Black are three of my paws, with my main fur being grey. White is my right front paw, muzzle,

chest and tail. A black stripe adorns my back, and my ears fade to black as bright day fades

to dark night.

My name is Leo and I am a rabbit, like any other.
Like any other? Well, maybe.

My story begins in "Efrafa". This is where I deny my life; I was brought here after I awoke on their territory with no memory. They interrogated me, they demanded I tell them who I was, and where my home warren was. But I did not have an answer for them; I did not remember my past. None of what happened was clear to me. With time this veil of confusion will lift, but until then, dangerous affairs cloud my future from clear sight. Yet as I see it, there is good that awaits me in this gloomy and dreary place; for now, this is my life, and I will live it.

For more than ten years now, I have wanted to convey this story to someone, somewhere, and this is the time to do such a thing. I hope to catch your interest.

This is my story,
This is my life,
Leo -rah