Hey peeps! So I used to write on fanfiction all the time, and then I went off to school and I just didn't have time. If ya'll didn't know I am currently in school to be a creative writer and I have written the first draft of my novel. I really love writing, so anyway, in one of my classes this semester we had to write in a writer's journal daily. For some reason this fanfiction piece just started pouring out. It is still based off of the characters of Hollywood Heights but it is a little different. So bear with me. Anyways hope you like it. I have missed you guys! ~ Bre

Chapter 1 – Concussion

"I can't believe you got us these tickets Lo!"

"Well I know how much you love Eddie Duran Mel."

Mel clapped her hands excitedly as they waited in line to enter the theater. "Well I know you don't like him so I know you must really love me if you are willing to sit through this."

Loren shrugged, "He is not terrible, he has a nice voice. His style of music is just not my favorite."

You just don't like it because you sing and write ten times better than him."

"Oh I don't know about that Mel."

"You know it is true Loren, if you want to sit there and deny it you can. But that didn't stop me from sending your tapes to every single record label I came across."

"You are kidding right?!"

Mel raised an eyebrow, "Of course not. I even sent it to the heavy metal ones."

"Mel! I don't sing heavy metal."

"So what? You could learn!"

Loren laughed, "Oh how I love you Mel. Happy Birthday."

"Best eighteenth birthday ever! Still how did you score these?"

Loren smiled, "My mom's ex-boyfriend works here. Figured I would cash in a favor for a good word with my mom."

"Wow, since when are you so sneaky Loren?"

"Since I have been hanging out with you for too long, that's when."

Mel smiled, "To be the best you have to learn from the best."

Loren fake bowed, "Yes master."

By then they had entered into the theater. It was already humid and hot. Thousands of giggling girls jumping up and down in excitement. They reached their front row seats. "I can't believe you scored these!" Melissa yelled louder than she should have.

Loren flinched at the volume, "I'm glad you like them! I'm going to hit the bathroom before the show starts."

Melissa waved her hand in acknowledgement. Loren knew that she could be gone the whole show and Mel wouldn't even notice. She washed her face off with the cold water from the bathroom sink. Loud, crowded events made her stomach churn. She stepped out of the building, enjoying the cool air hitting her face. There were still hundreds of people outside, so she walked into the alley on the side of the building, wanting to get some quiet for a moment. She decided it was probably best to go back in before the show started if she ever hoped of finding Mel again. She was walking down the alley when a heavy door flew out knocking her to the ground.

"Shit!" She vaguely heard a man's voice, "Hey are you okay?" She put a hand up to her throbbing head. She was certain either the door or the pavement had hit it. Everything rattled and sent searing pain behind her eyes. "Shit! Jake Help me get her inside!"

"Are you serious?"

"Jake, grab her feet!"

She felt herself being lifted from the ground, one man holding her feet, the other underneath her arms. She vaguely thought that she hoped she had put deodorant on. Her feet jarred into a brick wall. "Ouch," she grumbled.

"Jake! Be careful!"

"Sorry Eduardo!"

What kind of name was Eduardo? Her head felt foggy. Her thoughts disconnected. The heat from the building slapped her face. She wriggled in discomfort. "Jake hurry! I'm going to drop her!"

She heard a door opening and the felt herself being place on a leather couch. A pillow was shoved underneath her head and a cold towel placed on her forehead. It felt good and she felt herself fluttering in and out of consciousness.

"Jake send security to find who she came here with." She felt someone rustling through her bag. "Her name is Loren Tate."

The dark dizziness was finally starting to ease off. Her eyes fluttered open into the eyes of a stranger. She flinched, causing stabbing pain in her head. "Ouch! Geez back off a little would you!"

"Sorry," The man leaned back.

Loren looked around the room with her eyes. It was a dressing room. Flowers and fancy candies decorated the tables. She was definitely in an alternate universe; she couldn't be where she thought she was. "Oh lord where am I? And who am I with?"

The man ran his hand through his hair. "Wow the hit must have been worse than I thought if you don't know who I am. We need to get you to a doctor."

Loren slapped his hands away. "I know who you are, I'm not an idiot."

"Geez stop freaking out!"

"Me stop freaking out! You are the one that hit me in the head with a door!"

He folded his arms, "Technically your head hit the ground. So that wasn't my fault."

She scowled, "That doesn't matter!"

"Well what were you doing wandering around an alley?"

"Excuse me? I could ask you the same question."

He looked like he was about to argue but then he smiled and started laughing. Loren couldn't help but start laughing too. "I can't believe Eddie Duran hit me in the face with a door."

"I can't believe you crumbled to the ground so easy."

"Hey! It's not like I was prepared to be taken out by a door in a dark alley!"

They both were laughing so hard they had tears in their eyes. Her head was pounding. "Ouch, okay no more laughing."

Eddie's eyes crinkled in concern. "I think we should get you to the hospital just in case. Can you sit up?"

Loren nodded; she sat up and instantly threw up over the side of the couch. Eddie yanked her hair back, painfully. "Yeah let's get you to the hospital."

He scooped her up, carrying her bridal style outside of the dressing room. A sharply dressed man approached them. "Eduardo where are you going?"

"I'm taking her to the hospital, I'll see you later."

"Eduardo wait!"

See ya Jake!"

Loren smirked up at him, "Eduardo?"

"Shut up."

Loren laughed then cringed. "No laughing, I forgot."

"Sorry." Eddie reached a car that sat in the alley. He placed her in the car and got in on the other side. He told the driver to go to the hospital.

Loren rested her head against the cold window, "Must be nice to have someone drive you around."

Loren closed her eyes. Eddie shook her, "Loren don't close your eyes. Look at me."

The rest of the ride to the hospital they fought. Loren wanting to sleep and Eddie wanting her to stay awake.

"Eddie stop hitting me!"

"We are here, come on."

Eddie pulled her out of the car, walking her into the emergency room.

"It is a good thing you brought her in. She has a slight concussion. We are going to keep you overnight for observation."

"Seriously I have to stay overnight?"

The doctor nodded, "It is just a precaution. But based on that it is already one in the morning, you won't be here long."

"Wait one in the morning?" Loren looked at Eddie, "You waited until after your concert to bring me here?"

Eddie scowled, "What was I supposed to do? All those people were already there and you were out cold."

Loren scowled; she couldn't believe how arrogant this guy was. "You are a real jerk, do you know that?"