What happens when you have a good deal of information that you need to put into a story but don't want to overwhelm the readers with? You get a one-shot or more. This is going to be 9 one-shots that tell how 8 characters get their Eevee. It's going to be 9 because I have to do the introduction first, then the 8 characters.


Daniel D'Arciola: 15

Emma D'Arciola: 13

Ryan D'Arciola: 13

Connor D'Arciola: 12

Rebekah D'Arciola: 5

Darian D'Arciola: 5

Ira D'Arciola: 4

Amber D'Arciola: 4

A/N: Some of you may already know about Rebekah. Well, you get to meet her family; sort of. I will likely write how she gets her other Pokémon as a side story. If I need to make more than one, I will. I only own my OCs (and not just the 8 I listed above), location and the storyline. Rated T for partial nudity, language later on, death mentions, overall craziness and fourth wall breakage.

Intro to 8 New Lives

Alternate titles: "Intro", "Eight Young Eevee", "Meet the Partner" and "Pierre and Lauren's Family Grows"

(Whiterose City, Johto. D'Arciola residence. 6am)

Three days ago, Lauren D'Arciola lost her husband Pierre; the funeral service had been held the same day. Two days ago, Pierre's Glaceon and her Vaporeon had a family of their own: 8 newborn Eevee. With the help of her brother-in-law, Professor Elm, Nurse Joy and her parents, Lauren was able to keep them a secret from her own children. Today, they'd each get a new friend.

In the house, Lauren and Otto were talking over coffee. Otto offered to take one Eevee. Her parents each had one for a total of three. Professor Elm had one, making four. Nurse Joy had the other four. Each would be arriving shortly. Each Eevee had also been given an Everstone. Her four oldest children had their own rooms. Rebekah and Amber shared a room, Ira and Darian another. Connor was the only one journeying in Johto at the moment. Emma and Ryan agreed to stick together: both have already traveled Kanto and Johto and are currently journeying through Kalos, the birthplace of their parents. Daniel had a few friends on his journey through Johto. He traveled through Hoenn, Kalos, Johto and was going to Kanto next. The oldest Eevee was with Otto and currently eating, near his parents.

At 6:06am, her parents arrived with the Eevee they took. The LesCieux family were experts in evolution with items and had discovered an Everstone. A large one, in fact. Lauren and Pierre were not only trainers, but also breeders. *

At 6:11am, Nurse Joy arrived with the four Eevee she had. Nurse Joy had been a longtime friend of the D'Arciola family since their move to Johto. Daniel, the oldest twins (Emma and Ryan) and Connor were all born in Kalos, each in a different city. A bigger house was available in Whiterose City and the D'Arciola family took it. The other children were born in Whiterose City.

Professor Elm was the last one to arrive at 6:20. Typically, the youngest would be the last ones up, being Ira and Amber. The early riser was Daniel: like father, like son, in that aspect. Lauren noticed Glaceon's ears perking up before brushing against her leg. She stroked her husband's Ice-type. "I'll go," Otto suggested. Daniel was the sharpest at the moment.

Lauren flashed her brother-in-law a smile. "Thanks, Otto. Grace, you and Louis can go be with your children," she said. Vaporeon merely nodded before picking up one of her children by the scruff of their neck. **

Louis the Glaceon followed. "How many females?" Elm asked.

Lauren held up two fingers. "It was a surprise for sure," she said.

At around 6:55, footsteps were heard. Down the hair came a dark brunet boy with brown eyes wearing red pants and a gray tank top. "Hello, son," Lauren said.

Daniel yawned before replying. "Morning, mom," he said before noticing their guests. "Oh. Hi grandma and grandpa, Nurse Joy, Professor Elm," he greeted. One was missing. "Where's uncle Otto?" he asked. Before he could even process it, his uncle had him in a headlock.

"You rang?" Otto asked, rustling the boy's hair. Daniel escaped the hold and knew he'd have to wait for his siblings.

"Put on a jacket before you go out, young man," his grandmother said sternly. Daniel didn't object and went upstairs. As soon as he had done that, he came down it seemed. Daniel planned on going to see some of his older Pokémon at the ranch and was wearing a charcoal gray jacket and he had slippers on. Daniel knew he had to wait for his siblings to be up. Chesnaught was the only one up and seemed to be watching his siblings' Pokémon.

"Morning, Chester," he said to his starter.

"Naught," was all he got in reply from his Chesnaught and he was fine with that.

At 7:10, he was joined by Emma and Ryan. They were called inside at 7:25. "How's Spark?" Rebekah asked. She had gotten the shiny Water-type on Monday and named her 'Spark' due to her high energy.

Daniel smiled. "She's okay. I fed her some of the food that I made for Ludicolo, but I added some sprinkled Rawst Berries for flavor," he said. He thought for a second before adding, "She also sprayed me with a Water Gun," he said.

Rebekah giggled. "That's good because it means she likes you," she said before eating some scrambled eggs.

"Good to know," he said, sitting next to Connor. The kids ate their breakfast in relative silence. Professor Elm broke it.

"Darian, Ira, Amber," he said, addressing the three kids. "You know how your sister obtained the shiny Totodile on Monday, don't you?" They nodded.

"It's not fair," Darian said. Amber nodded in agreement before drinking some milk.

"Wha- he saids," Ira said as he ate his breakfast.

"Ira," Lauren chided. "Don't talk with your mouth full. It's rude. Understood?" he nodded.

"Not exactly," the professor replied. "Darian, once you turn 10, you can have Pichu if you want."

Darian blinked his brown eyes. "You mean it?" he asked. The professor nodded.

"What about us?" Amber asked. Professor Elm had to be honest with the youngest D'Arciola. He had learned on Monday that being honest to young children was no easy task. "Well, when your siblings turn 10, they will receive a Pokédex and two other kids will take the other two starters," he replied.

Both frowned. "Don't be so down," Nurse Joy said. "When you turn 10, you'll get the Chikorita and Cyndaquil you each want. Who knows? Maybe they'll be shiny but maybe not."

That satisfied the four-year-olds. The kids had finished breakfast by 7:45 and Lauren decided that they get dressed before doing anything else. "Everyone, I want you to get dressed. We have something to show you," she said.

"Okay!" the youngest four said before zipping off to their rooms: Amber and Rebekah to the left and Ira and Darian to the right.

"Sure thing, mom," Daniel said, going upstairs.

Ryan pushed his chair in. "Yeah, okay," he said before going past the kitchen and the family room to get back to his room.

"Sounds fair," Connor said before racing upstairs. Emma took care of her dirty dishes and offered to help.

"It's okay, dearie," her grandmother said. "Go on."

Emma nodded. "Will do. It seems like I'm the only one who's patient," she said before going up the stairs.

Otto shook his head. "They're all excited in some way," he said.

(With Rebekah and Amber and their room and Darian and Ira in theirs)

In both rooms, drawers were being opened before clothes were even being taken off. We'll check on them again later.

(With Daniel)

As soon as Daniel entered his room again, he finally noticed how clean it was. Badges from previous regions were on display on various parts of one wall. A second wall had a family picture of him and well, his first six Pokémon, with Chester being among them. Everything looked neat and orderly, save his bed. He hadn't even noticed that his closet had been clean. In fact, there was an item on the floor.

(With Ryan)

Ryan stared at his closet and dresser alternatively. Like Daniel's room, Ryan's had also been tidied during his absence. He'd have to thank his mother later. Ryan's badges had been on display. There was a picture of him and Emma for winning a partner race with respectively a Pidgeot and a Skarmory. When he opened a drawer on his dresser, something caught his eye.

(With Connor)

Connor had been letting his room sink in. His walls were painted a light orange, his favorite color. Connor spent two years at the Earl Dervish Academy before setting off on his journey. He didn't have as many things as his brothers, so his room didn't appear to have been in major need of cleaning up. A diploma was on the wall from the Earl Dervish Academy with his full name on it. His walls had posters of each Johto Legendary and the one that intrigued him most was Ho-oh and that was currently the picture he was staring at.

(With Emma)

Emma also looked around in her room. Everything seemed to be where she left it and her walls were painted a mint green on the top and bits of brown on the bottom. Even before her father's death, Emma tried to stay on top of things, a trait she inherited from Lauren. It represented (in Emma's eyes) what the mountains in Kalos where she visited looked like. Atop each mint green mountain was a patch of white for the snow.

Emma opened a drawer and looked at her recently found item: a small stone with a symbol in it. She had received it from Professor Sycamore upon arriving to Kalos. Emma opened her dresser drawer before deciding what to wear. She also took a glance at the same picture that Ryan had in his room.

(With Rebekah and Amber)

Rebekah's half of the room was painted a light blue and her name was written in cream letters with darker blue tips. Amber's half of the room was painted a light green and her name was written out in white letters with darker green tips.

Rebekah took off her pajamas that had Water-type Pokémon of Johto and Kalos all over them before figuring out what to wear.

Amber took off her nightgown with the Chikorita line on it. Amber stood next to her sister.

(With Darian and Ira)

Darian had taken off his T-shirt with a Thunder Stone on it and Ira his shirt with a Magcargo on it. Both were donning boxers: Darian wore yellow and Ira wore red.

(Downstairs; 8:15am)

Amber was the first one who came to the living room. She wore a cerulean blue tanktop and a pair of navy blue pants with a white Poké Ball on the thigh. She also wore a headband that was the same color as her tank top. ***

Daniel and Connor came next. Daniel wore a black T-shirt with a Cryogonal on it and a pair of green pants. Connor wore an off-white long-sleeved shirt with a pair of faded blue jeans. Then Ira and Ryan came out. Rebekah, Darian and Emma were the last ones out. ****

"So, why'd you want us all to come down here dressed?" Emma asked.

Lauren smiled at her daughter. "Well, Louis and Grace mated and they had a surprising number of newborns on their hands," she said.

Otto and the other adults were standing by. "We all agreed on it and we thought you'd all be happy this way," he said.

Lauren opened the door. In the center of the room was a rug. On that rug were Louis, Grace and their baby Eevee!

"Wow," Amber said in awe.

"This is so cool," Connor said.

Emma seemed to be doing something with her finger. "Eight baby Eevee," she whispered to Daniel. He raised a brow and did a count of his own. His sister was correct. It varies on the Eeveelution parents as to how many are in a litter, but 8 was a number that the D'Arciola family would usually see in Bug-types.

"Eight of them and there are eight of us," Ira mused.

"Eight little Eevee!" Amber squealed, somehow not waking up the sleeping Eevee.

Some of the Eevee were sleeping still and a few were awake. "Does that mean we each get an Eevee?" Ryan asked.

"Yes," Lauren said. "One at a time and I'm going in birth order."

Amber and Ira both folded their arms at that. Darian rolled his eyes but Rebekah only had her eyes on one baby Eevee. "Two females and the rest are males," Nurse Joy said.

Lauren's green eyes met her eldest son's amber-gold ones. "Okay Daniel, you're first," she said.

Daniel walked into the room as carefully and as quietly as he could. This was going to take a while and not just with Daniel.

So, this happened. Too long? Too short? Somewhere in the middle? *sighs* Never mind. You'll see their attire (and by "their" I mean Ira, Ryan, Rebekah, Darian and Emma) in each one they appear in. I was going to say what each Eevee evolves into, but that spoils a future story; well, sans Rebekah's Eevee, anyway. Rundown/translations:

(*) LesCieux is French for "the skies" and like many made-up names is two (or more) words merged together.

(**) Bulbapedia pretty much confirms my thought that Vaporeon are based off cats. If you have cats of your own (or have seen cats in the wild do this), then what the mother (or father) cat will do is to pick the kitten up by the scruff (nape on a human; basically [again on a human] the center of your spinal discs) of their neck. If you do not own cats, then Google it.

(***) For the headband, think of the one Erika wears in the anime.

(****) For now, their (Ira, Ryan, Rebekah, Darian and Emma's) attire is up to your imagination.

A/N: Ange, this is also kind of for you. I didn't want the chapter to be solely flashbacks and it does explain how Rebekah gets Gem; just not right away. Anyway, we also meet her siblings. Sort of. I'll be putting a new quote on my profile, though. I should be updating this regularly (as I slowly overcome some personal struggles and writer's block) and I'm sorry if it seems like I'm neglecting my other stories, but this stuff happens. To my collaborators/coauthors and those I am Beta reading for: I have not forgotten about you. I had final exams to do and have just been a little depressed lately. By the way, my alma mater high school won the state championship football game and I'm really happy for that.

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PS Small spoiler: there is bound to be some fluff in this. Be prepared!

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