Within You Is The Light Of Thousand Suns

-Harry gets introduced to his godmother and has a feeling of being complete finally, but not everything is going well with her. He sees infinite possibilities but there are things he should fix-up for Sirius to settle back in his life. This story is a complete package it has happiness, family, comfort, hurt, pain, tears and a lot of humor.

Author's Note: I do not own Harry Potter or anything in it. It all belongs rightfully to J. . I am just playing with them in my own way. Hope you all like it.

Chapter 1: A New Member

It's a bright sunny day of Summer. The residents of Little Whinging, Surrey are at peace and enjoying their Summers. Except for the residents of number 4 the Dursley's, who do not think Summer as a very pleasant time of the year as their 'mentally disturbed' nephew Harry Potter is home. Mr. and Mrs. Dursley are engaged in a heated discussion about the unusual activities going all around London and how all this is because of the freakish people of Harry's world.

"Where is he anyways? The 'freak'", asked Vernon Dursley."Probably loitering around here and there, besmirching our name".

"Heaven knows Vernon, I haven't seen the boy all afternoon", replied Petunia Dursley.

Harry was lying on the cold, slightly wet grass in the back garden of the house. Thoughts racing through his mind about the happenings of last term, of Cedric Diggory's untimely death, of Lord Voldemort's return, of the people who went missing and most of all about his friends and his godfather. He recently found his godfather and was still in the phase of knowing him better, regardless of the time both of them missed he still regarded his godfather quite highly.

"Merlin knows what are all of them doing.", he thought. " I hope all of them are safe, especially Sirius."

Shouldn't they be missing him? Shouldn't they come rescue him from this hell of his? Didn't the say at the king Cross Station that they will come and get him soon? Its already been a month now, and no sign of anyone here. All these thoughts were like a boomerang, every time he throws them to the back of his head they came back, because of this he couldn't even sleep properly as every time he tried to sleep nightmares was all he got.

Then suddenly a loud 'pop' disrupted his thoughts and within seconds he was on his feet with his wand at the ready. He looked around many times but found no one, then there was a 'bang' and slight pain lashed through his head. He then turned back and saw his aunt Petunia with a frying pan in her hand.

"What are you doing her boy, spying on us are you." yelled Aunt Petunia.

"I was listening to the news." replied Harry.

"What for?" asked Aunt Petunia.

"It changes everyday, you see.", answered Harry.

After these things handled Harry thought of walking to the nearby park. He reached there quite soon and noticed it to be completely empty. He entered and sat on a nearby swing unaware his was deep in his thoughts when he noticed his troll of a cousin Dudley and his gang walking over.

"Beat up another 10-year-old Big D.", he said.

"This one deserved it.", he replied.

"What are you doing here anyways? freaking out little kids.", he said "at least I'm not afraid of my pillow"

"Don't kill Cedric, whose Cedric your boyfriend.", he mocked.

"Shut up, Dudley", harry warned.

"Save me, mom, he's going to kill me, where's your mom? Is she dead?", he mocked again.

"Shut up, Dudley", Harry shouted now with his wand pointed to his chest. When suddenly he felt everything go ice cold. And apparently Big D's 'big, brave friends' made a run for it. Then suddenly it dawned upon him.

"Dementors", he murmured.

On the other side of the London, in no.12 Grimmauld Place precisely, a meeting was in progress and all the members of the Order of the Phoenix were present there when an Owl swooped through the window into in the kitchen and dropped a letter in Dumbledore's hands, and swooped out right away.

"Its from Arabella Figg of Little Whinging.",He announced.

"Merlin, Is everything fine Albus", asked.

"Well, it seems so that our dear boy Harry is in trouble again, except this time it's the Dementors. But everything is fine now it seems, Harry is alright and like every other time he saved others this time too.", he said after reading the letter.

"Enough Albus, get the boy here I will not wait anymore if you don't get him I will have to go myself and take Fred & George to wreck havoc with me.", shouted.

"She is right Albus." , replied Sirius.

Albus looked around and saw many heads nodding and agreeing with Molly and Sirius.

"Alright, after two days Remus you and some of the others can go a collect Harry, but make sure all this is well planned, will you?", he asked. Remus nodded.

"Now Remus, what were you saying about getting a new member and finding Blaze Ignite?", he asked. Many people winced at the name and turned to look at Sirius, who looked lost.

"Very right Albus, that's what I was saying, as all us are not enough to address the matters at hand we need more members and at time such as now Blaze could be a real asset, plus it about time we introduced Harry to his godmother", he stated looking around the kitchen and once again finding many heads nodding.

"Very well Remus, as far as I remember her she is quite competent and will certainly be a big help, but where will you find her I remember that she left the magical world after that terrible night at the Godric's Hollow, and if we need her we should make it quick", he said looking worried.

"Do not worry sir, I have been on a search operation ever since and last week I thought I found something ", suddenly there was a 'pop' and Kreacher appeared in the kitchen and said "Master Sirius Lord, Kreacher be found Mistress fire, she be coming where Master is tell poor Kreacher, but the thief Mundungus and the blood traitor Morgus not okay, poor Kreacher be very scared of Mistress fire."

"Oh dear Merlin, I must have known not to send anyone and go myself, what have I done." cried Remus slapping his forehead.