he thought grimly that there were things going on with him to. Things he didn't know if he could control.

When they finally walked in the building they tried sneaking in but obviously the team was there in the living room and began grilling them with a million questions. Cyborg was going on about how they captured Dr. Light, Starfire was screaming about Raven's hair and Robin just watched them closely. Taking in Raven's state of dress and the way how she and Beast boy stood awkwardly. He didn't miss the fact she wore his jacket.

"What happened with Dr. Light. You never miss a shot. Especially not with him," Robin asked Raven calmly. Beast boy cut in before she could answer, "It was my fault we had a whole plan to surround him but I accidentally thought she told me to 'morph into hawk' but she actually said, 'move the shock!' So I messed up and she got hit."

Robin stared them both down. He wasn't buying it but he knew everyone was tired. "Are you okay?" He asked Raven, "I know you. It isn't like you to make mistakes like that." "I'm fine," she replied blandly meeting his gaze. Beast boy really hated the way Robin thought he knew her better than anyone.

"We should all get some rest then. Tonight's been rough." Robin sighed and dismissed everyone.

"Raven! But your hair! It has grown as long as weeded grass!" Star fire beamed, her fluffy pink pajamas ruined from battle , "Please allow me to do the braiding on it!"

"What y'all need to do is go to sleep and not make noise untill 2 pm because I'm going to sleep and if I hear noise out of any of you I will be worse than Raven if I wake up, " Cyborg threatened before switching off the lights and running to his room.

Raven walked to her room exhausted and watched as Beast Boy passed by.

"Hey, thanks for covering for me," she said calmly, "Take your jacket, thanks for that to."

"No problem and keep the jacket I've got more. Just get some sleep," he told her steadily and took one last look at her. Dressed in those tight black shorts that showed off her legs, her sweater torn and cut into a crop top. His jacket fitting too big on her, her hair long and wild and those wide purple eyes watching him.

She nodded before turning around and going in her room and he couldn't help but feel that feeling in his stomach. A feeling he couldn't name.

Days had gone by with nothing really. It was pretty normal. Training, eating, playing video games.

Beast boy would glance occasionally at Raven but she was as focused as always. She had let starfire braid her hair into two long Dutch braids and it seemed to be her new signature look. It fit her in a rugged, hardcore kind of way.

When Raven and a Beast boy passed each other in the hall, or met each other's gazes they'd just nod or talk normally. But it was obvious there was a lot of things they both knew now. Still they decided to act normally.

Things didn't have to be so different...right?

Now they all stood outside on the training course waiting for Robin to give the news he had. Beast boy glanced at Raven in her dark purple leotard and her long braids looking at Robin with focus with her arms crossed.

"As you guys already know there are some issues happening in our sister city and the teams over there could use some back up.

Still we can't just leave jump city alone. That's why Cyborg, Starfire and I will be the ones going to help..." Robin looked at Beast boy and Raven who just stood in shock with wide eyes.

"...and you two will stay."

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