It's another boring, empty day for Naru as she went back home after school is over for the day. At least it's going to be a weekend for tomorrow. Looking depressed, she changed into her pajamas and went for bed.

Ever since Usagi has found Ami, Rei, Makoto, and Minako, she's been ignoring me entirely. I'm doing fine with Umino, but I miss Usagi. It's as if I'm becoming invisible to them. Maybe that's what I am to them. Invisible. Another invisible day for me tomorrow.

As she drifted to sleep, an energy beam from the sky hit her, but she is oblivious and unharmed to it.

The next day, something is different. As Naru gets up from bed, she isn't there, and that her orange pajamas took her place. It's as if she has become invisible, due to the beam that hit her last night, but her clothes remain visible. Oblivious of this, she yawned and goes to the bathroom to take a bath. It's not only until she washed herself with soap and looked in the mirror in the shower to see her empty reflection.

"What the...?!" she screamed.

She finished her bath and puts on a towel. Looking at herself in the mirror once again, she pondered on her situation.

"I'm invisible? How did this happen?"

Putting on her clothes (Author's Note: her outfit when appeared in one episode of Super S), she decided to set out of her house to look for help in this situation.

"Maybe Usagi and her friends can help, especially when they're the Sailor Senshi!" she found hope when she thought of them, especially her blonde-haired best friend. The last time she spoke to her, she gives out an enigmatic message of knowing she's Sailor Moon, and it's a good thing she didn't realize it.

Just as she is about to step out...

"Wait a minute," Naru looked at her outfit and realized something. "I'm invisible, but my outfit is still visible. Oh no. If I go out like this, everyone's gonna freak out when they see clothes moving on their like a human would! To become fully invisible, I must be naked! This is great!"

Much to her chagrin, she strips off her clothes, but with her body being invisible, this completes the invisibility effect. Looking at her empty reflection...

"What do I have to worry about? No one's going to see me naked, even though I'm technically am."

Going out of her house, she locks the door and puts a key under the mat.

In the streets of Tokyo, people are doing their usual business every day of the month. As for Naru, she isn't doing well, especially when she has to walk nude outside. On the bright side, she's invisible; therefore no one can see her naked body. If she wanted to look for Usagi, it's her house.

Going to her friend's house, she rings the doorbell, but she is nervous because she doesn't want to scare Ikuko Tsukino about a ghost answering the door, so she decided to be hide discreet when she answers.

"Hello..." the woman is about to open the door but it froze the moment she entered, putting a surprised expression on her face. "The door... froze. What's going on?"

"Hi, Mrs. Tsukino," Naru's voice spoke from thin air.

"Naru? Are you the one ringing the doorbell?"

"Yes, I am, but please don't open the door fully."

"Why?" Ikuko asked with worry.

"Because I'm sick," Naru comes up with an excuse, so that she won't look outside to see no one is at the door talking to her.

"Poor girl. Maybe I should help you get better," the purple-haired woman tried to open the door fully if it wasn't for Naru having her hands on the doorknob to prevent her from opening it fully.

"No, please! No!" the teenage girl begged. "I don't want you to open the door to see me that I'm not feeling well. Just tell me where Usagi is! Please!"

"Usagi, huh? Well, she is hanging out with her friends at a theater across town," was the response.

"Thank you, Mrs. Tsukino! I won't forget this!" Naru started running away from the door as the adult opens it fully.

"Uh, are you sure you don't need me to treat you well?" Ikuko asked with confusion.

Once again, Naru has to walk to the city without any clothes but no one is able to see her with her being invisible. At least no one is getting her attention, but she manages to avoid bumping into people.

Well, that really worked well.

Just as she went near the theater, Usagi and her friends are leaving the place, having finished the movie they're watching.

"So I said 'screw loose', I mean the character," Rei spoke. "And I say the character is like Usagi herself!"

Everyone laughs, expect for Usagi and Naru, who were offended by what she has to say.

"It's not funny to compare me to her!" the former argued.

"I think it is," the dark-haired girl said smugly. "She's an idiot like you. In fact, that movie is like our roles."

"Why you..."

As Usagi and Rei get on with their argument once again, Naru is watching this without them knowing.

"Here we go. Another argument coming from this two again," she whispered so they can't hear her. "Now I know how it feels to be invisible to them."

Then she realized something.

Wait. If I'm invisible, then maybe I can do a little bit of joking around on their expense. That way, they will notice me, especially you, Usagi.

Unknown to Usagi, her water bottle is floating above her hand and the cover opens before the contents hit Rei.

"What was that for?!" the latter grabbed the former from her shirt, looking all angry.

"What are you talking about?!" the blonde demanded.

"Don't play dumb with me, idiot!" Rei stated. "You're the one holding that water bottle for long! Which means you're the one who spilled all of that water!"

"I didn't do that, I swear!"

"But you're holding that bottle!"

While Usagi and Rei are grabbing each other's shirt and glaring angrily at one another, Naru started tying Makoto's and Minako's shoelaces together.

"Time to tie up some loose ends," she said with a grin.

Next, she went for Ami as she taps her shoulder from behind. As she looks, Ami saw no one, but she feels another tap that she turned around.

"Did any of you just tapped my shoulder?" the blue-haired girl asked.

Makoto and Minako shook their heads, leaving her much confusion. As they tried to approach her, they fell down because their shoelaces were tied together.

"I think they've learned my lesson, so it's time to get serious," Naru feels satisfied of her invisible pranks, but now it's time to get their attention to help her with the situation she's having. Looking at the floor, she found a mask lying on the ground. Putting it on, she decided to pose as a monster as part of her plan. She speaks the next statement with her voice disguised to be like a monster. "Helloooo there!"

Usagi and Rei stopped their argument to see a floating mask in their direction.

"A youma!" the former exclaimed.

"Yes, I'm a youma!" Naru said while giggling at the same time. "Follow me! I'm going this way!"

She walked to a nearby alley, hoping she would get their attention.

"Girls!" Usagi proclaimed as she pulls out her trinket, and the girls did the same. "Let's transform!"

With their transformations, Naru realized the truth at last.

Usagi really is Sailor Moon... Amazing.

"Let's get that youma!" the Sailor Senshi proclaimed as they started running after her.

As they went to the alley, they saw the mask lying on the floor.

"Show yourself!" Sailor Mars demanded.

"Sailor Moon, please help me!" Naru pleaded.

"Naru? Is that you?" her friend asked.

"Yes, it's me. I'm right here."

In fact, Moon started to feel an invisible touch coming from her hands. She looks frightened because it looked like she's seeing a ghost.

"Don't be afraid. I'm here," Naru can only hope her plan to get her attention worked. "I'm really here."

As the Senshi feels her touch, there's no doubt that her best friend is really here, but she's invisible.

"Naru, you really are here," she said with a smile.

"Yes, I am here... Usagi," her friend smiled back.

Upon hearing her true name being called while she's in her Senshi form, she looks surprised.

"You know my secret?" she asked.

"Yes, I saw your transformation just now," was the response. "The truth is, I know about it for some time."

"Since when?"

"I'll tell you about it, but let's get to someplace private first. Also, bring me some clothes."

"Okay, we'll do that, right, girls?" Moon asked her team.

"Yeah, count me to help out!" Mars responded with a smile.

"Me, too!" Jupiter agreed.

"Same here," Venus also agreed.

"Count on me as well," Mercury smiled in agreement. "Let's get started!"

For the first time since the last time she talked to her friend, Naru feels happy that she got her attention while being invisible.