I have been a fan of the Squire's Tales books for a long time - and very much enjoyed Feste the Fool and Elfpen's collections of oneshots and drabbles. I've had a few of my own kicking around in my hard drive for a while now, so I am posting a collection of my own. College is college, so sporadic updates, but I will try and finish some of the other ones I've drafted over winter break. Enjoy!

Gawain and Terence had come upon Tor and Plogrun as they returned home for the first time in several months. The four of them were camped barely four miles from Camelot, regaling each other with stories of their adventures as they ate supper. Tor suddenly grinned. "And look what some farmer's daughter gave me for my help!" He reached into a bag and with two quick flicks of his wrist sent an apple flying at both Gawain and Terence.

Out of reflex, they both snatched them out of the air, Gawain biting into his happily before he noticed a concerned look on Tor's face. Glancing over at Terence, he saw that his squire had frozen, staring at the apple. His eyes were distant, and he seemed to be seeing something no one else could perceive.

"Lad?" Gawain asked softly. With what seemed to be enormous effort, Terence tore his eyes away and looked up. He looked dazed, and Tor and Plogrun watched him intently, worried and confused. Terence looked up at Gawain as if just realizing he was there. "Gawain…" He seemed unable to continue.

"I didn't poison it, if that's what you're wondering," Tor tried, but the joke fell flat in the uncomfortable silence. Terence turned the apple over and over in his hands, before he stood up, some immeasurable and intangible sadness weighing him down. He glanced at Gawain, who nodded, before slipping off into the woods.

Tor looked at Gawain, raising an eyebrow. "I don't suppose you're going to explain…" Gawain had gotten a distant, reflective look on his face now, as well. He gazed at the trees where his squire had disappeared for a moment, before taking another big bite of the apple. Breathing in the scent that reminded him so much of Lorie, and Avalon, a melancholy smile made its way onto his face.

"He'll be back by morning. He just needs some space." That said, Gawain moved away toward the fire, getting his bedroll ready for sleep.

"Somehow," Tor muttered to Plogrun, watching Gawain subtly close off, "I don't think he's the only one."