Okay, first off: This is based off a dream I had. Secondly, Gray and Natsu are dating in this fic.

This takes place during Tartaros Arc, where if the book of E.N.D. was opened, turning Natsu into a demon. He and Gray fight, but Gray looses. However, instead of killing the devil slayer, E.N.D. decides to capture him. And Natsu is in a position where he is trapped inside his own body, or the demon's mind so to say. He is able to observe what is happening, but is unable to control his body. Also idk E.N.D. did a thing, and now Tartaros's HQ is rebuilt but on the ground. And Hell's Core is rebuilt as well and now the other demon's are back? I don't know this is from a dream what do you expect, but enjoy! Worked hard on this!

WARNING: Rape, Yaoi

Don't like don't read.


Gray immediately sat up, hearing the approaching sound. He shifted his position, the chains binding him clinking together. He was in a dark cell, the room dimly lit. The source of light was coming from a few touches burning outside of his cell, casting a soft glow on the surrounding area. Gray himself was chained to a wall, the two cuffs latched onto his wrists. The chains were in a position so that he was on his knees, and unable to get up. Bruises and other afflictions covered his body, and he had lost his shirt. Gray narrowed his eyes as the owner of the footsteps came into view outside the cell.

"It's you."

E.N.D. smirked.

The demon looked down at the restrained boy, smiling wickedly as his captive glared back at him. He had long, dark horns producing from his mass of pink hair. Scaly, blood red dragon wings emerged from his shoulder blades, resting behind him. Sinister black markings crept over his body, edging around the side of his face. And his once proud worn Fairy Tail guild mark, was now replaced with Tartaros's.

The demon unlocked the door to the cell, stepping inside. He wore a smirk upon his face as he approached the restrained devil-slayer, the sound of shoe against stone echoing throughout the room.

"Well, well, well. Hello, Gray Fullbuster."

He spoke, his voice dripping with malice. Gray glared at him with dark blue eyes, clenching his teeth.

"What do you want, demon."

E.N.D. put on a look of fake hurt, placing his hands over his non-existent heart.

"Why, Gray. You wound me! But you're one to talk, you know..."

He drawled, tilting his head. Instantly, the demon-slayer's denominator changed from stoic to enraged.


The ravenette practically growled. E.N.D. let out an amused chuckle in response. He kneeled down, coming face-to-face with Gray, who flinched back. E.N.D. frowned at this, snarling and grabbing his chin.

"Look at me, Gray."

Gray refused, continuing to avert his eyes.


The demon whined, looking pained. Gray squeezed his eyes shut. Fuck, he had the same voice as him... However, he still refused to meet the other's eyes. E.N.D. then let out an audible growl, his finger's digging into the other's flesh.


He spat, enraged. Reluctantly, Gray forced his eyes to look. He made a small choking noise in the back of his throat.


E.N.D. smiled at him.

Why did it have to be you?

"There...now that wasn't so hard now, was it?"

Gray only glared at him, a look of pure loathing in his dark blue eyes. The etherious sighed, leaning forward.

"I just wanted to see those pretty eyes of yours..."

Gray flinched at this, causing him to grin in satisfaction.

"They're going to look even better when you break, my dear Gray."

The demon mused, his voice sickly sweet. Gray fought the urge to recoil backwards, and took in a deep breath.

"I don't care what you do to me. Because no matter what, I'm not gonna give up. Not to the likes of you."

It pained him to say that, to his face. But he had to.

E.N.D. gave a low growl at this, while Natsu silently cheered Gray on inside of the demon's head.

"Tch." The fire demon stood up, unlocking Gray's chains. The devil-slayer was instantly confused.


Before he could finish, however, E.N.D. grabbed a fistful of the teen's dark hair, causing him to cry out in surprise.

"Hey! What the hell-"

"So damn stubborn."

The demon's voice sounded annoyed, as he preceded to drag a struggling Gray by his hair out of the room.

E.N.D. tossed Gray onto the bed, before moving to the bedposts. They were in the etherious's bedroom. The walls were painted red, and extravagant decor decorated the room. It was styled as if a rich King lived there, with silks and medieval looking objects lining the walls. The bed itself was made of dark oak wood, the posts shooting up to support silken, gold-red curtains. The curtains themselves were drawn back, to reveal a rather pissed Gray sprawled out on the smooth, dark red sheets made of fine material.

Before the ice mage knew what was happening, the cool metal of a handcuff had enclosed his right wrist. He looked around in alarm to see four handcuffs attached to each bedpost, long chains trailing onto the bedsheets. And E.N.D., standing next to one of them, smirking profoundly as he moved onto the next handcuff. Gray growled, struggling and kicking as the next cuff was placed onto his left wrist.

In a matter of seconds, all of Gray's limbs were chained to the bed. He began to struggle, but, after awhile, Gray ceased his attempts to break free and glared at E.N.D., who was now circling around the bed. The demon smirked at his helpless captive.

"Oh, and your restraints are magic-proof, so don't even try using your magic."

Gray said nothing, continuing to glare at him, his eyes filled with hate. But E.N.D. only smiled at him in return, succeeding in pissing Gray off.

Inside the fire devil's head, Natsu was beginning to steam.

"I swear to Mavis, you better not even think about touching him you bastard!"

"Oh? And what'll you do to stop me?"

Natsu screamed internally at his helplessness. "HURT HIM AND I WILL FUCKING KILL YOU!"

E.N.D. gave a low chuckle, walking forward to the edge of the bed. Gray eyed him, not daring to speak. E.N.D. then sat on the edge of the bedside, his dark eyes gleaming mischievously. He crawled onto the bed, until his body was directly on top of Gray's. Before then, Gray had been completely composed but now he had the faint look of fear in his eyes. He shivered slightly, attempting to squirm away. E.N.D.'s grin widened, his eyes glinting with horrible malice.

"What's wrong, my dear Gray?"

E.N.D. leaned in next to Gray's ear, his breath warm against the ice mage's ear. A shiver ran down Gray's spine. E.N.D. smirked, before licking the shell of Gray's ear. Gray immediately flinched away in surprise. The demon chuckled at his reaction, lifting himself off of Gray to a sitting position.

Meanwhile, trapped inside of his own subconscious, Natsu was roaring insults and threats at the demon.

"You asshole! If you even think about laying a finger on him, I'll kill you!"

"Well, someone seems angry."

"Of course I am, bastard!"

Natsu retaliated, fists clenched. E.N.D.'s voice only laughed in reply.

"Hmm...is it because he's your mate?"

Natsu froze at this. The bastard knew. E.N.D. took his silence as a yes.

"Well then...that would make him my mate, too, since we're the same person. Now wouldn't it, Natsu?"

The fire dragon slayer's eyes widened, before screaming in protest.

"NO FUCKING WAY! There's no way in hell that I'm letting that happen! He is MY mate, not yours!"

Natsu was pissed, his territorial side taking hold. But a small part of him felt fear for Gray. E.N.D. hummed, as if thinking. "We'll see...oh, but don't worry Natsu. I'll make sure you'll get a front row seat to the whole show~"

E.N.D. licked his lips, studying the ice mage laid out on his bed. His eyes swept over the half naked boy hungrily, and Gray shuddered under his gaze. E.N.D. tilted his head at him.

"So, Gray..."

Gray flinched at the sickening tone of voice the demon used, drawling out each word in a slow crawl. E.N.D. grinned sadistically, his canines gleaming under the soft light.

"You're a virgin, right?"