A/N: This is a sequal to my story "Falling". If you want to know what lead up to this, check it out. Thank you! A little AU.

Rory tried to do the math quickly in her head. Her eyes were staring down at the pregnancy test in her hand. With a sudden flash of frustration she slammed the stick on the bathroom sink. How? She was on birth control.

She paced for a while in her grandmother's bathroom, then with a deep breath grabbed her phone and Googled pregnancy. For the next half hour, she sat on the Tuscany tiled floor, absorbing all manners of facts. She thought she knew enough. What adult woman didn't but the exact time of feeling the effects after conception, was what she really wanted to know. Around two weeks most articles said. But nothing was set in stone.

Two weeks.

The last person had been Jess. But, there had been Logan which was in early September. She continued calculating backwards as it was now early November. So it had to be...her phone buzzed causing her to jolt. A text appeared at the top of the screen.

Good morning beautiful

The name it belonged to made her sigh out loud. It had been three weeks since they had started seeing each other, again. Though it had been hard to meet up because of schedules. Annoying Paul deja vu had set in, though she quickly pushed it away. However,he was planning on joining her this weekend in Hartford. She had tickets to a gallery exhibit and a reservation at a restaurant that used to be a speakeasy. They had finally found the time and she had been looking forward so much to it.

But, that night three weeks earlier, with the rain and….

She quickly typed back. Good morning! What are you up to?

Writing the great American novel. :)

Despite her nervousness she smiled and couldn't help it, instinct took over and she pressed the call button.

"I know when that hotline bling, that could only mean one thing," Jess answered.

"Don't make me hurt you," she replied with a nervous laugh. "So...you busy today?"

"Aside from deadlines, staff meetings, and Larry's insistence that we all see the game tonight? No. Although with Hillickson's jacked up arm, I doubt they'll do any better then they have been."

She could hear one of his co-workers jeer at him in the background and they laughed.

"Could…" Rory's voice wavered.


She was quiet for a moment trying to collect herself. "Could you come here?"

"Now? I'm coming tomorrow after work."

"I know," she whimpered, her voice growing small as she found herself unable to hold in the tears.

"What's wrong?" he asked, his voice still light in tone.

"I…sorry. Bad day. I'll see you tomorrow."

"Rory," Jess insisted. "What's wrong?"


"Lucy, you got some 'splainin' to do," he teased.

Rory couldn't hold back the tears anymore. "I think I'm pregnant."

He didn't respond and the silence was more painful than if he had yelled at her. She gripped her phone, hoping.


"Hold on...one sec."


She heard him put down the phone and her stomach turned. A surge of anger at herself and life began to swell through her. They were just starting again and this had to happen. She was trying to be safe and responsible and-



"I'm coming now, okay."

"But you don't have to."

"I'm coming now."


Waiting for Jess for the three hour train ride left her exhausted. She tried to watch nonsensical YouTube clips and write to preoccupy herself, but nothing lessened the intense dread she felt inside.

Sitting in the Amtrak parking lot, she gripped the steering wheel of her car, waiting. Finally she saw his train pull up and that familiar face appear. Though it looked like he had cut his hair. She slightly smiled knowing Luke would no longer bug him about it. He approached the car and when he met her eyes her gave her a understanding small smile and she felt a slush rush of relief as he entered the car.



The sat quietly for a long while.

"You can really tell we're authors with our grasp of dialogue," she teased.

But, he was still quiet. Rory didn't know what to do so she put the keys in the inhibition. His hand stopped hers from turning the key.

"So...you sure?" He finally asked.

They had been texting as he rode to her. But purposefully neither mentioned the reason he was visiting and discussed their opinions of movies and television. Anything they could think of to not talk about what needed to be said.

"I have taken three tests, all positive. Even took the one that writes it out for you in big bold letters: 'Congratulations you are now in an Apatow film!' I have an appointment Monday with Dr. Gomez. They aren't open weekends. Apparently people don't get knocked up on weekends. You would think that'd be a prime time for pregnancy. I should open a practice on weekends, I'd make bank. Franchise with Paris."

"Mine?" he breathed loudly.

"Yes," she huffed in offense, though she knew he had a right to ask, she still wanted to be insulted. "What do you think...I...really?"

It made him smile a bit at her reaction and he gripped her hand.

"You scared?" He asked softly.

"Of course! This is not what I planned. Though recently it has been that nothing is going according to plan. I am a hot mess. This wasn't supposed to happen. Not until at least 35."

"You aren't that far off."

She pouted. "You saying I'm old?"

"I'm older than you!" Jess laughed.

"By a year, big deal."

They held each other's gaze for a moment, with the sudden release of tension from their linguistic sparring.

"You scared?" She asked him, her voice straining as she fought tears.

"Ever seen the video with the kitten that sees the lizard and arches its back and starts to flip and spazz and runs away, while everyone laughs?"

She shrugged. "I might have."

"That kitten is my Daemon."

"Glad I'm not the only one."

Their eyes locked again and then he leaned forward, cupping her face and kissed her deeply.

"What was that for?"


"That's not a reason."

He kissed her again and she fell into it, her hands finding their way into his, now shorter hair. All the anxiety and fear, for that moment, seemed to leave them.